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Weathv Foreeaata 

VletortA »n<l VIctnlly— Wind* chl«fly 
MUtharly; unsottled. with rain or ili^t, and 
■tAtloqary or luwpr U^iuu-n—.uve. 

liOwer Mainland — UgUt to mnderalp 
wla4k; chiefly cloudy. wtUi rain or »'eet anil 
■tattonary or lower tennpf rature. 

CcJonitt t^phorwa 

Butlne^B Of flea ** 

Circulation ^* 

Job Printing *•• 

EdIlorUl Rooma ■' 





Reports From Athens State 
That Turkish Admiral Was 
Killed and Much Damage 
Done to His Fleet. 



Greel< Army Operating Steadily 
Against Janina — King Fer- 
dinand and King George 
Meet at Salonil<a. 


Dlapatac Batwaan tha Kan and BavarKl 

Companlaa to Ba Haard Bafora 

Ona Tribunal 

((TTvVWA, Dec. 1!). — The I )epaitmeni 
of Labor has eslabUshccI a Board for 
ihci Metal Mlni-s of Kooteniiy lJiBtri.:t 
Charles it. hdinilton, K. C. of Nelson 
has been named um the reiiresentative of 
the companies and John A. Bennett, of 
i^'ernie, has boen named by the men 
Slnco iwunly mines are affeoteil, and 
oriKliially there wure Hve separate ap- 
plications for boards, Hon. T. AV. Croth- 
tirs held that as the disputes were all 
on the same points it would be better 
to have one board to establish a Renern 
basis of settlement. ThrouKh tne Min- 
ister's influence both the men a^id the 
companies agreed to one board. The 
uppointee.s have been a.skad to select a 
chairman, and if they fail to agrco the 
Government will eippolnt one. 

-r . ) ' !" ■ 



Bordan baavaa oa Trip Th»t WIU 
■nxU^ Into iraw Ta»r — ^Xr. 
'^;^oatar Aotl&ir Framlar 

ATHENS, 1)00. 19. — Vlce-Admlral Hall 
Pasha, formerly Minister of Marine in 
the Turkish Cabinet, was Killed In the 
naval fighting between tlie Groelss and 
Turks of the Dardanelles on December 
16. This Is T?r^sreport received from 
a captain who has just arrived trom 
the Dardanelles and madn imblic 
through a semi-omciai news agency. 
Admiral Hali Pasha wa.s on board the 
rtagBhip Kyehor«-Kd-151n-l!, 

which, according to the same authority, 
wan very seriou.^ly damageil. 

Four other officers were killed and a 
large number of sailors were killed or 

Three of the other TurWsh .ships en- 
gaged in tne battle sustained severe 
damage. The flagship wa.s period shelled 
on both port and .-starboard sides. Kire 
broke out but was controlled. It wa.-^ 
necessary to use the mats to prevent 
the ship from sinking. 

The Greek captain asserts also tlin 
Turkish deatroyers were hit during the 

Xaaaacra by Tnrka. 
LONDON, Dec. 19.— According to a 
report to Lloyds, wUeless message from 
the Greek vessel Macedonia says that 
the TurkB have ma.-sacred Christians in 
Mltylene. Tli^" hUmbe* *.i)a6ci is not 
known. The mes-sege states that part 
of the Turkish fleei was forced to run 
aahore near the Dardanelles owing to 
the damage done by the Greek warshipa 
in the recent engagement. 

Haslu at tlia rront. 
LONDON, Dec. la.— A Dardanelles 
dispatch to The Dally Mail says tliat 
Naalm Pasha, the Turkish command^-r 
in-chief, has arrived there. He reviewed 
the troope anu has given inspiration to 
the garrisons guarding the entrance of 
the Straits. Keinforcements are arriv- 
ing daily. All steamships have been 
required to leave the Oai-danelles. 
Xlnffa In Confaranca 
LONDON, Dec. 20.— A Salonika dis- 
patch to The Times .says considera.ble 
mystery surrounds the visit of King 
Ferdinand of Burgarla and King Gtorge 
of Greece today. The Kings exclinnged 
visits, but no important political dis- 
cussion lia« occurred. 
■ Four battalions of Turkish troops on 
Tuesday attacked a Greek division at 
Bogllsma, but were driven off witli 
heavy losses. 

Seven thousand refugees are now in- 
stalled in the camps erected outside of 
Salonika, but under excellent sanitary 

7tlgb.ti3Xt at Janina 
LONDON, Dec. 19— An Athens dis- 
patch to The Daily Telegraph say.s that 
a CU«cJt sustained by the Garibaldian 
Legion whereby they lost all their of- 
ficers and 400 men klMod and wounded, 
gave rise to the rumor of a Turkish vic- 
tory »t Janina. 

A provesa dispatch to The Times. 
dated Dec. 17, says that the Greek west- 
em army Is pressing home the attack on 
.ranlna, the fall of which la considered 

Aceordfng to the Italian Consul at 
Janinifc, who Is now at Provesa, the 
Turks have altogether 150 guns dlstrl- 
butad among the four forts— Bizanl, 
atkht miles to the south; Duruti. seven 
raila* to the aouthwest; Sadovit/.a, four 
mllM to the west, and Gardinki, seven 
mlltw to the northwest. 

Tha Turkish army Is variously esti- 
mated at from 18.000 to '30.000 men. It 
(• under command of Rlza Pasha, who 
got through from Monaatlr, and being 
the senior oltflcer, superseded the for- 
mer commander, Kssad Bey. Blitanl is 
conaldaMd the key to Janina and the 
Oreek attack is being pushed home at 
that point. By the employment of four 
aix*lncb Krupp' siege guns,' the batteries 
on the outer positions have been sllence<l. 
According to the Consul, the popula- 
tion of Janina numbers 22,000, of whom 
at leMt 16,000 are Oreeks. 


1 Turk an* Oreek «UII Fighting. Slow 

Progrets of Negotlatlonii. Ruypt Part 
«f BrUUh Bmplr':. 

t— 4p*aiSilt»tlon of {.and flettlement. 

a CloalBC Kxerclaes at the Otrlf^ Central. 

K-^aMaintmenta to Provincial Service. 
t— SrWa of the City. 
t-».ft«r!n Doea tinch Damage at Plant. 
^--jg J Toiltti^'s Realm. 

IS-^rtttll Orowom Fix Programme. 
Iltlenai ftport. 

Heat In Australia. 
SYDNIOY, Dec. lU.— One hundred antl 
twenty- two In the shade i.s the record 
put up by the llrst heat wave experi- 
enced in ,iV\istralia this summer. This 
was recorded at lOuclla. a station on the 
South Australian border. .Newcasilo, 
" t BB"t ft >ai" ' C t ty T> f N ew -HhuiIi vvmi.-k , h aci 
the hottest spell for sixteen yeurs, ac- 
companied by dust and wind-storms. 
Ollior parts of New South W^les 
affected, but In Sydney the 
loss severe, the thermometer going 
to 9.'!. No deaths are reported. 

New Instructions for Turl<isli 
Delegates Fail to Arrive and 
Peace Conference Adjourns 
Until Tomorrow. 



heat was 


aarman Biplane in Tranoe. 
GRAC. Department of Haute-Saonc, 
l'"rance, i>oc. 19. — A biplane piloted by 
a Gorman, believed to be a military 
pilot, landed at Marnay today. 
oomo from Alulliausen, and v/as 
diately seized by gendarmes 
slruetion.s from tlie sub-prefect. 

Allies Object to Italy's Action 
in Regard to Triple Alliance 
^—Austrian and Servian 
Diplomats at Work, 

U had 


on in- 

mmi wm 


Great Northern's Proposition 
of $60,000 in Settlement of 
City's Claim Against V, k S, 
Refused by Council. 

■atala Adrta. 
Siia ~ ' 

.aia Advta. 

the rirat to People Mexico. 

»nd uhintoinit. Nawa 

lowtng Jntareai'^ in Clvl« Ei.»ctlen. 

ictlye I.*ctur« on Oordona Fata, 
,tlon of liacta RattieQient. 
Hold ontlto&sttlla. 

A«*iar-— ■" — 

After tliree month."*' consideration and 
several conferences with the representa- 
tive of the Great Northern Itailway 
Company, the City Council yesterday re- 
fused to accept tho offer of the com- 
l.any of J60.000 (?36.000 to the city and 
1524,1)00 to the Provincial Government) 
in full settlement of the claims which 
tlie city and Government have against 
tlie Victoria and Sidney Hallway Com- 
pany, the control of which is now vest- 
ed In the Great Northern. 

Instead, the city advanced a counter 
offer, expressing Its willingness to ac- 
cept $1011,000 In full settlement on the 
basis of a cash payment of »6O.(J0O and 
tlie balance In (Ive annual Instalments 
ot $8000. tlie company to pay tlie annual 
interest on the »300.000 bonds issued 
by the V. & S. Company, whlcli haveetill 
five more years to run, and tlie Interest 
oil vvliich the. city and Government have 
been forced for the past twenty years 
to pay owing to tlic Company's Inability 
to pay the same out of net earnings. 

Mr. L. C. Gilman, general superintend- 
ent of the western lines of the Great 
Northern Railway, who was present at 
the meeting, refused point blank to ac- 
cept the offer on behalf of the Great 
Northern liailway. though he consented 
to forward the city's decision to the 
Company's head office. 

Yesterday's meeting wbjs called for 
the purpose of meeting with Mr. Gil- 
man, who came over from Seattle. The 
Council had already given some con- 
sideration to tlie report which Mr. I'-or- 
sythe, on behalf of the city, had sub- 
mitted as a result of the audit of the 
books of the Victoria and Sidney Rail- 
way Company. 

Aooapta Andltor'a Xeport 

Mr. Gilman had little objection to the 
report, staling that he believed It corre- 
sponded with the statement which the 
Company iiad already submitted to the 
city. He had no recollection of any 
statement being made by himself or the 
company indicating that the Sidney ter- 
minals were not held In the name of the 
V, & s. Company; and If any member of 
the City Council ha.^ gained the Im- 
pression that an attempt had been made 
to Imply that the Sidney terminals as 
well as the city terminals were held by 
the Victoria Tenmlnal Railway and 
Ferry Co., such was not the case. The 
V. T. R. & V. Company paid the money 
for the land and waterfront at Sidney 
and taken title, but admittedly in the 
Interests of the V. A 8. Company. The 
half-acre owned by the 'V. A 8. Company 
at Sidney, on which Is the Well supply- 
ing Sidney with water, bctongcd to the 
V. & S.. but It had not been made iivaH- 
able for any charge under the bond in- 

Mr. Oilman declared the Great 
Northern could offer no more than tt 
had. In adauibn to the $«0,000 offered 
there must be pr6vldetf $100,000 for 
bettemw'nta. and In tha fiva yearn of 
ttie unexpired term of the bonds nbout 
175,000 must be paid for Intereat, and 
at ttie end of that term the 1800,000 
bondji must be met. The property la 
certainly wdtth fO** t* th« Ormit 
Northern than to any dt»»ar eotuffiuly 
by r«i*on o( th* oonnecthth with the 
flyjft8J tt'-"t»"tlig 'Mafnias^i.lwjl \**<t <3>??#t 
Nor^crB Old nw»l««l it wMjfiidlid li|i«l 

LONDON, Dec. 18,— The Peace Con- 

ference hold a brief session today. 'I'be 
Turkish tltlogates announced that fre.sli 
instructions liad been dispatched from 
Constantinople by special courier, there- 
fore adjournment until Saturday was 
taken, by which time the ^instructioiia 
sliould roach London. It was said to- 
night th«t Turkey is empowering here 
diilegati;B to proceed witli the negotia- 
tions wall the jreeks as well as the 
Balkan delegates. if so, the decision 
tends towards peace, as there bus btsen 
a suspicion that tlie Turks were man- 
oeu\'erlng for time, that they might 
strengtlian their army. The Conference 
after tlie first week's work, is in exact- 
ly tlio same position as the Portsmouth 
Conference was at the end yf the flist 
week. The different jiarties are daily 
feeling the ground before striking a de- 
cisive blow. 

After the sitting today some of the 
IJalkan delegates expressed disgust at 
the way artairs are dragging, whiie five 
armies and three besieged towns were 
enduring all tne sufferings of war and 
the respective countries were the prey 
of misery and deatli. 

Ko Profit rrom Sela^. 
A Bulgarian del^|»ttl'^i#6*t?irt IJint 
the Turks wore mvMiii ;htl«jL<H«*i .If they 
delayed the Con^fffrbhee. hoping to 
flrengilien their ormy with troops from 
Asia. These reinforcements were chiefly 
composed of undisciplined Bashi men, 
who would prove a serious danger, not^ 
to the enemy, but to the Turks them- 

in the meantime the Allies ere con- 
centrating tiieir forces along the Tcat- 
alja front to enable them, if war is re- 
sumed, to arrive at Constantinople witn- 
in a few days. 

The prevailing opinion Is thai the 
various postponements are aimed at in- 
tervention by thg powers. 

Turkey proposes to obtain better 

terms thro'igli tlie power.i, some of 

whom have predominant interests in tlie 

Ottoman Kmpire. Besides, Turkey 

Continued on ragi; 19, Col. 1 

OTTAWA, Dec. 19.— Premier Borden 
left thfj Capital this evening for a holi- 
day trip which will extenil over the 
Christmas anci Now Vfar holiday period. 
il« liaa gone to New York, where he 
will spentl a day or two. Mr. Borden 
declined tu say' when c he would proceed 
from New York, but it is understood 
that he will holiday «t Hot SprlngE, Va. 
Ho was accompanied by Mrs. Borden. 

During his absonce Hon. tSeorge Ifos- 
tor will bo Actli,f;.-Prcmier, and will 
preside over the C'abinet meetings. It 
is expected, however, that only matters 
of routine will bo disposed of during 
t"ie I'remior's absence, more pariicu- 
larly as several of the Cabinet Ministers 
will bo out of town. During tlio recess 
the estimates f'n the tiscai ycMr, wlilch 
commences on April 1, will be finally 
prepared. Thoy will be submitted to 
I'arllamont shortly <,(i-r ilie Hous'. 

.\i..,it ir.iM ;i small number of mem- 
boi.s vviivi will .spend their holidays in 
the Capital there are few who have not 
alrciuly loft Ottawn for the holidays. 
Practically all of the wcslom members 
.oi.iiic.Hnuac gat, away IftBt.^v^'"" ''"' 
ilio majority of theso represent n.. ■ >- 
ern constltuoncles. Those who iImI not 
go left on today's traiii. 

Ruler Whose Position Mag Change Soon 

Italian Smlffxatlon 
KOMi:, Deo. 10.— According to figures 
Iiublished recently 't appo.irs that from 
.lanuary to September last, inclusive, 
i;iO,li;i Italian emigrants left Italy. Of 
this number 161.8-.i6 went to the United 
States; ;!2,20S to South America and 1079 
to other countries. The tigures above 
uuotod are in excess of those for tlie 
same period for llUl, which were 


Change in Its Status Expected 
to Result From Destruction 
of Turkish Power by Balkan' 





Batata X.aft by the Lata Knlgrbt I« of 

BmaUar 'Valua Than Suppoaad — 

Book Wot Mentioned 

Reported That Company is 
Contemfjlating Early Start 
on Big Structure on "Site 
Secured Some Time Ago. 

At IVIeeting of Parishoners of 
Cathedral the Property Con- 
tained in Bishopsclose is 





evening In 
with Very 

of the pertsliloners of 
Cathedral was held last 
the Cathedral schoolroom 
Rev. the Dean of Columbia 

In the cbRlr, at which the following 
suggestions made by the committee ap- 
pointed at the Easter Vestry meeting to 
consider the best site for the new 
cathedrsl were adopted: 

"1. That this vestry accepts the advice 
tendered by the committee — namely that 
Bishopsclose Is the best site for the 
new cathedral." 

"That the present site be not sold for 
at least five years." 

The flrst reeiolutlon was moved by 
Mr. Percy Wollaston and seconded by 
Mr. E. B. Taylor, and the second was 
mcrved by Mr. F. BurrP.l and seconded by 
Mr. J. Harvey. Both were passed 
unanimously, and the matter can now 
be relrarded as closed, ao faj" as 
election of a site Is concerned. 

There \n a revival of the report tluit 
the Orand Trunk Pacllic Railway Com- 
pany is serlouely preparing at last for 
the erection of an hotel on Its property 
In Vlctoriii. The present tenants have 
been notillcd that hereafter tliey will be 
on a monthly basis, terminable <it two 
weeks' notice; the manager of the hotel 
s\stem, .Mr. Bergman, is now on his 
way to the Coast to look into conditions, 
both at Prince Rupert and here, with a 
view to ascertaining liow soon condi- 
tions will JuKtIfy proceeding 'willi tlie 
now hotels; and additional copies of the 
Iilans prepared by architects, both here 
(ind In Vancouver, for Grand Trunk Pa- 
ri flc hotels, have been n.-^ked for by the 
general management. 

Tiiat the --ompany lias made up it.s 
min-d that tiie development of the Pa- 
cidr Coast trade Is one of the pressing 
Issues before the transportation men of 
.■\merica. is proven by the fact lliat a 
conference. of all of the executive hmids 
liag been called to meet in Montreal, tlus 
first week in ;lnnuary. 

While there Is an annual call for the 
assembly at hoadi|uarter.s of the heads 
of departments of the railway wm- 
panles, this Is the first time on which 
the Pacific Coa.'.t represpntallves i,a\e 
been called Into the conference. 

And it may be significant that the 
rpprewentH lives r>. Vancouver, Victoria. 
Prince Rupert and .Seattle have, oflrch of 
tliem, received instructions to take witli 
them to the conference all the data in 
their possession as to possible develop-^ 
nients. .both on world traffic and of 
Inter-Ciumdlan traffic, as It will be af- 
fected by the opening of the Panama 
Canal and the world-wide ramlflcatlons 
which that event will have. 

The British Columbia members of the 
conference will. It Is said. tr».ke facts 
and flKurwi to prove that there is on 
this Coast a tremendous opportunity for 
tlie extension of the system's opc^tlons 
both b>- Iflnd and .«iea. 

Byaa on Zaland 

OTT.WV.V, Dec. 19. — The will of the 
liite Sir Uiehard Cnrtwrlght. who dle<l 
in Kingston in .Septernber, was entered 
for probate at the couitliouse In Ottawa 

The total estiite Is valued at leaves his wif^^ ;llilR^:^^||iJA's 
and six sons with les.s '■tftai'i"T''0.¥Of) to 
share between them. To his widow he 
leaves nil the furniture, opiate, linen, 
china, silver, glass, books, pictures, 
provisions and other household effect.*, 
in addition to a legacy, to be paid to 
her by the executors. 

All the rest of his estate and effects, 
bcitli real and personal, were left to 
the disposal of his two sons. Dr. Richard 
Conway Cartwrlght and .\lexander 
Dobbs Cartwright, of Ottawa, who are 
to sell the real est.ate by public aucl'lon 
or private contract with power to make 
any stipulations as to the title or evi- 
dence of the title or otherwise. 

No mention Is made In the will of 
the .proceeds of Sir Richard's book, 
which is reported aa having a tremen- 
dous sale. 

Tamper Witii Lock on Rear 
Door f Douglas Street 
Branch of Bank of Vancou- 
ver — Timely Discovery. 

Suggestions Made in Expert's 
Report Taken at Capital as 
Indicating Removal of Some 



Qn«atlf>a of 9t— BtM 

The chair waa taken by Very Rev. the 
Dean of Columbia, the Lord Bishop of 
Columbia beln» also present. 

The Dean explained at the outset that 
owing to eome mtaunderptanding which 
had aHsen aince the last 'Vestry meetlns 
called to convtder the aueetlon of tr4e 
aeats, It h«4 been tboufht advisable to 
draft the' follow Inc reaolutlon, which 
wa« sccordlncly moyed 'by CapUIn 
WoioUfrdt. «i« MCOBded by Mr. Ouivty 

"The V«»try *< ,(?hrt«t Churcb 
C?»tlie<lriil, iioii^ -iniMndbt|il. d*atr« to 
plmce on rtcttr*. I*i,.*l«*r Vt /BOttsUl ««- 

These figures will proye the necessity 
of the Grand Trunk system getting a 
foothold on Vancouver Iisland. In view 
of future developments of the harbor of 
Victoria, and whilst It If true that ap- 
parently the G. T. P. has ell it can 
handle at Prince Rupert and will have 
when It reaches Vancouver by me«ne 
of the Pacific Orjat Eastern, It Is 
awake to the possibilities which It ■will 
have to confront when Its rivals, the 
Canadian Northern Pacific aft<l the 
Canadian Pacific, arc In possession of 
the ground at Victoria and on tUe 
t'>e j, Island. 

There la excellent reason to believe 
tbat the British Columbia representa- 
tives to the Montreal conference will 
talte evidence which will aatlsfy Presi- 
dent Chamberlain In thle regard. 

It \p aleo atattd that at the Mon> 
treal conference thfe extension of the 
orand Trunk Pacific Bta«mshtp eervlflo 
oq the Pacific will be considered, with 
a view both to the dcveJopment ot tr*f- 
flc which must follow the coihpletlon of 
the trana<fOntlhent»l line in 1114, und 
the ofietUns of the Panamik Olhil^. 


OTTA'W'A. Dec. 19.— The civil Bcrvlcu 
nt the capital Is agog over the report 
of 81r George Murray on the conditions 
of public service in the Dominion, some 
of his recommendations being gratifying 
to the civil servants. One Is the Justlf 1- 
cAtlon of the oft-repeated complaint that 
officers or employes df different depart- 
ment« whose work Is wholly elmllar are 
paid salaries that are widely varied. 
Another Is the fact that promotions fre- 
quently have been based on political 
or other Influence rather than merit. 
The third division,- most of whose mem- 
bers for years have been at a maximum 
of 11200 and unable to go higher with- 
out passing an acadebalc examination, 
are especially pleased over the declara- 
tlpn that this te«t should not apply and 
that the maximum should be Increased 
to $1600 or $1800. . 

Commenting on the report. The Even- 
ing CltUen aaya: 

"The Government since coming Into 
office, has bad, in mind extensive civil 
service reforms. Including bringing the 
outBlde aarvlce under a commleslon and 
nttering conditions ao as to relieve 
themselves of muph routine. Tha re- 
port IfiU act »s i rulds to them, but 
whether any lettslntlon upon it "WlU be 
Introduced thii •O*slon is problematical. 
It depsads upon tlie progress made. In 
*ay eTent th« |(**VI«lon «IH be «»»<• to 
r»H«v« «»• tltf«I^Tl«t»n i»na to roMov* 
the ntttttitatac block to •dVMoenwBt 

Ei'idenee of an attempt to rob the 
Douglas Street branch of the Rank of 
Vancouver, corner of Douglas and .lohn- 
son Streets, some time during Wednes- 
day night was discovered yesterday 
morning. The robbers had tried to force 
the rear door leading from an alley at 
the l)ack of the building into the bank- 
ing room. 

I )r. MciCoown, velerinary, who has 
offices at tlie rear, was passing along 
the passageway when he noticed that 
the screws in the lock of the door lead- 
ing into the bank had been loosened and 
were jirojecting almost their entire 
length. Rvldently the would-be robbers 
had started to remove the locic and had 
either been interrupted r)r had Intended 
to leave the lock as V)r. McKeown found 
it and, later in the evening, return, when 
(he chances of interruption would have 
been practially nil. Once inside the 
banking premises, with a watcher out- 
side to give the alarm cf the approach 
of any wayfarer, the robbers would 
have had perhaps sufficlont time to 
make an attempt upon the safb. 

Tills exidcnt attempt to secure en- 
trance into a bank following the suc- 
cessful wrecking of the safe In the 
premises of Messrs. Kirk Hi Company, 
KeriulmaU Rc»ad, on Monday night. Is 
Indication to the police that there are 
now in the city a number of crooks who 
are watching their opportunity of ma- 
king a fine haul. So far no clue to the 
perpetrators of Monday night's robbery 
has been secured. 

As a result of the attempt upon the 
Bank of Vancouver, other local banks 
are arranging for a system of still 
greater protection than Is now afforded 
by the watchmen, , police and alarm 

Would IVlean Disappearance of 
Capitulations and Mixed 
TrilDunals Which Now Ham- 
per British Administration. 

CA IRQ,, Dec. 10 . — Public attention ha.ii 
been so rlveited'on the war In Turkey- 
in-U;urope that it has lost sight of otlicc 
pliases of tlie lOasteni (luention whlcii 
the defeat ot the .Sultan's army will 
inevltubly bring to the fore. 

For iliirty years the United Kingdoiii 
has guarded i-^gypt while It has remain- 
ed under the suzuraimy of the Callpn. 
I-"or thirty years the efforts of the Brit- 
ish Resident-General to reform and Im- 
prove the countrj- have been thwarted 
by certain International agreemenl.i, 
known as the Capitulations, and by tiie 
existence of the mixed tribunals. 

The extincti-on of the Turk In Europe 
has com,pIetely altered the position of 
TCgypt towards him. A suzerain power, 
drawing tribute from another power, 
does not draw that tribute nomin«ll\'. 
for nothing. The nominal return for tlio 
Ksyptiati tribute is the defence of Kgypt. 
In the event of any attack upon Kgypt 
by an outside power, the Susserain on 
tlif! Bosphorus was bound to come to th'j 
aid of the Khedival Government at 

May ^Xapndiata fluseratnty 
Years ago, wlien bondon and '"Parl.'S 
entered into that secret agrfiemcnt 

received by noW'ning Street' was a i'ree 
hand in lOgypt. At any moment the 
(lOvernment in l^iowning Street may iki.- 
fit to repudiate the suzerainty of tho 
Porte, and it will be witii the (ompleto 
accord of, the Government in Pari'S. Tli'.a 
would mean the Incorporation of Kgypt 
nominally, as well as actually, in tho 
British Kmpire. anti It would mean the 
repudiation of the Capitulations and lli'3 
abolition of the mixed tribunals. 

The onl.» nation which could po.s- 
sibly pretend, to a voice in the matter 
would be the Germans, who might i.da in 
some interests In the Nile Valley. The 
position of the United Kingdom Is, how- 
ever. 80 a-ssured that that objection 
would easily be overcome, and the 
United Kingdom would have no objec- 
tion to offering Germany a quid pro quo 

That tlie time may come when some 
change will be made with regard, to the 
suzerainty of Turkey there cannot be 
any tiueatlon. Probably It will be jiart 
of the arrangements when a rectification 
of the affairs of Turkey Is undertaken. 

British mipyards Xosy 

NEWCASTLE. Eng., Dec, 1!).— Accord- 
ing to the fiuartcrly report of the Ship 
Construction and Shipwrights' Associa- 
tion, the vessels under construction for 
the three months in tho United fling- 
dom, exclusive of^the war vessels, con- 
stituted a record In the shipbuilding In- 
dustry. The labor demand Is so great 
that it cannot bo met, ospeclally on the 
Clyde and In the new Oovernment 

Bnma mice XB^astry 
RANGOON, Dec. 19. — Acording to a 
monograph on the subject of Burma rice 
issued by Mr. Paton, Director General 
of Commerce, the Burma rice trade has 
Incrtased by nearly 73 per cent during 
the last twenty years. The average price 
of paddy in Rangoon during the three 
harvest months, January. Febrviary and 
March, has also increased, rising In fact 
from 113.5 In 1911 to 146.S In 1912 for 
100 baskets of 44 pounds. 

Zrtali nayeni f ot AaMrtea. 

LONDON, Dec. !».— Uidy Gregory'* 
Irish players are passengers on the 
steamship Majestic, which sailed from 
Queenstown today for New Yorlc. yb.«> 
players will make a second tour ot 

I melles of WtUlam vaan. 
LONDON, Dec. 19.— Autograph letters 
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other papers relating to the tnansfer of 
land In Pennsylvania,, brought $475 at 
a public sale her^O today. 

«ew Srnaswiok BhoAea Sokolar 

FRBDBRICTON, N. B., Dec. 1!».— A. 
N. Carter, son of K. a. Carter, of Both- 
eay, and nephew of W. a. Carter, Chief 
Superintendent of Blducftlon in New 
Brunswick, has been selected «• th« 
Rhodes scholar from New BruWli»,lclu 

ijbNBOK to^Ht t».-^h» d#0«l« •«« 
OuMp llavy tod»y imt > |J#f1i«it« 
HOttSf.ft irt|(rth bearing •« «»•«#*?«»• 

li^ AllAMMtetOMBt, b«w*»sr, 'mtm 
—~W$ fUmi «•• iri«K»t dltf »«tJl»lud* 

Fiftg Years Ago Tochg 

rpom The Colonist o f peo«iitb:<« 8». »•»». 


XUled by Btreot Oav 

WINNIPEG, Dec. 19. — John T. Bird, 
32 years old, of 'Week City, St. Charles, 
was Instantly killed at Deer I.odge last 
night by Doer Lodge car No. 442, In 
charge of K. Nordal, motorman, of 462 
Kllce ..venue, and .!. Herbert. The man ^ 
had been waiting at tha street railway 
waiting room opposite Deer Lodge and 
went outside on to the platform to see 
If the car for St. Charles was coming. 
A few seconds later his dead body was 
found, horribly mangled. 



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.it wilt 

;md IS S« evi8e*««ior»*«>i»:^ttfcid«>ito::;^ 

ornament to the lOMiity, 
iiX fnbstiintttkt'.slrttoCbiies. 

nmmm iwa-a 4> i» w p # MWtfJlM ii iifi . 


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m OF 

Text of Representations Made 
to Provincial Executive Yes- 
terday b/Sped a! Committee 
of Vancouver'Board of Trade 

The facriUtatlon of land a«ttJ«ni«nt 
and the devel-opment of the agricultural 
Industry and tbe hom« .producUon of 
food essentials within British Columbia 
formed th<; text of rMpresentatlons made 
to tlic Provincial Kx'-rutive ycfltcrday 
by a special committee of th« Vancou- 
ver Board of Trade, which Im-luded 
Messrs. A. B. Erskine, president of the 
commercial body, H. A. Stone and W. A. 
Fllalr, respectively chairman and secre- 
tary of the Board's Land Settlement 
Committee, W. H. Malkln. A. C. Flumer- 
folt, .1. B. Mathers und Prof. K. Odium. 
The conference was held In the execu- 
tive chamber, the Government 'being 
represented by th^ full Council, with 
the one exception of Hon. Mr. B.ob.'j, who 
had not yet returned from the Kast. 
The visiting deputation wtua Introduced 
by Mr. Charles K. Ttsdall. M, P, P., who 
spoke briefly In introducing: the spokes- 
men of the special committee, Mr. Krn- 
klne, Mr. Stone, Mr. Mathers, Mr. Mal- 
kin, Mr. l-'lumerfelt and Prof. Odlnm. 
At the conclusion of tl.o interview tlie 
visitors left with the Prime Minister a 
mcniorandum coverlnc tlie rpconim<'nd;i- 
tlons put fr)^-.v.Tril in 'tTii-- rl■^llA■wt■^^r order: 


"1. That exoppt und«r 'binding- sri ■ 
tlenient and Improvement conditions, all 
agricultural lands be reserved hence- 
forward for the actual settler. 

"2. That sjvstematlc suivoyinR be 1 on- 
tlnued with all speed possibl'*; that in 
future pre-emptions, If necessary, vary 
in size and phnpc, to more edually dis- 
tribute the advanta>ea of access to 
rivers or l.ljrhways and to suit sur- 
rounding conditions of lands, and that 
longer and narrower pre-emption? be 
.s\)rve.\ed. being: more suitable to dis- 
trict .settlement. 

"3. That pre-emptions be reduced in 
size to forty acres or more, where soil 
and localitv are suitable for such re- 

"4. That Innd held suitable for agri- 
culture as timber lands, or portion.^ 
thereof, containing les<s than .■"«,000 feet 
per acre west of the ('ascades, and .1.000 
feet' east of the t.'fuscade.s. bo cancele.l 
and held by the Govei'nnient, if pos- 
sible, for pre-emption. 

"'i. That lands pre-empted, vi-here the 
conditlonn of pre-emption Imvc not been 
rarrieil out, unlr•.^s just and reasonalde 
cause be shown, be promptly clnlnied l)v 
and revert to the Crown. 

•'6. That the present ■polti'V of trtink 
road building be eiiergeticilly carried 
on. particularly to relieve localities 
wlicre farming has long existed without 
reasonably eoonomlc means of inarket- 
ln>r produce. 


A Hitrhways Act 

'. Thnt .-i High ways Act be placed on 
statutes to act generally ati<l 

provlde ' prompt 
In huiUling main 



matically. so as to 
Covtrunirnt assistance 

"8. That the purchase of modern road- 
making mai'hinery Is commended, and 
we al>8o advise the prompt reserving or 
securing for district and municipal ptir- 
poses, of known ac.'essihle dcpnslts of 
road-making materials such as rock, 
grave] and sand. 

'.'. That a."s!stnncp in clearing. Irri- 
gating or draining be given to estali- 
lished farmers either by direct loan or 
by ' CJovernmcnt-guarantecd ilistrlct 
bonds, 80 as to quii k!y extend acreage 
for cultivation. 

"10, That a puliiy of prnrtic.^l »n. 
slstaiice to settlers be inauguraJ."'!. such 
as establisblng district srttlemer.ts in 
varlou.s part."* of llit> Provin<:a. .s'ele<'tcd 
with the view of most easily ilnilldin.g 
and maintaining regular comnninlcatiou 
with a market, and providing the means 
to such settlements at minimum cost of 
part clearing, draininT. irrlK;itlng or ussistlng the .-starting of 
f.-irming operations, as circumst-mces 
may, such nutla>is being charge- 
■Tble against the land until rrpnid. 

"II. That a Department of I<and Set- 
flc.ment be organized, having funds at 
its disposal to efficiently carry out thlii 

Ziorrad-off Jjanda 

"13. That where logged nr partly 
cleared l.TndB held under tinriibcr llcpnse 
arc suitable for agrk'\]lture, the <j^v- 
ernmenl endeavor to secure thorn for 
that purpose. 

"13. That the fiovernmcnt give liberal 
asslet'jnce to the e«tahlli;«hnient of fish- 
ing BetHements by Brltlifh subjects, and 

"H. l''lnding that Coast settlement 
has 'been handicapped for want of good 
wharves, which arc absolutely necesjiary 
for the marketing of produce. It in 
urged that the Provincial (>overnm«nt 
»)«e Its good offices with the Oomlnlon 
Government in promptly .supplying such 
facilities to settlers. 

"The Committee notes with regret the 
enormous tracts of the most desirably 
situated agrk'tiltural lands as Indian Re- 
serves are neither 'being developed nor 
.made ubp of, greatly to the detriment 
of agriculture In tiic Province" 

One other 'paragrnph in the report as 
orlKlnally «uJjm1tte«l to tho Board by 
Ita Oommlttee and endorsed by the par- 
ent body Is eliminated in the memoran- 
dum Iftft with the Prime Minister and 
Oovernment, thla being to thq effect 
that "the appointment .of a royal com- 
mlaslon on agriculture la likely to fur- 
ther dalay an lirirently needed I^nd 
Bettlement Policy, and we trutt that at 
least U|« moat urnent of thea^ reoonf 
rm^l^^o^Btaei^ tte' dealt wltW 4>y the 
Giov«|:iknJMrntv«t tills ^l^lnif •••■I4«.'' 

)^; Tt«da,n. tn tatrodueing tfk» a«pu- 

\«Klip^#tliy|H^ nitiaion. »ut-' 

llnvd In ii i»W'%«|| ^own «o)nl« tha 
mannff in f |^h it* lii|M4 (NttlattMiit 

cultiu*. Tli« rwport .llaaUy .prM«at«d 
•nd aOofttad wlttr uiuui}mit7 : ttj Um>. 
Bo«rA ha4 baan tha rMult 'Of saran 
months' work on the part of tha Com- 
mUta<» and repreaentad tha vlaws of 
some six or aeven hundred Vancouver 
business men compoainK the Board, up- 
wards of one hundred of whom had been 

Prealdent A. B. Kraklne waa alao ax- 
ceedinsly frucal of worda In hla ad- 
dreaa to the £Uecutlve. explaining that 
ha would leave the elaboration of the 
Board'a augireatlonB to Mr, Btone, the 
Chairman of the Lands Settlement Com- 
mittee. The Board of Trade had felt for 
a long time, he said, that In the interest 
of the country generally more settlers 
were urgently needed upon the land. 
How much had been accomplished by 
this Oovornmont In tlie public interest 
was readily acknowledged, and he lioped 
that the suggestions offered an a result 
of the Commliteo's inciuirlos would be 
of some assistance to the .A.dmlnlstration 
In going oven further in the oncourage- 
moiit of tho agricultural industry. The 
investigations of the Committee .-rlnco 
last February had buen most exhaubtive. 
Thf.y hail secured all information avail- 
able, and their only desire was to co- 
operate with and aid the Government in 
the carrying forward of a settlement 
policy in the common interest of all 
British Columbia. 

Btr. Stona 

"On previous oocasions when you have 
received deputations from the Vancou- 
vor Board of Trade on the Hubject of 
land Hetllenient," .said Mr. Stone, taking 
up the pre-uentation of the case in ciiief 
for tho visitors, "those deputations real- 
ized that their suggestion.', and repre- 
sentations were ^omowhat •weakened 
by the want of more definite knowledge 
on the subject. For this rea.son, and 
realizing the groat Importanco of the 
s u bj ec L. ^llifi__JZrfisM£nl^.81!<l- t'f'y "i- Ll .ill 
Marcli last appointed a committee to 
thorouglily investigate the <iuestion In 
Its entirety. This Committee ha.v held 
meetings periodically since that date, 
gathering information, and was kindly 
aided by your Government permitting 
the Deputy Minister of Lands and Agri- 
culture to assist in arriving at facts 
concerning tho lands of this Province. 
You may note that on this (.'ommlttee roal 
estate interests and also that of lumber- 
ing are well represented, in order that 
its findings should not be biased. At 
the time that our investigations were 
initiated we worn not aware that yo>ir 
Government contemplated appointing a 
Royal Commission on Agriculture, and 
after completing its work and cou.-iide--- 
Ing the urgency of the ijuestion it was 
decided to present to your (.Joverimient 
directly the results arrived at. In doing 
so we wish to assure you of our earnest 
wish to assist, and if I may Bay .so, 10 
strengthen if possible your bauds in ile- 
vistng a means tt) overcome tho deplor- 
able lac> of development of the gen- 
eral farming industry in British Colum- 
bia, and also to (.)vercort>fl the great 
gcograpliical obstacles tiiat tiiis IMov- 
incc i)resent.5 to such rievelopmeni. 

Ohancas Suffgrestad 

"A copy of iheso lo.solutiun.s which we 
wish to present for your careful consi- 
deration has been already laid before 
you, many of which are fully in accord 
with tiie policy you have adopted. But 
there are two great changes that we are 
liere to particularly and earnestly urge 
upon you, and to which I would more 
particularly invite your attention: One 
Is the first clavu-^e, which recommends 
that all agricultural land.s be with- 
drawn from ."lale axccr>t und.-M- tiinding 
impi'ovenienl and settlement conditions, 
and the other is covoreil by clauses !' 
and 10. The necessity of Homotlilng be- 
ing done and done nuickly to encourage 
settlement is too well known and e.<- 
hausled a subject to need dwelling upon. 
1 would, therefore, pa.s.s to tlio cause." 
which must no found and understood be 
fore a remedy can be suggested atul ai)- 
plied. We therefore vont\ire to attribute 
this lack of farm tlevelopmeut to the 
three following causes: (ll land si>ecu- 
nlllon: (2l tho almost insurmountable 
diflcultios to the individual farmer in 
ciearliig, draining or otherwise starling 
or c.vtending farming operations, and ( li) 
tho general need of transi>ortatlon fa- 
cilities for rtiachlng a market loi' pro- 

Xiand Bpaoalatlon 

•As regards that of land speculation, 
a few minutes' walk around real estate 
centres, or talk with real cHtttle men, 
will convince you, If con\ictlon is need- 
ed, of the enormous nuantity of agrii>iil- 
tural land in the vicinity of towns.- ar 
possible towiis, of harbors or posslWo. 
harbors, in tiic track of raiUvayti or pos- 
sible railways, and therefore the most 
desirable lands for agriculture, have 
boon taken out of the farming level and 
raised to the dignity of lots and lilgb- 
prlcod acreage. The farmer, tired of 
Btruggllng with his Htump-eovered lands, 
his want of wharf accommodation or of | 
facilities of transportation to enable.,ljUji;;;j 
to reach a market. Is inverting his atte«*^ 
Hon to the real estate market and to the 
disposal of his holdings. Lands in the 
path or tlio prol)able path of the I'aelfic 
(7reat l<;a«torn Itailway, which Is the 
first railway ever built or coniervipiaiec! 
In the Interest of the commerce of Brit- 
ish Columbia arc being eagerly secured 
for speculative purposes, to ti;a de'trl- 
menl of a land settlement policy, and if 
persisted In will considerably diminish 
the benefits which we should rtorlve 
from that Oovernmont-asBlsted railway; 
In any case throughout the first five 
hundred miles of that railway north 
from Newpnr* tboe* )>• liardly an acre 
loft for pre-emption. DesiraUle lands 
rear the coast are also b«lng socurad in 
considerable blocks, and th« t>utlook for 
the pre-eniptor sosms to be more hope- 
loss and romoto through this losa of 
aovnrnment control of the choicest 
known lands near to transportation." 

XsUl M VM-anyttoas 

In rosponse to an tnterjactad qusti- 
tlon from the Prime Mtnlster, Mr. Stons 
Intimated that In the opinion of itm 
Committee many ploeos of deairmblo laoid 
wero hold as |>rs-«mptloiM whiob mjtH 

tha possaaaor of propartjr of one kind or 
anotta^or, and if somoons came alons 
who offarod him a price conUlnlng a 
fair marcin of profit, ho was Incllnod to 
sell. Ho would not bo surprised If even 
Mr. Stona would take advantage of an 
oppoetunlty to turn over a property of 
which he was owner a,t a profit. 
Xnspootoc of momastoads 

Mr. Stone admitted the soft Impeach- 
ment, and the Premier continued that 
tlie adoption of such a suggestion as 
hud been put forward would provoke a 
storm of protest Inciden'^ally he could 
Inform those present that it was Hon. 
Mr. Boss' Intention shortly lo appoint 
an Inspector of Homesteads, tlie work 
of the various government agents who 
had heretofore looked after such mat- 
ters having grown so that the creation 
of a special officer for the work had 
l-Kecoine Imperative. The Government 
was doing what it could to see that 
pre-emption reiiulremenls were adiiered 
to, but at the same time it was its 
policy not to bo too harsh upon the pre- 
emptor. If it erred in its policy toward 
him, it erred on the generous aide. 
Every endeavor would be put fortti to 
protect tho pre-ernptlon obligations 
from abuse, but it would be a widely 
diffeiient thing to come along with any 
government official who coyld say to a 
man wlio liad taken up land, "you are 
not a pre-emi)tor — you're a speculator. " 

In Illustration of his position, Mr. 
Stone told of an advertisement bearing 
no naine, appearing tn ilie Vancouver 
paperw, in which persons were Invited, 
if tliey wislied to know how to get 
possession of Government lands, to call 
at the unnamed advertiser's room and 
be instriicted. 

O-ovemmeiit Ziands 

"Tliat was aonictiiing ot a left-handed 
compllmeut to the people of Vancouver." 

"oTi:»erV'ea~nre~nr8r Mittwrer. '■ ""Anyon ^ 

can »«o by the statutes Just liow to oh- 
taln possession"^ of Oovernment lands by 
complying with the requirements laid 
down in connection with tlic taking u)i 
of unalienated lands of the Crown." 

A.-.! to the abuse of pre-emption pri\- 
ileges, the President of the Council hu'l 
'also a word to offer. 

"Anyone finding that pre-cnii)tion 
conditions aie not being fully lived up 
to," said Hun. Mr. McPhiUlps, "may by 
the law as It is at present, secure can- 
cellation of such pre-emption, and lie 
then has first call for the lan<I affected. 
A large number, 1 know througli th • 
practice of my profession, take 
l;ige of this condition, and the ojn'or- 
tunity given the man who sees condi- 
tions not compiled with furnishes a 
very good check upon liotitious pre- 
I mptor,«<." 

Only One Remedy 

"Lands for iire-cmpli'm." said Mi". 
.s;fone, continuing iiis urgument in cliicf, 
"uitli slight exceptions are without 
lirldges. roads or transportation fm-il- 
Itles. and therefore lack those essen- 
tials without wldcli farming cannot be 
.'iiicoessfully urosecuted. So to Iwnd 
.«;;ie(nlatii>n miiy attriluited In part 
tlie farmer's lack of energy, the reduc- 
tion i:if acrciige uiiiltr c\iltivat!on, and 
the gradual allenulion from Crovern- 
ment control of the most desirable agri- 
cultural lands we have. The (!oniinitiep 
sees only one remedy, tliat recom- 
mended by Clause 1. 

"Now, ■ sir," ho (■cinlinued. '•regarding 
the difficulties of land clearing arid the 
a'osencp of transportation facilities, it 
Is abundantly evident that the expense, 
dt-lay and iBborion.K work of clearing 
imd prepariiig iMnds for farming debar 
any settler of nioderiitc mean:! from 
making a li\ini; liv taking ui> tlml.ered 
pre-emptions in Ihi.s Provini'e. It Is 
furtiier evident that oven with a cleared 
farm a fair pro»*pei't of return for lal>or 
e.xijpnded Is ImiKJssltdc without not only 
good n'Hiu roH<ls, but aliao reasonable 
transportation facUit'.eH to reach a mar- 
ket. Settlers iti the CarllJOo, Chtlcotin, 
Siiunmish, Pemberton Meadows and 
Fraser Vallf'j-. even at Langley, bear 
testimony to tlicsc facta. The liigti 
wages to be obtained in the cities, and 
the scarcity of cheap fiirin labor have 
! of rccerit years l"rtte,nHlficU thtfr j*o"U'- 
tlon.'i. and the committee find that little 
hoi)e is left for the reasonably qulek 
extension of the fiirming industry v.itli- 
out direct government assistance, liotli 
to the farmer to extend his acrciigc anil 
to the spttler to enable him to sttirt 
farming operations. 

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"I'^oUowin^; thp prcfff-nt wipe policy of 
.v'piir CJirv'tjniment. in etroourHglng raH- 
•Wra.Vi*.* m TVlftd-lnfiTfllnfe:, and In a.sSl.stlnB- 
HKrli.-ultiire In way.s and other «il- 
rt'ctions, such an objnct for tliu outlay 
of Government funj.s as wv earnestly 
rfc'.'omnifnd for your conpidcration Is, 
wf <-on8l(lfr, absolutely neci'H8ary for 
the future econoinU' administration of 
tlic I'rovince. tending u« It would to 
motliM-ule the ix)st of living, to Incrt-ase 
tin; rural .population, to «nc-ourase manu- 
fiiiMni'ps; and to le.ssCrn tho cxifitlng drain 
of funds for the purchaBe of farm .pro- 
ductx of foreign orlitrln. 

"The figures for 1911 ure the la.«if pub- 
lished, and from tlie«)e we Ilnd that of 
butt-er, iheene, poultry, meats, cattle and 
grain our total production was only- 
two and £lv«-€lglithfi millions out of a 
consumption of u.bout seven millions, 
and that our ItK:raa.sed 'production of 
farm produce may be attributed gener- 
ally to certain favorable conditions an<l 
to Government asDlatanrc rather than to 
any Kcneral ittcrease of farm l^tnd* un- 
der cultivation. It Is not these facts 
that weigh moat with u8, but It la the 
l.opclciSB future ot the (ceneral rarming 
Industry under present conditions. That 
larse revenues are derived as a result 
of the very conditions of mountain, for- 
est and stream that make farmlns so 
dt/flcult in this Province wo urge as 
additional • reason for warranting' tho 
Oovernment outlay which we propose. 

OonUi XBTlt* avtaaaMinl 

"It Is an impossible under taiklnff to 
attempt tho development ol the entire 
Province oa the Un«* rCHwmmended, but 
surely the enercte* of the Oovernment 
could fM dlreotfed to opening up and 
prepurlnc opj'taln trmf^ts In whtob •et' 
tl«ta«|it «ouId M liivtted snd dtveoted. 
and «r0«tdln« •wnl^ *«tti««<ieot* wttti *11 
thdo* raiaitt|«s. |p»k .fovfOttlBc thM «< 
^■■■ti*i|i»*«t*«o«i o*c iJfd a rlr/; t»- mik* <*»m. 

Il>ff C IMMttittll* *i|ec«BS. OOf recMBWett^ 


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Very Delightful Afternoon Is 
Spent by Friends and Par- 
ents of the Pupils— Decora- 
tions on a Lavish Scale. 

Angw Ca mpbell A Co., Ltd,, 100840 Covernmtnt Street 


to IBl 

A very delJghttul afternoon waa 
■pent by a UiKe 'number of parents 
and friends of the Qlrle' Central Scliool 
in the Pemberton Gymnaalum yester- 
day. The principal. Ml«» WlUlama, bad 
trained the children to alng a number 
of beautiful Christmas carols very 
sweetly. Mrs. McLaren, Miss Harris, 
Mrs. Longfleld and Mrs. Tlcknor, of the 
Ladles' Musical Club, delighted all with 
their rendering of •■Goo<l King Wences- 
lan's," and Mrs. J. D. McLaren sang 
two of her sweetest songs. The gymna- 
sium was de<:orated effectively with 
wreaths of evergreens, holly and crim- 
son bells; and the room. flUed with 
happy glrl-s, presented a scene to delight 
the heart of all chlld-lovera. 

Mrs. Day. the regent of the Corona- 
tion Day Chapter of the Daughters ot 
the Empire, at the re^utst of the princi- 
pal, addressed the girls. In a hrlglU 
little speech to which the girls listened 
attentively she explained the purpose of 
the society. Sh« pointed out that thelr.s 
w,Ts the only chapter in the Empire or- 
ganized in commemoration of the coron- 
ation of Hl.-i Majo.sty King r?-<^orBf. Tmi 
hrhnlf of Mm. PH^fFwoH, Mr«. iJ.i.. luM 
the girls that the memhers of the order 
would be Invited to Government House 
grounds som« Saturday when the weath- 
er waa warmer and brighter, and con- 
(luded hy wishing the whole school a 
very Happy Christmas. 

Cards Prasantad 
A beautiful basket of flowers was 
presented to Mrs. Paterson by two lit- 
tle maidens, Victoria Gardiner and Ruth 
Copeland; Mrs. PaU-raon then gave to 
representatives of the classes the Cor- 
onation Day Chapter cards which out- 
line the aims and objects of this pa- 
triotic order of children and which Mrs. 
Day Informed the m-embers had been 
prepared at .Mrs. Hanlngton's augges- 
tion for the use of all Children's Chap- 
ters throughout Canada, 

The Bishop of Columbia talked to the 
girls in a very entertaining and Inter- 
esting way of Christmas customs in 
Servia, drawing out their sympathy to 
the Uttle ones who would spend a aad 
Christmas with fathers, brothers and 
uncles away from home, but expressing 
th€ hope" that the war would soon be 

Bishop Roper told a pretty legend of 
th« evergreens and touched on the 
stories of the Nativity, drawing very 
briefly the lesson that the secret of 
happiness at Christmas tlmtf lay in giv- 
ing not In receiving, thanked and 
praised tho girls for their singing and 
wished them all the happiest of Christ- 
mas holidays. 

Very brief addresses were made by 
Mrs. Jenkins and Chairman Jay, of the 
Trustee Board in which congratulations 
and good wishes were voiced. 

A Christmas carol, sung by tiny Elsie 
Paddock, was much enjoyed by all, and 
Miss Batrs, of the school staff, made a 
.sympathetic and skilful accompanist. 

Among those pre."?ent were Mrs. Pat- 
erson, the Bishop of Columbia and 
Mrs. Roper, Mr. Muskctt. Mayor and 
Mrs. Beckwlth, Mr. and Mrs. George 
Jay, Rev. .T. McCoy and Mrs. Mc- 
Coy. Trustee Mcintosh, Mrs. Percy 
Brown, Mr. E. B. Paul. Miss Helmckln. 
Mrs. Gibson, Dean Doull. Rev. Mr. An- 
drews. Rev. Gilbert Cooke, Mrs. W. Wil- 
liams. Miss Spencer and Mrs. Henry 


Domlaloa «N>T«nUM«nt'" Work l» Frov- 
lno»— eUMA VMnalne Problaaui 

■meisd »t AffMiu 


The Dominion Minister of Agriculture 
has Just Issued a Guide to the Dominion 
experimental farms throughout the con- 
tinent. It glv«8 a brief history of the 
growth of t.he«« •Jnca the present eys- 
tem was initiated in 1886. outlines the 
purpo««« for which they are k^t up. 
and fumlsheB a short review of the 
work being carried on at each— with 
plans of bulldlnga and plots. In this 
Province the original farm was estab- 
lished at Affa«8l« m 1889, but, how 
fifty-two acres have also been obtained 
at Invermere. which will bo devoted to 
fruit growing, and a third atAtlon at 
Thoma* Crossing, on the Sa&nlch Penin- 
sula. In addition the problems ot a 
semi-arid district are being studied at 
Kamloopa. and on his farm at Salmon 
Arm. Mr. T. A. Sharpe Is testing varie- 
ties of fruit for the Dominion Depart- 
ment of Agriculture. 

At Agaaslt some 200 acre« of land 
have been brought under cultivation; 
fruit, vesetablee and flowering trees 
and shrubs and flowers all receive at- 
tention, and during the last two years 
an effort tia« been made to build up a 
herd of hlffh-produclng dairy cattle of 
the Holsteln breed. Horses, sheep (Dor- 
set Horn), awlne (Improved Yorkshires 
and Berkshlres) are also kept, and ex- 
tensive experimental work is carried on 
among dlfferenf breeds of poultry. The 
Increase In number of the llveatoclt kept 
and the cbange in the Byatem of farm- 
ing pursued, win permit of more atten- 
tion being paid to rotations and cultural 

The Guide Is lU««trat«d by excellent 
pbotocraphs and should be of great aa- 
Blirtanoe to all deatroun of studying the 
efforts ma«« by the Oovernment to cope 
with the wie«l/ dtffsrent oondltloiM 
under wlilcb a«rieulture itaoat be pr««- 
Used, to ba sttCOSBsruV bstwtsB the At* 
lantio and the y»j» l«a co>e>fc 

White htrntioe te UM rlelnily of 

BuntiMii IMw OH (hMtiar UMrt. H. 

Viok^eni.. ef Metut i reiw i Ser tr.. fen m«t 

• 'i«e-co«c iit«eivM»«>^ii«cteiMttt' earMM' 

.instav. '. . ■''.''■ ■ ■' ■"■ ' 

Moiertste ^«e(M««' 'lie>'. il|eelpk;|IM««i« 

•d 10 he iii:MMi eettiMMiii-eiid tfMf 

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Th» Colonlit Priniln* PublUhlni 
Company, T^tinlced l.l^blIlty. 

J. S. H. MATSO.N". 

1I11-121S Brpad. Street, Vlotdrf*. B. C. 

, . : r ■ ~ — 

Subncrlutinn IUHt% B>- C»rrt« 

V»arly ,, - • ■ .' »« I" 

Half- Yearly ..i.,. .^i'. ■ '"O 

Cju«rt«rly '. 1** 

Uonthly *• 

Hub»crlp(lDO tlatcK 9f Mtttl 

To Canada, Great Britain, tlie United Statu 

and .Me!;lco 

yearly ISO' 

Ualf-Tearly 2»0 

All lubacrlptluii rati-.s p«?-abl* In adv-Biite. 

Mall aubscrtbera ai e rcLiUPsUd to make 

cU remltiuncea direct to Tlio Daily Colonlii:. 

Sisbacrlberu In u;deilng chanffe 0.' addri-ai 
• hould bo particular to ffive both new and 
o d addrfaa. 

Triday, Seoemt)«r SO, 1913 


Till.' inventl'in ol' tln' ni(iti.>i- i-m- lias 
opentHl tlK' vvuy to iiKi.l.ri- liia' 
years ago woiili.1 'huvo bcn-n r<-Kun.i'.ii .i- 
clilmerlcul. Given a Kood roail and ;t 
ft 00^ car, and It really rnakce no very 
«reat difference wl>et>icr a man Uvea 
twenty yards or ti:^-.- n't'y miles from his 
lilace of buslnes: thai U 

is to be preferred loi inan>- rcasuUH. 
Distances have not been ciuiic annihil- 
ated, feut they huve been reduced "to 
minor importance. Within' reasonnM;' 
limits ' It may bt- .said that a 

family maj^TTivo anywh^rT- It • likcH. 
provided It k.-.;i>s a r.iv uii.I ^ has 
Iho use of H KOOd road. CertaUi other 
thlnsrs arc desirable, namely water, 
light and telephones. "' With a if frst-claFfi 
road and the other things above men- 
tioned a family (,-ould live Just as con- 
veniently at. .■5.iy, Beecher Bay or the 
north end of the Saanlch Penlni'ula, on 
the Uplands or 5n Esquimau. TIiiK i.s 
n great and Important fact. It Ih one 
that can bn made to promote the realiz- 
ation of a Greater Victoria on a far 
grander .scale than any one would have 
dared to dream of five years ago. 

The victoria of 'the near future > nn 
be made to emlirace all the area lyiiiK 
between Sookc and Satellite Chann.;-!, 
whlclKls the W!iter\va>- h Hilinu into 
Saanlch Inlet. "When we say a. Greater 
Victoria we do not now mean the ex- 
pression in a municipal' sense- ' What we 
do mean is a Local Improvement Dis- 
trict under a central governing body, 
which shall be charged with the duty of 
turning to aceount.the matchless oppor- 
tunity within ttie area mentioned of 
creating a residential centre tiiat will 
be the admiration of tlio world. The 
thing can easily bo done. It is a mcra 
matter of co-operation and the working 
out of <l'.'tail8. Finan'-iiilly, it is t-ini- 
plicity Itself. We shall not go Into do- 
taihs Just now. because these have to be 
thought out. AV<? sliall not cven/und.r- 
take to say tliat rthare should be o))l\. 
one governing body for the whole arva 
for the mentioned. We Bhiill 
only la.v befor. the public thL' oulllneK 
of the 'jiroposiil. 

■Vyhat we liave In mind primarily is u 
broad, a.><pbaKfd road, extendin.!? from 
V'lctorla around the Saanicii Peninsula 
and also around the Sooke and Mctcho- 
Ein districts; not a shore line uccex- 
farlly, and. indeed, preferably not a 
shore lino, where it can be avoided, but 
a road so located as to iidrult of the 
erection of residences on both sides. 
This road should be Ughled for its entlfe 
length,' and as Car as i)0.s.s',ble be pro- 
vided with water mains. Tue road would 
bo approximately elglity miles long, 
which would miian a residential front- 
ag-e upon. It of at lea.«it 100 miles. Al- 
lowing an average frontage for each 
residential lot of 2<I0 feet, we would tliUs 
have room for approximately 3B00 sub- 
urban homes, none of them at an In- 
convenient distance from the centre of 
this city. Such lvomc»:te« along such a 
highway would meet with a ready sale. 
We believe the demand for them would 
hn phenomenal, and it is obvious that 
the purchasers would have to yay ;'or 
the road and -the otltsiv- IWJpjoKemenrai 
if the work were done, oh the locol im- 
provement plan. Tlilri may .seem like a 
formidable under taWng; but it is not, 
when on^ tlie way of doing it has beru 
thought out. Financially it is not rela- 
tively as serious e problem a* the pav- 
ing contractH that have been let in Vic- 
toria during tlie past year or two. Thi.3 
la the basic feature of tlio proposal. 
I.<atenal roads would follow as a matter 
of course. 

Within the area whlcK such a road 
would make aiccssible fur suburban 
re«ldeiitial purposes there are to be 
foun<5 condltlon.s closely approaching 
tho ideal from the rrsldentlal point of 
view. There Is a minimum of rainfall 
and a maximum of scenery. Just let 
your mind's eyo sweep alongr the prn- 
)>oscd highway. Leaving Victoria, you 
pans alonir the .eastern aide of Saanlch 
find look out over the inland water, 

■ iicufna' Itkkndv to th# mountallns on the 
kfalnlftnd. At the north end of Ihp Pj»n- 

, l:u^u)a you awlns around with tho l*ft>' 
front of Salt Bttrlng laJand iootdilnii^ 
«a th« northern sfior* vi 8«t«lllik Chi^i- 
nHl. iai a Uyretxttiti furthsr o^ yMu ««c 

lovely 8«anlch lulet ^nxl the frownlns' 
hills along which the Malahat Drive 
run«. Tflien, as you approach Victoria 
the snowy «ummlt8 of t)»e Oli'mplcs arise' 
before you. Your road' takes you 
through the city and out around the 
head of Ksqulmalt Harbor, and then 
you have an inland ride until you draw 
pear Kooke. iff^eh you skirt the harbor 
of that name,' and the road will lead you 
on until yo\' can see out the Strait, 
past and perhaps oven to the ocean It- 
self. On your homeward ride you will 
have a. succession of most charming 
views over lond and water, beautiful 
little bays and charming little valleys, 
with every now and then the peaks of 
the Olympli'.s, now seemingly almost 
within reach, towering before you. Tlien 
>ou will at every few miles look out 
o\>'V the splendid sheet of water wh^i 
lie.s in front of Victoria, the eastern pnd 
of which la so far nvrtny that when Cap- 
tain Meares first looked upon it, a cen- 
tury and a quarter ago, he thouglit it 
imi-st reach through to the Atlaritie and 
l>e the long-vsought route from Europe to 
the Indies. They you swing around 
l-:siin!iiialt atvali! ;nul back to tpwn after 
a ride, the equal of which can hardly 
bo found anywhere Jn the world and .>ne 
that can certainly be siirpassed liow: i. 

Now cannot you easily call to mind, 
from what you yourself know of the 
route we have covered In Imaginatlpn. 
scores of places wh«re you could make 
a charming home? Of course you can. 
Thfin thinl L what »t wUlnbttltlta 

when there ir. u ttne asphalted road, 
with cluster lights along It at night 
and water mains and telephones avail- 
able. Are we not right when we soy 
that the whole double circuit would he 
a series of charming subur'oin iioimsV 
iteflect upon what a constant source of 
pleasure such tt" roadway, flanked by 
such homes would be to the people for- 
tunate to live in in Uif 
Greater Victoria. Think of how it 

would 'add to -the attrtrrtiveness of the 
city in the eyes of visitors. Here and 

there would be slopping places, wher*' 

those who wi.shed could rest awhile for 

r.-freshments. i>n the shuvs in Ih- 

more "seltered .spot.s would be seaside 

hotel.s with boating places close at 

iian.i. The vholej hundred square miles 

would become a great pleasure ground, 

and the more than a hundred miles of 

meandering coast-line would lie fringed 

witli l>eautiful I'.omes-in luelj gardens). 

The above Is no fancy piriure. We 
can make it real if w.e only make u). 
our minds to do so. It will pay and 
pay handsomely. It will give us the 
undisputed prt inlersliiii among all Fa - 
cific resorts, for it cannot be du- 
plicated. It, would nuan that, within 
t"ti years from the time the road w.n.s 
made and the other faclli tie.'? were In- 
.italled. We would have a population of 
at ieust iialf a million people within 
the area described, a i>ojuil,itinn of a.s 
great average wealth as could be found 
in any similar area in America. 

Such is a stm[de otitline of what we 
propose the people of Victoria and vicin- 
ity shall .Set tlieins*-lves (It oner to ae- We have not overstated tlie 
case in tlie sllRhtest particular. This 
win be readily conceded. We have pur- 
posely kept well within the mark. \\"e 
ask the Board of Trade, the iJeal Es- 
tate Exchange, the Development l^eague 
and Its bianeliea an<) lh»- public gener- 
ally to .itive this proposal their early 
consideration. AU recent visitors have 
unlt'd in telling us tliat we do not ad- 
vertl'so the ciiniate suffleiently. Nelth?r 
do we suffleiently advertise the scenic 
attraction of this part of the world. 
The magazines and illustrated papers 
taf<m with IlUistmtlsna showing the 
gra,ndeus or beauty of other places: but 
from ]):jints along the suggested motor 
road there are views that cannot be 
sui-passed. They are , on so grand a 
scale that photography cannot do them 
justice and hence only some of the 
smaller ones are llk<?ly ever to he seen 
in print. Kve.n a year ago wf would 
hardly have ventured to suggest ao ex- 
tensive a project for the consideration 
of this community; but nothing la too 
formidable, to be taken in hand now. We 
all appreciate the potentlalltieH of the 
Greater Victoria now, but we have only 
lately learned to do so. Therefore w 
place tlie above suggestion before the 
people with every eonfldence that it will 
be acted upon. 

■ure.«h« coul^ see Into Heaven through 
the gates of tinted clouds, you should 
expo*;? to her the fallacy of thinking 
tliat Heo-ven Is a place and explain to 
her that it Is only a condition, and that 
the colors which she thought so lovely 
are only due to the operation of certain 
laws of light. In this connection you 
might also wjth advantage, enlarge for 
hor benefit upDn the hiws of optics. -Tlda 
will necessitate your reading up on this 
topic, but that will be Wholly for your 
own good. Wh<;n Jacky cames home 
from school, proud of the fact that he 
can recite 

"Twinkle, twinkle Utile star" 
STou should explain to him that In point 
of fact stars do not twinkle, but that 
the apparent phenomena vulgarly so 
described is due to the passage of the 
rays from the distant orb Ihroush the 
atmosphere, which produces an effoc.\ 
the natur*' of which scientists are not 
yet sure about. Vou should also e.x|dain 
to him that the star so far from be- 
ing little is very vast, and also that in- 
stead of its being 

"l''ar above t.'u- earth SO high" 
It is in point of fa<t not above the 
'•arth at all, for in th.' deptlis ot space 

ill. If IS neither ui) nor down. Then 

J^OU I'.ii t; . \ I 1 !i,i I'll- or-. J]. CI version or 
the porio, « liUti will he somewhat as 

"Apparently sclntUatc, apparently scln- 
tllatc vast mass of luminous mat- 

■"I ' "nui U BCe i ' Uiil i nhn<iT nr-'"-prlntr tti' 
nebular liypothcsis, situated 
somewhere In the depths of spacj 
and popularity but erroneously 
suppos':d to be above the earth 
a! 'A considerable distance, 
■ l.ili' 1 well cut piece of crystallized 
' arbon in the higher strata of the 

You will then derive inllnite pleasure 
from the growing light of intelllgenco 
in till' eyts of yourjOffspring, wlileh you 
will not mistake for an indie. i- 
tion of a .suspicion that you have gone 
crarj'. .As for believing In Santa I'laus, 
the wise people have again begun to 
teil us that this Is worse than that re- 
fusing to' believe In the Hereness of tho 
Whence. The Whatness of the Whether 
or some of other things which the 
half-forgotten people of the Emmcrson 
school are said to h.ive specula ted over. 
O, you solemn people. Listen to one 
who know."i. Tell your ehildren fairy 
St irles, toll them about giants,' ogres 
and all such things. Don't worry your- 
s,■^; about their. bflilevAng the tales. 
Tlicy have more sense than that. They 
no more believe them than yon be- 
lieve the latest novel by the latest fad- 
dist in fiction. The minds of children 
are like l)iitteiflies at pla>-. if yon try 
to make them go in straight lines they 
will not play. Don't be In a luirry to 
pet old heads on young shoulders. Time 
\\iil do that Boon enouifh. 

torod. Seattle stands upon a great de- 
posit of glacial drift, which If It could 
bo thoroughly explored, would doubtleB.s 
be found to contain many ^wonderful 
things. ^ 

I'lans for the proper observance of the 
Contenntal of Peace between the Anglo- 
Haxon natlona are progressing very 
rapidly. Tlic project has* been prom- 
ised the hearty support of the British 
iioverniment, and the London dallies are 
enthusiastically in favor of It. 


Saskatchewan and Alberta, are very 
horiously considering tlie advisability of 
Introducing what is called "direct legis- 
lation." We have not had an opportu- 
nity of examining llie details of the 
proposed policy, but understand that it 
contomplatos a reference to the people, 
when mwisures are passed in the leK's- 
lature only by narrow majorities. In 
the^o da.\s of cast-iron party lines ihere 
is not likely to be much difference in 
legislative majorities. 


Tonng Man Arrentsd In Winulpsg lis 

Accused of Attempting Wholesale 


WINNIPEG. Deo. 19.— William Stan- 
ley Everest, a'bout '"' ■• -irs of age, gIv-> 
Ing tlje name of > 1 w-hen first 

arrested, and Brandon as his home ad-< 
dreas, la in custody on a charge of at- 
tempting to cash bogus che(iues, and 
Of having a number of such cheques 
In his possession with criminal intent. 
On being searched at the Police Statldn, 

ftie Sinn of about j^£b was found in his 
possescTon, and chequf^ ' on prac- 

tically every bank In t to which 

the names of prominent business men 
and firms In the eitv n.-oi bfen eyj. 
dently forged. r en of 

these cheques m ail, in.iKiiuv an aggre- 
gate of nearly |TO00, ranging in value 
from $63 to ?2270. One of tlie cleverest 
and most successful series of forgeries 
that has been reported In Winnipeg for 
some time was perpetrated on a num- 
ber of buslnes.s .houses In the city last 
^veek. In all. It Is estimated that over 
|T00 wa-s taken In by a man who signed 
himself in several cases a.5 Mr. Pick- 
son, and in otliers as David .lones. on 
cheques which were either frirged or 


The liOndon Times is absolutely cor- 
rodt In saying that the Dominions will 
not accept any reHponslbllit,v in deter- 
nitiiing wliat the tariff of the United 
Kingdom sliall be. •That way dan- 
ger lies." 


A new lot of faddists has appeared 
on the Bcenc, and the new hobby la the 
exclusion from libraries, frequented by 
children, of all fairy tales and oth«r 
books that are really worth reading by 
little folk. The Gatlgrlnd type, so. ad-. 
mlrabiy satirised by Dickens has come 
to life again. Some severe people, 
chiefly women In spectacles, haw de- 
cided that the youthful mind la b«lng 
perverted even by such <rla««lc8 aa Jack 
the Olant Killer. Th«y ray |n sfftct, 
that when jfoor little twy come* attd 
asks you to tell hifli a »•••»* atory. pre- 
ferably omlh wh|i^t tl^|fl»nt hM Irtiri 
era^ hea<[«. yoy li^t cfcl^i^Wm nttV0^ 
ly fcnd point hitt^ik h»ml»' «!« beauty o| 

tha m.iKlnlla 

»BKIik m»A this mrmmtmr 

When the London police set out to 
suppress gambling they go at It In earn- 
est, and they' are no respector of per- 

; oi'.-i. In this part of the world the 
people, whose gambling is suppresseil, 
ares tho.>-e who liave no other wa.v of 
i'.iii^islng I bemseUes. 

Sir (5eorge Murray Is undoubtedly 
ligljt in saying that e'ablnet Ministers 
In yJanada are overburdened with the 
routine work 01 their several dopart- 
morlts This arises from the fact that 
while those ministers liavo assumed na- 
tional responsibilities, they have not yet themsclvoH clear of local trlvlal- 


Tpe suri)rl.slng statement Is made that 
fear'r of the hook-worm alone i>revonfs 
a Ivfce influx into t,'anada of negroes 
frorf? tho Southern Statos. Canadian 
boo1*-wormw nro o myth, but we do not 
feel 'like saying so at least not so loud- 
l.v tuf to be heard down in Mississippi. 
WhaJt nogro population Wf, liave is all 
righ), but we do not want any recruits 
from the ex-slavo States. 

Tlie claims of tho descendants of the 
old French selgnletirs to the land held 
by tbelr anoostors In the days when 
Quebec was a French possession is al- 
most as absurd na the Indian claim in 
Uritltd}., Columbia. The descendants 
flforwald halve askod the United States 
to h»vo their claims submitted to the 
Ifaguc Tribunal. This is a tip to "the 
iWettOB.of the Indians." 

. •; . It satisfactory to know that 
M ' tli* conference to be held at Mon- 
tr«Alih January by the executive headn 
bf the Grand Trunk Pacinc Hallway, 
mueh greater attention will be given to 
matters alfectlng the Paclflc Coast than 
on any previous occacElon. We have no 
dennit« knowled^s at the points that 
will b* dlscuased. but tbey can hardly 
fair to It* of MTMit. local Interoat to Vic- 
torlk ,-an^ Vaneoavar Island. 


M ' "^ 

*'k ii|«ii|<Htfijtt» tiM MNm iwaii in th* n«w 
traiiKWVwWr at Qu««n Anna mil. Baattla. 

Seeking to Make Political Capital Out 

of Mr. Bonnr Xiaw's Food 

Tax Policy 

LONDON, Dec. 19.— Free traders con- 
tinue to make an abundance of poll il- 
eal capital out of Bonar Law's pro- 
iJC'uncemeni havln.g raised di.ssenslon 
in his own party, yhe Llyerpool Cour- 
ier, rive leading Unionist paper In Lan- 
'OaaCilre, roundly declares today that 
tlie Uniorilst party Is drifting to de- 
struction, and calls upon Bonar I,aw to 
renew his pledge of referenduin before 
any la.'ces on food are thought of. 

Tlie Tinie-s adds that the stronger 
section of the Unionist party is firmly 
convinced that food tjuces should not 
as yet bo pressed. As to Boinar Liiw's 
suggestion that a Dominion conference 
sliould he called. The Times says: "If 
there Is one thing more certain than 
another. It is that the Dominion MJn- 
isters will not, In any circumstances, be 
willing to accept the respon.sibllity of 
mo<lifylng the local tariff of the British 


Subscriptions by Towns and Private 

Persona Make Up 2^arge Pund for 

Fnichaao of M.ac2ii&es 

HKKLI.V, llec. Ul.— Prince Henry of 
I'rusKla, aji protector of the national 
aviation fund, announces that the fund 
has reached more than $t,7ri0.000. An 
appeal was issued last April asking 
private ijersons and town,* to subscribe 
toward a floel of aeroplanes which were 
inteniled to be presented to the Em- 
peror. Prince Henry. In a statement 
toda>-, thanks In tho warmest terms all 
the contributors, and says the suc- 
cess of the movement renders it possi- 
ble to "further avlatton efTcctlvely for 
the npbutldlns, Of the. Indiu-^try arid 
well being of tho Fatherland.' ' ' 

■Will Visit Washington 

LIVIOUroOL, Dec. 19.--Mls.=? v loTct 
Aaqulth, daughter of the British Pre- 
mier, sailed from here today on board 
the steamshii) Celtic for America. The 
Countev's of .Aberdeen, wife of the Lord 
LloutenVnt i^f Ireland, and former CJov- 
ernar-Ge\»eraI of (^anada, will Join Miss 
.^squith when the vessel arrives at 
Queenstown. Both ladies are to be 
guests of Ambassador and Mrs. Bryco 
at Wash ing Ion. 

Tryla^' Oo-operatire Plan 

PfntTAOIC I, A PBAIRIE. Dec. 19. — 
The grain growers of Oakville liave de- 
cided to try buying househoUl 's.ipjillee 
on the co-operative plan from manufnc-, and aftelt getting the system 
organl/.pil will bui| implements and all 
goodo In this way.V The co-operative 
plan is being urgehk among all the 
branches of the ansocSlation in order to 
ellminato the mlddlenV" *" ni"Cl^ «•» 
possible. '1 


Anatrifts Army Slltvloa 

VIENNA, Doc. 19. — After a nriy-flva 
hour session tho X..ower yc'^uae today 
adopted in Its original formta bill pro- 
viding for sorvlcos to be r^idered in 
time of war by private Indlvk^^uals and 
communities In the matter of n^eans of 
transport and care of tho army.'. The 
bill met vrlt\} much opposition, M«t all 
the minority amendments werw re- 
jected. , 

TORONTO, Oat., Doc. 19.— With »• 
object oJ »to.f»lng the fire wKst*-, whkVh 
amounta to ne«rJy ^25,000,000 eaery yearf 
In Canada, a meeting of the Canadian 
Manilfacttircra' AiMiociatlon and other 
bodleJi will ahortly be held to form a 
] iHktiiMial fire protection aacociation. 
The an&cunoement ira» made today W 

Caution to XiawMli Owners 

sir. — Might this letter be Inserted, in 
jour valuable paper, that your stib- 
K<'r!berB, who are possessors of launches 
and yachts, may be maxle acquainted 
Willi possible proximity of thieves. 
The.iO latter (such In my experience) lie 
low in unfreiiuented baya or creeks and 
at a favorable moment to themselves, 
boarii your launch, remove locks, bolts 
and nuts, etc. Having obtained en- 
' ranee they make a general sweep of 
the launch outfit; dynamo accumulators 
and searchlights are dl.saembled and re- 
moved; prl.smatlrc field-glasses vanish, 
and not even are hip gumboots exempt 
from the pilferage. Having lost rau'-h 
to therse same tiiieves, I intimate to 
owners to look well to their properiv. 
especially dark, windy rights, when 
superadded noises are not likelj" to I e 
ol>se)-ved by those living liui a '<w 
yards away. 

I liuve .bKii xUen to understand, .n- 
siiiance llahlllty does not cover engine 
loss, cUetric plant or the accessories ne- 
c.'>-sary to a launch, therefore. It be- 
hoovf.-< Hint all launch owners sh'U'd 
.scrutinize well, all strange craft com- 
ing to rest In and around tlielr vicinity. 
Particularly If the same do not disclose 
their Identity: after which scrutiny, wr 
may, If occasion arises, recognize them 

We people on the Islands require our 
launch and its outfit as an essential fac- 
tor to our convenience, welfare and 
happiness. Then let all ov.'nera help 
each other by observing well what 
strangers we have In our outlying bays 
and creeks. 

Personally I have a horror of sail- 
ttafetii'WnK"aliXTHari^ pbwer. The i^easoln'^ 
of the horror may yet be shown. Bye- 
the-bye! Cruisers note that the Eastern 
buoy at the entrance to the Canal, 
Bedwell Harbor, has gone adr;n. Also 
that a rock as pointed out by 
Mr. Schrelber, becomes uncovered at 
very low tide. This rock Is near Drew 
Rock, which latter Is noted on the chart. 
When approaching the Canal from th.-^ 
Western «ide of tiie Harbor at low tide. 

Thanking you in anticipation of the 


.Smith Pender. 

'Wreck of the Nidge 

.'^Ir. — On the night of December 15 the 
City Police Station received, at 11:30, 
a tclei)hone from Sergt. Giller, 
Work Point Barrack.s, stating that a 
rocket had been sent up from some ves- 
sel evidently in dl.s trews off Macaula;- 

Jailer Brogan Immodiately se^t a rush 
telephone message to Capt. Stratford of - 
the S. S. Salvor, w.ho promised to In- 
vestigate the report. Intiulries were 
also made at the Outer Wharf, who re- 
ported "nothing known." 

.\nother urgent message was received 
from some unl\nown person at 11:7)0 
p. m. that a small steamer was beln.'< 
waslied ashore off Macaulay Point and 
it was feared that some persons were 
being drowned, and asking for asslst- 
ancp as quickly as possible. 

The patrol wagon was Immediately 
manned by Sergt. Clay«rdis and (,"on- 
sta.ble Webb, off duty, and Sergt. Har- 
per, lirlver Smith and Constable Foster, 
on duty. The patrol was rushed to 
Work Polni, where they picked up a 
soldier to show the way and open gat<^s 
on the roadway to the scene of the 
wreck. Immediately below Macaulay 

The mate had been washed overboard 
. .;d luana.ged, after heroic exertions to 
1 ai-li the shore and gave the alarm at 
iiie fort. 

It was Impossible to get the patrol 
near" the wreck, so as to make use of 
her lights. .\ small line was, however, 
.tfter severe exertion. pa.«.sed astiore, by 
wld.-h Sergt. Clayards and Constable 
I'oster managed to reach the .Xldge and 
sueeped(-d in gaining tlie deck. Foster 
iinmediately secure<l a baby and- again, 
Idimging in. succfveded in regaining tl.e 
shore with his precious charge; Cla.vards 
Immediately following with the second 
child and Immediately returned and 
broii.icht the mother safely ashore. Con- 
stables Smith and Webb gallantly as- 
sisted in the work of re.«>cue, and tl.ough 
in a very critical position, being swept 
off their feet repeatedly, stuck man- 
fully to their difficult and exceedingly 
dangerous task until every one on board 
•sjifuly reached the' shore'. Sergeant Har- 
per also did splendid work in assisting 
those brought ashore and with the other 
orrieers succes.sf ully and promptly ren- 
dered first aid to the various badly cut 
and Injured amon.g the rescued. 

T believe this is one of the very finest 
examples of prompt, cool and brave 
daring In the police records of Canada; 
that the citizens of Victoria generally 
will a<>plaud this credita>ble and splen- 
did act by which those eleven or 
twelve lives were snatched from the In- 
satiable sea and a watery grave. All 
honor to those men who In the routine 
of their dally occupation and at tho 
call of duty, so nobly responded, and 
have placed such a remarkable example 
of 'Sheer grit and nplendid daring, for 
the rest of the city force to profit by 
and whk'h the citizens may well admire 
and applaud. We feel certain tl>at the 
Police Commissioners will in some 
suitable way recognize this deed. May 
T also give due credit to the .loldlers of 
Work Point Barra-cks for thelif willing 

. L. TAIT. 

for practice. He felt that he could 
not appear In case* before the United 
States Supreme Court, because he haa 
appolntetl a majority of Us member' 
shlip, , ,;,"/ -',. y ^,': ^ e-. -s , :;,' 

rie remembered, when he tWeitight of 
the law, that he had name<l many tty\- 
eral Judges In Ohio before whom he 
^iv;ght have to argue cases, and he be- 
lieved that about the orily sort of prac- 
tice he could take up would be inter- 
national, and that he rugarued as un- 


Premier Fisher and Others Dlaonss Kr. 

Bonar Xii^n^a Oouf erenoa 


I..ONDON, Dec. *19. — Bonar's sug- 
gestion of a colonial conference betltsr 
called as a prelude to the taxation of 
food continues to excite attention. The 
lOllowlng are some vl-i-ws gathered from 
Australian statenmen on the subject: 

Premier Fisher: "I do not think there 
is sufficient Interest here In the sugges- 
ff 1 for .it to bo treated too seriotisly." 

Hon, Mr. Deakin, leader of the Op- 
I o'ltJo;i ^.nd Llborm jOX-Premler: "Wo 
are all deeply Interested In the project 
i-.!'d l:i any othor propo.'ials for the ac- 
complishment of closer union in com- 
mercial relations, but speaking without 
knowledge, comment would be prema- 

Attorney General Hughes: "The Idea 
seems to be much clouded. What is the 
confertnce to do? If It Is to lead to 
sometiiing' definite Its deliberations 
must b.^ strictly defined and the parties 
in participation must come with au- 
thority for representing' their respec- 
tive governments. At least one 'govern- 
ment, presumably the Brltjph, must 
sulimit .a 'T- !'!."' -''Tid detailed statr- 
ment, oii:- ; 'm; deTinite wuulil 

come of su( h a conference." 

Senator Millen, Liberal Loader in the 
Senate: "Frankly, the proposal to pro- 
ject one part of the Empire Into tho 
domestic affairs of another part can 
only lie approached with caution, bor- 
dering on apprehension." 


statement at General Meeting Shows 

Tear of Prosperity — Wo Change 

of Directors 

WINNIPEG, Dec. 19. — The annual 
general meeting of the Northern Crown 
Bank was held at the hetid offices here 

.\t the election of directors, no change 
was made: Sir DanlM McMillan was re- 
elected President, and Captain William 
Robinson, Vice-President. 

The balance at the credit of the pro- 
fit and loss account for the eleven 
months ending Xovember 30 was $76,162 
In excess of the amount of the returns 
for the twelve months ending December 
21, 1911. Following are the Increases 
for the past eleven ...unths over tliose 
of the preceding year: Paid u-p capital, 
$470,496; rest, J.">0,1)00; tot<y a-ssets, 
$2,821,027; net profits' |54t)6.- Tlte'not 
profits for the eleven months were 

irew Japaneie Cabinet 

TOKIO, Dec. 19. — The new Japanese 
t^abinet has been organized aj? follorws: 
Premier and Minister of fi^'oreign Af- 
fairs, pro tem.. Count Taro Katsuro: 
Home Affairs, Vls»count Kanetake Oura; 
Finance, Reljlro Wakatsuki, formerly 
Vlce-Minlster; Communications an-d 
President of the Railway Board, M. 
Goto; Agriculture and Commerce, Ron 
Nakasliojl,. formerly Vlce-MJnlster; Jus- 
tice, Itaau Matsumuro, formerly Public 
Prosecutor-General of the Court of Cess- 
ation; Education. Komasaburo Shlbata, 
formerly Chief Secretary to the Cabinet; 
War. Lieutenant - General 'Vasutsuna 
KIkoshl. Count Kato will be appointed 
Foreign Minister on his return from 

Qlven Up by the Ocean 

IvOS A.VGELES, Dee. 19. —The water- 
swollen bo,d,lejS of ll9r;ace Kearney, 
aviator, and Chester Lawrence, news- 
paperman, lie side by side tonl.ght In a 
little undertaking shop at Redondo 
Beach, Anally given up by the sea, 
which had combined with the more 
mysterious forces of the air to destroy 
tliem as they were seeking to write/ a 
new chapter in aviation by a daring 
over-oeean flight to San Francisco. 

Lawrence's body was battered beyond 
reo-o,gnilton iiy waves and rocks, and 
was found on the precipitoua coast near 
Rocky Point. That of his aviator com- 
panion was picked up a mile away at 
sea by a searching party in charge of 
George B. Harrison, a skilled aeronaut 
and close friend of the doomed men. 


Acoepta Offer of Kent Vrofaaaorsblp ot 

Xiaw at tInlTeraity— Cam «aka 

W Other ffork 

WASHINGTON, Doc. 19.— President 
Tift ha= 4*«ided to accept the proffer 
of the Kent profes-urahip of law at 
Yale, and probably will take up hia 
dutlea^at New Haven in the SpntkK. 

The President was said lonlght to 
>have determined upon acoeplinic the 
Yale profeaaorshlt* tit several rea- 
Bona. He wHI not be restricted menly 
to leotnros to Yale students, but wJll 
be permitted to leotwre, if he desires. 
In other law schools or upon the plat- 
form or to •ngage ttv any other oofiu- 

'Wlth Body of Ambassador 

PORTSMOUTH, Eng., Dec. 19.— The 
British arrrrorert cruiser Natal wAs moor- 
ed this morning alongside the jetty In 
the dockyard In readiness to convey the 
body of tho late Ambassador Reid from 
England to America after the great me- 
morial service is hold at Westminster 
Abboy on Friday. A host of carpenters 
and decorators began the construction of 
a mortuary chapel on the quarter-deck 
in which the coffin wllr rest during the 
voyage. The warship will sail early on 
Saturday, and naval honors will be otv- 
servod as the cruiser puts to fjsa. 


Tire at Bprtngfleld 

SPRINOFIELD, Ma.^.s., Dec. 18.— 
Damage estimated at $300,000 was 
caused tonight by a Sre that threatened 
to a weep . the plant .-of the Waaon Car 
Co., here. Two buildings 200 "feet long, 
and a two-storey lioiMe niled wilh valu- 
able hardwood lumber^ were destroyed 
with their contents. A high wind swept 
the flames towards the' tw? main fac- 
tories nearby. Theae caught fire several 
times, but were not seriously damaged. 

Mr and Mrs. J. Layley have returned 
from Vancouver, whore they have bee.i 
making a 'short visit with Mr and Mrs. 
R. Thompson. 

Mrs. A. W. Strickland, of Merrltt, Is 
vl6illng friends In Victoria. 

Mr. W. H. Hay.ward, M. P. P., re- 
turned to Duncan, and Mr. A. 'Luca«. 
M. P. I'., to Vancouver, yesterday. 

At "Breadalbane," Wednesday after- 
noon, Rev. Dr. Campbell ofllclated %t tho 
marriage of CapUln Haakon Frederick- 
sen, of this city, and Helena, second 
daughter of Mr. I^ouia Godo, of Tacoroa. 
The bride wore a travelling gown of 
blue cloth, with hat to ^ match. The 
hapi+r'-pair afterwards left on the even- 
ing boat for Tacoma and the Sound 

Mr. Geo W. F'uggle has returned 
frfun Torrint.o 

Mrs. Devlin did not receive yester- 
<lay, but will be at home on the third 
Thursday in .(anuary. 

The Misses Fall, G-Hleh, Bagsliawe, 
Mesher, Wylde an.i Miles arrived home 
on AVednosday from All Hallows School, 
'^'ale, to spend thoir Christmas holi- 
days with relatives. 

Mr. E. C. Stephenson, accompanied 
bv liis sister, Mrs. G. 11. Hrown, and 
daughter, left town W-e<3ne.sday morning 
Tor Soattie \iu. Nanaimo and A'ancouver. 
William Imray-Oordon. Public 'Works 
Department, Soiidan Government. Khar- 
toum, who arrived in this city about a 
year ego. Is soltling in Victoria, and 
his family follows later on. 

Mrs. L. U. Conycrs did not receive 
yesterday, nor again until the third 
Thursday In January. 

Mrs. and Mrs. Ira A. Reld, of New 
We.'^tmln.'Stor, ■ aro— Btaying— at—th^- 

Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Campbell, of Tor- 
onto, aro at the Empress. 

Mr. C. N. Armstrong, of Montreal, 
'arrived at the Empress lost night on a 
business trip. 

.Mr. and Mrs. F. G., Heal, of Alder- 
mere, Bulkley Valley, British Columbia. 
left here on Wedn-esday evening for 
Japan via San Francisco, on a trip 
around the v;orld. Besld-'^s visiting .la- 
pan, Mr. and Mrs. Heal are also going 
to Australia, India, Egypt and the Con- 
tinent of Europe. They purpose 
spendln.g quite a while in England, and 
expect to be away about a year. 

Mrs. R. Marpole, of Vancouver, Is 
.spending a few days in Victoria with 
her mother. Mrs. Holmes, who Is stay- 
ing for the present at Carborry Mouse, 
Carberry Gardens. 

Mr. Thomas Hooper left town on Sun- 
day for the Old Country. 

Mrs. Stanley G. Peelo will not receive 
until the tllird Friday in .lanutry. 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Patrick, ac- 
companied by their daughter. Miss Myr- 
tle Patrick and luelr son. Master Stan- 
ley Patrick, have left town for Long 
Boach, Cal., whore, they will spend the 
winter months. 

^' Mrs. 6. F. Gfeeh, \Burdette Avenue, 
will not receive tbday nor again until 
the third Friday in January. 

Mr. and Mrs. E. Williams, of Van- 
couver, are at the Empress. 

Mr. A. O. Oldershaw, of Montreal, Is 
at the Empress. 

Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Ralston have ar- 
rived at the Empress from Vancouver. 

Vancouver arrivals at the i-^mpros-j In- 
clude Messrs. H: Davidson, L N. Fra- 
ser, F. K. C. McKinnon, T. S. McDoa- 
ald. E. S. Wilband, W. A. Dougan, li'. B. 
McDlarmid, G. E. Herrman, H. A. Stout. 
A. L. PhllllpB, Richard Alexander, 1'-. 
Scott, E. E. Welch and John McConke>^ 
Mrs. Trevor Keeno and Miss B. Keene, 
of Cobble Hill, are at the Hotel Rlts. 

Mr. Clive PhiUlps Wolley is In the 
city from Somenos and I9 staying at the 
Hotel Strathcona. 

Miss Beatrice G. Mclvof and Mr. W. 
G. Mclvor, of Royal Oak, are at the 
Hotel Strathcona. 

IMseoBtsnt la Bpatn 

MADRID, Dec. !•. — IMecontent among 
the railroad employees is ^reading 
anew, the Ainn ciliargliic tt.e oompaniea 
with failure to tulflll their promisee. It 
is feared that a general strlfce tm Ja»n- 
ary 1 Is Inevitable. The Ooverament has 
recalled all sotdters on leave, and Is 
hastening the Mrvaatiatlon of tlie re« 
cently. created railroad battfllosa. 


People of Social Promlnenoe Oaptnrsd 
by the PoUoe In Fashionable 
OambUng mesort , 

LONDON, Dec. 19. — Fifty detectives, 
together with tlozehii of uniformed pol- 
ice, raided a gambling house In Bel' 
grave Square tonight. And arrested 
eighteen men and women of consider- 
able social prominence. The mansion 
was the largest ■ambling- estoJillsbmeiit 
ever tackled In London, the raid being 
the result of a determined effort on tho 
part of the authorities to crush the In- 
crpasing gam.bllng tendency. 

The counters which were seized 
ranged In value from |6 to. $600. A 
total of $4065 was seised, while the 
croupier had counters valued at |49,900. 
Those who were arrested were engaged 
In playing Chemin de Fer, and frantic 
endeavors were made to eaeape when 
the officers burst ppen the doors. ' 

There was Intense exoiteinent In the 
building when the police enterad, and 
attracted toy the large torce of men em- 
ployed In, crowds assemibled in 
the roadway, bloclclng the traffic as tho 
fashionable gamblers were (Conducted 
from it, and taken te. VJtUoe 1iead«iuar- 
tera, where they were (iihar««Nl,- 

QITTAWA, tSiec. l«.>-^Iiil««4 itaviHiiM 

OoaffMMis Adjoninu 

WASHlNGTOfl. Dec 19.— ^ongreas 
adjourned for the Christmas "holidays 
today after some ilvcHy noiMeuvres to 
get the Presid«nt*s niessage r^iito the 
reeordii, jf^ctire acUon on the iHiesident's 
reuent appointments, and brine proeasd- 
ings in the Archbold Isnpea^ment to 
a point where they may be diiiKMied of 
early In January. The Hotts* .<«raa un- 
able to get a quorum, and adjoarned 
without even receiving the IPTealdent'a 
message. Both houees of Cotiffrsss ad- 
journed to meet on Thursday, Janu- 
ary 2. 

VteivMttv* Obtof BiUM 
LONDON. Dec. If. ~ The .Tswish 
World aaya that !n all prohtbaiiy Or 
BctrnarS Braohman, of New York, will 
be invited to become the ehMf ntlml 
of th« British ismptre. Early tn'*i<l*- 
u»ry the RAbbinate liieleetlon. wtHiHiuiium 
will meiit to offer ftii^minmamiiimjt^ Jvt 
the eonference to ' iMi , Ili«l4. 9|i|f« 1« 
timf>n t^r ttm Mluiit. -.iiayi, .ttit.V',|M*«"., 




Per Cent 

Off All Our 
Skating Outfits 
and Regulation 
Bowling Shoes 


mas Gifts 


1313 Douglas Street 

Oddfellows' Block 

Phone 1232 



Air Rifles and Skates — just what the boys want 
for Christmas 

Common Spring Skates, regular Si. 25. Saturday 75^ 

Nickel-Plated Spring Skates, regular $2.00. Saturday $1.35 

Air Rifles, single shot, regular $1.^5. Saturday 95^ 

Air Rifles, 350 shot, regular Si. 75. Saturday $1.35 

Air Rifles. 500 shot, regular $2.25. Saturday $1.65 

Air Rifles. i,cx)0 .'^hot, regular $2.50. Saturday $1.85 

B. C. Hardware Co., Ltd. 


Two Good Buys 


Best Sections 

Here are two offers which \vc make I'or a day or iwn. Both 
will probably be snapped up Ijecause they are exceptionally 
good buys at the prices and terms asked. Details on applica- 
tion. Inquire right now. 

Double Corner — Leighton Road, a Fir?t-class building lot. 104X 
124. Third cash. Only . .' $3150 

South Hampshire J?oad, Oak Bay — Splendid residential 
lot 50x180 to lane. ("lOod terms. Only ". .$1775 


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Klecirle t*oi»»— ffeit Mlectton' In the -Ity. H.R6 lo M.SO 

Klectrlo T<NMtera, tS.OO and Vi.iS i Water tZtmttn, up from «3.00 

Vlashllctata. up from 9l.ta \ Table I^mps, up from 9S.M 

Electric Staves, Ranvee. Oven*. Btc. 


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Electrical Contractors 
opptwit* otty Jboi 

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In Your Home This Christmas? 

A Small Deposit Now Will Keep 
One for You 

, Prices From $20 
' to $250 

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Style X., $100 

We Carry the Largest Stock of 
Records in the City 


Factory Dia 

Pfano- House, Ltd. 

>4 Goverrfment Street 
(tributors for B. C. and Yukon 

Th» Cit^ Ctouaell of T«n«Miv«lr h«N 
fej«et«4 th« «ff«f of th« PtovlnelftI 
OoT«rainMit to ««ll thm.eld court tiooM 
•it« to the ooriMr*tio« for |l«CMiAi#< 

4> OftvemmMtt nMi4 armv 1*^ ^ttmif 

l<;«iuUimo oltlien* hay« pssavd th« 
hy-tew providinc for largre oxpondltur** 
In th« \n19rovmtm1HM tho Mrrioultural 
gtouaOa tbor*. *' 

A ««inloW«aMjr imill Mrvfcto tKttwpn 
Mtorritt wmA Oa«lwiMit wilt b» 

PROim J 

Large Number of Minor Posts 
Are Filled According to An- 
nouncements in The British 
Columbia Gazette. 

His Honor the Lloutenanl-Govcrnor- 
in-CouwH has bct-n pleaisert to make the 
followltiK uppolntiricMUs: 

Mr. 1). L. Dlcsiurcker, of Victoria, to 
1"' !i Junior lit rli In t!ie DepfiriinenL uf 

Mr. Cr-orKe MllV>mn, of Kort FrRser, 
uiul I.). C. Cami)!jcll, of Victoria, to be 
roiiiinl8aloner.s for uikin/.; ufl'irlu\ll« 
within the Province. 

Mr. Horborl IIokk. (.r Koonlt,-, .Shavv- 
n!KHn Lake, to be a notary public. 

Mr. L,. 3. Bruc-o, of South \'uniou\rr, 
unfl Mr. G. H. OowiT, B. A., of Vancou- 
ver, to be liispectnrs of public schools. 
Mr. IJ. Ij. MacLaurln lo be inspector of 
high schools, 

Mr. Jules ICggert, of .\tlin. to be a 
Court of RevLslon una A\>\n:>i.\ for the 
Atlln A.^.sps.sinciit Dtatrtct, in the place 
of W. (•. s. Hawthorn, ro.slgned. 

Mr. Pi-ymour de Puisaye . Greene, 
I.olki' rnuKi.strate Of Duncan, to have 
jurl.Killotion under the Small DobHa Court 
Act In that city. 

Mr. Walter Gale, of Telkwa, to be act- 
ing; deputy mining recorder for the 
' 1 i> ^r',^lng DlvlBlon tlurlng the ab- 
n. h. Gi.ic. , ■ '^ ■■ 

.Mr. T. G. Wyun,"©? Hazel I oh, to bp ln- 
.spector of licensed premises and poll' ■ 
ill plac! of Mr. Thomas Smith, resigned. 

.Mr. Krnest Gammon, to be chief eon- 
sinblo of th«( Has?elt(?n Police Ijlwtrbi, 

Mr. W. R. Dunwoodle, to bo senior 
I onstable for the Vancouver-Westmin- 
ster Police District. 


Srowth of Commercial Intereeta Shown 

by lalat of Certificatea Juat 


Cii tif ica t. .« of Incorporation have 
been l.ssuecl lo the BrUfsh- Qverseas 
Trust Co., Limited: Hale and Williams 
Gravel Co., Ltd; HatKii; Hall Association, 
Hayward Brothers, Limited; H. J. 
Landalil Co., Ivlmltod; Hynes Stone and 
Staff Co., Limited; Nanaimo Amuse- 
ment Co., Dlmlted; National Mercantile 
Co., Limited; Pacific- Coast Packing Co., 
Limited; Port Kssing Water Co.. Llmil- 
ed; Quatsino Timber Co., Limited; It. C. 
Paterson ShiiiBle Co., Limited; Salmon 
Klver Lumber, and Shlng'le I'o., Ijiniili<i; 
Scollish American Oil and l-'erilUzer (_'o., 
Ltd.; St. John's lOvangellcal Lutheran 
Congregation of Vernon; .Surprise Mlncii, 
of Hasselton. Dimlted, Non-Personal Lia- 
bility; West Coast SliinKle and Mill Co., 
Limited: Western Canada City Proper- 
lies. Limited; Western Towing and 
Freiffiiting Co., Limited, Westminster 
I-\irniture Co., Limited. Licenses have 
been ,'rranted to the following <xtra- 
provineia! Companies: Canadian .\rt 
Works, Limited; J. A. Pitts Co., Limited; 
and Uoyal Canadian Securities Co., 
Limited. Kegistratlon aa extra-provin- 
cial com|)anles has been granted to the 
R. .1. l')owd Knifr Works and .Si)okane 
Grain Co. 


(Bpfor.' Lanipman. Co, .1.) 

Kosho vs. .ShutUewortli: ,\clion on a 
building contract to recover i'M9 bal- 
ance due, and som« $600 odd for extra.s. 
Under tlie contract there was a provi- 
sion that any dls|)ute between the own- 
er nnri the contractor as to extras, 
should be referred to nrhltation, one ar- 
bitator to be cho.^l•^ by t'ach of the 
parties and the tiilrd arbitrator by the 
two 80 chosen. A dl.spute arose, hut 
Instead f)i! ''followinsf the terms of the 
contract, the r'artie.i submitted the mat- 
ter to two arbitrators. Under this sub- 
mission the bill of extras was allowed 
at $407 instead of about »fiOO. Plalntltr 
would not abide hy the award and com- 
menced action. The sub-contra(;torji 
placed liens on the building which had 
to be discharged by th<' owner, and It 
was contended on behalf of the plaintiff 
that the whole antount due under tl.t» 
contract and for extras had been paid; 
further that plaintiff was entitled to a 
certain allr>wance for defective work. 

The learned Judge found that the con- 
tractor had been paid In full, and also 
that the plaintiff was entitled to $10 

C. E. Klllott. for plaintiff: Maclean, 
K. C. for defendant. 

B. N. A. Agency, f^td. vs. Pli*r Island 
Syndicate; This Is an Int«r^leader Issue 
to decide the owner.'^hip of a power 
boat and engine delivered over to tin 
plaintiffs by the defendants In payment 
Of a debt at a time when it is alleged 
the defendants were in n state of tnsol- 
V'ency. As regards the engine 1 think It 
Is clear that plaintiffs must succeed a.<» 
the def'.'ndant.f never acquired any title 
to It. 

The evidence satisfies me that plain- 
tiffs have ample assets lo cover their 
liabilities: the evidence of Mr. I.lneham 
la uncontradicted, but Mr. Robertson 
urges that on the authority of Warnnck 
va. Kloppfer (1887) 14 Ont. 288, fafflrm- 
ed 18 8. C. n.. 701) the plaintiff here 
must he deemed Insolvent, on th« 
ground, T take It, th«t they have had 
dlfllcnlty In raising money and have al- 
lowed Judgments to go Mtalnat them. 
T do not think that case goen any fur- 
ther than the heiidnotc (which la taken 
almost verbatim from Chancellor Boyd'a 
Judgment.) There the debtor's aaaeta If 
aold were Inauftlclent to cover his 11a- 
bllitlea — here I think they are more 
than aufflclent. 

The laaua must be decided In favor 
of the plaintiffs with eoata. 

H. B, Robtrtnon for plalntlftfi; AJexia 
Martin for defendants. 


Hope ia asking for Immediate im- 
provement of its telegraph (e fMtlit^M. 

A. Prleatiy has been aerioualy tn- 
Jured, it yaneouver, «y sa explosion in 
a eloth-oieMidtf «ft4M1«hm«itt 
, Btima. Jordati A Welah, tho C. N. X*^ 
oontraotoni at TaMi fi*' jniA-Jtnuanr 
a» Mi« «ar« for Iht 9«aipl9iimk «ff tli« 


III »i 

The Shrine of Fashion 

af^x^i— "T"*"*""'"'"!??'" 

Today and Saturday Offers 

Bi4 Savings for Xmas 

We offer for these two days many economy prices throughout our store. An 
a dvantage for purchasin g Xma s gifts at sav ings. . And, knowing the quality 
of Finch merchandise going at these low prices, it will p ay you to shop earl y for 
best satis faction. Below are a few special offerings for today and Saturday: 

IN VEL V ET SUITS "^^^'-''^ IT R£^l-i 

These stylisli Velvet Suits direct from llic fashion cenire of New N'ork are to 
g-o at half price. They arc all different models and tlnjir effect is displayed in 
the sim])licity of I heir siraiglu lines, while others come with elahorale hraid ef- 
tects. Colors of violet, hrown, black, navy, grey and taupe. All on sale today 

and Saturday at half price. 

Our Ladles* and Misses* Tweed 
and Colored Suits 

Selling at HaU Price 

Our Ladles' and Misses* Navy 
Serge Suits 

Selling at Quarter Oft 


A more acceptable or appreciative gift could not be given than a piece or set of 
Finch Fur.s, as the recipient knows the hij:^h quality of-Finch-marked Furs. This 
Xmas sale affords a wide choice of fine Minks, Ermine, Persian Lamb. Black 
Fox, Grey Squirrel, Mink Marmots, etc., all at a reduction of twenty per cent. 
\^isit our Fur Salon. 

O n NOVtlLTY OPERA CLOAKS at ^ v*-* 

A i)leasing- array of these to sell at this price r eduction. They are shown in 
many novelty and exclusive styles in the desired and wanted evening shades, 
elaborate trimming of braids and laces, also with self-appliqued effects. On sale 
today and Saturda)- at $18.75 "P- 

Xmas Sale of Fa n cy Ha nd Bags 
at Half Pric e 

'J\)(lay and .Satiirdav we offer you at half price a lari4:e selec- 
tion oi Xovelly Jinporled L^eather Handbags, shown in 
many color.s with exquisite novelty frames, to clear at half 


Another Une at $2.50 

A cican-up of P'ancy Leather, Suede, \'clvet. Satin and Tapes- 
try styles, worth to 5^1 1.50. Today and Saturday. . . .$2.50 

Watson^s All- Wool Combinations $1,85 

•n ladies' fine knit all wool in cream color; ankle length Draw- 
ers and lonp: sleeve style; .sizes 34 to 40; regular $2.50. 
Today and Saturday $1.85 

Handker chi efs t o 50c. Today 
and Saturday 25c 

A timclv .'^alc to supply Xmas giving, in dainty embroidered 
Hcm.stitchcd or fancy edged styles in neat patterns. Reg. 
values to 50c. Today and Saturday 25^ 

$2. 25 to $2,50 Silk Mulilcrs, 
Today and Saturday $1.75 

111 finely knit silk, throw-over-style Muft'lers. in plain, one 
color effect or with ^colored border and tassellcd ends. A 


very choice gift. Today and Saturday... 

Extra Special In Exquisite 

Dainty embroidery and lace trimmed Gowns in a variety of 
pretty styles, made up in fine cambrics and nain.sook,s, at 
$1.25 to ?2.50 

Splendid Values in Pure SUk 

H osiery 

"Holeproof" make, in a large selection of sizes and colors. 
Per pair • ■ • f l.OO 

"Onyx" Silk Hosiery, in black only. -N very acceptable'' gift 
and nicely boxed. Per pair, $2.00 and ^.«H) 

Special Waists at $5.00 

Strictly plain tailored style, in good heavy, 
.soft-finish silk. Has turn-back cuff and man- 
nish collar. Colors of navy, black and white, 
in all .sizes. Special at fS.OO 

Novelty Waists 

Xmas showing of novelty effects in model 
Waists^ semi-tailored and attractive lacey 
eflfects. Prices, $6.00 to $37.50 

New Lingerie 

Just unpacked. today, fine sheer Ungcri* styles, 
with neat tucking and embroidery trim- 
mings. Prices 

$4.00 to $10.00 

A Finch 
Glove Bond 

If in doubt as to what gift, or if in 
Gloves you do not know the size or 
shade, purchase a Finch Glove Bond, 
made out to any amount and redeem- 
able at any time. 

Perrtn^s Gloves 

An extra large showing in suede and 
glace kid J unlincd and silk, or wool 
linings, in wrist lengths. Per pair, 
$1.25 to |i3.50i 

Long Evening Gloves, $3.00,10 f4.59 

III II I 1 . 1 ' ■ » I III II III ' ill I i>i nr iiii ' i)i»iiiM»MpMi«*i#»iiil 





Yates Street 


W .^ iJff Ml ■<* f <t II J liftiiiji^ ^ ifc 

JMUi i ,..IL.! ' IW »; 


:■ S W 




./mv-vmrvi-mirsimmimmmit im mii mm i iiu ir'.tB«w*«waw >»» " ""*w.* ttt.? 









HcreV the two best buys in the district: 
A Corner, 160x130, on Belleville and Montreal Streets 

This is producing a revenue. Price, on ^CO OOO 
good terms ^0^^\J\)yy 

Another Corner, 150 Feet on Dallas Road by 140 on Montreal 


This piece is the key to the whole block and is inside the 
breakwater. Price, on good ^/L^ C\C\C\ 

Have Your Breakfast Then Come and See Us 

Members Victoria Real Estate Exchange 
Corner Government and Broughton Sts., Phone 1402 



If you contemplate giving your wife, your motlier or daugh- 
ter a Waist for Christmas, select one from our collection of 
exclusive novelties. The superior finish, dressy styles and re- 
fined appearance will make her proud to wear it. \\'e have 
Waists of special quality at $3.00. 

Very pretty and elegant Scarfs for theatre and evening 
wear. One o^ these as a gift to Milady will add much to her 

Underskirts in satins, etc. I-".\cry sixc well represented. 
Any color you desire. 


Dynes & Eddington 

High Class Ladies' Ready-to Wear 

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Contractors, Engineers, 


They All Find Just What They Want 

.\t our big well-stocked warehouse. Heavy hoisting apd hauling 

gear, chains, wire rope — all. in tested qualities and as moderately 
priced as anywhere on the Coast. 

Engineers will find everything for the engine-room on land or 

at sea, and everything we sell has the reliability of fifty years' suc- 
cessful trading behind it. 

(ia02 WHARF ST. 


I have always succeeded in pleasing my custom- 
ers, and I am now better prepared than ever before 
to give perfect satisfaction. 



742 Fort Street 

Phone 2264 

Nicholson's London Gins 


Three ol the Best 

Nicholson's Dry Gin (in square bottles). 

Nicholson's Nicholson's 

Old Tom Gin. Sloe Gin. 

Can be obtained from all reliable dealers and at all the 
leading hotels and restaurants. 

A perfect stimulant. The purest of all spirits. 



SaAB-^Thla afternoon 
the 0«K Bay Bchool closes for the 
Chrletoiae holidays, and when they open 
a*ain the new principal, Mr. C. J. Haley, 
who oomes from Nanaiino will com- 
mence his duties. 

Jkx* aUkde Aaaayara — As a result of 
the recent examination held In Victoria, 
certificates pf efficiency in the practice 
of aflsayInK iiave L>een K'anted to J. B. 
Adams, Alexander J. i>\ Craufurd and 
Vere L. EUirdley-WlImot. 

Oak Bay Bulldinra — Yosterdey per- 
mits were issued by the Oak Bay Kn- 
trineer to Mr. Gordon Armstrong for u 
seven-roomed house on Sunrise Btr.-'Bt, 
at a cost of $4000; and to Messrs. J. R. 
Bowes & Company for an elffht-roomt-d 
house on Longbrancli Avenuv, at a cost 
of 13500. 

Mlns Xesoue Station — The contract 
for the erection of the i'roviriclal Mine 
Itf.sciic .station at Nanalmo has bt—n 
awunU'cl by the Public Works Depart- 
ment to Messrs. A. W. and W. H. 
Mefcher, at a price of $-1850. Tlie work 
win be taken in hand at once and car- 
ried to completion as expeditiously as 

Special Meeting' — a special meeting of 
the (Ink Hay (.Council will be hold in the 
Municipal Hall on Monday next at 8 
p.m., wlien report.«( will bo received from 
mmmittoea on various matters. Amongst 
other tilings the recjuest from the School 
Board for funds ' to be raised by a by- 
law toward* the building of new school 
premises, will be considered. 

Saanlch Council— The regular fort- 
nightly meeting of the South Saa.nich 
Municipal Council will be held In the 
iMfcU m^ ift'*y^' Of^^ P" Saturda,y next 

Hn^on^S Bay Comoany 

WlM^ MPng other business, tb« petl« 
tton for Inclusion in the city of Bectiohs 
25, 26, 27, 34 and 35, which was laid on 
the table at the last meeting, ■will i)c 
brouglu up for discussion. 

Coming rrom Seattle — .An IrnporlHrji 
delegation trom tlit: Scuttle councils of 
the Royal .Vrcanuni will arrive this af- 
ternoon on a visit to the local mem- 
bers of the order to participate in the 
initiation of a number of new member."! 
!n the order. The visitors will be en- 
It-rtained by a motor drive and a sup- 


Snbsoriptlona Aclcnowladged — The 

loll iwlng -sub.Hcrlptlona have b'-en paid 
into The Colonist olflce in aid of Al- 
bert Garland, who, having lost both 
li'X.s, i.s appealing to the public for 
♦ nough money to buy artificial limbs. 
Kina Land.sberg $2, L. E. M. |1. R. F. 
M. II, A. r,. Salmon, »5, Friend »3, Mas- 
ter John Shaw $1. .1. Herick McGrenfor 
»20; total $,■?;). 

Seeks Water Xilcense — The Gordon 
Ulvtr Power Company, I^lmitcd, has 
given notice of its intention to apply 
for a license to take and uny twelve 
hiindred cubic feet per second of water 
otii of Gordon Uivcr. The water will be 
diverted to a point iibout one hundred 
yards below Newton's No. 1 camp and 
will be used for power purposes on the 
land described as "within a radius of 
one hundred iThles." 

Building Total Q-rows— I'orniit.s for 
structiiros ag-j^regatlng in valiio |16,.'>7ri 
wore issued yesterday by the Bulldinj; 
Inspector to the Ward Investment Com- 
pany, for a dwelling on Wellington 
Street to cost J 10,000; to Smith 
& Wall, addition to apartment block on 
Monzien Street, t3800: to Mr. J. H. 
Stanne.-, dwelling on Shclhourne Street, 
$1200; to Mr. G. S. .Smllli. dwelling on 
Robertson Street, $1575. 

irvw Schools — Tenders for the erection 
01 a school at Chase River, three mileH 
south of Nanalmo, will he received Ijy 
the Minister of Public Works until noon 
of Wetlnesday, January 15. Tenders 
for the erection of a school at Proctor 
in the Ymlr BJlectoral district will be re- 
ceived until the same date. Tenders 
for the erection of a school at Sooke 
wHl be received until Thursday, Janu- 
ary 9. 

Vorsatara Xlsot Off tears — At a meet- 
ing Wednesday evening of Jjodge 8930, 
A. O. F., officers were elected for the en- 
suing year as follows: Chief ranger, ^V. 
J. Edwards; S. C. R.. Bro. Bearmaster; 
S. W., T. Baker; J. W,, C. c:oHtello: 
S. B., W. WhItcHlde; J. B., W. Attell; 
.secretary, Pro. Campbell; ' freaKurer, 
Bro. Kcr; organist, Bro. Giles. An 
address was given by Bro. James Tagg. 
who has recently returned from a very 
successful organl7.1ng trip to Alberni. 

Bsturnlsff From Ottawa — The BrUIrT 
Columbia members of the House of 
Commons, with the oxception of lion. 
Martin BurrCil. Minister of Agriculture, 
whose duties compel him to remain ai 
the capital, left Ottawa yesterday after- 
noon to spend the Christmas receil: with 
their families. A>issrs. Harnarrt and 
Green are expected to reach Victoria cm 
Monday morning next and will remain 
until about January 8, when they will 
return to the federal capital. 

To Have Olnbrooms — The movement 
set afoot some time ago to have rooms 
secured for the OverseaH Club is well 
advanced, and the cards sent out to 
the members asking for an expression 
of opinion on the matter have, so far 
as they have been returned, been alto- 
gether favorable to the project. These 
who have thu.s far failed to make 
response are rociuested to do so at 
once. The proposal to fix the annual 
fee at |5 has been heartily endorsed. 

Wumlnff Prom Cblsf — Fire Chief 
Davis has Issued hi.s yearly warning to 
merchants and others who decorate their 
store windows and premises for the 
Chrlstman season. Ho calls attention to 
the danger arising from the use of 
flimsy materials on Christmas troes and 
of llifhted candles for decorative effects. 
The Installation of temporary efeotrlcal 
appliances for similar purposes Is also 
deprecated, as In many Instances defect- 
ive Insulation Is rosponslble for serious 

Str* XftU Vp»X«4v— Lest the ratepay- 
ers of Oak Bay n^aiy be misled by an an- 
trouoceraent reoeotly made In r^vard tn 
the fire hall built by the olty on Vtigh- 
ton Hoad and Du«heM Btrcwt. thera i» 
no qtieatloa of CMOt Bajr "tklillkf ovar" 
tha bulldlaa, aa tba acratinent bctwaMn 
tba olty and tb« mttaielimluy la ihil 
Okk Bay nhall oontrUbata |t6f a^noatli 
toward* ita upkeep, tn eoqajMarMton «t 

Woaa far gatMayn-' Today over 4000 
scholars Of the iMiblle aoboola will have 
oocaalon for rejololnir that the Christ- 
mas festivities have commaaoad. The 
two weeks' Chrtatmas hoUdaya beyln. 
and for that length of time studies will 
be forgotten and the "three R*«" rele- 
gated to the Umbo of forgotten things. 
The private schools will also «lose with 
appropriate exercises. In the public 
schools closing exercises will be held 
at North Ward, South Park and Fern- 
wood schools this morning, 

Oava Ooaoert — The choir of the Doug- 
las Street Baptist Church gave Its first 
concert on Wednesday evening last. A 
splendid programme was carried through, 
including glees by the choir, songs by 
Misses Ethel Mercer and Catherine 
Jones and Messrs. H. C. Bailey and 
Graham; cello solos by Mr. Hlckling, 
recitation by Mrs. Thorpe, duets by Mr. 
Mercer and Mr. Bailey, and a cornet 
solo by Uev. H. P. Thorpi?. The pro- 
ceedings were under the direction of 
Mr. H. C. Bailey, choirmaster, who also 
acted u«j accompanist. 

More Oars -As a result of a visit to 
Vancouver, Mr. A. T. Uoward, Local 
M.-insiger of the B. C. Kloclrlc Com- 
I'any, has secured the assurance of an 
addition of four up-to-date cars for ihf 
local tramway system. These will b;i 
brought over Immediately and will af- 
ford temporary relief until the balanc» 
of the or-der of ten cars for Victoria Is 
filled. Th*- company bos boen expectin:,' 
the cars would have been delivered somt 
time ago, but It has been impossible to 
secure earlier delivery. 

Old Age Pensions — The Provincial 
Commission, which has been appointed 
to investigate lalSor conditions in this 
Province, will be askod by Mr. J. H. 
Bnrnhan;»^^^<Mj^- for Petnrhnrnngh. to 

include l|ji|j|fl1|||B(iblllty of the Dominion 
Government establishing a system of 
old age pensions on the reme lines as 
in New Zealand in their list of ques- 
tions to wltnesMi's. Mr. Burnham feels 
that such a commission would be more 
likoly to get into close touch with the 
working people than any parliamentary 
committee of the House of Commons, 
and he will write to the Chairman of 
the I.Aboi- Commission to that effect. 

Due to IClsanderatandlng — A.s a re.sult 
ol" the investigation which the Special 
Council Committee held yesterday into 
the protcKt of Mos.srs. K. G. Prior & 
Company against certain Htatements 
made by Alderman Stewart, it wa.s found 
that the whole trouble arose over a mis- 
under.standing. A clerk in the employ 
of the firm showed the purchasing agent 
of the city some cart» valued at $60, 
which the city official understood could 
be secured for $.'">0. The committee, com- 
poHed of .\ldermen Stewart, Okell and 
I'ortor, expressed its satisfaction that a 
misunderstanding has occurred and will 
so report to the Council. City Purcha.s- 
ing Agent Gait, Street Superintendent 
Owens and Mr. .Mcr>onald wore the civic 
iimployees called, while t.'ol. E. G. Prior, 
Mr. G. Wynne and others of the com- 
pany'H staff woro al!«i jiresont aixl tes- 


Those in Charge of the Kooky .IConn- 

tain's Beserve Are to Have Better 

rocillties In 7utare 

During the coming winter the offi- 
cers in charge of the Brazeau and 
Alhalmska divisions of the Rocky 
Mountains Forest Reserve propose to 
mukf "administrative site" surveys at 
different points on the reserves. Upon 
these sltcK It is propo.sed to erect ran- 
ger and lookout stations which will he 
no further apart than one day's trip by 
pack-train, along the primary trail sys- 
tem of the Brazeau Reserve. It is the 
Intention to erect, ttiia winter, at least 
three or four log cabins for the ran- 
gers. A telephone -system is also being 
planned whereby these ranger stations 
will be connected by telephone to the 
forest supervisor's office. This office 
Is centrally located and telephone lines 
will run from it In all directions, much 
in the manner of the spoken of a wheel 
With the central office as the hub. This 
region Is one of the richest coal regions 
in Canada and the future development 
of these coal fields amazing. 
A number of large coal mihes are al- 
ready In operati'on. and. with the com- 
pletion of the branches of the G.T.P. 
railway now under construction, will 
be shipping thousands of tons dally. 

With the future development of this 
country, the timber must be preserved. 
This region has once been forested with 
very valuable timber, which has largely 
been destroyed by fires in the past 
There Is still an ahundnnt supply of 
mine-prop timber, however, and the 
whole rogkm is green witli young lodge- 
pole pine from ten to thirty years In 
age. If preserved from fire this will 
be, an Invaluable asset to the country, 
both for economic uses and as protec- 
tion to the head-waters of all the riv- 
ers which rise In the foothills of the 
eastern slope. 


Meteorological Office, Victoria. H. a. at 
8 p.m., DKcember 19, 1912. 

/. n Important area of abnormally high 
prOHSure Is central over OreRon and W««h- 
inpti-n but cloudy WPiither Is general. Rain 
in falilnd at TftlooBh. and Hrht gbowers 
have fallen In the»e dUtrloln, with «ome- 
what lower temperaturen. In th* Pralrl« 
ProvlneeB. »nowr*ll U very ifenernl. and 
tnmperaturei are low In 8a«kaloh«wan and 


Mtn. Mas. 

Vtrtorin. B. C 81 ** 

Vancouver '2 311 

Kamloops 22 "> 

BarKervllle • 10 

Prlnco nupert 80 

Calirary. Alta 2< 

Winnipeg, Man 1 

Portlnnd. Ore •« 

San FVanclsco, C«l. ........ 41 



Liowcat . 

Average ■ 

Bright Stinatalne 

Rata *■ ;.,,..,.,,»*••*•»■•,•' 




. 41 

. II 

. 17 
.1 .00 

. .ot 

. iinv* of PiwildaBt Johnaon'a llli un- 
pira otAtt wtu ha mlaa.lii« tint yaar. ao- 
vM^jtng to .raport Tliay mtp BbartteA, 

t>4^k«M|k.Wailil«<Val4.';'''ffisaii' miad OfSrum. 
^lM';i««kV«a CtnintoUy. 0*T4Mi||iUtB. ttv- 

Useful Xmas 

Our store is overflowing 
with goods suitable for pres- 
ents for all. 

Umbrellas, extra value, from 
$7.00 to fl.OO 

French Kid Gloves at $1.50, 
$1.25 and fl.OO 

Collars. A large assortment 
in fancy Xmas boxes, $2.00 
to 35^ 

Handkerchiefs for all from 
$1.25 to 10< 

Work Baskets, nicely lined, 
from $5.00 to 60<- 

GJ. Richardson & Co. 

Victoria House, 636 Yates St 

Agents for B'dlterick 

' ' j P'li.,'''.-':., I • 




Do you remember when 
you received your 
watch — how much real de- 
light it gave 3-ou? Why not 
present your boy witli .such 
a practical gift this Christ- 

\\\ ]{. Wilkcrson, i5-je\v- 

clled, nickel movement, in 

gunmctal or nickel case 


Others at $1.00. $1.50, $1.75, 
$2.25, $2.50, $3.00. $4.00 
and ^4.50 

Special VVilkerson. 20-year 
gold filled watch $12.00 

Solid silver watches. $10.00 

17-jewelled watch in silver 
case. A special value 
at 815.00 

All W. H. Wilkerson 
Watches Guaranteed 

Store Open Evenings 


The Gift Shop 
915 Government Street 


moo 'Wooioztdf* 

Ills Sevfftas St.. Opp. Vlotoru 



Ladies and gtnts like their 
suits made at the lowest possible 
price — that's natural. 

If you are offered a lower 
price elsewhere then you mUiff 
expect inferior workmanship — 
. you'll get it if you don't ex- 
pect it. 

$25 is the lowest price at which 
I can guarantee you a suit to be 
tailored by experts and that will 
fit well. 


Friday Morning, December 20, 19 12. 

It has been suj^gesled 
that tlie rea.son for the ub- 
.sence of facilities for dry 
dockint;- large ves.sels in our 
harbor, is due to the fact 
lliat the .noiioy for l/iiilding 
-,ucli flocks would have to be 
raised upon 3!/^, per cent 
I)ond3, with only the inter- 
est guaranteed. W'e do not 
see why an investment of 
this sort should not appeal to 
certain grades of investors, 

but probably the reason is 
that the city -.t the present 
lin'.'.; cffers such undeniable 
iiKlurements for the placing 
of caijitul in sound and pro- 
gressiv'.; real estate holdings, 
that investors will not be 

content with a small return 
upon their outlay, and there- 
fore, and -ightly so, focus 
their attention 

Two lots, ehch 50x112, block 16. PriceS' 
each. Easy terms 



C. 4-9 — Cheap at $4000, and on terms. 


D. 2-6 — 88x164, lays nicely, 2^2 blocks off car line. 
Price, $3800. Terms. 


B. 4-6 — Absolute snap. One lot, close to Willows 
car. Priced for quick sale at $1050. Easy terms. 

639 Fort St. 

Phones 2445 and 2446 

Diamond Rings 

We offer our regular fine quality Diamonds in three-stone 
rings, at the following prices: 

^405.00, ^247.50, ?135.00, $90.00, 
$49.50, $40.50, $20.70 

No gift would please her more than a Diamond Ring, and 
three-stone rings seem to be favorites. * 


Redfern & Son 

1311-18 Donria* Street 


Eatabllohcd 1863 

Ylotorl*. B. C. 

200 ACRES 

Five acres cleared, ten 
slashed and fenced, small 
house ; road to property. 

PER ACRE $17.50 

A, S. Barton 

Member of Victoria Real 

Estate Exchange 

Room 315 Central Building 

Phone 2901 


To Builders and 

Before ordering material 
for Interior Finishing, ex* 


Am-I-Wud Panelling 

In Plain and Hardwood 


Samples and Pricts on 



1 105 Wharf St. Phone 1164 


For 1913 will be the finest medium-priced home procur- 
able. We are planning to build a hundred or more in 
the diiTercnt sections of Victoria. At the present time 
we have several nearing completion and you are cor- 
dially invited to inspect them. Should you desire to 
buy one of these you have the privilege of selecting your 
own wall tints, paperings and general finishings and of 
directing the interior completion of the house selected* 
Prices range from $3950 up, on terms of $800 cash and 
balance monthly. 


Btingaidiw Cat^iistriii^ioii Cli^ 






BP3R!"' V-*' - '"iwm'j ''!''^^M:sW^.''^VScr '^mppP'*'''^' 



— .., ■ .I..! ■ I. ■■■■Ill mil Miwi —■■ — I N ■■!■.■ ■ ■ rw iMi. ■■!■ > — ii... ' ■■ ■ i. '■.■»» I ■—■■ i— „ ——iM ■ . m i n il ii i i i i » -i i. w . — 1,11 ■■*■ ii w n ^apBipwiip i^iI^^m^^^^W^m^W^^W^— ^■■■^^'^^■^■^■^^^■^■^'■iiP— — «^^^"^^^*^'^^*^^^'*^^— ' 

- : . . - ■ - ... ■ ■— ^— — ^— >— 

Wescott's Store News 


Christmas Week 


To accommodate our many customers who can- 
not do their shopping;- through the da} , vvc will kec]) 
the store open until lo o'clock from now mitil 

Wc are showing a great assortment of fancy, and 
at the same time useful, goods for prescnis. Have a 
look at our stock he fore l)uving. 

Spe- E. E. WESCOTT Sr. 

Till 10 

o'clock McCall's Patterns. 

Till 10 
649 Yates Street, o' Clock 

Nothing Bui Bargains ! 


Linen Table Covers, 54'<54 in..Ke^. >5.75. Sale i)rico. .$3.75 

Initialed Silk Handkerchiefs. I\c,u. 500. ."^aU- price 35^ 

Pongee Tailored Waists, l-ic;:;. up to $4.25. Sale price $3.50 

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Silk Shawls. Rc.i;-. .S2.00 each. Sale price ....' $1.25 

ifioi-s Govern- y^ . ^/^ tTM/fK"^^ m pv,r.r.. ..m* 
meat St. Cor. of £lli,///t£*^ %L. O/M***^ wrJ/Mi' ^ ^ « 


For YOUR Convenience 

( )ur store will I)e cpcn c\c!iinys iV'iin now luuil Christmas. 
See our sj)lciuli(l wimlow display of Chri.-'iiuis Slippers. A 
ncedle-casc free to all Iaii\ caller-^. 



Cor. Government 
and Johnson 


Telephone 4253 


Both Units at Jordan River Out 
of Commission; One for Few 
Days, Other for a Month — 
Auxiliary Plants Working 

In Perfect Condition 

W'e have 50,000 Havana Ci.icrars to show you at our new store 

1312 Douglas Street 

In man\ ^i>^c•^ and shapes. We have: 




A Visit Would i')e Esteemed 

Hudson's Bay Company 

The House of Quality 
Open Until 10 p.m. 


Overlooking' Ross Bay, beautiful buildinj^ lot 50x120, with 
revenue of $20 per month. One-quarter cash, balance ("•>.. 12, 
18 and 24 months. I 'rice $5000 




"THK lflRKPl.ArK IN THE HOME"— .\ Beantlfal Book 

— ^S^-nfl us your addreits. or ring up 3u7, and wo will 
m«ll you a Cn'S>y frrr. 

\Vt havo the largei"!. variety of Mantel*, Untttt •Bd 
Tiled in the West. Large Stocks Lumber, Saah, Door* 
Mad MillTork. 


Office and flliowraoma. Foot Tleaaant 8tre«t. 

Pretty Cliina tor 



If it is a present for some of your lady friends that you are de- 
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the neatest aiid prettiest pieces that you ever beheld, and the prices 
are reaisonablc. considering the quality. 

B«rry Bowls, 25c to fl.^O 

B«ffjr Stuctfi, doz., $1.00 to 


%wky 8*t% 8Sc to JJ.BO 

C«t«ry DiihM. SOe to...ta>ss 
tp«NMi Tray*, 4Sc to — f i**r 

Cake Platea, 25c to fJ.TU 

Biacult Jara, |1.15 to... $2.80 
Cr«am and SttgArt* 40c to 92.25 
Crcssn, Sugar and Teapoy $1.00 

to #4.28 

Jardiniarca. 50c to .... . .42.80 

Olva China and yoor idndndw wUl b« ratnamlMrcd. 

A.s a reruU of the alectrlcal Btorm 
ill the .lordan lllvar »ectlon on Tues- 
day niglit, tlurinK Hie course of which 
ligJitnlriK struck the plant of the Van- 
couver Inland Power Company, the sup- 
Iily of power from that source was 
completely cut off, and it will, It \b 
o.^fiJticied, be several days bufore even 
one of the two units Installed there 1» 
in vvorkinjj condition. iOach unit is 
e<iuipped with a huK« jfenerator, and 
both generators are affected. One is 
completely burned out ana will be u.^^e- 
less for a month. The other was only 
partially affected. Two of the com- 
pany's experts here are et the plant 
making reiiairs and three from Van- 
couver will arrive this morning. 

Despite this groat handlcai) — u re- 
duction in the available power .supply 
of 12,000 horse-power — the company 
kept its service in operation yesterday 
by means of the auxilliary plants. The 
now Brentwood Bay plant, recentl.y 
siartod. Is supplying 6,000 horse-power 
and Goldstream slighilT over 2,00i) 
I horse-powar, while the gtore Street 
steam plant Is capable ot ^kipptyii 1 k 
.ibout l.TiOO horse-power. 

.N.i ixtter demonstration of the value 
nf auxilliary plants for in tiiiie.s 
of em«rgfncy cmild be had Uiaii In llio 
present inslance. 

Frevantlva Davicea tTaalesa 

The .lordan Kivor plant \n f'villy 
o<iu)ppud with all up-to -date appliances 
for guarding against damtige or In- 
torrupllon in such cases, but thfe 
fDri-u of the bolt which struck the 
plant was such tliat tliese precautions 
were practically useless. 

The scene at the site of the plant 
when the lighiiilng struck was beyond 
description. For two liours before, the 
heavens had been cvntiniially lighted 
liy the brilliant flashes, and the crash 
lit' thunder was terrific. Whether the 
lightning struck the transmission wires 
jtiwt outsiiie the buildihg or entered 
through the opon windows is nrt 
known, Ijui a poal of thunder louder 
than the rest was iiiiniediately followed 
by a cjush which almost deafened the 
iiiun working in the plant. It seemed 
to thorn as though every bit of metal 
in the place was spouting flame, the 
inectiines being outlined in dar.zling 
light. Absolute blackness followed, and 
it was some ••"'•onds before the em- 
ployees realized that the machinery had 
ceased operating. Information of the 
occurrence was immediately telephoned 
into the city, where the .sudden cutting 
off of the power had already informed 
people a breakdown ha.i occurred. A 
cursory e.x«minati6n led to the belief 
that repairs could bo affected within 
ten bourse, but a more detailed ex- 
amination showed that serious damage 
had been done. 

T&klngr Ho Chance* 
Whil?. the company has svifficiiMit 
power lo operate the city services, im 
chances will be taken. The work 
tr.ilns of the company liuve lieen 
taken off the system and other 
change.H made to provide for a 
maximum, power between the hours of 
4 and 7 o'clock, when the peak load is 
the heaviest of the day, ajj not only 
has the tramway sfervlce to be supplied, 
but the lighting facilities are taxed to 
their utmost at that time and the de- 
mand for power for Industrial iiur- 
poses an-d for elevators, etc., has not 
jet oeased for the day. 

In addition to the damage done to 
the company's plant at Jonlan Ki\er, 
a number of tents in logging camps 
were blown down, and many trees, 
which have for years stood the worst 
storms, were levelled. 

Lightning Flash at Jordan River 

NEWS OF TH^ '^'"'^ 

Kaqolmalt X.lcans«a — The Hoard of 
Ijlcense Coinmlsslonors for the Munici- 
pality of Ksqulmalt resumed their ad- 
journed meeting yesterday for the con- 
sideration of the applications for re^ 
newals sent In by the four present hold- 
ers of the same. After going fully into 
the situation, the bonrd agreed to grant 
renewals to each of the present hold- 
ers. No others were applied for, as It 
was previously stated that the munici- 
pality would confine ItseTTJo four. The 
license fee In fixed at t200 every six 

Worthlaaa Oltaqn**— W<^thin the past 
week or two there have been passed 
upon local merchants a large number of 
worthless che'iues, which presentation 
at the respective banks upon which they 
wore drawn disclosed were forgeries. 
Nearly all purported to have been mud« 
by local construction firms, and In some 
inetancefr the name of the firm was in- 
scribe by a rubber stamp, which gave 
the necessary touch of genuineness to 
Induce the merchant to cash it. Victoria 
haa always been a comparatively easy" 
place for the paseer of worth les.i 
chequee, but he presnt appears 'to be a 
particularly favorable time for such 

OanilTal Work — Tn ^vlew of, the ap- 
proaching femtlve aeaaon, It haa been de- 
cided by the Cltlisena' Committee, which 
organization Is tn nharfre of the Victoria 
Carnival Week, to make no attempt to 
hold any more meetlngra until well after 
the new year. Then, however, the work 
will be vigorously resumed. At th» 
preaeni time k la Claimed that praeti- 
ealjr every committee on the orvanixa-i 
^lon has Htartad active work, and whpjtt 
!^he reports commence con^tnf in .asatn 
U Is expected that ther will ahow • 
yreat advand^ Dtirtns OilHi igananil «•••> 
aatlon the 8«er«tary. Mr. BanOolpii: 
Stuart, wilt «ontinn« his pttorim to saJ 
cure the co-^«nitt«n of thi' li^irmw |Hri.^ 


The above remarkable photograph was taken by on-; of the employes of the 
Vancouver ls!,".nii Pmvt-i- I'onipaiiy at .lordan JU\er during the t-lcctrlcal Btotni. 
m explaining to Mr. A. T. Oowafd, the local manager of the C^oiniiany, how lie 
came .^o secure such a rare record of lightning's pranks, the man win. oblawi- 
ed It said that when the battle of the elements was at its lifi^-lit he took out 
his camera and removed tho' shutter; then, following a particularly iuiU'ant 
flash, replaced it. The result Is .shown in the extra,ordlnary pit tnn til>ov;-, 
which Is of aibsorbing Interest in the marvellous manner in wiiich tin- niinuiost 
outlines of the course of the electric fluid through the heaven« Is recordid. 

Whltely, Grand Oryanlzcr for Britisii 
Columbia, and a large list o^" membera 
enrolled. OfHcers were elected as fol- 
lows: Wo rshipiul Master, Mr. W. H. 
I •iou.-,,iiiio: deputy master, HTTTST 
-Mitchell; chaplain, Mr, George Gardi- 
ner; recording secretary, Mr. H. \V. S. 
King; financial secretary, Mr. G. \V. Syl- 
vester; treasurer, Mr. K. AJcock; lec- 
turer, Mr. K. Biygh: ma.ster of cere- 
monies, Mr. J. W. Cremer; committee. 
Messrs. H. Paspmore, George H. Bow- 
den, ,1. Waring, K. West, S. McMaster. 
The newly elected officers were duly in- 
stalled by District Master A. I. KTrk- 
iiatrick. The new lodge will nteet im 
the socond and fourth Thursdays In 
each month in Masonic Hall, Esquimau. 


Etrathdene nepo.rtE 

Till' .'Jt'-ninrr Strathdenc, vapr. l>urdi!i, 
whicli i> 11 ICsciulmalt a few weeks 

ago ..'t' ' i- 'MTVP" '-'i-i.iln .,l(>fl,t ,1.,v,,.,o-p 

f T'Cn ! ;; ■ ' • ■ '■'•;■■ i ; ' • ! li -? 

a severe ;;aic, is liiio to ri.var Kjr Cal- 
cutta at daylight, neyond a broken 
guard rail and a strained foremast, the 
vessel was uninjured, though it took 
considerable time to the deck- 
loud, make the nec^sary rt^pairs, and 

Dispatches Show That Easternara Are 

Anxious to Ziink Up With West 

aad Avoid Puture Trouble 

VANCOUVER, B. C, I>''C. ID. — Cana- 
dian lacroa.><<j mugnatos are already for- 
mulating plans for t'ae organization of a 
commission to govern the profes.sional 
game in the future. Reports from the 
East are to the effect thHl i.ii.- oecUon- 
fll Lacrosse Union and the Dominion 
Lacrosse Association are ready to call 
iiuits and link up with the Pacific 
Coast tn the flrganixation nf a body 
tliat will place the game on a more husi- 
nessllkc basis throughout the country. 

.^ccording to Eastern dispatches the 
moguls down in the East are aiixious 
to combine with the West in the forma- 
tion of a governing bo<ly, and for the 
purpose of discussing the question from 
nil anglfs, and arriving at some dcflrilte 
decision, a special m':'ot!ng of the Brit- 
ish Columbia Lacr<iSKe Association has 
boon called for Friday. Oecember 27 In 
this city. 

Pr'sidcnl II.Trry Cjw.tu Issued the 
call for the meeting tills w-'Ok and dele- 
gates from both the Vancouver and 
New Westminster Clubs have been ask- 
ed to attend prepared lor dellnltc ac- 
tion on the commission question. 

New Doctor for Bealaudla 

When the iiealandia leaves Victoria 
for tlie Antipodes on Chris tma.s Day she 
will have a new surgeon on board. This 
Is Dr. Bayfield, who Is a Canadian and 
a brother of Mr. H. A. Bayfield, super- 
intendent of dredi^ng on this Coast. Dr. 
Ingram, who has been on the Zealandia 
for some time, is comtn.g asiiorc Dr. 
Bayfield has had a varied mi'dlLal prac- 
tice afloat and ashore, lie was a res!- 
d'f-nt physician on the Gobi Coast and 
spent three years on Cunard r-inc 


Bojal Arcanum — MaJ«*stic Council, 
Boyal Arcanum, will hold its usual bi- 
monthly meeting this evening in the .\. 
(.). V. W. Hall. 

Masquerade Ball — I'nder the auspices 
of the Daughters of Scotland ther* will 
bo a masanernde dance this evening in 
the Foresters' Hull. 

Band Concert — Rowlainl's Concert 
Band will be assisted by Madame Bur- 
nett at their SaCred Concert to be Rlvrn 
at the Victoria Theatre on Sunday even 

Vorth Ward School — The pupils and 
teachers of the North Ward School liav(; 
arranged a Christmas entertainment 
which will bo held in the nsscmbly hall 
of the schofJl. 

British Israel Association — The Vic- 
toria branch of the Imix'rial British 
Israel As.soclatlon meet In the A, O. U. 
W. Hall, Yates Street, on Monday, De- 
cember 23, at 8 p. m. , 

Invitation Panoing Olnh — The next 
dance under the auspices of the Invita- 
tion Dancing Club on January 3 wlM 
be fancy dress, and not as provloualy 
announced a mask and domino. 

Chess Olttb — A meeting of the T. M. 
C. A. Chess Club )« called for Friday 
evening next at 8 o'clock when the or- 
ganUing of the club will be proceeded 
with and arrangements made for a tour- 

Oloslnff Bxeroiaas — The Christmas ex- 
ercises of the pu.pils of SautK Pai-k 
.School wilt be held t1ii« morning at 
10 o'clock in the Assembly Hi;U The 
little children of Kingston Street School 
have prepared a Christmas play for the 
entertainment of thirlr eldera. The ex- 
ercises will take place at 11 o'clock In 
tlie South Park School. 

Ihwcas Afvtenltnral Voelotr — ^The ad ■ 
, Joumed general meeting of the Duncan 
Agricultural Society will be held on 
Saturday a.fternoon and the Building 
Committee will report on the details of 
the proposed new buildings for the Calr 
Crounds. The cost of these is eatlmat- 
ea to t>e In the neighborhood of HC- 

Aailmlamoa AM««Wtt«n.~-Th« annaal 
ipiitAUnjv of, the 0rutah CicMmnUa bmnolt 
or tb« Hi. John Ambn}anee^i|(|«ttt|ilig 


MARBOEUF — The funeral of the lati- 
Mr. Hfnry Marboeuf took rdace yester- 
<ia,v morning from the family residence, 
107 Government .Street, to St. Andrew's 
Cathedral, wliere Rev. Father MacJion- 
ald officiated. The local lodge of the 
United Commercial Travelers attended 
In a body, many other friends being also 
present. The pallbparers ■were: Messrs. 
A. Genn, S. P. Aloody, J. Kenfrew, .lames 
Hunter, ,1. \\'. Dilworth, and G. A. Gar- 

MA 11 FUNCK-The funeral of the late 
Mar Fung took place ye.strday after- 
noon from the B. C. Funeral Parlors to 
the Chinese Cemetery. 

BLACBKURN — The funeral of Baby 
Ronald Howard Blackburn look place 
.vcsterday afternoon from the family 
lesldence, HC8 Hamley Street, Rev, D. 
\V. Canton (;rflci i ting. 

STIGIN(3S — The death occurred yes- 
terday, at tiie family residence. Glen 
.\rm, Ci'aigflower Road, of Nellie Louise 
Stiglngs, dautflner of Mrs. and Mrs. 
Charles Stiglngs, aged 24 years. The 
deceased, who formerly resided In Innls- 
fail, Alta., had been here for the past 
two years, and, beside her parents, 
leaves three brothers and one sister, one 
brother and sister living In innlsfall 
and the other two brothers In Victoria. 

COLLf.VciK — The funeral of tlie late 
Mrs. lOsthor Cnllinge took place yester- 
day afternoon from the B. C I'uiieral 
Parlors, wliere a short service was con- 
ductfd by Rev. T.' W. Gladstone, to the 
Metropolitan Methodist (,'liurcli, where 
Ilev. Dr. Scott officiated. There was a 
largo attendance of friends of the "le- 
c^ased, and the floral tributes were 
numerous. The pallbearura were Mcasra 
.1. H. Baker, A. U. McGregor, E. Wright. 
W. W. Steinmeti!, J. Robinson and E. B. 

Births, Marriages, Deaths 


I.V'OUSOX— On Deremljpr 12, to Mr. 
and Mra. <». H. Jacotison, of New West- 
mlnater, U. C. n daughter. 


01:NI.0P— On thp ISth ln»t., Archibald 
Dunlop, aged S') y^w». Born at Cape 
Hrpttii, N. S. 

Tlu- funi'ial will take pia"? on Friday at 
2.J'i ;>.rii. Trrim fhp chappl of the B. C. Fuii- 
r-:nj ('•!.. "il* rjrouBhton «l., whfre service 
'.vlU liff held. liiH-rtnent In Ro«« Buy 
(foiffltry. Frlrnds, please apcept this Intl- 

rjvTKi;-'f:'nN— The ru'-itral or tlie late Wll- 

li'-.ii'h;. rs-on wllj triK(j plac« on Frl- 

■l.iy. Bor. 20, from the .St. Andraw's 

ctiiirrh, boiiftltts iitrfrl. Vlie remain! will 

lift In »t-:t' at the ciiur^li from 1.30 

o'(I;'cV! uiill S oclc'k, v.'h.?n tlie iervlce 

Mill tRki.1 irliire. lirv. I.r8lli> Clay will 

cr*!i.l:.t J, Iv.tVrnient. Ki-itB Bay. Flower* 

M.iv l.■^ left at tho parloi-s of Hanna & 

Th^mn^n until 12 o'clock Friday. 

C ■•■ \ f; .'-.MF — On DoccmlKT 14. at Oklahoma 

■■l!^. V'.S.A , >tofitrii« Balilllle A.ll«n 

( r.i'i: >n'., younifrdt »i)n of the late Mr. 

.^.'. -.-.'i Allun Grnlinnie.. ot Victoria, aged 

32 yclrt. ' 

The funeral will take place on Monday. 

Dcc«>mb«'r ti, jl 8. JO. from, hia mother's 

reeidenc, •'Allandale." HIS Hlllplde Avottue. 

and 3 o'clock at St. .Tohn'e CSiurch, Quadra 

Street. Interment In Rots Bay Oemefery. 


TOnrtANOE— In lovlnii memory ol Acuee 
.lack Torrance, bclwed wife of John 
Ockln. who died at «t. Joaeph'S Hos- 
pital. r>eeembey 20, 191). 
You are not forgotten, At«e» dear. 

Nor never will be. . 
Aa long as life and memory .laats 
We will remember thr». 
rnpnrted by hsr father and mother. Thomas 
%n« Jaae Torrance. 

^ «,»- —- 1.1 ■ ' ' ■■ ■'^■^■' ■> ' '^ 

«! Of P's« JTTEIttW 

«t«mt»er« ofn^ W*«t I^|« Ko. %. 
WL -of P.. *r« IreiiittfefciM iti m*i ftt-C*At)« 
Mail at t v.m. Vtitmt, Dee«mbw i«. ft* 

Pay Just $1 a Week 

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ntaukMvm ov ovb sasy nafa, Aim tov oam tax* abtaxtac* 

8ZZ TxarB x>otrBx.i:-Biso xxooxss nsB wvtm. avt oox^mauA 


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Style X. 

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lUtaawi hw — On r 
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FI»r«r-Ptaa* Hnri* 


JVm. ._ ^A«dk . 

.1 «^T^>A ni^^^^ \r: ..*..». \/:<i.««HlBa aMil BM*nr><tt, iHMMWt tfAsk •! 

■oflu Wori 

Why should 8ch:>ol ohlldren learn 

'.(••.■■'•■ouH at liodic? 'IMiat iH a qiiesilon 
which tB being dlsc-uBHed vigorously in 
the Unltert States papers In these clos- 
ing days of the year. The Ladles' Home 
Journal takes It for granted that the 
parents of the children are against 
home Htiidy and calls upon th-em to de- 
clare a strike and forbid any study 
after school. As a matter of fiift, 
there are a great many parents who 
do not think their children are sludy- 
InR- unless they see them poring over 
Ihclr books at nlRht. The most Intclll- 
Iffnt teacliors know thiit until pupils 
have been taught to study much of the 
time they spend ov*r their books out of 
school hours is worse than wustrd. 
SDtrsc of these spend part of the school 
time In teuchlnB their puplLs how fo 
l.-arii the lessons RKslRned for next day. 
There is, of course, the exccplloiial 
father or mother who has both llie time 
and the ability, to really help th* lit- 
tle student. But too nftrn the would- 
b-.' helper renlly doe.s the work for ilie 
cliild, Which It! tiulie a different m.Tt- 
ter. On the parent's side there Is the 
firfrument arrainst working overtime. 
Why should ten year old Mary or Jack 
spend the evening hours studying while 
tlie father loaves hl.s work in the office 
and <'nj-i\s himself.' In answer the 
tfii.'her i^ays that it is impossible to 
leave time for study In the five or six 
hours the child spends In l" 

the current number of The 1- . '''- 

(; .^ s t letters are publlehM t»'6m tH rc fl 
principals who have found that home 
study Is, for young children, a iwafltcof 
lime. The letters will be read with In- 
terest by both parents and teachers. 
The folliiwlnj; i:- I'm. Ill a principal In 
the Middle 

"In a million liome.« all "ver the 
country there is acted ni«liiiy the com- 
edy of fathers and mothersi tcachlns 
the children their lessons, with the 
teacher.s playins the detective the next 
morninK to .see how well the parents 
have done the work of Instruction. The 
ordinary Interests at the h6me are su- 
pirsedvd, young children are kept up 
nights, and, perhaps worst of nil, t^ 
ihlldron In the schools are kept pSr- 
rotinK' off text-books v.-lthout ever 
learning- Ikiw to K" t') the heart of the 
lesHon. In this home study everything 
flattens nut into a dead lev«l of Hst- 
lr;i."nc»s. The child In unfortunate cir- 
cumstances loses interest, fall^^, accpt.'' 
failure as his lot in lif<\ and leaves 
school as .soon as possible. The child 
whose parents dan help in the prepara- 
tion of lessons'' Is coddled nlon.if from 
day to day without learning the mO"5t 
important lesson the school should 
te.ich — namely, how to study. 

"U is perfectly true that the school 
can't do all that is expfrted of U with- 
in the present hours. It is equally true 
thai Inme study has b<'i'on!.' a nnlsant-c 
In tb.' children. The ..nly way out Is 
to give children more time In school 
with the teachers to teach them." 

.\ t'^acher who has broken throuch 
tlic tradition of the nsslgnmcnl of les- 
sons writes: 

"V-^r years In my fcbool no chlUl li.i.i 
b". n iicrmltted to take home test-hook.", 
except In tire hl«hesi two grade.", with- 
out permission. Where parents asked 
the reason 1 showed them that a chlUI 
would get more out 'of his school-book < 
if he had them fresh In the regular 
course In school hours thnn If he look 
the attractiveness out of them by hasty 
and unmethodical use of tlK'm at home. 
1 also .«howed the parents that If n 
child paid good attention to his work 
during the regular hours of school lie 
accomplished a day's work, and his next 
day's work should not be deadened b\- 
poring over tasks of a similar nature 
at night, .lust as our trade-unions put 
M r-it-mltiiii on overtime work. witii 
tiin.-nn>l-a-half l)ay, .lo the chiM'f 
traininn and mentality slmuld br looked 
after. sliTM- snr'ly lli"y am w >rtb 
q\iHe as much to the child ns the work- 
man's skin and strength are to him.' 
A New Jersey principal records fh./ 
discovery that a very small per<-enta,i'' 
of pupils learn the home lessons and 
that these do not progress faster than 
their Idle neighbors. Tlu- Canadian 
teacher's experience will tell her that 
th- rule on this side of the boundary 
15, the other way. Most children make 
DU attempt to learn their lessons. Is 
this effort wnsfd? Fifty years atr" 
one of the most suc<-,-ssful district 
school teachers In the Mnrlllm-' Prov- 
inces never reciulr'^d a pupil to Urtin 
n lesson at home. School whs, however, 
the business of the whole day and b-s- 
fions were studied In the classroom. In 
some private schools this practice ha:' 
been revived. Would children In the 
public schools learn better If all teach- 
ers undertook the oversight of their 
sitidles Instead of confining their ef- 
forts to the impart .ng of instruction 
and the hearing of lessons as many of 
them do now? The question is a very 
Important one. ''^ 

. Otilld W«>rk«ra 
nrttlsh Columbia Is fast becoming « 
frult--,'roning country and already the 
necessity for opening canning estab- 
lishments Is apparent. This gives In- 
terest to disclosure* which have been 
made concerning the 111 usage of cbll- 
rtren In the ennnlng factories of M«w 
York State. It has been stated oy M ("n 
Louisa Chamberlnln, factory inspector, 
who hcr«elf -worked In the factories in 
order to discover the truth, that lltt'e. 
children, some not more thnn four 
yearB Old, wdrked from diiwn till dark 
In tlvc long summer dayB, preparing 
fruit an« venetabJes for the mnnsriea. 
In the treat hotry and iirpiis of tho 
abort BtaSon'* trork labor mual he had 
and chIM labor «« teheai*. Harrowing 
■tori«« are told 6t tha aiiffsrlng of 
chUdrcji In Bomti of ih* l*rg« «it«b- 
llsbmcniM. in othwa lUtle children 
ar« not amploye*. The bOya nad glrla 
who are emplojroa »« n*il»IIy forelgo- 
•ra. Soma «re wtth tliatr tlMitli«ra. wtio 
.M. <i*«ci>ttMMl aa haM taak Bdlit f t 'l i Wi a. 

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Thp same testimony that r< \ pals tin 
cr\ielty, of child lahor In the canneries 
r. veals also faulty busine.-is organi7.a- 
ilon which ua.'jtea the labor of the child 
liicaiisf It is ndmlnally cheap. It l.s 
the universal exiierleiic that bett.-r 
pay and shorter hours and sanitary 
shjps and the cxelusJon of youn« chil- 
dren have alway.s in tin- end cheapened 
Ijrodviction hy coniiiellhiK better organ- 
ization to tjtllisie lahor." 

It Is to he hoped that In our Prov- 
ince the fruit Indn.stry will n<-vcr ho 
the cause of sur-h abuses as those com- 
plained of In N'"w York. U is hsrd 
to associiilc cruelty to i-hlldrcn with 
oicupatlons «o natural uiid healthful 
.(.« the Krowinp and prcacrvinR of fruit 
,nid vc«etahle.«. Vet even in ('iinada 
we Iiave heard that unwholf>Home and 
dishonest practices have been used by 
those who make n huBlness of preserv- 
ing fruit f T commercial purposes. 
I''ore-\vnrned l.<« forearmrd. and o>ir IcrIs- 
hilors should see to It t'.iat In fJritlsl. 
rolumhia chlMren arc free ' from op- 
pression In her rural centres. 

Charles McVlcker. one of the pio- 
neers of the Okanajjan and for twenty- 
one years past a resident of Salmon 
Arm. Ih dead. 



A Dressing Gown or Bath- 
robe wonld surely ilelig'ht 
him. I'rices, $12 to $3.50 

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yifilV^ii -l^kJflLii 



Victoria Splits Up Honors 

With The Invading Boxers 

Local Talent Wins Three Bouts 
in Tournament — Vancouver, 
Seattle and Westminster 
One Each— House Packed. 



186 pound wrestling — H. Hartwick, 
g. B. A. A., and Mlddleton, J. B. A. A., 

125 pound iboxlng' — .Motheraell, J. 

A. A., decision over Clements, J. B. 
A., three rounds. 

130 pound boxing — Donald McKay 

B. A. A., beat Fred Fox, V. A. C. Knock- 
out, extra round. 

145 pound boxing — H. Wheeler, J, B. 
A, A., decision over Frank Hicks, J. B. 
A. A., three rounds. 

Heavyweight boxing — Gunner Roaa, 
Garrison A. C, beat Mar Lambert, Y. 
M. C. A. Knockout, third round. 

150 pound boxing — Frank Barrieau, 
V. A. C, .beat A. Goodwin, J. B. A. A. 
Decision, extra round. 

125 pound boxing^ — A. Wyatt. Ballard 
A. C-, decision over Scott Cropper, J. B. 

A. A., three rounds. 
Bantamweight boxing — Albert Davles, 

.T. B. A. A., beat Scotty Porter, New 
WestTnlnster, A. C, q^cond round, 

145 pound boxing — Newberry, Nerw 
Westminster A. C., beat Percy Grove, 
J. B. A. A., tn one round. 

186 pound 'boxing — Seott\' McKay. ,T. 

B. A. A., decision over Gill'crt, l;;,!l:ir.l 

Joe Bayley's Former Trainer 
Slips One Over on Little 
Champion — How McCarty 
Won First Fight, 

A. C, in three rounds. 

Victoria split up with ^?HBBi?-ll8hBe visit 
ing clubs, Seattle, Vancouver and New 
Westminster at the boxing and wrest- 
ling tournament in tlie Victoria Theatre 
last night, winning three Inter-clty 
bouts while each of tlie invaders took 
one. The programme was an excellent 
one, although there was not the exciting 
interest in the fray that there has been 
in past affairs of the kind. The house 
was packed to the doors, every r-eat be- 
ing sold. 

In the feature bout between Al Good- 
win, formerly of Spokane, but now a 
member of the J. B. A. A. string, and 
Frank Barrieau, of Vancouver, the ama- 
teur welterweight champion of Canada, 
the latter won in the extra round. 

Goodwin was not in form, and had not 
the steam to back up his apparent 
cleverness. He ducked and blocked 
cleverly, but Barrieau did by far the 
most of the leading, and with short left 
hooks and Jabs inflicted a lot of punish- 
ment in the second and third rounds. 
The Vancouver boy also jammed his left 
to Goodwin's body and swung his right 
to the head with good effect. The Bays' 
latest recruit seemed unable to fight 
back, and the disagreement between the 
judges at the end of the third round was 
inexcusable. In the extra round Barri- 
eau continued to hit Goodwin freely and 
tliere was nothing for Referee Jeffs to 
do but award him the fight. Both boys 
were strong at the finish. 

Goodwin and Barrieau will meet again 
in a Vancouver tournament on New 
Year's Day and, as the former has prom- 
ised to be in his best shape, they ought 
to put up a fine scrap. The Spokaner 
made a little speech last night, explain- 
ing to the gathering after his fight that 
he thought he could put away any of the 
amateurs In the Terminal City. 

Savles' Opponant Quit* 

The other bout which was looked for- 
ward to by by the fans in anticipation 
of something real good, that in which 
Al Davies. the Pacific Coast bantam 
champion figured, fizzled out in the sec- 
ond round'. "Scotty" Porter, the New 
VVestminster boy, quitting. He has a 
weak heart and a stinging right landed 
over that vita! spot caused him to drop 
his iiands and leave the ring. "It was 
the doctor's orders," he said. 

Porter showed that he knows how to 
box and was quick as a cat. He used 
his left to some advantage. Davies' 
dogged boring in and the manner in whicii 
ho crashed through the Mainlander's 
guard with blows straight from the 
•shoulder gave the lmpre.ssion that he 
would have been an easy winner in any 
case. Davies' guarding was beautiful. 

WrMtlJhff a FroBt 

The wrestling match was a frost In 
the first place Hardwick's expected Se- 
attle opponent did not come over and 
in the second place Hardwlek seemed 
unable to do anything with the man who 
was Bubstltuted, Mlddleton, of the J. B. 
A. A., and the two pranced slowly 
around the ring for two rounds, slioulder 
to Bhoulder. On one or two occasions 
one man would fall to his knee, hut 
outside of that they were both always 
on their feet. 

Xotta«r»U TB. Cl*xnent« 

Motherall and Clements, two J. B. A. 
A. 125-pounder8, put up a slashing, fur- 
ious battle, with the former covering up 
better than the latter. Motherall did 
the most leading, although he felt the 
effoct of Sonne healthy wallops from his 
opponent, and earned the decision. 
Sob KoXfty tb. Trti Tox. 

Fred Fox and Donald McKay, 130 
pounders, were nicely matched and g«v« 
th« fana three rounds ot good milling, 
replete with clean-cut, direct punching. 
An extra round was called for and Don- 
ald MoKay went after his man hard. 
He knocked Pox out with a right swing 
to the mouth. ' 

H«re Is MotM ngUMr. 

tn the Harry Wheeler-Frank HJcks 
welterweight bout the crowd was 
treated to an uproariously amusing ten 
or twelve minutes. Htcks is a big, 
loose-Jointed, good natured blonde with 
a long reach and a most terrifying up- 
perout He had no Idea but to hit and 
kept flailing away In high humor until 
he began to tire. He raised himself off 
his fe«u with wallops that would bare 
lifted WMaeler through the rooif had 
their landed, whlrlfd anmnd In a circle 
wbm he mlsaed a awing and at tliuea 
got •« tangled up that be nearly earn* 
hltttac himself. He took a deal of 
potilehment and was the reeljplent of 
protottgcd ni^fftaxim yrfim be !«« «i« 

aiiABAr nnea wa* nfalailr toe good for 

J. B. A. A. lightweight, who got his re- 
venge on Seattle last night by winning 
from Gilbert, of that city. 

which, in the third round, brought him 
to the mat dazed anil helpless. Lam- 
bert had it on Koss in reach and height. 
■Wyatt v». Cropper. 
Wyatt, a Ballard A. C. 125 pounder, 
gave a pretty exhibition agaipst Scott 
Cropper and won the decision in the 
third. He Jabbed with his left and 
upporcut or swung with his rj^^UKj,^ 
I li on fell i nto a clinch. He ha#'||f "^ 
way of bru.Hhing Croppjp5|i;.jit|Biura aaifie. ' 

McKay vs. (itillll?''. i 
Scotty McKay played all hla tricks 
in an effort to land a knockout In his 
contest with Gilbert, and i-n -dotr:?: .so 
he laid himself open to aoqio nasty 
short-arm punches, one of which knock- 
ed him down In the second round. Mc- 
Kay clearly earned the decision, al- 
though some of the fans could not see 
It. He landed two blows to one of Gil- 
bert's and his had far more steam be- 
hind thcni. 

Mayor Presents Medals 
In connection with the tournament the 
presentation of Olympic medals to Hal 
Beasl-ey and Tommy Gallon was made. 
Mayor Beckwith did the honors, con- 
gratulating the- boys warmly and com- 
menting on the very high regard clean 
sport of any kind was lield in by Vic- 
torians. He stated that the salt water 
swimming baths shortly to be establish- 
ed, would be a great boon to the city. 

The Officials 

Judges, Billy Hall and Vlnce Gray; 
referee, A. Jeffs; judge of wrestling. Mr. 
McDonald; announcer, Barney McCale; 
timekeepers, Len Oliver and Joe Fox. 


"Two Jacks" Win Prom Arcades and 
Break Tie — The Scores 

The "Two Jacks" team won the 
weekly match at the Arcade Alleys last 
night. Blanton, of the "Two Jacks" 
team had high score, 210. 

The scores were not up to the .stan- 
dard by any meanis. 

Two Jacks 

12 3 

Blanton 177 210 138 

Kalman 176 168 ISl 

Kortin 144 189 162 

Peters 125 152 lot 

Ireland 182 188 194 

lotai.'i S04 887 Saa 

Team total, 2520. 


Price 179 176 146 

Fox 148 199 150 

.Archibald 142 138 lOS 

Murray 109 160 152 

Barton 151 153 171 

Total.s 729 825 727 

Team total, 2,281. 


OTTAWA, Ont., Dec. 19.— -The Ottawa 
Hockey Club officers are apparently 
treating the raid of the Maritime Prov- 
ince clubs lightly. 

Today It wan announced that Manae%r 
ROS.S, of Syilnoy, had offered Fred Lake 
12200 for the season, but I.>ake was out 
with the Ottawas tonight, as well as 
Westwick and Losueur, both of whom 
had offers. 

Lowrey and Dufour wore with New 
Kdlnburgh, also Gregg and Basil George, 
who had been with the Stowartone. The 
latter left for Toronto tonight with a 
well-balanced team. 

Ketohell and O'Brien Draw 

SASKATOON, Sask., Dec. 19.— One 
thousand people saw Steve Ketchell, of 
Chicago, and Winnipeg O'Brien box 
fifteen rounds tonight to a draw. The 
bout was one of the fastest and mowt 
furious ever seen In Saskatoon. Ket- 
chell was the aggressor throughout and 
worked like a fiend, but th? wonderful 
defence of O'Brien seemed more than 
he could fathom. 

rvoMamwrnuT avr oour. 


The order of play In the Vlum- 
•rfelt golf competition for the 
ladles' championship of British 
Columbia waa awltched around a 
Httl* and In tbe ftnt round yee- 
tarday Mrs, IQleardo, the presani 
champion, beat Mlaa Combe, fonr 
up and two to play. The eonteats 

Not long ago the fight fans of Vic- 
toria w<re knocking "Cyclone" Scott 
and covertly advising Joe Bayley to 
get a new trainer. Now they are won- 
dering If they did not overlook the fact 
that Scott is somebody. Why this 
change? Because the Cyclone has his 
ri.cord in a well-known 1913 athletic 
manual, which has just been issued. 
Who will make light of the efficacy ol 
a little judicious advertising'? 

Few of th-e fans ever knew that Cy- 
clone possessed such a thing as a rec- 
ord. Certainly it never entered their 
lieads that the big good-natured, easy 
going follow was, with the assistance of 
u sL-iiolarly friend, laboriously compil- 
ing a list of his fights for publication. 
He was never credited with the ambi- 
tion. Howavfer the Cyclone has done it 
and incldently has slipped one over on 
Joe Bayley, who, although the light- 
weight champion of Canada, has not yet 
broken into the record book.s. Joe says 
that he is going to be there in next 
jjPjMUti B - ■ e'di-tloo, .. >,,.„, 

i^'lUla Cycloi||||J||^ .■»&««■ Is Bernard 
McHugh And Rt hm Uaw Ui o light of 
day in Greenock, Scotland, in 1888. He 
Is listed as the challenger for the mid- 
dleweight champion.shtp of Canada. 
Hf^re la his record: Andy Morris, K, 3 
rds. ; Champion Kane, K, 2 rds.; Ed 
Barnes, K, 4 rds.; Jack Arnold, W, 9 
rds.: Roy Sheridan, K, 2 rds.; Arthur 
McLaglen. W, 4 rds; George Woodby, K, 
2 rd!".; Blllie Wright, D, 10 rds.; Oscar 
Mortimer, K, 3 rds.; Nigger I.ree, W, 4 
rds.; Jack EUls. W, 3 rds.; Harry 
Brown, K, 3 rds.; Low Strange, W. 4 
rds.; Mike McDonald, K, 3 rds.; Nigger 
Lee, W, 4 rds.; Kid Lewis, K, 4 rd.s.: 
Lee Croft, K, 3 rds.: Tex Foster, D, 15 
rds.; Jack Feeney, D, 4 rds. 

"Cyclone" Scott has left Joe Bay;Iey 
and is now In Vancouver looking 'for 
a fight. 

Mccarty's Plrst right 

Ever hear how McCarty won his first 
battle of any account? Numerous chim- 
erical stories have been going the 
rounds in this connection as Is only 
natuial now that McCarty is a leading 
"hope" but here is r plain, unvarnished 
version of the mann^or in which Luke 
made his debut in to the game, given ny 
a fan, now resident in Victoria. who 
was at the ring.slde. 

McCarty met Joe Grimm in Calgary 
two years ago last April. The flght 
went eight or nine rounds, with no ap- 
parent advantage either way. When the 
bell rang at the end of the last round 
Grimm turned and walked to his corner. 
McCarty — whether In Ignorance of the 
fact that the round was at an end or 
In flat disregard of such a triviality Is 
not clear — followed him up and punched 
him In the neck. Grimm turned around 
in surprise and McCarty soaked him 
again, this tlm^ on the Jaw. Grimm 
was naturally peeved and refused to 
come back for the next round. Clearly 
McCarty should have been disqualified,' 
but Instead the referee awarded him the 

Claim Bayley's Title 

It is high time that those who are 
looking after Joe Bayley get busy knd 
see that he gets the credit that Is com- 
ing to him. An exchange says that 
Dem Gay, an Alberta promoter. Is in 
San I-'ranclsco looking for talent to fur- 
nish the attractions at his club. Gay 
Is quoted as saying that the next bout 
in his arena will be a finish contest for 
the lightweight cha'mplonshlp of Can- 
ada now held by "Fighting" Dick Hy- 
land, who will defend his title against 
Kid Scaler on New Year's Day. 


Confer With Brown in 
Seattle Today on Matter.s 
Regarding Schedule— Even 
Break for Victoria. 



Hold er of 

the world's recnnl In ItiiiminK 
the littibirier, wlib" cTltem upon Ms thtrty- 
flfth year today. Ho wa« born in Couiuy 
Tipperary. Irelanil. Decembor ao. 18VS. In 
euriy youth h". was hroughl to Now York 
by hl.s parents and the bis city has been 
his home ever since, MoGrath is toiuictied 
with the New York Police Depiirtnicnt. and 
on the athletic field ho wears the oiil')r» 
of the Irlah-Amerlcau A. C. In throwUiK 
the &6-pound hajumer a distance of *'i ft. 
4 In., and the 18-pound hammer IKl ft. 
4 in. whlih ipali! he accompll»ln--ii al Ci-l- 
ti: I nrk last October, Mi-Oralh shttttered 
tiio world's riccrda established by John 
Flimgan In liO!-. At the rceent meet in 
Stocklio.iu, Mc&itth s«>t up a new Olympic 
record of ISO ft. 6 in. for the tr,-pound 
Ihammer throw. The world's records held 
by .McGrath includes; The 16-pound hajn- 
mor. IHl ft 4 In.: 60-pound wclsht, *Z ft. 
4 111.: Bli-pound weight, from stand, 3.1 ft. 

I in.; 5rt-pound wi-lRht. for helBht, ] « ft. 
(i\ 111., and ati-pound weight, distance, 53 ft. 

II In. 

First Game in Victoria City 
Hocl<ey League — Both Out- 
fits in Form to Put up Good 

L.-^ A. Wattelet, of the Victoria Base- 
ball Club, left yesterday to attend the 
meeting of the Northwostern League 
directors in Tacama on Saturday. Be- 
fore leaving Mr. Wattelet confirmed the 
statement, which appeared in The Colon- 
ist, that the majority of the club own- 
ers would tuck Joe McOlnnity's pro- 
posal to institute four-game serleis next 

Mr. Wattelet will meet Bob Brown, 
the Vancouver boss, in Seattle today 
and the two will collaborate In outlining 
what they think would be a good 
schedule arrangement. The local mag- 
nate wants an even break in home 
games for all clubs -and, as three of the 
clubs have signified that they are with 
him in this, believes he will get It. 

Fielder Jones will probably be re- 
elected president of the league. There 
is no one after his job and he got by 
with a big margin to spare last season. 
Jones returned from the East a few 
days ago and on his arrival in Port- 
land declared that if the Northwestern 
League could not succeed this year 
there was no hope for It In the future. 
""VTIth Joe McGlnnny, the 'iron Man,' 
installed as the new owner at Tacoma, 
with Victoria showing eigns of becom- 
ing a winner or a first division club, 
and a new system ot splitting the re- 
ceipts for all games over half which 
are played away from home, the chances 
look bright," commented the Fielder. 

While In the Eas)/ Fielder saw most 
of the American League magnates and 
managers. At Chicago he ran into 
Charles Webb Murphy, the Cub mag- 
nate, who generally manages to keep his 
other brethren on the anxious seat. 

President Comlskey, of the White 
Sox, had but recently made an attack 
on him for letting Frauk Chance get 
away from him-, and Murphy told Jones 
fnat lie « ad preparing a story which he 
intended to s.prlng on the Chicago papers 
showing where Comiskey had made his 
greatest mistake by not treating Jones 
fairly, and causing his retirement when 
he was the most valuable man he had on 
the club. 

"Show me where the Sox have won 
any pennants since you left them," said 
Charlie. To date the story h%s not ap- 
peared, but he may still be framing it 



KBfltsh cap Sesqlte 

LONDON, Dec. IB. — Two qualifying 
games were played for the Hngllah 
Football Cup, and resulted as followe: 

Olllingham 3, Spennymoor United 0. 

Rochdale 1, Darlington (t. 

Olllingham will play Barnsley, end 
Rochdale will play Swindon Town In the 
first round on January 11. 

Honoring a horo with an automobile 
seems to bo tho crazo in sports now, 
apd Charles xHrickloy, the 1«12 American 
football king. Is to bo presented with 
a buzz cart from his friends and former 
school pals at Kverett, Mass. 

Brlckloy. a native of Everett. Mass. 
attended tho public and prep schooi fn 
his homo town, and that is wliere ht 
picked up his football knowledge. Prao- 
tlcally winning the gridiron champion- 
ship for Harvard this year single- 
handed, BrIckley'B name has spread to 
all parts of the world, and his friends 
J>ave not forgotten his spectacular play- 

Presenting a football hero wlfh an 
automobile Is a new wrinkle. In base- 
ball it has been common, as Ed Walsh, 
t^hrlsty Mathewson, Frank Baker, Eddie 
Collins, Joe Wood and many other stars 
have been favored by the diamond wor- 

The Victoria amcrtettr RocKey seaBDn 
will get off to a good .start tonight when 
the B. C. Telephone and the Y. M. C. A. 
!eams meet at the Arena. The tickets 
have been selling well and indlcation.s 
are that that thfre will be a big crowd 

Tho game starts at 8 o'clock and is 
scheduled to finish at 9, there being but 
two periods. Both teams are reported 
to be In form to put up a first-class ex- 
hibition of hockey and the rival coaches 
Wi.Uter SmalU. of tho Y. M. C. A. out- 
fit, and Skinner PoiiUn, each claim e 
sure win for his club. 

Two of the professional hockey play- 
ers will referee the game. Here are the 
teams: B. C. Telephone — Goal, Maxwell; 
point, McLachlan; cover point, Whlte- 
Imad ; rover, i'.;lmer; centre. Berry; left 
wing, Davidson; right wing, Corbett. 
Y. M. C, A. — (To be picked from) Mott, 
Jones, Cann, Newltt, Watson, FoiftST, 
Archibald and the Archibald brothers. 



SPOKANE, Wash., ?5*ic. 19. — In en ef- 
fort to make "syndicate baseball" Im- 
possible, President Joseph Cohn, of the 
Spokane Northwestern Club, has asked 
the support of minor leairue owneiTS 
throughout tho country for an amend- 
ment to the rules to be submitted in 
the next meetlnc of the National Asso- 
ciation of Minor Leemes, which will 
prohibit an owner from poBseeelns lui, 
Interest in more tnan one cluo in any 
leavue. The amendment lui outlined by 
CohB would provine for the prepieirtli- 
tlon of a list of stookht^ldera of eMn 
club in the annual nteetint of tbe Mi* 

m II I gill ■ •tmm'it'i^'^fm^ 

.f inn «MUc ovw'vtaM 

Finsi arransementa <by whicj» Uite'' 
Lyneh win take over tbe MuuiMemeiit' 

of tIM Vlotorla Ball Cli* 'WUl'jN aMJIt 
la TMtttm* titaiturday. mlMm JU A* Wlit|t«i«t 


VANCOUVER, B. C, Dec. 19. — The 
power yacht Kingpin, owned by Captain 
John S. Gall, was totally destroyed by 
fire while under way up the North Arm 
of the Inlrt while she was returning 
from a trip to Deep Cove last Saturday 
afternoon. The fire, which was started 
from some minor defect in a gasoline 
Btove, spread so rapidly that the owner 
and his brother, who were the only ones 
aboard at the time, wore forced to 
beuc'h tho yacht, and barely succeeded 
Ir getting ashore before the flames com- 
i)leted the destruction of the fine cruiser 
and when she burned to the water's edge 
the remains of her hull and mactilnery 
Bank in the deep water close to the 
steep, rocky shore line just south of 
Deep Cove. 

The Kingpin, was ono of the hest 
known power yachts in the Royal Van- 
couver Yacht Club's fleet, and repre- 
sents a loss of about $6000. Although 
the owner is a well known local Insur- 
ance man, he did not carry any Insur- 
ance on the yacht at the time. 


LOS ANGELES, Dec. 19.— The winner 
of the Al Palzer-Lulher McCarty fight 
on New Year's Day, will be declared 
champion of the world, but Tom Mc- 
Carey, the Los Angeles promoter. Is 
planning to ask the winner to fight 
Bombardier Wells, the English heavy- 
weight, so that lie will have a clear 
claim to the title. Local fans believe 
the winner will accept. Al Palzer 
knocked out Wells In a recent fight, but 
Wells had the best of it for a number 
of rounds, Palzer gamely standing by 
his guns. 

"The man who wins the decision at 
Vernon on New Year's Day will be the 
world's hcavywtght king," says McCarey. 
"There will not be a single man to ques- 
tion his title, however, in case he meets 
Wells. I do not credit the other's claims. 
If the winner of the coming fight meets 
Wells It win be the first time, in years, 
that an American and an Englishman 
have clashed for the world's heavy- 
weight title." 

Interest In the coming fight is keen. 
Johnny Cllne has made reservations for 
fourteen $5 seats for the event. Mc- 
Carey figures that the crowd which Will 
attend his show will tax the capacity 
of the Vernon barn. 



The following team will turn out for 
the Wanderers on Saturday against the 
Law Students to play on the University 
School groundi^: Fullback, Fawcett; 
three-quarters. Holmes, Hush, |iaydn, 
Milton, Hollywood; halves, Hudson and 
Milne; forwards, Ackland, Chalk, Den- 
nlston, CoUisson, Baum, Wise, Carr or 
Brown. The car to the grounds leaves 
Yates and Qovernmcnt at 3 o'clock. 

YAmooxrwmm sooobx tbam 


VANCOUVER, B. C, Dec. 19.— 
At a meeting of the Vancouver 
and District Senior Amateur 
League a team was selected to 
play Victotia In the Capital City 
on Chrletmae Day. Mr, C. . 8. 
Roberteon will manate the trip 
and will leave hore with the plar» 
ers on Tuesday night. The fol> 
lowing team will mak* the trip: 
Ooal, Delcourt <B. C. B. K.; bkoka* 
Borland. (Cedar poUMe), Ukt' 
Rh«n (Coquttllim). capitain: h*it' 
baehe, Orant (V. A. 0). Mulr 
(ThIetiM), PKtMvon (B. C. IL lt)t 
iorwnrda. lAlatamuu (Sotttk iHU). 

(.TtaiatiM). Qoo^*. (■oiith fllll). 
4<>bni<m ('<'•: A. O 9mmr^ Ttn> 

Praise B. O. marby Olnba 

AUCKLAND, N.Z., Dec. 19.— Classing 
the Canadians as "great people," the 
Australian Rugby Football team, home- 
ward bound from its tour of the Pacific 
Coast of America,' arrived at this port 
aboard the Makura. 

The members of the team describe 
the tour recently taken as one long 
spell of happiness without any un- 
pleasantness whatsoever. 

Referring to the three defeats the 
team sustained while in British Co- 
lumbia, all the footballers are unani- 
mous that the Canadians won the 
laurels fairly and they had bumped up 
against better teams while In that 
Province. None of the members could 
offer any apologies for the defeats and 
declare that the men they met In Van- 
couver and "Victoria are thorough 
sportsmen, and that .the Canadians are 
grand, splendid Britishers. 


Lester Patrick etated yesterday that 
there waa absolutely no truth In the re- 
port that lie and his brother Frank 
wero Ananelng the Maritime Hockey 
eluba In theii^ raid on the N. H. A. 

IJUMMMUa KIN** «• 9»ftl'i 

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ers and holders; pretty flofftl designs. hVoni $.^.50 
to $5.50 

Fashion s Latest 
in Handbags 

Dm't miss this department, where we ar^ showinK 
a great variety of all the very newest Handbags, Sil- 
ver Mesh Bags, .Artistic Leather Bags; all sizes and 
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Dainty, Artistic Novelties 
in Glass and China 

\'isiiors are snrprised at the very high grade, artistic 
Pottery we show downstairs, and they so(m discover 
for themselves that our basement prices are away be- 
low the usual for such really delightful wares. Here 
arc a few notes: 

Art Vases and Fern Pots. A wonderful assortment of 
the most artisticwarcs ever seen in Victoria. Dull 
i^recn finish in very odd shapes, from $1.00. .Vriis- 
ticaily decorated on cream ground, unique styles and 

shapes, from $.1.75 to ^S^' 

Wcner Art Ware. .\ In-autiful soft underglaze decora- 
tion in rich floral designs. Charming little vases in 

many shapes at $1.2i» 

Tcakwood Pottery Vases. A wonderful treatment, re- 
sembling poker work on wood. Would make charm- 
ing little presents, ;it. 

each 50<^ 

Pots and Pedestals. Some 
very jiandsomc pairs in 
many unique designs. 
A charming addition to 
hall or drawing room. 
$12.50 and ......$1.00 

Jardinieres, scores of 
beautiful shapes and 
decorations from the 
leading potteries. A 
wide range from $2.50 
to «5< 


PHONE 2391 

Carriers Wanted 

To Deliver The Daily Colonist on 
good routes. 


Apply to The Daily Ccilonist 



All Arrangements Made for the 
Annual Meeting of the Asso- 
ciation To Be Held Here 
Early Next Month, 

Dainty Gifts for Womenfolk 
and Inexpensive 

We are offering a special range of the daintiest Toadies' 
.\prons imaginable, both plain and fancy— priced very close, 
from 35C up. 

Something Better in Ladies' Kid Gloves at ^l.OO 

The New Idea Store 

648 Johnson Street 
Mrs. E. V. Fullcrton Mrs. J. K' Eliott, Manageress 

At the meeting of the directors ot the 
British Coluinhla Fruit Grower.s' Asho- 
iiatl.,11, IH-Id hen? yeslerdu-y, u l>r"- 
;4riiniiiie was arrtuig'ed for the annual 
nuiftliiK, wliieh will lake place In Vk- 
lorlii on January 6, 7 and 8, In the Km- 
pr.H.s lloti-1. TlK' ABHOclallon will prob- 
iibly have the honor of liiaugurutlnK the 
uae of the assembly hall, whleh forms 
part of the addition to the hotel, which 
la now approaehlutf completion. The 
programme will Include a paper by Mr. 
E H. Shepurd. editor of "Better Fruit," 
publ!.«hfd at Hood Klvor, Oregon. He 
will Bpealc on the problems that have 
devtlopod in this year's marketing and 
the protrress towards their solution. Mr. 
H. L. Garraway, manager of the Okan- 
agan Fruit Union, of Vernon, will dis- 
cuss existing market arrangements and 
the improvements necessary for more 
successful marketing of British Colum- 
-blft fruit 

These two papers are expected to fur- 
nish Inspiration for a discussion that 
win cover practically ari of the problems 

fruit attAB ''m^lim^W^f^^'^^r^^ 

labor conditions In the Kbotenays, to 
which dl-strlct he. as Provincial Crops 
and Labor CommlsBloner, has devoted 

his attentiiin duriiii; Ihf \i»M. .summer. 
Commercial Methods 
Mr. i':dwln ' Smith, of . the Provincial 
Hoitieiiltnral Branch, 'will dlseuss com- 
iiKM-cial melhod.'t in the phy.slcal handling: 
of fruit; that i« to say. its picking, 
paekins. prc-cooling- and cold storage. 

Mr. C. "W. Baxter, Chief Dominion 
Inspector for Western Canada, will 
come from "Wlnnlpee to spesik on the 
Kruit Marks Act and its relation to the 
Britiuh Columbia fruit industry. There 
aro a number of ways in whleh Pro- 
vincial fruit RTOwers feel that the pres- 
ent Dominion law diserimlnates against 
them and these are tiic points that will 
111 lak.Ti up by Mr. Baxter. 

Til-- A.-isoclation will also di.«? pro- 
posals for the protection of Col- 
umbia fruit, a sains t indiscriminate and 
Irre.spon.tibl.; eompetitlon, and will eon- 
■slder what steps are npce.s.sary to ex- 
1 elude unfair competition from markets 
which properly belong to the fniH-grow- 
crp of tills Pro\ Infe. 

Thn.u.- |,^•■^^'•llt at ; . -• terday's meeting 
u . rc .Mcs.srs. W. C. Itlcardo. of Vernon, 
pr.whlent; R. M. Palmer, of Kamloops, 
\ ice-pro.sldent; F. U. Nicholson, W. F. 
Somers. .7. Stewart, W. N. Phaw, J. C. 
Metealfp, .T. Kidston, Thomas Bulmnn, 
W. R. Pooley, W. \. Lang. .lames Itooke, 
Thomas Abrlel, James .lohnstone, James 
Compton. Hon. Price Ellison, W. E. 
Scott. Deputy Minister of Agriculture; 
and H. M. Winslow, etcretary of the As- 

Tqo Late to 

9750 C»»h — If you »re looking for a 
new, modern bunsalow on corner 
lot, with fcood garden, furnace and 
every coa. fnlence, uI)mc to ear 
puved ilreet, Foul Hay; price »JDOO. 
}46 monthly, Includl ijt iiuorem 
Phono lOtO. 

B acres, rich, black loam, under cul- 
tivation, alx nill«i from Victoria 
on trunk road; I3750. J376 caiih 
will handle this. Phone 1030. 

8» Avrei — Saanlch, 8 mlleg from Vic- 
toria 111 till' V. & S, Hallway; »300 
an acre; very easy terms; rlc|i soil; 
gubdlvlrtert Into 8 and 5 acre tract>i. 
I'hoiit 1030. 

Gorg-e Lot»— ?rwo large lot» on In- 
let O.V., clone to water; JlOOu each; 
»150 cash and »26 monthiy. I' hone 

To l>t— I>allaB rd, beawilftU, 9- 
roomed houM with good garden, 
magnificent view. Phene 1030. 

Oak Bay— 7-roomed house one block 
trom car. Cement baiement. Btr1ctl> 
modern. 16000. ?700 cash, b'alano..- 
over five years. Phone lOHO. 




Mivje«tlc Theatre — ''The Klre Cop," 
aiuiilicr thrilling and sensational flre 
drama; this picture Is one of the best 
Solig has ever done In this line; the 
story involves a policeman who became 
a horo In spite of himself; a triple res- 
cue from the roof of a burning build- 
ing is one of the features. "The Grand- 
lather " a very pleasing Htor>- of senti- 
ment sot in a country village and ilcil- 
ing with the fortunes of a very kindly 
old man. "The Beauty Parlor of Stone 
Gulch," a farce whose name will at 
once make Us qualities clear to all who 
watch the film. "The New York Hat," 
a picture of a few human beings; they 
lUe in a small country town and seem 
In centre around the village church. It 
rloosn't .whut Its eyes to the frailties ot 
mortal nosh; but It Is optimistic, good 
natured and leaves a plea.sant taste. In- 
deed it Is a picrure among pictures to 
(intertnin. oneourage and amuse. "The 
Lonilon .■\nimated .lournal" shows 
gUmpsofy of Balkan war scenes, also a 
number of other items of deep interer*. 
It would bo well for every body to see 
this great progrramme at the Majestic 

Orystal Tbeatrd — Tho ehang^ of vau- 
deville the latter half of the weeii 
exceed.1 all expectations on the manage- 
ment's part. Advance reports had It 
that the two acts booked were excep- 
tionally good and they certainly are. 
Hariatt and Dad Is the title of one of 
the most pleasing acts seen here in 
many a day. This act is a singing, 
talking and novelty dancing act featur- 
ing a little girl and boy as well as their 
father. It la a clever and pretty act. 
The other act is a team composed of a 
man and woman Rnowfn as "The Camp- 
hells." This act has a reputation all 
over the Coast as one of the bfg acts 
and Judging from their porfiJrmance 
yesterday they certainly deserve the 
title. They have a singing, talking, 
(lancing and trlek violin playing act that 
Is a riot. The Catnpbells are not com- 
lr_;:. they are nore and very much here. 
It Is up to you to see two of the best 
acta that has ever graced the boards 
of tho Crystal j neatre. In pictures 
there Is a change that Is so good that 
it Is hard to tell which is the best. The 
feature Is "The Samaritan of Coogans 
Tenement," a Lubln drama that has a 
gripping powor. "Mamas Birthday Pres- 
ent," Is a pretty Kalcm subject acted 
by Juvenile chsracters that Is very 
ploaslnf. "Sheriff Pro Tern," Is a Me- 
Uos drama that ftimlshes the Western 
purt of tha proaramtne. "Young Mrs. 
E^aton" Is an fc'dlson drritna l^iat Is good 
ae ar*. all iOdlsons. Take advanlrige of 
tfta,^6dntli^tw)UB performance and g*t 
gooS iteatfl. Open from 1:30 to lliOO In 
piotiinia - and vando't^me; from lltOO to 
jCM and ''t:*0 to 11:00. Four ahowa ai 
night on Saturday. * 

Belmont— 8-roomed hai|pt^'mk,3|apae- 
mont, furnace, four it<j6^iittui,'w»w. 
J7000. Very easy termn. Phone 

10 .Vcrei* — The choice of Saanlch. 
fenced, and under cultivation. Rich 
Mack loam, suitable for vegetable 
garden. Fine view of Elk Irfikc 
$7500. 1-4 '-niih. balance 1. 2 and 
3 years. Phone 1030. 

Same as R«"nt — We will hulUl for you 
on small payment dowu, and bal- 
ance In monthly payments, .^eo our 
architect, Mr. Bryant Newljold. the 
man with original Ideas. 

Call for Free Map. 


with half-aora of gronnd faotag 

OS Washington Avanua, near 

tha coruar of CK>rg« Soad 

This attractive resid€«nee Is built 
of Haddington Island limestone, 
is a very pleasing semi-bungalow 
p.iid contains six s<inti-lous roome. 
The interior Is well tInUht«l and 
In keeping with It.s handsome ex- 
terior; the force Is also of cut 
stone. The builder and OTvner of 
this property was the contractor 
for the stone work of the present 
beautiful parliament buildings, so 
it can 'be taken for granted that 
nothing Is lacking' so far as ex- 
cellence of construction la con- 
cerned. . 

The house and other Improve- 
ments could not be duplicated 
today for less than $8,000. The 
prle^ asked Is at least |3,000 
under Its actual value, namely, 


Terms are one-half cash, balance 
by way of mortgage. 

Take the Douglas-Burnslde car 
to Washington Avenue if you 
care loK-.l^fifW the property, 

-'-'"^ifi spoA ior am'' 

L. H. Ellis 

Phone 9-10. Rootn 6, Moody Block 
626 Yates St. 












rd Floor, 



Phone lOSO. 






Quality and Quantity Is Our 

Hall & Walker 

1232 oovemmant St. »bona 83 

Demonstrates Wliy We Build 
and Sell More Houses 

Bungalow on Linden Avenue, near Faithful Street. Will be 
ready for occupation in a few days. Dining room, living room, 
den kitchen, six large bedrooms, twn bathroom.s, veneered 
panel work, beamed ceilings, lot 50x118.6. TVice $8500 on 
gnod terms. Best buy in the city. Worth ,^10,000. 
Apply owners and builders 


Offices, 301, 301-A and 302 Jones Bldg. 

Fort Street 

Phone 874 

Christmas Gilts 

Handsome Smoking Jackets or 

Dressing Gowns 
UmbreUas Neckwear 

Hosiery Suspenders 

CliOdren's Overcoats and Suits 

Arthur Holmes 

1314 Broad Street. Duck Block 


fN selecting a gift 
^ watch, remember \ 

that you caaxaM expect a low >, 
priced watch to equal the con- : 
tinued iwliability of a high grad* ^( 

Colonial Series 

The Waltham Colonial is a ftivorita 

for profesBional« business and aodal 

life. It is a gracefiil model, as thin 

as it is sale to nuAm a reliaUe watch. 

f We reoonmand a Riverside gr«de^ 

'tito n^^ fioiioiis imdh nuMriment In i 

fhtWOfld. It if «areft»My ad|u8ted, CM# 

and timed at ^la.foctory. Write tor Descriptiv«Bo«*lot.. 

"/f'« Th» YonCkomd a WaHhmn" 







— IN — 

Richmond Park 

— AT — 


Wc put a block of bcvcii lots on the market 
ycst't.clay, ami three have been snapped up 

Three still are available at the above figure— 
this is under present values. The corner, large 
enough to make two building lots, is held at 

Our authority to offer this property at these 
prices extends over only a limited period. You 
must .\CT to get in on the ground floor. 

Island Investment Co., Ltd. 

Branch Offices, 510-515 Rogers Block, Vancouver, B. C, and 

London, England. 

Vancouver Island Association 
Decides to Play Vancouver 
if They Get Even Break 

NKW YORK. Dec. 18. — "One-rtounU" 
I>avlB, of Buffalo, itald to h»v« won for- 
ty battlea by knorkouta, '«•■ iilinself 
i knocked out In the flrat rouml oi *n en- 
counter with Soliller Kearns, of £>.ook- 
lyn, here last ntfht. 

Davla had been considered IQ the run- 
ning for a heavyweight tryout with 
IcaUlns auplranu for the title. Kearna 
knocked Davis down with a right to thu 
juw and a short left huiik. 

Jn Koing over Davis turned a coni- 
pleto Bomereault, reating upon the back 
of hl« neck. He was helpless when he 
I'ose on the count of nine an* the 
referee stopped the flght. 

Tlio ICxccutlvp of llio V'HiU'Ouver Ifl- 
und .VaHodatlon l'"ootbiill L,fHKiH' last 
cvpniniT decided to have a repreaentatlvn 
.socoL-r team from this city meet a i>lcK- 
ctl Vaiu!Ouvor team at thi' itoyal .\tli- 
lotlc grouiul.s on the moi-uiiiK of Chrlst- 
mas Day, provided that llu' Vanrouvtr 
organization is agreeable to suarantca 
an amount equal to ilic tifty per cent 
of the Victoria gate in a return match. 

iiie Vancouver Association is quite 
willing to scud n team to Victoria on 
a fifty per cent of the gros.s receipts, 
basis: but before sending a team to 
Vancouver for a return match the local 
executive would like to bo assured that 
a half-and-half division in the Tormina! 
City game would equal tlio same i)io- 
portion for a Kamo here. Last night 
Mr, A. O. Smith. Secretary of tlw I-sl- 
and League telegraphed to Vancouv<r 
the terms of the local body and a reply 
Is expected early this morning. If .sat- 
isfactory, Mr. Brain Will proceed with 
the publicity work. 

No reply has yet b^ef ■ ■<■■■' from 
Jfanalmo and Ladyamii: ',',:' '^ "' 

'< j|b,, 1 tglg tra t i OH - « € ■ plnyen ^ 

Sltok lb Obaao* S«»l 

CINCINNATI, Dec. 19.— That there la 
a hitch In the much-talked of arrange- 
*ment by which Frank Chance, former 
manager of the Chieaso Nationals, 
wo\ild become manager of le New York 
American team, Viecame known here, 
when l*re.>sident August Herrmann, of 
the Cincinnati Club, staled that lie l>ad 
not released Cliance. 

1 MAIN • 

Sir Henry Norman Offers 
Strong Opinions Against the 
British Government's Bar- 
gain With Marconi Company 

Security and Profits 

How You Can Take Advantage of the Big 

You can invest a small sum in the largest, best-paying prop- 
erites on the market and enjoy a greater measure of security 
than any individual investor could have, by the new, copy- 
righted plan. Costs nothing to find out all about this simple, 
vet effective means for syndicating the investments of in- 
vestors of small means. Ask for the booklet, '"Mcmey For 
You,'' today. No obligation incurred. 

XUbane and Duad**. 

LOS ANGIOLK!?, Doc. 10. — Johnny Kil- 
bane. of Clevelanrl, foatherweight. chain- 
pion, and .lohnny Dundee, of New York, 
have been matched to fight twenty 
roundK for the featherweight iltle at 
the Vernon Arena, whore Kilbane won 
the chainpion.ship ^rom Abe Attell. The 
light will lake place in „pril, but no 
dale was fixed. 

Tinker Signs. 

CINCINNATI. Ohio. Dec. IS). — Joseph 
Tinker signer a contract with the Cin- 
cinnati National Ijoague team, and last 
night assumed his duties as manager. 

ifiM to en t f .• f ii /^ IslaTMJ t jS jM iSilT -Cbm-' 
petition. 1 it U was decided to 

issue reglstraii m cards to the secre- 
taries of the various clubs for their 
playor.s. A weck'.s time is given for reg- 
istration from the date of issue. No 
player unregistered will bP allowed to 
(■omp<'te in tlie season's games. 

.\. O. .-^niith, representing the Island 
Leaguf at the B. C. A. A. U. meeting 
this evening, goes with an open mind 
with regard to tlie play>-'rs recently sus- 
pended. Mr. Brain, delegate from the. 
Sons Of England Club at last night'.s 
meeting, endeavored to secur<> some ex- 
pression of* opinion in regard to the 
matter. He stated that his club i.s op- 
posed to their reinstatement, but that | 
lie, personally, thinks tliat there should I 
he some change. Mr. D. Bain, in reply. I 
suggested tiiat if Mr. Brain's private | 
opinion dlffere<l from tiiat of the eUib i 
he represented the best eour.^e for him 
to pursue wa.« to resign. 

Mr. S. l^orimer took some exception 
to a statement appearing in an evening 
paper regarding this matter. 

Wr«iiti*ra Break Even 
QUKBIOC, Dec. 19. — In the wrestling 
match at the Auditorium tonight be- 
tween Dr. Roller and Cazeaux, the latter 
won the first fall on a foul In nineteen 
minutes. Roller taking the second in 
eleven minutes and the third in twenty- 
three minutes. 

X>ort WUliam Kan XUled 
A. K. Kenton, oi 

M best known 
men of the Twin Cities, and head of 
the A. 15. Fenton Company, was killed 
this afternoon in the C. P. It. yards. He 
was standing on the top of a box car 
when tlio engine suddenly started. He 
was thrown under tlie wheels and de 




.Mollis ('Oiulon. .foe BavievH 
manage!-, arrived liack in Victoria 
y.sterday with the news that It 
wa.« all practically fixed for Bay- 
ley to meet some good lightweiglit 
in a championship battle at Co- 
.lultlam on New Year's Day. As 
was mentioned in yesterday's 
Colonist. Sammy Good will likely 
be his opponent. Bayicy will get 
over 50 per cent of the gross re- 
ceipts as his end. Condon ex- 
pects word from Percy Hartney, 
the promoter, today, telling )iim 
that everything is O.K. Joe Bay- 
ley yesterday received an offer 
fron^ Kdmonton of 40 per cent of 
tlic gate to fight Kid Scaler tiiere 
some time in January. 

LONDON, Doc. I'J.— Sir Henry -Nor- 
man, whose criticisms in the House of 
Commons on the Marconi contract led 
to the inquiry, was the chief witnous be- 
fore the select committee yesterday. He 
declared that the ratification of the 
agreement of 1912 would bo contrary to 
public interest, would inevitably result 
in something approaching monopoly t»y 
the Marconi Company, and would be an 
e.\travagance with public money, preju- 
dicial to the scientiric development of 
wireless telegraph. If Hie agret;meiit 
were ratified he said, inventors would he 
compelled to go to the Marconi Com- 
pany, hat in hand. Jf their inventioni? 
.were refused they would be dlscou raged. 
If purcliased tliey would lend to luo- 
mote monopoly. 

Sir Henry hold that the agreement of 
100!) gave the Postmaster General the 
riirht to prosoni future Marconi patents 
and all Information as to secret pro- 
cesses. Tho Postmaster General had al- 
ready acquired for casli every right he 
was now seeking; therefore tlie agree- 
ment of 13ia was superfluous. 

1 ill) witness alleged ihat tn« plea of 
urgency was baseless and emphatically 
opposed the handing over, lock, stock 
and tiarrel, of a great Imperial scienti- 
fic undertaking to a conimereial com- 
pany. If the Australian post office and 
the American army could maintain their 
own wireless service, he regarded the 
suggestion of placing the service in the 
hands of the Marconi Company as humi- 
liating, and protested against it as an 
affront to British science and enterprise. 
Letters were then submitted to tiie 
Committee by the I^ostmasler General 
in reply to press criticisms on tlie trans- 
actions in Marconi shares etan<llng In 
the name of his relative, Hon. Gerald .S. 
Montague, in which It was said that 
Montague never purchased Maroon! 
shares himself, but his name had been 
used as a banker to hold shares in i>e- 
lialf of Amorstam correspondents. 

WraatU to Draw 

MOOSKJAW. Dec. 19. — Iii^a wrestling 
match before the Moosc.iaw .\thletlc 
Club last night, .lohn Gordon, of Min- 
neapolis, and Jolin Taylor, of Moosejaw, 
both heavyweights, wrestled two hours 
without e'lther securing a fall. 

Xortlmar Knocked Out 

PRINCE RUPKRT, B. C. Uec. 1 !).-- 
Kid Olmon knocked out Abe Mortimer 
' in the fifth round of a 20-round bout 
tonight. A big crowd was well pleased. 




Jones Building, Victoria, B. C. 


Of Every Description, and for All Purposes 


All sizes, delivered complete from works or set up at any 
elevation in town or country. 

Wc are now located in the largest and best equipped barrel 
factory in Western Canada, and prepared to handle orders in 
small or large quantities. 

Write or Phone for Prices, etc. 


p. O. Box 1430, Victoria Telephone R4496 

Douglas Road and E. and N. Ry., Near Lampson St. 


44 AJ^ R ^^P^ Af» 

^^^:"<&l^,* ^ 





Sold lnBl«diaftr WijfkK^ 

and Rmsv StfiuuMPB* iut PtMtmu mm 
and all rastry 

Wholesale Distributors for Cafifd*: 

British Importers, Ltd., Victoria B.C. 

Phone 856 

More Gilt Suggestions 
From "The Gift Centre" 

Genuine French Ebony 

Hair Brush, Genuine French Ebony, Real 

Bristles, full .'^izc ^2.25 

Military Brushes, Genuine French Ebony, 

real bristles, per pair ^2.50 

Genuine French Ebony Hand Mirror, 

ring handle . . . .^ ^2.00 

Genuine French Elsony Manicure Pieces, 

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Genuine French Ebony Hat Brush ^1.35 
Genuine French Ebony, Cloth Brush, 

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Puma Calf, up from f2.0C 

Seal Leather Case, containing collapsible 
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rubber case with wash cloth ...1^6.75 

Splendid Pocket Wallets, Morocco and 
Seal, from ,j . . . . $4.£^0 

Gents' Pocket Manicure Scto, containiniv 
all necessary pieces, from $4.00 


Always is stock. We tptd^if in artistk front doort, 
st«aiti«d slush, grain fir« andl Howttind's Halh. 

Leinoti GoiiBason Go* Ltd* 

Exquisite Star Brooches 

Solid Gold Stars, set with real pearls. In four sizes, and priced as follows: $15.10, 
$10,35, $8.80 and '■ • .-. J"' i-iTv* <. .r . . I1 «" .vfi . I .r» *<■'.»-';'. :'. • . .-. • ^.'.Jti » ; . v j ,»'. . ,\/^t>MO^ 




V%,i jtf^-.-.- - -- ^^ VTilL'i- .if -_ ^ ..M 

III Pi|ini€ 699 

V /-■_ ' t.-£'.*# 

i. tfitjp^ .:j'.^ v <ah * Yrt-.- 

Cmmm:^9mm(ll^ a»l Vi#w $fr€«Ui 

"We Want Your Liatinga" 



R. INVESTOR— one mo- 
ment! tim^ you been 
watching Bay Street? Are 
you aware of tfie fact that property 
in this district %as just started to 
JIT move? Do youlinow the I'eason for 
^' this activity? ''Ask us"— INVESTI- 




On account of the numerous in- 
(juiries we have received for prop- 
erty in this (hstrict, we have opened 
a branch office on the corner X)f 
l^YrnN\'()()(l Road and Bav Street, and 
arc now in a better position to look 
after vour wants iiiAhis district. 




•Phone 862- 

809 Government Street Opposite Post Office 

Branch Office Corner Fernwood and Bay 



20 to 30 per cent, discount on all lines 

A beautiful hand-painted calendar will be given to the cus- 
tomers who purchase 50c worth of goods and up. 

The Mikado Bazaar 

1404 Government Street 

Co/. Johnson Street 


Phone 552 

Useful and Sensible Cioods 

For Christmas 









**Wear Ever" Aluminum Ware 


if III "li ^'i 11^' I'ii 

.1 .if 

■ f ^ ^1* 


^Mi M )M Sm JlrtisUcallD arranged 

amcm amnion 
and , 

arouses admimiiM; 

LET U8 - 




■ iqi. < »> ' <r 'aty*y^yTB'" 

.■^--',' :.,.*"■<;> 

v-^., .■■_. ..-r:^ -^ ■■':*c »V. _> - ^'' 


'., ».v 



?''Kgil^Vll?Ul''Am^lwA:Jijyj;f^ ? \VV t ^}»>»W;itnW>ltf»7^MV'^<<^^^ 


Home Buy 


St.— ^lo«e In, (-room modern oottafe, and lot 33x104 

Prico 92760 

T«rm« to cult, or can b« had for |2250 cash. 

Four lots on com«r of Car*y Road, togeth«r with a new 
modern bungalow. One-third cash, balance arrMtged. 
Price fl6,000 

Below Value 

110x163 to a lane, on Transit Uoad, 2 iilooks from ear; g^ood 
fence. Price, on terms ^1,800 

LUlooet Park 

James Bay 

B*antifnl BaUdlar Xrf>ta In this Fairfield Subdivision, at 

from, each f 2500 

Third cash, balance 8, 12 and 18 mon th«. 

South Turner Street, 125 feet on thks beautiful resldpntlal 
street, tojfother with a large dwelling. (Jne-thlnl caah. 
balance arranged on pasy terms. Price $13,000 

B. C. Land and Investment Agency, Limited 


James Bay Properties 

St Andrew's Street— 45x100, next to corner of Simcoe. Price • ^725 

Andrew Street— 120x132, just north of Simcoe. Price ^7000 

Dallas Road— 21/2 lots, close to Dallas Hotel. Price • ?40,000 

Government Street— 100x100, between Superior and Michigan.- Price, per front foot ..f250 

Montreal Street— 40x100, south of Michigan. Terms: Quarter cash, balance i and 2 years. 

,-, . 86000 


Niagara Street— Corner of Boyd, 100x107. Price .• • ^7500 


Phone 1076 ^g|| P. O. Box 428 

Fire Insurance Written ^^^^' Mon ey to Loan 1112 Broad Street 

Member Victoria Real Estate Exchange 

Coronation Ave. 

New 6-roomed house, 1/2 blo^i 
cars. Modern in every way. Only 
$1,050 cash, balance to be arranged. 

PRICE, ?4,200 

Wellington Ave. 

Lot 50x146 feet. 


$800 cash and usual terms. 


Apartment and Store 

Snap — splendid corner. 50x90 feet. 
Close in, revenue $40 per month. 

See us about it this morning. 


Thia beautiful residential sub- 
division in Cadboro Bay District, 
next door to the famoua "UP- 
LANr>S." has no equals at any- 
thing like the prices asked. 
Commands wonderful view of 
Bay, Gulf and Mountains, &b well 
as of surrounding property, in- 
cluding "UPLANDS." 

Tha Vaw Btraat Oar Xdna WiU 
8* Xnimlnc >*rl7 ITcxt Month 

Values will surely go higher right 
away. The chance you have now 
will be gone then. See -HIOH- 
LAXDS" and pick out a lot rluht 
now, today. 


One-tenth ca«h, one-tenth Quar- 
terly. One-fifth cash, 6, 12, 18. 
24 and SO months. One-quarter 
cash, 1, 2. 3 years. 

Buy One NOV. 

Benson &WinsIow 


It is ready *'or occupancy. A beautiful nine-roomed house at 
Oak Bay, near sea, hotel and car. Everything about this 
place is fully modern and up to date. Lot is nearly half acre in 
size. Basement arranged for garage. We can show you this 
today. Come in and have us do so. 

Wm. Dunford & Son, Ltd. 

Investment Specialists 

311 Union Bank Building 

Phone 2315 


Bank Street. 200 feet x 110 fce(, to a. SO feet lane, with beautiful oak treea. 

two blocks from car Price • -• f«.00 

12000 caah; balance «. 12 and IS montha. 7 per cent. 
MoBtroM Ave.— 7 roomii. f4«00. caah and terma arrange. 
Vina St. — 4 rooms. $8100. caah and terma arrange. 

Theae are very modern and nicely (Inlahed. 

mmTmua. Blo«k. Orownd rieor. 

Vkoa* «M4b 

Rock Bay 

Lot on Hillside Ave., next 
to Bridge St., 60x120; 
revenue $-:4 per month. 

IMce $6500 

Third cash, balance 6, i_' 
and 18 months 

Victoria Land Co. 

110 Pemberton Blk. 

riioiie 2R01 



tO-f««t frontage on Vine Street, and 
ll»-feet frontage on the E. ,* N. 
Rallwar. for »2260. Up to thla point, 
mil the tracltage la held at high 
prices, and mostly used. No ^i>- 
•Ideratloa for trackage valur has 
been added to the prioe of this pro- 
perty. wh»oh la cheap, even wtth the 
trackage vfclue disregarded. It has 
. a high specalatlve value, and irlll 
return a good profit to a buy^ in 
a short tima. 


George M. Watt 




8. Fremls 



CkiTt. 81. 



•ox tl». 




Two Corners 

Crease Avenue 

$1500 each 


Two lots, 100x120 to a lane 
side and back. 

Price $4250 

Eagel & Linehaih 

2ia Union Bank Building 
Phone 4630 

110 X 132 

Mag-nificcnt home .site, beatitifully treed, close to car 

in Fairfield. 


Quarter cash, balance 6, 12 and 18 months. 

A. von Girsewald 

Real Estate, Cor. Fort and Quadra Streets 

P. O. Box 900 Phone 2926 

Member Victoria Real Estate Exchange 

Comox Farms 


■ I ' "" i n ii - I J i l l ': I 


All midafu i^m|m>vM|i«tite, good 
Vl««rr aI«M 't« tnuB oar 


If yon tKre looklnn for a. Farm, 
wo hare levoral . from which you can 
make your choice, large or amall. 
on the Very beat ol term*. Write, 
or better atlll, 


Ana we will give jrou a motor ride 
through the beat farmlns aattienienta 
on Vancouver laUnd. 

The C. P. H,.«»d G. V. Ry"a will 
be running here next year, and elec- 
trlo p«w«n the C*rmer'a beat hired 
man. will be obtainable at the aheap- 
Mt of rate*, became of being gen- 
erated by the natural fall oi water 
from the PUntledge, river, Thla)- will 
: bring additional InQuatrlea, oTfvrinK 
' the farmer In thla dUtrict a marlcat 
at hi* «wn door for all produce. 



5 Room Bungalow 

On Bank Street, with basement, sewer, water, electric light, 
etc. !?5oo cash, balance easy. Price ^3500 


1 1 8-1 19 Pemberton Block 

Members Victoria Real Estate Exchange 

«oinKtia«A«. V.' i.. b. 0.' 



The Biggest Snap Yet 

New Six-roomed Cottage, modern in every particular, close to 
Pembroke Street, on Victor. Easy terms. Price. . .^4500 


Corner Johnson and Broad Streets Phone 727 

Fort Street 

60 X ti^i' bttYfttti ^tlAdra aftd Vancouver Streets. Cheapeit 

in the blocK «** pw iitmt loot feOO 


Special. Lot Values 

— "1^ — r-ytmirsrDE uiirsmcr — — - 

$250 ca«hr'WxtS6, one block off Gorge Hoad $650 

$275 cash, 50x157, Wascana Street, between Burn«ide ajid Dougla«. $7T5 

Jl.OOO cash, h.iif-acre. Bolesklne Road, n-ear Carey Road $2900 


$.^00 cash, 40x160. fine lot, close to HlU.slfle car $900 

8600 cash, quart-er-acVt. Graham and Summit, Jiust outside one-mile circle. 
Price faOOO 

rAZsrxiii.s estatz 

1.500 cash, fine lot on Clover .Street, just off Moss Street; only $1400 

1800 cash, 50x120, Moss Utreet, cheapest on Street $2300 


»300 cash, 50x189, close to Willows car. Price $1000 

1650 cash, 50x120, Olympia Avenue, close to sea and car $2000 

Splendid Homes 

rotri^ BAT 

»500 cash, new, well-built, strl<:tly modern 6-roomed bunsulow, om Beach- 
wood Avenue, close to sea. Thia Ls a special snap and shouW be 

Been at once. Price for a few days $4750 


$650 cash, 'bea-utlful 8-roomed house, fully modern. Price $4660 


$1,000 cash, 5-roomed modern house. Price $4000 

We liave a fine selection of 1100363 and vacant lota In all parts of city. 
Buyers consult us. Owners list with us. WE SEI>L 

Leonard, Reid & Go. 

480-1-8 ».ittl)«rton BuUdlmr Phon«« aai uid 845 

For the Man Who Picks up Snaps 


Just off Moss Street, situated among some of the finest homes 
in Victoria and only a few minutes from car line. This lot 
is one of the highest on the street and is beautifully treed, 
with good view of mountains, Beacon Hill Park and the city. 
Size 55x132- 

Price $2900 

Third, balance 6, 12 and 18 months. 


Phone 3308 

Merchants' Bank Building; 



Btmcm Drive — New. modern, 0-roomed 
home. iMt 70x150. ThW property 
commands a fine view of the «oa 
and mountain*. Prlci; J8600 

Bonehler Street, off the Koul Bay Rd. 
— New. modern bungalow; good 
haeement, furnace, etc. TermB. 
Price ......,.,,,. .$4«00 

Mont«rey Avenue, close to carllnc— -A 
beautiful, modern houee, . contain- 
ing 8 rooms, basement, with fur- 
nace, etc.; lot i00xl20. Terms. 
Price tlR.OOO 

Oliver Street — Pretty, modern bunga- 
low, containing 6 rooms; steam 
heated, fuUy modern. Prlop, on 
terroe WW^ 


B.Troii Street, next to the comer of 

Tale and Byron— Two nl«a reslfltn- 
■ tla,l lot*, with nniurpaMed view. 

Price, each »i»» 

St. Lulie Street — Fine, open, cle»r lot. 

50x120. Terma. Price 9t7«l 

Unklewi Avenne—- Pretty rMld«nil«I 

lot, clove to the OoU t<HUU; Terms. 

Price ....9Uf 

Hampahlre MomA — Three flat*, \»fl 

lota. Price, each SIBM. 

Tod Road, cloae to the WIQowe BMeh 

and Uplands Park ea-^Iine-rOne 

acre of open, clear ■ l«n<L' 



IOI-2 Pemberton Block, Victoria, B. C. 

Phone 1381 

1 1 I I I r ii.»^.M«»«««ii»i««««— » II I I 




1-4 cuh, S, 12, IS. e4 and M 

Mr. Buyer, then* lots «x« below 
mark«t price. Thiey are In an ex- 
cellent dlBtrlct Thejr are with- 
out doubt the ibest value In aub- 
urban lota available. See them 
for youraelf. 

Where Things 

On a Good Cta-ntr:; 

Tennyson Rd. 

Near DouglM 


cmJk tlMt 




■a >.'■ ■-»..- 


Twenty-five acres, 21 acres under cultivation and the balance in pasture land. Excellent or- 
chard, including 500 apple, pear and cherry trees, also i 1-2 acres of strawberries and 1-2 icte of 

New,, modern 6-roomed house with outbuildings, barn, stable and chicken houses. 

This farm is to be sold as a going concern with all stock and implements. 

Well situated on main road, and only five minutes from Keating's Station. 

Pirice $18,500. Terms 1-4 cash, balance 1, 2, 3 years. 


Phone 30 620 Fort Street Established 1890 


On the Mile Circle 

A Good Level Lot, 50x129, Just Off Bay St., on Garden St. — 
This is a splendid buy for the man who wants to -be cen- 
tral and still have a good sized lot at a small price. Price 

'^I^hMKo, «pXO« o 

lialanoc itv ^nfjIlfyMii t8 months 

On t-€^! 


i20i Broad Street. Corner of View 

Cheapest Inside Property 


Humboldt St., 97.8 ft. with 37.10 ft. frontage on 
y Blanchard. Revenue-producing. 

Price $20,000 

Terras Arranged, 


Phone 2612 

649 Fort Street 


We have some clients looking for Saanich acre- 
age. If you have any "'For Sale," kindly send us par- 


Phone 1094 


302 Pemberton Building 


Two acres, with lO-roomeiJ modern house, garage, etc., between 

Burnside Road and Douglas Street. Splendid buy at the price of 

$19,000, on terms of one-third cash, balance 1 and 2 years. Or owner 

will accept house in Fairfield costing $8,000 or $9,000 as part paymcnf. 

For further particulars, apply to 


open Evenings 
709 Fort Street SEE US TODAY Phone .^415 


I^TWMM StrMt, Off QtuAr*, 50x120 #1260 

Qaadnk StrMt, a«»r XaTsrnMs, 50x130 flSOO 

0UMV0W mrMt, 2 lots 50x120 each fl260 

•eaiOTwM ATWitw, 50x100 f 900 

Tolnl* A^WBtii*, 2 lata 60x143, each 9800 



Real Estate, Financial & Insurance Ajrent*. 


Splendid HomeSite, size 75x200. 

PftlCB, •»,T50, ON TERM8 

Thi» price good for a few day* 


so feet aa VatM, with«d 
hou««, r*ntlnv for 130 per month, 
near Cook St. 1-t caah, (, 11 and 
II mdntha. Prlci» $9000 

B-Ro*med, nodem houM on ' Prior 
St.: IS((I canh, balance ,ftL» rent. 

TrvMi St.— ««xl20; thla la the only 
VM«B^t lot on Ul<K (IJCrMt. TarmB 

Hi:iiniiiii e «wnpaif:v 

The Best Xmas 
Gift of All 


Canada Life 

tjhe oldest and strQ»g- 

^SlSit Company in Canada 
Life Insurance is the great- 
est blessing of, modern civil- 
i/,ation. It gives peace of 
mind to the husband and 
wife, [)rovides for the little 
ones, and is the best way of 
saving money for the bach- 

See us about the Canada 
Life before Xmas. 




General Agents 
1 2 ID Broad Street 

Transit Road, z blocks from 
car, 50x162, to lane, one 
lot $1800 

Monterey Ave., to Sar- 
atoga, 1 lot .... .$1850 

Pleasant Avenue, close to 
I'.rigluon. I lot ..$1700 


e.Tl \'leu- Street 

Phone 2307 


Port Angeles 

Only good, desirable propertle.i 
handled. 1 have some good bar- 
Kalns. &efi me before buying. 


1014 Broad St., Pemherton Block 

Established 1S90 

Godwin & McKay 

We are open to buy 
Agreements of Sale in 
amounts of twenty-five hun- 
dred dollars, twenty thou- 
sand and twenty-five thou- 
sand dollars. Money wait- 

The House Men 

6ao Yates Phone 3713 

New, ModArn Houae to Rent. 

Neiir Car. 

L«rKe 8(or* to Kent, Tatea Street. 


$3 so cash secures a lot on 
Ruby Street, close to Hill- 
side, balance 6, ip^ apd 18. 
Price ..>.... .."..f 1060 

Abbott & Sutherland 

W, I,odce» MjjfT. 

• 'ifiT <•«« tiyi\ tFt»4»*« 'l^a^ilp * 

Cordova Bay 
Waterf rontage 

10 1-2 acres splendid land with excellent facilities, 
264 feet sea frontage. Beautifttl vjew, high and dry, 
and in heart of exceptional neighborhood. 

Price $6600.00 

On vcr}- easy terms. 


Agreements For Sale Discounted 

Members Victoria Stock Exchange 

Members Victoria Real Estate Exchange 

Douglas and View Streets Phone 766 

In a Few Weeks 

The cars will be running right through to 

! • 

Deep Gove 

We have some beautiful acreage, Y^ acre blocks or 
more, and waterfrontage. 


Grant & Lineham 

Money to Loan. 633 Yates Street 

Fire Insurance Written 

^iew St. Between Quadra and Vancouver, 30 x 120 
$15,000, Revenue Producing. Cash $3,000, Balance 

Over 8 Years 

Rer>ts Collected 
Estates Managed 
1205 Broad Street 


Real Estate, Financial and Insurance Agent 
Manager Branch Of/ice Great West Life 

Mortgages and 

Loans Arranged 

Phone 65 


Oook Street — Southwe.«l corner of Rockland Avenue. 3 1-3 lots, 120 feot 
on Cook by 200 feet on Rockland. Exce-ptlonally fine location, belnjf 
on main streets, wlt'i car Hne and only eight mlnulfcfi' walk from the 
Vost Office. 

Exclusive Sale By 


Members of the Victoria Real Estate Exchange 

icoa Broad Btract^ Tlctarla, a. a 

Oak Bay, facing McNeil and Margate $1600 

Wellington Ave. — Cheapest lot in Fairfield. .$2275 

Rosebury Street— Fine view $1400 

6-Room House, Davie Street — Lot 60x120. $500 
cash, balance as rent $4750 

Hollywood Park — 6-room new house $5500 

Waterfront Lots — Choice of Foul Bay $3250 

McPherson & Fullerlon Bros. 

614 View Street, Central Bldg. Phone 1888 

For Quick Sale 

Corner Lot on Haznl Kt., all dry and 

clear »146« 

One-Tlilra Cash, Bal. 8, 12, 1« 

Gordon Burdick 

620 Brouifhton fft. Pemberton Block 
Phone 2S0I 



8. E. corner of the Avenii* 
and Davie, 120 by 100, splendid 
■ite for ator** »nd apartments. 
Price flB().00 per front foot on 
long and easy term*. 


r. e. SMI 7W> viMM int. 

Burnside District 

No. 1318. One of the best double corners on Burnside Road. 

Price f3,650 

No. 1314. Double corner on Harriet Road, between Burnside and 

Gorge Roads ^3,150 

Nos. 2075A., 2077A. Double corner near Harriet Road, between 

Gorge and Burnside Roads. 115 x 120 «2,850 

No. 1068. Two lots on Maddock Avenue, near MillRrove, 50 x 120 

eacii, well situated; $600 cash, balance 1 and 2 years ^2,XOO 


Real Estate and Investments — Insurance 
Rooms 101-106 Hlbben-Bone BuUdlnff, Victoria, B.C. Phone 1462 

Cheapest Inside Property 


Humboldt St. — 30 ft. with 42 ft. frontage on Biirdette. 
Price $18,500 

4-Acre Blocks on 33/2-mile circle. Price, per acre $1500 

City Land Co., Limited 

luro Pemberton Building 

W. T. Williams Albion Johns 

Phone 1675 

Sydney C. Thomson 


Improved Farms 



Hickey & Thwaites 

Parksville, Vancouver Island 

Douglas and 

On « eoriMr: will wiMt*^<<* '"t* f^ 

Richmond Ave. 

Five Room Hou»e, Waah Tubs, 
Cem«nt Basement, all modern Im- 

L.ot 5«xt06 

y«iM fwoe 

Term* |^6^<r -vrnmh, balance 

Herman Erb 

Sle Central BMff. 

Phone '.2092 

» ). i (>-»..* »' •..♦♦it 



w««o em 

■ i twl. b«tw«ea 0»- 

««w jM* «■ llMMi MM«t.' Mtveeii - 

|ilH>tr«*l 'MiA.;»t. tsttmee. Prl«» 
ftr ttz '.tsrax' ::t.. ...;... .- 9ft,W8i ' 

. ,w.. .=1 «;,!' 


We have exclusive sale of above twenty acres on the border of the new 
City oX AU»«rnl, which we, can deliver Sjt a price which must l|iMli,e hlE money 
for the purchaeer. : Thia la good land, aome of Kf .practlo&Uy cleer; elT J 

Into lotB. 

. _ ... ilOKfed 

burnt; biK rogd trontaso and pultable' for either fau-mlny or- Bubdlvldlas 
Prirc for a feWiftys only: ■; r •■ 


Third cash, balance, 6, 12 and II mol>th*. 


«02 BrouRhton .Street 

Phone 14«a 



Fort George 

Our 2-Acre |*Qts are going rapidly. Buy while ypu have the 
bpportuftity ; $60 cash, balance $10 per month. No interest ; 
no taxes. Each ^00 

Near Breakwater; lot 46x107. Terms $500 cash, balance $500 
every six months. Price . . ^3000 


The Nechaco VaUey Land Co., Ltd 

Phlme 4<33i' 7.3a Fort Strfet^ 








Three ioUc^' ti^. fiti, :'Macqutna Stt^ W feet'oltli|»> 
I'voihxt*, jwar'"i(«i|W4 Car %ri«^||.r«|fld|^ ..^U. .;;,.. . . . , J 

^'^m^^'>{^n^^^ii^^l^i^^^ -^J lJ,..lll^!l.!JM'||9},lf.WiW«l!". l«'y^H'?!-MWl'JJ^'I^^Sa!"!J^i-,' 


'.»"!«^|Yi"7-'"s'"»y»' ^I-", l""'»t?'''t''-'' ' '." • -" "'" in""ff"'"W'' ""•'>'«»;;> iij;;"»'»pn;> 





JiidccU, \ua uuI^l, 11 yun'rc looking-for Christmas 
Gifts at F'vlc Prices. 



etfoiis Range 



SB liiseount of 
J? as Well 


Remarkable Discovery Made 
Recently by Scientific Com- 
mission in Mexico — Chinese 
Statuette Unearthed 


Sill.:-, Silvcr,\v;i!~r. l'V'»r\'. Brasswarc. Ebony 
!'\imiture. Kimpnas; Opwa Cloaks. Dres>ing 
Jackets, and luindred ' ''>ys for the youngsters. 

E & CO. 

We Have a Good Lady Tailor. 
715 View Street, Just Above Douglas Phone 4152 



Surveyed and iridedinto Eig^ht Pieces 


Phone 3314 liainley Buildinf: 

I/ONDON, Ufc. 19.— Homethlnir of a 
eeriHatton has been caused among Brit- 
ish .scl-enilstt! by the news of a very 
remarkable urchaeol'Oflcal discovery- 
Just made la Mexico, which helps to 
prove the theory tliat has long been 
held that th« ancient livlUicaltonB of 
Mexlc-o and Peru preceding that of tho 
Aztecs were really of Chiueso or Mon- 
golian origin. 

I''or more than a year past an expe- 
dition, composed of British, American, 
and Mexican Archaeologists, headed by 
Sir Martin Conway, Professor William 
Nlycn, an<J Senor Ramon Mona, has 
been sH-archins: among the ancient ruins 
of Mexico and Yucatan, in the liope of 
unravelllnir the mystery of the wonder- 
ful Maya civilisation. Finally, dose 
to and partly beneath the ruins of the 
ancient city of Tootihuacan, about 
nineteen miles of Mexico 
city, tliey uncovered the still inoro an- 
cient city of Otumba, which flourished 
with a wondrous civilization centuries 
before the Aztecs or Tolteca ros« to 
power, iierhapa even before Babylon 
and Ninevtli f:wa><'il the destinies of 
nien. ' ■' ' " 

With tlio financial assistance of the 
^Mexican aovernment the expedition 
began tlio removal of a .six-foot layer 
of eartli, representing the dust and det- 
litii..^ iii more than twenty centuries. 
Tills sui.m brought into view many evi- 
dences of a vast and populous city of 
a very lilgh order of civilization. Chl^f 
amonK tiiese was a great pyramid. It 
is 700 f-eet square at the, and its 
apex Is 187 feet high, while many of 
the giant blocks of stone In Us mas- 
sive walla must have required extra- 
ordinary engine^'rlng skill to handle. 
This pyramid also has its riddle, for 
the axis of the main gillery is coinci- 
dental with the magnetic meridian. 

Near the pyramid was found another 
r'^markable building called the "Casa- 
Plntada," or painted house. On the 






y-nu r1n not havc to be an expert wine tester to instantly 

rcc:-i:, superiority of VINO CHIANTI (Pietrini ) over 

all otlier table wines. Us flavor and bouquet are indescribably 
delicate and satisfying. 

VINO CHIANTI (Pietrini^ leaves no acidity in the stom- 
acli- There rare Jio harmful effects from continued daily use. 
On rite other hand, VINO CHIANTI (Pietrini) is rich hi 
blood-making qualities. Its regular use with your meals will 
■be a .spurce of, never-ending delight and great benefit. 

,:,,.. ...iTOUs grower, Antonio Pietrini, is imported to Canada 
exclusively bV the John X'ittucci Company. The wine conies 
direet'troni the winery in the Chianti District, Italy, and is the 
rc'cosrnized standard bv which all Chianti Wines are judged. 

i'irst-class wine houses sell it, and the best hotels and cafes 
serve it at-table. Place an order for Christmas. 

.\ SUPEPrr 

\\"iX!-: ^ ^ 

Hudson's Bay Company, 
Kirkham & Co. 

Dixi H. Ross & Co., 
Empress Hotel. 


Exclusive Importers. 
'- V^ater Street ' Vancouver, B C. 


TIii> , ;. ; I (juea-tion is answered. thoroughly. We have Gift Goods ap- 

^n-opriate forev^ry member of the family. Furniture makes an ideal Christ- 
ma- ('iir. Store open evenings until Christmas. 

• N : 

For Father 
]-:asn* cn.Mi-^ \hc solid 

ronit'o'-i khid, one 
ihat father can rest 
ill and' enjoy ;be 
evening ;t h o m c. 
!• rom $6.75 to $6G.O0 

For Mother 

I'ARLOR CHAIR, mahog- 
any frame, upholstered in 
.silk. Cood values at from 
$f;.oo U) f 25.00 

SWEEPERS are appreci- 
ated a.s Christmas gifts. 
. Trices up from . . . .^3.75 

for Sister or Friend 

makes a Joyely pres/' 
ent for a lovely girl. 
Low prices and good 

n't Forget Your Own Home 

Thi.i Cluislniai ^ce if flaere fs soiiicthiftg ydtt tteed td make it more comfort- 

ablij,. and if there is^-4\itjv it. 

vroontf floor there are alx room*, with 
■mootlity poUrttM floori ot white ce-, 
moat The we|la, wbloh ere uomp^Ma' 
of oliiy mixed with fragment* of atope, 
are tbiclteat at the twee, and alope 
alishtly upward. ,. They are a)«o 
amoothly finlalied with a thin coating 
of filaater, which la painted Indian red. 
On theae walla are paintings repre- 
aenting human beings in elaborate 
coatumea and head-dresses. The color* 
used in the paintings are green, red, 
pink, and orange brown. The work- 
manship Is of a high order, the figures 
being koldly drawn and oarefuliy coI> 

Tha OUBaa* Mataatta 

Then came the greatest discovery of 
all. While excavating near the base of 
the groat pyramid. Professor Nlven 
unearthed the remains of yet a third 
clvllUatlon beneath the ruins of an- 
cient Otumba. making three great cities 
of lost and forgotten races, built one 
above the ojlher. 

In wliat appears to have been a tomb 
of the lowest city, whoae ago so far 
defies calculation. Professor Niven 
found the clay image of a Chinaman, 
with oblique eye-silts, padded coat, 
flowinij trousers, and slippers. Only 
the queue was lacking to make a com- 
plete portrait of a mandarin of the re- 
cently defunct Chinese Empire. It 
should be remembered, however, that 
the Chinese did not adopt the queue 
until Hfter they had been conquered by 
the Tartar hordes from the North. 

The ininpe is about seven inches In 
length, and where tile arms are broken 
the edges of the clay show red, and 
friable in the centre. Tiie outer sur- 
face of the clay, howc\er, I3 of srranlte 
hardness, and it is only with the great- 
est difficulty that it can be chipped 
witli a biiitimcr. In the ears are huge 
rliig.s, mid on tlif In fid Is a .ikuUcnp 
with a small button In the centre, pre- 
cisely like that worn by llie modern 
mandarin. The coat, which is loose and 
of the type still worn by the older, Is fastened with a frog and 
button, and on the bresst is a circular 
plate, evidently once covered with a 
thin layer of beaten gold> but worn 
bare by contact with the earth for un- 
known centuries. 

"This Chinese Image," writes Prpfes- 
sor Niven, "was not made by the Az- 
tecs. It Is much older, and proves that 
the ancient people of Mexico wore fa- 
miliar with the Mongol type. It was, 
found In a tomb or bedchamber beneath 
the ruins of two other ancient civiliz- 
ations, thirty feet and three Inches be- 
low the surface. The room, which waii 
thirty feet square, and built of concrete 
walla, was probably a tomb. On a 
raised cement platform In the centre 
lay the skull and bones of a man of 
not more than five feet In height. His 
arms were very long, reaching almost 
to his knees, while his skull was of a 
decidedly Mongol type. Around his 
neck had been a string of green jad> 
beads — another link In the Chinese 
theory, for real Jade has never been 
found in Mexico In the natural state. 
areatast I'ind of AU 

"Beside the skeleton was a string of 
597 pieces of shell. With this money 
lay the greatest find of all — the llttl*! 
Chinaman. It is the first of the kind 
ever found In Mexico, though Mongol 
types are found In sufficient numbers 
among tlie Am-erlran and Mexican In- 
dians to argue an Asiatic origin. Near 
the platform was a flower vase, about 
IB Inches high, that had evidently been 
filled with xoehite, the sacred yellow 
flower of al! these ancient races of 

"It should be borne In mind that this 
Image was not a god, or an idol, but 
an ornament — perhaps a portrait done 
In clay by some prehistoric sculptor. 

"The RKfi of the figure Is difficult to 
determine without further data. Cir- 
cumstances, however, warrant the rough 
guess that about 5.000 years ago Chin- 
ese navigators crossed the Pacific in 
their primitive junks and discovered 
America tho\isands of years before Co- 
lumbus was born. Settling there they 
built a city, and In a grave of one or 
their number, many years after, a clay 
Image of the man was buried with him. 
This great city fell Into ruins — perhaps 
through conquest — but the image lay 
safe. The ruins of tms first city were 
covered with earth, and there arose 
through the centuries another splendid 
and mysterious city. This, too. fell into 
ruins, and upon it was raised a third 
metropolis of «ome forgotten race of 
men. At last the third city crumbled 
Into dust, but beneath them all the 
Chinaman's Image still lay safe and 
undisturbed until a little group of 
searchers In the cause of science. In 
this wonderful twentieth century of 
ours, have brought it to light, and per- 
haps through It we may now solve the 
enigma of the New World's beginning." 

Mr. W. J. Lord, a butcher of Hamil- 
ton, had to pay 30 cents a pound, live 
weight, for the best shorthorn steer at 
the fat stock show at Toronto last 
week. This animal was the first prize 
winner at the Toronto Exhibition this 
year, first at Ottawa, first at the Chi- 
r«go International Show, and finally 
first at the Union Stocit Yards Show 
this month. It was Kred by Messrs 
.Tames Leask ft Sons, of Oreenbank. 
Price* for other beef animals ranged 
from • cents to 18 centa. 

8. P. C. A. cases of cruelty. Phone 
inspector Rttasell, IMl. BecreUry's 
phone 1.1733. * 

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Knife Sharpener — A round shaft of Carborundum, firmly 
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i , 'III 'It' 

wiagki onw ■•» 

THBPANl, SJcily Oee. 19.— Roland 
a. Garros, the French aviator, made a 
splandid fJljrht yaatarday , over the 
M«dltterranean 8a*. from i'unis, Africa, 
to aiotly. He laAdad near Trapanl. 
havinf covered tha dlaUaooe of «bout 
ISO mllaa over the watar. Thta aatsb- 
Uahw » aaw overaaa record. .autliHMa* 
IK* t%tmt n» T.i>ti» tlavtiA. Who 4Mi Mamh 


"|ts Qelicioiis prawing ninlities' 

.Aiw i—lfaatai-'lB- -wtaM aff Twiipato .Mly 




El , 



Well Known Fisheries Protec- 
tion Cruiser to Be Used as 
Supply Ship Between Hono- 
lulu and Islands. 

Trim Steamship on Seattle Run 


Was Dynamited by Pirates and 
Valuable Cargo Taken — 
Fanning Island Is a Cable 

Wltlv the tloparture of the steamer 
Kestrel for Honolulu last evening, what 
is probably iho last has been seen of one 
of tho n^ost widely known of Dominion 
Uovernment Fisheries Protection cruis- 
ors. Tho ICestrel has outlived her days 
of usefulness to the Dominion, and 
-sonio months ago was sold ,to Armstrong 
.it Armstrong, of London, who will use 
her in trading between Chrl;-' "■m- 

7iing and the Hawaiian Isi.: ; .She 

was thoroughly overhauled before her 
dopartu re and durlns-lajBt- -Waeitgltan, a. 
r: triaj-run around '.fi^iiiSfii^l^ 
' jiroved satisfactory. -'''''Cal)taOT'?'TBlf''*atf^ 
oxporlonced somo litXIe difficulty In se- 
curing a good crew for ii ">'' 
but he completed hi.s 

The Kestrol'B now mission brings her 
into an entirely different field to that 
In whlcii sh<^ has )ieretofoi-e been 

Christmas Jslaiul sprang Into promln- 
'rnco some years ago as tho scene of the 
wreck of the steamer Aeon, which was 
bound for Australia with a miscelian- 
<jous cargo valued at ninety-five thou- 
sand pounds, and carrying a number of 
the wives of officers of the American 
floot, which was then on Us hiatorlo 
globe-enclrcliniti: cruise, to Jotn their, hliB.- 
bands In .Sydney. X. S. V,'. 

The wreck of the Aeon was purchased 
when Lloytl's auctioned her off in Syd- 
ney by Mr. Frank Coffee, of that city. 
In, partnership with Mr. r. Daffy, of Han 
Francisco, who Is engaged in the fruit 
exporting business from Canada and the 
TTnltcJ States to Australia. The price 
]>aid was four thousand pounds. On a 
share basis a wrecking company was 
formed in Auoitland, N. Z., which out- 
fitted a tramj) steamer of 1500 tons bur- 
den, under the command of a man fa- 
miliar with the South Seas, to do the 

Messrs. Coffee and Duffy received tn- 
ftvrmation that where the Aoon lay there 
wa."? no danger of her breaking up, as 
she was and dry even at high tide. 
.She had aboard her two phosphor-bronze 
propellers, which alone were valued at 
a sufficient amount to more than cover 
their jjurchase price; and, in addition, 
she liad nearly two million feet of red- 
wood and pine lumber, which would not 
be affected by the salt water; as well 
as some thousand cases of canned goods, 
oils, and two hundred marine petrol en- 
gines. To further ensure success and 
to prevent the possibility of piracy from 
any of the Islands, througli the influ- 
ence of the late .Sir ,Tohn See, then Pre- 
mier of New South Wales, tho Admir- 
alty dispatched II. M. S. Cambrian to 
visit the Island and watch the wreck 
until the salvage steamer arrived. Bad 
weather delayed the warship for some 
time, and one her arrival she found that 
the hull had been dynamited and the 
easily-removed portion of her cargo, and 
the most valuable, had l>een taiion away, 
and the balance so damaged as to be 
almost worthless. Traces Indicated that 
the pirates had come from an American 
port, but on account of the certain heavy 
expense and costliness of litigation, It 
wa« decided to let tho matter rest there 
and write off a loss. 

Chrlntmas Island, the sole product of 
which Is guano, most of which at one 
time went to Lever Brothers, tho Port 
Sunlight firm, which ov/ns many South 
Sea. Islands, was owned until about a 
year ago by Father Rougler, a million- 
aire priest of Suva, who sold it to an 
EJngllsh syndicate. There Is a possslbll- 
Ity that It may be utilized by the Ad- 
miralty as a coaling station, and if so 
the Kestrel will be a supply ship. 

Fanning Island at which the Canadian- 
Australian liner Makura calls every 
three months, Is a coral atoll, and was 
onoe fished for pearls. It is now a 
relay station for the Pacific Cable 
Board, and until a few months ago had 
la white population of eight men 
and two women. C'V>pra may be 
d«veloi>ed there and a small amount of 
Kuano. The Kestrel will be a supply 
ship for this island also, and with 
Honolulu only eleven hundred miles off, 
the inhabitants will be able to keep In 
closer touch with their fellow-beings. 
Calling there has always meant delay 
for the Australian liners, and ■ In bad 
weather It Is impossible to see tho atoll 
more than twenty miles off, on account 
of its low elevation, coooanut palms be- 
ing the landmarks. It Is proposed to 
utilise it as a government wireless sta- 
tion' in the near future. 

On acount of her small slao the Kes- 
tral had to fill her hold with coal for 
the 2000-knot Journey to Honolulu. She 
waj9 built for the Dominion Govomqient 
at a cost of $65,000, though certain 
Oovemment offlcere strongly urged the 
purchase of the Black Eagle, a hand- 
somely appointed la'ge steel yacht be- 
lon^ng to the estate of the O^ike of 
Westminster, then for sale for $32,000, 
whieh was Ie«s than half her, real v«jlue, 
and.whlflh had a upeed of elfhteen Httots. 
Th# Kottr^v dlmenfioas «re: Mbgft, 
lat (e«t: bmtn. 34 feet, aitd d«pth,. 1«.( 
fe«t. She Mnieii h or«w of tflxteeo men. 

The Nti|MitK TtiMn Kalitha liner Inaba 
Mara, tAHm'^»o*mrfint eleven hondrM 
toM «tmr90 htn, l*ft for aeattl* and. 

The new fireprouf, all-stt-el steamship Sol Due, was built at tlic ScaUlc 
Construction and Drydock Compan}''s Yards, and delivered to her owners 
last summer. She was built especially for the run from Seattle by Port 
Anyeles to Victoria. The vessel was named after the famous Spriutis in iho 
Olympic Peninsula. 

The Sol Due's dimensions are: length, 205 feet; breadtii, ,i.^ feet, anil deplh, 
22 feet 6 inches. 



Many Vessels Are 

to Take Valuable Cargoes 
From the Pacific Seaboard 
Within Next Few Months. 

;:Big Blue Funnel Liner In the 

Straits Last Night and Will 
Be in Port With a Large 
Cargo at Daylight, 

PORTL.\XD, Ore., Dec. 19. — New busi- 
ness placed for 191.1 delivery is being 
cared for as to tonnage and in the 'way 
of lumber two engagements have been 
made toy BaRfour, Guthrie & Co., the 
Xorwegln,n tram.p Mathilda having been 
charterefi to load for Shanghai, and the 
Norwegian tramp Ti>rrlt>r for Australia. 

Both vesselis art- on the way to the 
Coast from the Atlantic side with coal 
for the Government and will discharge 
at either Vallejo or Tlberon, in San 
Francisco Bay. The Mathilda Is looked 
for In the Colun^bia River about January 
l'<) and the Tcrrlfr will be nvailal-iln 
May 1. 

Tho .Ta'penese steamer Unkal Maru, 
which Is to head for Shanghai, flnlshc<l 
her lumber cargo at St. Johns last 
night and proceeded down the rlvor. 
She will .be tAken to Puget Sound from 
the Columbia by Capt. C. \V. Ames, a 
pilot of the northern harbor, and after 
coaling will cro.H.s the Pacific. 





(By Government Wireless) 
8 ». m. 

Point Grey — Clear; calm: .30,40; 30. In, 
7:30 p. m., Zealandia. Out, Princess 
Beatrice, 11 p. m., northbound. 

Cape Lazo — Overcast; calm; 30.41; 40; 
sea smooth. Spoke, 4:3."; a. m., S. S. Prin- 
cess Ena, left Oeparturc Bay for Van- 
couver 3 a. m. 

Tatoosh — Clear: N. 1 mile; 30.3; 
sea smooth. 

Fstfjvan — CloucV: S. B., 29.04 
42; sea moderate. 

Triangle— Cloudy; S. E., 29:04; 
"Spoke S. S. Bellerophon, 11:1.") p. m., :?20 
miles from Capo Flattery, eujsthound. 

Ikoda — Ralnlni.'; S. \V.; 2!).9S, 42; light 

Prince Rupert — Raining; S. W'.. .'3trong; 
30.36; sea moderate. 

Dead Tree Point— TUiinIng; S. E., light; 
sea smooth. 


I'oint Grey — l-'oggy; calm; 29.44; 40. 

Cape l..azo — Overcast; calm; 30.44; 37. 
Spoke S. S. Tukon aJ>eara off Cape 
Mudge, 9.20 a. m., northbound. 

Tatoosh — Part cloudy; B. 6 miles; 
30.65; 44; sea moderate. 

Triangle — Squally; rain; S. E.; 28.56; 
42; sea moderate. Spoke to Quadra leav- 
ing Quatslno Sound at 10 p.m. 

Ikeda— Cloudy; X. \V.; 29.91; 4 6; light 

Dead Tree Point — Overcast; 8. E., 
light; heavy swell. 

Estevan — Ftalning; S. E. 30.34; 36; 
soa moderate. 

Prince Rupert — Raining; S. E., calm; 
29.94; 84; sea moderate. In, 10:15, Ven- 

6 p.m. 

Capo IjExo — Overcast; calm; 30,40; 34; 
sea smooth. 1:85 p.m., Henrlette abeam, 

Point Grey — Cloudy; calm; 30.40; 38. 

Triangle — Overcast; squally; N. W. 
strong; 29.63; 40; sea moderate. 

Ikoda — Raining; W., 29.99; 41; sea 

Prince Riipert — Passing showers; S. 
E. fresh; 29.94; 36; sea moderate. 

Dead Tree Point — Cloudy; calm; sea 

Tatoosh — Rain; S. W. 14 miles; 30.54; 
48; no shipping. 

Estevan — Raining; calm; 80.25; 40; 
sea moderate. Spoke Bellerophon 2:10 
p.m., 120 miles west of Tatoosh, eaat- 

Not Obartarad T«t 

No charter has yet been arranged for 
the Rupert CI t.v. Captain Boyd, of the 
Mercantile Transportation Company, 
Which ha.s been lylj>g Idle in Eagle 
Harbor, opposite Seattle, for ."wme weeks. 
It has bpon reported that the Rupert City 
had received n charter to take a cargo 
of lumber from the Sotind to Australia. 
buttttW provem to hkvh Wen a mistake. 
The «eam** 1» etUlin thetmarltPt. 

' '.'Xa« V*iim»at*|Mp.i'mfb« 
Th^i Harrtaon liner ttrown of Cordova, 
C^ptnlr. Campbell,., which ti on the last 
s^jfe of a liing voyage, having left San 
FriAotmo ^Or t^!« poft, hita a quanUty 
iif frelvht. wbMi hwiveome around bv 

The big Blue Funnel liner Bellerophon, 
carrying a record cargo of raw ,sllk, 
valued at a.bout two ai^d a half million 
dollars, is due to arrive here this morn- 
ing between eight and nine o'clock. 
After discharging the malls she pro- 
ceeds to Tacoma to dlseharge her silk 
and other cargo. Ae she has been mak- 
ing gi>od time Captain ColUster may be 
proud of the fact that his ship has 
eclipsed the record for silk shipments 
to the United States, heretofore hold 
by the Titan, of the same company. 

After] discharging the silk and olhor 
consignments at Sound ports she re- 
turns, here to discharge 2,000 tons of 
general freight, then proi'ceding to Van- 
couver to complete unloading. 

She has a fairly large list of Chinese 
passengers for tlil.H [lort, who will be 
landed today. 



Preig^ht Kecaipts One-Quarter areater 
Than I,ast Tear — Fassenffar Traf- 
fic Exceptionally Heavy 

Although the ice in the St. Lawrence 
was unusually troublesome last Spring 
and the opening of navigation was 
somewhat delayed, the port of Montreal 
had a good seven months' senson, over 
every month of which tho trade of th<! 
port was very evenly distributed. The 
business being so Rood In May and No- 
vember, has suggested to shipping in- 
terests that anything that can bo done 
to prolong the season of navigation is 
Well worth doing. 

Passenger iralTlc east and West has 
l)f-en exceptionally heavy and the west- 
bound pas.senger traffic was the highest 
on record. The custom.i receipts for tho 
.sea.'son were 115,508,124, an Increase of 
»4. 333, 134 over 1911. The wheat traffic 
through the Lachlne Canal was more 
than double that of 1911. A .small de- 
crease is reported In the number of 
sea-going vessels, but the tonnage was 
larger — 2,403,024 tons against 2,339,252 
tons In 1911. The revrnue of the port 
was $461,396.43 for 1912, as compnrPd 
with 1430,623.24 last year. 

ITotlce to Mariners 

The Department nf Marine anrl Flsli- 
erles gives notice of the following aids 
to shipping which have been estab- 

Strait."! of Georgia, on Atkinson Point, 
near the site of the old lighthouse. Lat. 
■v. 49 deg. 19 min. 32 sec. Long. W. 5 23 
deg. 16 mln. 30 sec. Flashing white 
light, showing two bright fla.she.«( every 
B seconds, thus: flash Vi second; eclipse 
% second; flash M second; eclipse 3 *i 
seconds. Elevation, 108 f«et; visibility, 
16 miles; power. 55,000 candles; order, 
third dioptric; Illumlnant. petroleum va- 
por, burned under an Incondeawent 
mantel; new structure, liex.xgonui 
tower, with six buttre«<se»; circular lan- 
tern; material. reinforced concrete 
tower; metal lantern. Color, tower white, 
lantern rerl. Height, 60 feet from its 
base to the vane on the lantern. 

A light Is to be established on Lord 
Rock In Dixon Kntrance, with a flash- 
ing white light, showing one flash 
every three seconds. It Is at an eleva- 
tion of 53 feet «nd of a powet- of ISO 
candles It la housed In a white woo<len 
house surmounting a brown dtruetural 
Bf^el tower. ; , ' 

The Japanese Government has estab- 
lished a fog siren at Soya-mlsaka light- 
house. In Kltaml Province, which will 
give one blast of four second's duration 
every sixty-four seconds. 

Xiiunbar Qnotmttonft 

The following quotations for lumber 
from British Columbia and Puget Bound 
ports to the various ports named *re 
furnished by Hind, Holph and Company, 
of San ITYanclsoo and Honolulu: To 
Sydney, SOs; Mefbourhe or Adelalile 7«e 
»d to 76s; port PIrie. 7Bs to SOs; Fre- 
mantle. SOs to «Bl«; RlTef Plate port** 
lOOs; Japan porta. 4t« to 47« «d, also 
Shanghai a.nd T*ku; ballao, «1r Id to 
•Js ed; Direct altrat« (>oyu, «>•• ]t^: 
Valparaiso for order*, Sij^ to «b M; Soath 
Af Cicah ports, «»« to I7« •«: CMpoet liort 
United Klncdonft. M> ■<! *i%- Mkm- ni,r^ 

Steamer Which Was Overdue 
From Portland For Kobe and 
Shanghai Is Reported as Ar- 
riving on the Other Side. 

Fears for the safety of the Urltlsh 
-sli-auier Kohcrt DoiUir, t^uitain llou.nh- 
tun, whicii wa.s eight days overdue from 
the Columbia River for Kobe and 
Shanghai, have beon «'t at r«st by tlie 
ni-ws of her arrival at Yokohama. 

The Robert Dollar was load.»d with 
lumber au'l sallfd fr6m Portland on 
November 8 and from A.storla on No- 
vember 10. She wiiK carrying close on 
live million f-eet of lumber and her 
failure to report, before new, coupled, 
with the fact that bad weat.her has been 
prevalent on the Pacific, caused a great 
(If-al of anxl-ejy. / . 

The steamer Cleared from Portland 
for the Orient, November 8, crossing 

out from t' . ' ' ! V Viya later. She 
carrltd n ' feet of lum- 

be, valued at 153, 2y2. Soon after 
leaving the Columbia R'.r:^ steamed In- 
to a K:ile of hurrlcaii' y. which 
she battled until nearli ... ..-„.at of the 
Japanese Coast. The Robert Dollar Is 
one of the largest and siaunchest of 
the tnmspaclflc freighters and usually 
mHk»'n--th o y e yogo ftorO B» -tta «- ff a olfto la 
from eighteen '^to twenty days. That 
she should take "so long as she has on 
tYip iiresnirl vovnge was sufUclent to 

av of the shijnin:/ m n 

of Uic ijonxt as a whole, 


Vessels Wlilch Are on the Immediate 

Prograiunic Are to Be Built at the 

Olydehant ajjd Oovan Yards. 

Regarding the placing of the orders 
for tV.e. two British Dreadnoughts, to bo 
given out Immediately, The Glasgow 
HeralJ; It may how be taken for 
frranted that both of the battleships 
provided for Itj the jiavy estimates for 
the current year win be. butlt In Clyde 
yards. One of the prospective contract- 
ors Is the ]"a!rf!eld Company, Govan, and 
the other Messrs., John Brown & Co., 
Clydebank. The vessels are to ibe sim- 
ilar to the two which were recently laid 
down at 'Portsmouth and Devonport 
respectively. They will be, that is to 
say^ of .about 27,000 tona dlsplacameni. 
and turbines of betweoii S0,OOri and 60,- 
000 h. p. win give them a speed of alx>ut 
2.') knots. Their armament will consist 
of eight 15 In. guns arranged in pairs 
on tho middle line of the sliip ,ii, ! . '.n- 
teen 6 in. j.'un.s. 

II ■ , • , ' I'' ;i I )!i,. t.^nders of 

.\I"\ssr.s. .Jnhn lirown & Co., and the 
J.'alrneld Company were much below 
those -of the Tyne and other Engllwh 

The Admiralty announces that the 
rcillowinij- names have been approved for 
the of the current year's 
programme: ^ueen Elizabeth, laid down 
.Tt Port.omouth dockyard, and Warspile. 
laid down at I^cvonport dockyard. 
Valiant and Burham are the names 
allotted to the two ships to be l)u!U ^).^■ 
private firms. 


Friday sod Satardar, Vec SO and Zl 

H'llh NMurday Matinee 


Pre»ent the 
Lauvhable Pantumlm* 




E-venlng Prices: BOc to 11.00. Atternoon 
Prices: 25c to 75c. 


rr«jrrBmmi.^l;"rldn.v and itaturdity 

"Tlio Flrp ro]/'— A Thi llUnB Fire Drama. 
■"IMie Grandfather"— .\ N'l-ry floasliiK Ktory. 
"Heauty I'arlnr nf Stone Gulch" — A Comic 
\\'c.s(..rii Film. "New York Hat" — It \a 
.\niuxin>;. "Londlon Animated Journal." 


Cor. UliiMclLirtl »iKl Vatt'B 

Exi'ltliiB ("ouicly Drama 

*' A Runaway 

Prices: 10c, 20c and 30c. Matinee Wed- 
nesday and Saturday, lOc and 20c. 

Curtain S.IS evenings; mntlnees. 2.46. 
TioHervti seats on sale 

Cornrr Ilruiui aaU Vuteit 

Deposit you name for the Christmait iiri-«- 
ents, $2&,00, IS. 00, 16.00. 


Vuudcvlll<4 itnd l-i. •<..-;. i'rograiume 

*•;- ~r- — rnottj- - irdiSy 

Hartett and Dtui -::t.-::ng, dancing and 
talking; the CamipbeUs. t'rUk vloUn play- 
ing, slnKlnx and dancing; "The .Samarltiin 
r^f (•,..,,.,,,■» Tenement," Lubin dramn: 
! ro TiTm." Meiles drama; "Manins 
rriscnl." KiiUin; "Voung Mr». 
i;.iii)n,' Edison drama. 

l';;uopi.-'.s Musical Hit 
In a .Spectacular Musical ICn.semblc 
Reappearance of the Popular Favor- 
Th-» Minstrel Men 
Al — WAZtX^ACS ft MACK — Murray 
Tenor Baritone 

In a Medley of Old-time .Songs. 
"That Kid" 
A LlttU- Ixid of Transcendent Talent 
Grjt.'cful Gymnasts 


Special Attraction With 

Miss Elsie Edwards 



Prof. Turner's Unrivalled 


6 to S.30 to 10.30. 

Rosldonts of I'enticttm are stronglj 
protesting against the Okanagan Tele- 
l)hone Company being pormitlod to en- 
gage in tolographic business. 

Sec lis for your 


Storing, Etc. 
Gasoline, 30c per gallon. 

Dunsmuir Garage 

Corner vSu])erior and 


Phone R3093 

Estimates given for 


New Year's Eve 


Empress Hotel 

December 31, 1912. 

Opening of the new Ball 

r\Iis.=; Thaiii'.s specially 
augmentef! Orchestra 

Champagne Supper will 
lie served in the main Din- 
ing Room. 

Light Refreshments dur- 
ing tlie evening. 

Tickets, .?6.oo each, lo be 
obtaincrl at the Hotel Office. 





{17.000 TONat 

Leaving San Francisco Feb. 6 

Vl«lt f»moti«i (Mtlrs and Conntrlm on m 
pnlmUl ulcfininlili) which iifrvcii an jroor 
hotel. K»«>rjr liiiury mul mrnfttrt JnaUrv4. 

IIODAYS— $650aiidiip 

iDcliHlInn nil aet^en eipeauM •flant ani 
aahorp. mllWHy. 'narHnBW, hotela, tuldm, 
f»p»: alio rallroiiit fiiriw tn ami fron yotit 

other mi«j»r» f« f»«i OffjUil,- Mk,; Wfti 

Inilim, Pmnmn r»n<il. Itnlunai'Kitmpt^nt, 

Vriltr Inr illwitTHtnll' bMtUf. 


4I-4S B'vntr, H. iTw or UnemM aflwat* 


Victoria |iiipi||is{Cf's Jifsodatioi^ 


ilospital Cinderella for Children 
and Youn^ People 

Under the auspices of t1i« Daughters 
of Pity 

Thursday, December 26 


4 to 7 p. m. yoringer children admission 
at the door, 50c. 8:30 p.m. to 2 p.m., 
older cKlldren and adults, admission 
at the door $1.50. 

Tickets may oe orrialned from Hlbben 
& Co., Shortt, Hill & Duncan. Redfern, 
Wllkerwon, FItzpntrick & O'Connell, 
D. B. Campbell and Dean ft Hlscocks. 

Admission for evening will b« strlctlj' 
by ticket, ao pUase purchase early. 

■' II '.: m ■ . ' lit I 


Sealed Tenders will be re- 
ceived by the undersigned 
up to noon on Friday, the 
20th inst., for the purchase 
of the hull and machinery 

iieam Tug "NtDGE" 

As she lie» at Macaulay 

'fhf highest or any ten- 
der not necessariiy accepted. 

Asrtnta -mfltd mffM'A mtiA 

▼AXCOnVJSX and Return $2.70 

Lv. viCTOurA i)i:ci:mbh:r 23 


S. S. •♦Prince Rupert 



MONDAYS, 10 A. M. 


Connecting with G. T. P. Railway for KAZBIiTOar 
Service bi-monthly to Stewart, Qrantoy Bay und Queen Oharlotte Island 


To Seattle— Sundays 10 a. m. 

S. S. "Prince Albtrf for Prince Rupert and way ports, 1 st, llth and 

Ulst of each month. 


City I'aan. and Ticket Agt.. Tel I :'4:'. Dock eiul FrelBht Aijt.. Tel. 24J1 
Office, Wharf .Siii'ct, ni-av Post Offlcfc. 

Canadian Pacific Railway 


Cliristmas and New Year Holidays 
$070 VancoMver $070 

Sellin^^ dates December 23 lo 25, inclusive, and December 
30, 1912, to January I, 1913, inclusive. Final return limit 

January 3, 1913, 



D. C: 

C. P. R. Offices. ' ' 

I ro2 Government Street. 


eager Agent. 

The Union Stcamsliip Co., Ltd. 
The Boscom^itz Steamship Co., Ltd. 

B. C. Ccast Service 
STEAMER will Sail every WEDNESDAY for Campbell River. Alert Bay. 

Port Hardy, Shushartle Bay, Rivera Inlet, Ocean Falls, Bella Coola. 
SATURD-A-VS. for Bella Bella, Skeena River, PRINCE RUPERT, Naaa. 

Granby Bay, Stewart. 

For l^irther Particulars Apply to 
JOXir BABNSZiET, Ag-*nt - 1003 G-overntaent Street 

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Tea Rooms and Store Open Evenings 

v/JLi/V 1l i^ 



University School for Boys 

KooBt Toim* - Victoria. B. O. 

TTarden. R. V. Harvey, M.A. Headm&Btar, J. C. Barnacl., Glsq. Xma* 
tarm begins Septembar 11 For Prosoectus apply to Th* Buraar. 



^^securitie5 vp 

1016 Government St. 

Bank Street, lot 50x1 10 ^lOOO 

Cowichan Street, lot 50x125 fSl^MK) 

Maddison Street, lot 50x1 25 i^'L52lS^ 


For San 


rt«m Vletarta, « a.oi. •wry W^dawMay, 
a.*. VUA'raU.A or CITT OF PUK8LA. mat 
t« ikM. wnmt WtUmr troa ffwtiM. ■.& 
aoi^iKANOIt at TiUBMDiarr. 




• VU Port AncfUK 4M P*M 

ra«t Stc«| 9to«iM»%' 

' 9 


o iKi I ii nw ii n i|i > «i m niiii >^ y^.i m ». 

,i??=^;'^;;;"'w^' ■.««:■■ 

'!r . » MM . j«ij ;j jfeH - Jgt tl' ' « W t!' ,*Jg ' . ' y.' ' - ' Jl ' "^ " ' ll S lffyi ti 





Another Candidate for Munici- 
pal Honors Puts in an Ap- 
. pearance — Voters' League 
Is Aggressive. 

Another entrant Into the alderraanlc 
field announced his candidature yester- 
day In the person of Mr. W. C. Van 
Munster, architect. 102 Moss Street, who 
has been urged by a number of friends 
to seek office at the forthcoming civic 
electlona Mr. Van Munster has been a 
resident of Victoria for the past five 
years, and while he has had no previous 
council experience,, has been one of tlie 
city's sjiccessful business men since his 
arrival here. 

It Is hardly likely that any decided 
interest in municipal politics will be 
.displayed by would-be candidates until 
after the Christmas Holidays, though 
the election will be held In about a 
month's time. The Voters' League have 
commenced to prepare for the campaign, 
and will probably have a list of can- 
didates at the polls. A meeting of tho 
League was held on Wednesday even- 
ing, when the names of a number of 
gentlemen who would prove acceptable 
and would receive the support of that 
organization in case they offer them- 
selves for oloctioii were considered. A 
cammittce. was iippointed to investigate 
the merits of the gentlemen suggested 
and to report as to their willingness to 
offer thenvselves for election. 

While the date of the election has 
not yet been fixed, it will probably be 
lield on Thursday, January IS, as It Is 
customary to select that day of the 
week, and it is about the customary 
time of the month. I'he resolution fix- 
ing the date will likely be submitted at 
next Monday night's meeting of tho 
City Council, 



Cnnllntied from rmce 1. 

cure a property which calls for such a 
large outlay for improvements. 

Mr. Gilman declared he appreciated 
the fact tliat to accept the offer the 
city would be suffering a heavy loss on 
account of the money already paid for 
interest on the bonds it and the Gov- 
ernment had guaranteed during the past 
twenty years, but It seemed to him that 
the city is in the position of a creditor 
of a bankrupt concern and the question 
1? how much it can secure and get out 
of a bed bargain. 

S«ea Value in Koldinffs 

Alderman Stewart referred to the 
value of the Company's real estate hold- 
ings, especially that portion near Hill- 
side Avenue, tlie trackage on which had 
been abandoned. That property wa« 
worth more than the company offered 
the city. 

Mr. Gilman pointed out that the Com- 
pany must have yards near its ter- 
minals, especially as it must sooner or 
later relinquish the Blanchard Street 
tracks for storage purposes. 

'The .sooner the people of this Coast — 
and I am not confining myself to Brit- 
ish Columbia, but referring to the en- 
tire Pacific Coast — cease urging Invest- 
ment in town lots and skyscrapers and 
start a movement encouraging the in- 
vestment of money in stump-pulling the 
better It will be," declared Mr. Oilman, 
in response to the statements of the 
value of the real estate holdings of the 
Company. "These values cannot keep 
up if the people insist on breeding a 
class of consumers instead of a class of 
producers. The idea that Vancouver Is- 
land is intended to be a region of town- 
sites la wrong and to base values upon 
that Idea is utterly erroneous." 

Alderman Gleason explained the city 
has no desire to insist upon undue 
terms, but the road is now in the posi- 
tion of showing a profit, which is yearly 
Increasing, and the connection of tho V, 
& S. with the Mainland will yearly grow 
in value. He urged that the Company 
should pay back what the city had been 
c*lled upon to spend under Its guarantee 
of the bonds, the city to not pres« the 
Company, but to permit it to pay back 
the amount as it can out of profits. 
Tbe Company's Contention 

Mr. Gilman: How can tho Great 
Northern pay 1300,000 on the bond prin- 
cipal, $300,000 for arrears of Interest, 
$75,000 on Interest on the bonds for the 
balance of the term the bond.-* have to 
run, and then pay $100,000 required for 
betterments? In addition the Company 
will next year have competition from 
the B. C. Electric Company. An repre- 
aenttng the Great Northern Hallway, ho 
wtM there, not to dicker over the "lebta 
of the V. & 8. Com-pany, but to make un 
offer for the property, which he did not 
consider was worth, to the Great 
Northern, anything like the obligations 
which are on It. 

Alderman Gleason auggested that the 
Company pay the city $100,000 In full 
settlement, the city to permit the com- 
pany to pay it on easy terms. 

Mr. Gilman: I will be willing to pay 
$100,000 on Mr. Gleaaon's terms as I 
undertitand them, If he means that fhti 
Great Northern will pay It as It can out 
of the yearly profits. 

Alderman Okell: How long would It 
tAke to pay It on that basis? 

Mr. 011m«nr Abont 100 years. The 
balance sheet of the V. * 8. iThows that 
that Company ha« not paid fixed 
charges and operating expens<;s. 

Alderman 0)t«ll declared the Council 
wm» merely wasting time. He moved 
that the offer of the Company t»« re> 
fuMd. and ehe action initiated laat y«ar 
against tlt« V. * 8. be prooe4ded with. 
Atdarman Sumtoer Moondad the m«ticn. 

bond payments and at the same time 
make It easy for the Company. ' 

Alderman Oleaaon's suggestion was 
seconded by Alderman Stewart aud ear> 
rled, the Mayor and Aldermen Gleason. 
Stewart, Dllworth, Porter and Ander- 
son supporting it. while 'Aldermen Okell 
and Humber opposed It- 
Mr. Oilman was called back to the 
Council chajnbcr, ai^l as the action of 
the Council , was belpg explained, he sat 
plapidly putting a large olgar and blow- 
ing bmoke ringe. 

"No,.i Qan*t:a«copt it," he sUted, after 
a moment's cowaldefailon. "I'm satis- 
fied the Great Northern , will not. Of 
coarse I wlll^ report your decision to the 
head office." 



Co nt^nied fram Pa g e 1. 

At this atogr Mr. Oilman waa MtoM 
to ratlM for a tine, and AMerinatt OImP 

regarding the free and unappropriated 
seats at all .early celebrations of Holy 
Communion taid at the evening service 
on Sunday, wats one of advice and coun- 
sel to the rector and wardens. 

"Acting upotn this the rector in an of- 
ficial letter adUressed to the seat-holders, 
requested tharn to be good enough to 
comply with the expressed wish of the 
Vestry and this meeting most earnestly 
trusts that the rector's request may 
meet with the approval of all In order 
that the unanimous opinion of the Ves- 
try may .be duly carried into effect." 
Onthedral Site 

The Dean explained that ibe meeting 
had been called to receive the report of 
tho Cathedral Site Committee, for al- 
though It had not yet flnish-ed its work 
It had been thc^ught best that it should 
be asked to give Its report owing to the 
'terge number lOf questions which had 
been ji»k<?d,- matiyof whleiv he proc*«d«d 
to outline to the vestry. 

The report of the committee was then 
read by the Blsh/^p, who stated that the 
former body had been appointed to act 
as advisers on the matter to himself 
and the Dean. Tho gist of this was 
contained In the two resolutions. 

His Lordship next wad a letter from 
Mr.' W. D. Caroe, the well-known archi- 
tect, who recently visited Victoria, and 
who at his request looked over tho 
present cathedral site and also that of 
Biahpclose. Mr, Caroe pointed out that 
regarding the present site, if Its sur- 
roundings could remain as they were 
today. It would be a fine one for a 
monumental building, but once the land 
around it was built up with high build- 
ings, any advantage which It might 
have over the BIshopsclose site must 
be only ephemeral, unless the frontage 
across the street could be purchased and 
used for modest ' buildings, that wuld 
not mar the view. Also, he thought 
that the site was too narrow — and that 
there would be no room for subsidiary 
buildings. BIshopsclose, on the other 
hand, was free from such drawbacks 
Qtiestloii of rtnanoes 

Mr. Percy Wollaston then read a 
statement regarding tho desirability of 
Craigdarroch as a possible site, com- 
paring the respective merits and de- 
merits of the different sites, he pointed 
■out that one of the advantages of BIsh- 
opsclose was that at the back of it was 
the old Quadra Street cemetery, which 
had been laid out as a park, and would 
be kept so for all time, so that It would 
font* a natural cathedral cIo««e. He was 
of tlie opinion that thej^ should not 
start the work of building until they 
had at least $100,000 In hand. He pro- 
ceeded to give the estimated cost of 
building on each of the three sites un- 
der consideration. To build on the 
present site would cost approximately 
$366,017; on Blshopclose property, $252,- 
167 and on Craigdarroch site, $249,184. 

He asked if they were right to ap- 
proacli the public for a large sum when 
the diocesan funds needed help «o bad- 
ly. The Clergy Pension Fund had now 
only $2,000 in the bank whereas they 
should have at least $5,000, while the 
Widows and Orphans' Fund also needed 
help. In addition to this they were hin- 
dered through lack of funds In obtain- 
ing more clergy, and many of those 
they had were wretchedly underpaid. 

Mr. K. B. Taylor having suggested 
that the present cathedral site should 
be let out as ground rents, as done by 
the Ecclesiastical Commissioners In 
London, the Dean stated that as Rector 
of the cathedral under no consideration 
would he give his consent to the sale 
of the present property for at least five 

Ai-cMtect Xzplaiiui 

A plan of tlio proposed site on BIshops- 
close was next thrown upon a sheet, 
and explained to the gathering by Mr. 
.1. (\ M. Keith, archlto<'t, who was pres- 

The Bishop pointed out that the oa- 
thedral was the heart of the whole dio- 
cese and outlined some of his plans for 
the future In connection therewith, 
which, as he stated In his recent charge. 
Included the appointment of a Canon- 
Mlssioner, to go to and fro throughout 
the scattered districts, and of anotlTcr 
clergyman to look especially after the 
welfare of the Sunday Schools, which 
was very necessary In view of the lack 
of spiritual education In the public 

At the close 'Of the meeting it was 
moved that a report of the decision of 
the vestry should be submitted to the 
cathedral trusees wlh a request for 
their approval and co-operationi Also 
a resolution of thanks to the committee, 
requesting that the Bishop and Dean 
ask them to continue their sUtiimre. and 
a vote of thanks to Mr. Caroe. AH oif 
theie were carried. 

Mr, Nell P. Ferris and Mr. Aleiander 
Mtlllf we're pwposed by M.-Mrq."t,ncH'- 
fleld aa audltprs for. the year, and the 
«anct»5>ti bf the veetry given to their 

The Liord Bishop afterwards dlemiee- 
ed the meeting with prayer and the 

HAMILTON, Ont. Deo. ll.>^>n Sep- 
tember It, Stanley Rdee. It rears of agre. 
waa injured, and at the city hofpltgl It 
waa found neooesanr to cat 4 toam out 


He" Shops Here— Why Not Give 

**Hiin" Gitts From the Store He Prefers 

Choice Fur Gifts 

A j^ift of Furs selected here is one that will delight for 
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We are offering some very special Christmas values, 
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Mink Scarf, regular $45. Special Christmas price. $35.00 

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Oitaw*. Urit.. RagiiM. Suk. U,,t 







Mr. S, J. Pomeroy, Late of the 
Queen's Own Royal Kent 
Regiment, Talks of Futile 
Attempt to Rescuci 

An Inter^stlnR address upon a phaae 
of the npvpr-to-he forBOtten attempt to 
rolipvp (ifneral Gordon at Khartoum In 
ISSR, was licit vercd before the memhern 
of the looal branch of the British 
CnrnpalRners' .•S.Hsoola.tlon nlfrhl In 
the Foresters' Hall, Broad Street, iby Mr. 
S. J. Pomeroy, formerly of tlie Queen's 
Own Royal 'V\>st Kpnt HcKlment. 

Mr. Fomeroy broiiRht lo his subject 
an Intlmati; knowIerfKu only possible to 
H man who com'blne.s hl.storlcal accuracy 
■with personal experience and observa- 
tion. His description of the liardships 
of the men In their vain effort to reacli 
the desert citadel before the Dervishes 
Hhould ravish It was modest yet eon- 
vlncluK-. He recounted a variety of In- 
cidents arising out of and connected 
with the Journey, and paid a kindly 
tribute to all his comrj^des In that un- 
fortunate episode. 

Not the least interesting pairt of Ws 
address 'Was that which dealt with the 
wonderful passajfe througrh the Cata- 
racts. In speaking of this feat he paid 
a hiKh compliment to the Canadian »ov- 
-*p5euP»Hfoe-Wi-eh'-eoiir«Ke, ImrtHhixMi »nil 
wonderful skill, in pllotln«r the troops. 

Mr. Pomeroy, in that^Of.|ii;^^i^n which 
ended so dlsas trouslyjij^""^'^'"^' ^ ^- ^ -' " ' ^ "''^ — .««— , 
as the subject of his 
cerned, was under General Sir George 
Graham, to whom he paid a high 

Major .1. Wilson presided over the 
Kathorlnsr, which numbertd about fifty. 
After the address was completed tbe 
meeting formed Itself into a conver- 
sazione and the members exchang-ed 
fcreetlngs and reminl«c'ince.s. 

St. John at 7 «.ni. Saturday with the 
last (nirlBtmaM mall to leave Great 
Britain In time to be delivered on this 
side by CiirlBtman Day. The ICmprcRD 
of Ireland sailed from Liverpool Uecem- 
ber 13, the same date aa the KmprenB 
of Britain sailed from this side with the 
last outgolnfr rrtall for the United King- 
dom due before Christmas. The Incom- 
ing mall is expected to be the lieavicst 
for the year and special train arrange- 
ments will have to bo made for its 
transportation to Montreal and points 

Iiaat CIiriatmaB Mall 

Mc)NTlllO.\l., Dec. 10.— The C. P. H. 
liner Km press of Ireland in due from 
Liverpool at Halifax, at 3 a.m. and at 

M\ Fees Reduced 

BEazKirara jajt. i. i»i3. 

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Advertising' 113.00 

Architectural Drafting 10.00 

Arithmetic 8.50 

Bookkeeping 8.^0 

I'^ngl'ish, for Foreigners.... 5.00 

tJrainmar and Keading. . . . . B.OO 

Mnthpni!itlc.«! — Advanced . . . 7.00 

Mech.Tnii'at Drawing 10.00 

Penmanship 4.00 

Plan Heading & Kstimating 7."0 

Sale.smanship ^ 20. no 

Shorthand 9.00 

Show Card Writing 16.00 

.Spelling 2.0« 

Typewriting 9.00 

Poys' School 7.00 

B. <■'. Iv. S. (day classes; 

regular rate) .'sn.oo 

• 'ommercial Course I ?..on 

Short hand Course 1 8.00 

l'.'ii'<ll.'<l. 10.00 


See Kducatlonol Secretary. 


Blanchard and Vlaw Pbons 8980 


Itmcon mil Park. Victoria, B. C. 

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nienta of well-aiipointed ventleinen'* homt 
In lovely Beacon Hill l^ark. Numbor limit- 
ed. Outdoor »pori.. Prepared for Buslnex 
Lir* or Profeiilonal Examination*. ITaea 
tncluaiv« and airlctlr moderata. Saves 
vacancle*. Autumn term. Sept. Ird. 
Prtnr.lpMl. J. W. CHURCH. M.A. 


46 X 120 

One block off Burnsidc car line. 

SNAP. $1150 

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rhonc 1650 

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Oovcminent Street 

Phpne at45 

OoaAootor XlUad 

MONTR F-AL. Dec. 19.— Conductor T. 
Bouchard of the Intorcolanlal Ilallway, 
who waa in charge of the Halifax Kx- 
praas, due at Bonaventure Station at 
6.30 tonight, was crushed to death in 
the Grand Trunk iiiLilway yardK outside 
th« station at St. L,ambert. IIIh train 
waB blocked In tho yard, and as it was 
a couple of hours late, he walUwl ahead 
to «ee what wa« tho delay. When the 
train finally pulled into the station at 
St. Lambert he was mlHsing. IUh man- 
gled remainH wore later found closo to 
the main lino. It l.s suppo.sed that ho 
waH run down by a .swltcliing engine. 

XlUad to7 Z.lT« Wira 

MONTRKAL, Doc 19. — Dlnregarding 
tho warning .vhoutH of byytandors. t'ia- 
chlno Cozzi, an Italian fruit dealer, 
struck at a live wire on St. Timothy 
Street and received a shock which caus- 
instant death. 

Xxpecta Xlaotlon 
ttoon, Sask., Dec. 19. — George E. 
Jrariey. M. P. for Saskatoon, who lia.s 
Just returned from Ottawa, predicts that 
there will he un election at the end of 
^'^c P/,^?A"t pcssion. on thtM^Vif «H^4il... -U .*► 

Vessel Movemanta 
»15 LHi X'.i — Airlved steam- 
■Iposa, South w^'stern Alaska: 
steamer Inaba Maru. Yi>k'i- 

POKT GAMBLK, Dec. 19.--Arrlved. 
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schooner Okanagan, Hllo. 

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There are beautiful old face-i, but 
It is to be feared they arc the excep- 
tion. The question of the age when a 
woman is at tier best has come up In 
connection with the propo.swl memorial 
of Queen Victoria. Most of us think 
of youth as the period of beauty. That 
Is not always the conception of the 
artist. A T.ondon paper dl.scusKlng the 
subject says: 

•'The Kaiser, when a memorial to hla 
mother was erected at Homburg. di- 
rected that tlie ."sculptor should follow 
a portrait taken of her at tlie age of 
forty. This seems a good period to 
select; It la the prime of life, when ex- 
perience and thouglit have developed 
the countenance, and yet time lias not 
destroyed the contour of tlie features 
or thickened or bent the form. Queen 
Victoria lierKclf provided that her tomb 
should show liei- effigy at that age. 
When her husband died In hl.«) prime, 
at the age of forty-two. she took this 
matter out of the hands of posterity by 
ordering the preparation of her own ef- 
figy at the same time witli his. and. of 
course, representing herself as she wa.i 
at the same age. So that, although 
she lived nearly a-s many more y/?ar.«, 
it is not the stout figure and heavy 
countenance of old age that arc shown 
In her image reclining beside the ef- 
figy of the Prince upon the M.Tu.soleum 
at Frogmore, but a presentation of 
Queen Victoria as she was known to 
her people In the prime of her era; and 
surely, like most of her decisions, that 
was right and wise. 

"Her real metnorla! still remains in 
the records of her carer; thr heart of 
gold, tlie will of steel, enclosed in .i 
tiny woman's form; the charact<^r al- 
ready developed charmingly in the girl 
of Bcarcc eighteen, who' wrote in her 
diary on the day of her ai'cesslon: 'I 
hhall do my utmost to fulfil my duty 
towards my country. . . . T am sure 
that very few have more real desire 
to do what is fit and right tlian I liave" 
— and still active and cnpable wh^n 
once more, an aged Queen, after sixty 
years' rule, she reiterated her deter- 
mination to 'serve my beloved country 
as long as my life shall last.' Here is 
thB memory that grows in the esteem, 
the more intimate the records that ore 

Charles .1. Biilg^T, one of the earliest 
pioneers of the Fernie district. Is 

New Westminster plans to establish a 
municipal gas plant. 

Eddie Boroman, an eleven-year-old 
Tjlttle Quallcum lad, was shot and killed 
last Saturday by his seven-ye«.r-olil 
brother, .jRmes, while the latter was 
playing with ij small target rifle. 



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Prftparod oiil.s by 





should be eatourAgtA by the Oovernment 

^y^ • flniM>iif«« .^^tU**" to : i,oWiHr<B latida 
wnd 'bi e)t»r<e4 ^w<th a^^uit clMtrln* 
*«8te without arty aadltlan'^ to the price 
of the lands! 

"We do not. tor a moment for»et the 
excelletjt work of the ,D»piirtinent of 
Agriculture, Its coll«gB8, It* uclontlflc 
education, it* encouragement &nd pro- 
tection of the fruit ttiduatry, and its 
nnanclal aid to dairying: ^either do we 
under-eatlinate th« .Jrrav© difficulties 
confrontinf; the Clovernnient In dialing 
with antjl^ted jftettltment; but we do ap- 
peal to you, sir, to consider that the 
.serk>U8ne»8 of tlil.s question requires the 
Immediate and earnt-Ht attention of thf^ 
(Jovernthent and the prompt application 
of at least spnie - of our recomm(%'du- 
tlons. I -have only referred to our 
recommendations In CIau«eB 1, 9 and 10 
in a brief way. and I wish that I v:ere 
a.ljle to present this niHtler In more con- 
vinclnsr manner. X^ut other members of 
our commlltt'e will sp^nk to support 
Ilii'Mi' and other clauses with whi<h 1 
havf not lietilt." 

riahlng' Sattlamvats 

.Mr. Mathers, followintc, devoted lilm- 
.self briefly and exrlusively to tlie 
recommendation <'ontuli\e<l In clauMe !:i, 
witii reapect to' (.rovernmi-ntal en- 
iMnirimfmt'nt of tlie eatablishmcnt of 
loasiBl fishing aettlementB. Up pointed 
out tl'.iit this was In strict accord with 
British Coluinbia .•sentiment on the naval 
quc'Stloi\ and should be the mean*! of es- 
tabti.-)hinff on our ccHists a tlshernien 
|M)puld(ion that in ;time of naiional 
dan fief- "iflTslrt'^W a ~\-eFy~ Important' fac- 
ror 111 MHtlona! .self-defence, InHteail of ii 
meniue and element of daneer If aliens 
and foreigiier.s continue to dominate the 
Pro-vlnclal flshlnjf Industry. Hg lield 
tiiat tlie Government should estahllsli 
and survey certain tracts of land witli 
a view to the Mpt^cial reaulrementa of a 
(Lshlng comnuinity. and that *very ef- 
fcirt .should be made' to encourage such 
il.shln^r villase.H on our Western foa.xt, 
.so that In time to oome capable men 
would he available for manning the 
ships entrusted 'with Canadian defence 
on tho Pacific seaboard. The advantages 
iif adopting the sugsestlona offered 
were three-fold. From the stamlpolnt of 
national defence. In the development of 
a flaliinfT industry In the hands of our 
own people, and as a meana of general 
roinmcrcial benefit. 

Mr. Ftumerfelt. Mr. Malttin and Prof. 
Odium also spoke briefly and generally 
in advocacy of special effort in the di- 
rection of encourasring agricultural set- 
tlement, and offering any assistance 
that It might bo In their power per- 
sonally to extend. 

Tb« rromlvr's Tlswa 

Replying to the rppresentatlons of 
his vlsUors, Sir Richard M<'Bride re- 
ferred In sTTacefuI terms to hl.-j and the 
Oovernment's full appreciation of the 
pleasant relation* existing between the 
administration and the Vancouver 
Board, whose conferences with the Gov- 
ernment were always of a most friendly 
iharacler and appreciated aa distinctly 
helpful. During ten years or more the 
Board had .shown Itself In close and In- 
terested touch with Governmental af- 
fairs, and only pleaisurable remem- 
brance wa.s associated with each con- 
tact. At times the Board had touched 
wpori problems wblcH might not m 
once have secured the same recogni- 
tion from the Government that the 
Board had looked for, but their sugges- 
tions had always been earnest, pro- 
gressive and to a large extent practical 
and useful, and In the aggregate many 
results of benefit to the country liad 
been brought about through their rep- 
resentations He had on the present 
occasion been much impressed by the 
representations put forward, which 
he could see had been arrived at 
only after the most careful study of 
conditions that circumstances allowed. 
A Prfmarjr CoaaldaratiOB 

In connection with the problem of 
land settlement, the quality of the set- 
tlers was a primary consideration that 
must always be kept In view. The Gov- 
ernment, while It had not been saying 
much as to Its course In this matter, 
was nevertheless doing all In Its power 
under existing conditions to promote 
land settlement and the development of 
the agricultural Industry. Conditions at 
the present time in British Colum'bia 
were someTvhat abnormal, city popula- 
tion having grown out of proportion to 
rural population, with the result that 
Britlsli Columbians wera necessarily Im- 
porting a large proportion of their food- 
stuffs which naturally ishould be grown 
at home. Tbe Government had been 
collecting statistics month by month and 
year by year, and found that Instead of 
the desired Improvement In this direc- 
tion having been brought about, British 
Columbians still continued to import 
much of their food requirements. Tliere 
was but one explanation: the large cen- 
tres were growing more rapidly and dis- 
proportionately to the rural areas, and 
It was up 10 the Government to do all 
In Its power to rectify conditions. The 
first requirement wa« unquestionably 
facilities of transport, and the Govern- 
ment was doing all that was possible 
to meet this requirement by railway con- 
struction and the building of trunk 
roads. It could n6t be gainsaid that 
British Columbia at the present time. In 
railway, road and trail construction, was 
doing more tban any other two Prov- 
inces In the history of Canada, and he 
might aay, making a very fair Job 

tm Xta XafMissr 

:-) •• Progress was aa yet, howevar, merely' 
lir Us infancy. As the Provlnc* moved 
'l^prward It was reaHsed how much In 
Jr.e way of transportation y%t remained 
-to be don*. In order to t«t men upon 
'le land and to (et oat tlt« products of 
^e farm. ^meai^W y^gy^i^^on ware 

e nrat Imtnmt n^'f^jkuM ^ ' mm 
wise toienootirturk iJiV i^nw oi* atttl*. 
'laent to tH# nortbern anm wtttll we had 
-t*ilways 4nd ronda to aiuibl* th* fttltm- 
ffitm ot th« tatur* «• m*i t» th* teM Md 
tl> ft thMt pmdaots out OwMftton* 
»iare ■wti* wu»tty «ff«r«Bt tttm thom 
i#**»»Hii« In the PralH* #i»ftitcaa. iji 

noatloq and Dapattment of Agriculture, 
how many farming aettlementa were 
aprlnging up all over British Columoia 
from the Skeena Valley to the 49th 
parallel. Most of these settlements 
~w«re being assembled near to the ri>w 
railway lines and the Provincial -trunk 
roads, and he looked to see along thc^ 
Grand Trunk Pacific, the Canadian 
Northern Pacinc, the Kettle Valley Road 
and the Victoria, Vancouver and East- 
ern, as well as along the Pacific. Great 
Eastern and the extensions on Vancou- 
ver Island of the Canadian Pacific and 
the Canadian Northern Paclflc, many 
other sncli settlements brought into 
existence in the very near future. 
Oood Traak Soada 
Contemporaneous with railway con- 
stuctlon Ihoughout the Povince must 
be the buildinR of good trunk roads. 
Hon. Mr. Taylor waj* now engaged in 
the development of a policy of road ex- 
tension that would he found to fully 
measure up to the demands of Provinc- 
ial conditions and the uecessltlos of set- 

As soon as the four new lines of 
railway now building were completed, 
and this would be -within three years, n 
feat In transportation woukl have been 
accomplished that was probably without 
a parallel. Van<'0uver within Uiree 
years would have in addition to its 
present railway servicei*, the Kettln 
Hlver Valley, the Paclflc Gr.oat Kaslcrn. 
the Canadian Northern Paclflc and tli- 
Victoria, Vancouver and Eastern con- 
tributing to its commerce. Jlc could 
not atiree with Mr. Stone's conclusion 
that only one of these railways would 
Hwsist dev-elopment of the commerce of 
Vancouvi-r .or the^agxIculturaJ—intiireaL 
Between Kamloops and tlie Yellowhead 
Pas.? was one remarkably promising 
district which he looked to .see settled 
not ^ily by hundreds hut liy thou.^ands 
Of agricultiirlst.K. 

Coast Markets 

Along the Kettle Valley Uailway, too, 
there was an abundance of good land 
to be brought under cultivation and . In 
touch with coast markets. Similar con- 
ditions obtained along the V. V. and E. 
the Kootenay Central and the Paclflc 
Great Eastern. These companies were 
not building theii- lines for fun or with- 
out Investigation and substantia! 
knowledge of tlie potentialities' Of the 
districts to be traverBe<l and which 
must be looked to for their future traf- 
Hc. He thought tliat Mr. .Stone sliould 
tlierefore qualify his statement in ihla 

Mr. Stone interj.'ctid tliat his refer- 
ence to the PaclHc Great Eastern had 
been meant only in so far aa the com- 
mercial interests of Vancouver were di- 
rectly affected. 

Even so. Sir Richard held t!ie opin- 
l,on that he was incorrect, inasmuch sat 
the Kettle Valley and V. V. and E. lines 
would also be of great assistance to tho 
commercial growth of Vancouver. ffe 
desired to again emphasize the para- 
mount necessity In the encouragement 
of settlement of the Government being 
able to give assurance of ffood roads. 
The road qcstion liad necessarily to be 
considered In conjunction with the prob- 
lem of Isnd settlement, and the Gov- 
ernment had learned by experience the 
desirability of building ten miles of 
really good road in preference to a 
hundred miles of roads impassable at 
certain seasons of the year. 

Careful Oonalderatloa 

The sugftestlons made by tlie depu- 
tation were exceedingly Interesting, 
and as they concerned different depart- 
ments of the Government would be care- 
fully considered by such departments. 
Each proposal would have to be studied 
carefully and would be ftiven due 
thought and weight. The Government 
was doing it.? best to meet conditions 
as they obtain without visiting upon 
the Province any possibility of a reaction 
which might seriously Impair the 
chances of British Columbia securing a 
major share of the newcomers coming 
to the Dominion to establish their 
homes. With four important railways 
instead of one to serve the transporta- 
tion necessities of the country. British 
Columbia would soon be obtaining all 
the population of which It stood In need. 
The wisdom of the Governnwnt In. se- 
ouring construction of the Canadian 
Northern Pacific had not been more 
strikingly evidenced than in the deci- 
sion of the C^anadlan Pacific IJnilway 
to double-track Us line: and In the mat- 
ters under consideration it should never 
be forgotten that settlement to be satis- 
factory should be on a permanent basis 

All the recommendations of the visi- 
tors will be carefully considered by the 
Government and he felt confident that 
the administration would benefit 
through the counsel and advice contain- 
ed In the memorandum. The Govern- 
ment at all times welcomed the assist- 
ance that was to be found In the sug- 
gestions and the criticism of Its friend.-? 
composing such bodies as the Vancouver 
Board of Trade, 


Aa Bffort Bolav Made U the Valtad 

XlBf don to Briar About XaoraMa 

at Waw Taar 

Correspondence has taken place be- 
tween the Imperial Merchant Service 
Guild and the Shipping Federation. The 
following resolution was paaaec} by the 
council of the Federation, which is rep- 
resentative of the principal ports of 
England, Scotland and Ireland: 

"That the state of the shipping trade 
warrants a substantial increase In the 
wagea of seamen all round the coast 
from January 1 next, and that maetinss 
of the district committees be Held 
forthwith to give effect to this resolu- 
tion," - ^; 

The.OS^M felt^ that t)i>a f as a, grat- 
ttirliniir'fwlOlattoii^ l>ut;^>|ri'«te' tike fed«rar 
floik •mttg thai tlie jmy"ui tie ofllcers 
•IMI other imitaHal eottdittoiw which ap- 
ply m> ttieifi aliould not be pMaed ov«r. 

tli# «(M*ttBir tnida, And in rtftoranM to 
^« pMttlMi «f MMttni. Mld,jMMia. tka 


PUMLEY'S ^•^"^*^ 

During the past the OVERLAND 
pro.luct lias given such general 
Mit;Kfa"tlon as to assure us of thi 
fact that thu fundamental principles 
of OVERLAND design are ab- 
s<5luteiy riglit. The most note- 

warthy feature of our new season's 
models Is the even greater value 
offered lor the prices, which also 
cover i'oniidete equipment, includ- 
ing self starlfr.s, full lighting out- 
fits, tops, wlnd.slilehls, speedome- 
ters, and every other ;icce8B0ry 
needed lor comfortalde touring ser- 

The Record Value Car 


Now, aa formerly. the 
OVERLAND' Stands at the 
top — not only the most and 
the best for the money, but 
all that a motor car shouUI 
be, complete, without a Sin- 
gh'; after-thought or reVdT, C 
source of full and contlnnous 
satisfaction to the owner. 
The reason for the unrivaled 
success of the OVERLAKO 
is nowlivie better known than 
among the sixty thousand 
Overland owners. 

Overland Model 09 T 

730 Yates Street 
Phone 698 


727-735 Johnson 
Phone 697 



We have just received a solid car of Morris Chairs, Rockers, Tables and Small 
Articles, suitable for Xmas Gifts. 










Hearth Rug 

Carpet Sweeper 

Easy Chair 

Carpet Square 

Jardiniere Stand 

Kasy Chair 


Set Chairs 

Bedroom Rocker 

Arm Rocker 

Portiere Curtains 

Dining Table 

Lace Curtains 

Parlor Table 

Baby Buggy 


Child's Rocker 


Morris Chair 

Good Couch 

Small Table 

Lace Curtains 

Parlor Table 

Be! Lounge 

Daby's High Chair 

Portiere Curtains 


New Lincleuin 

Linen Baskets 

White Enamel 

Child's Crib 

Morris Chair . 

I?ed Spreads 

Shaving Cabinet 

Bedroom Dresser 

Parlor Cliaiis 

Door Mats 

Com forte. 

Down Comforter 

Child's Crib 


Table Cover 

Writing Desk 

Brass Bed 

Arm Rocker 

Couch Cover 

Good Mattress 

Hall Stand 


The = 

Standard Furniture Co. 


731-733 Pandora Avenue 

Just Above Douglas 

We are just out of the high rental district. 
That's the reason that you can do so much better at the Standard Furniture Ca 

Give a Man What He Wants 


1 ' 

Here are the things he will like better than anything else, and the prices arc very 


A Good Business Suit, $20 to .... h»... •,.^..$30 

A Full Dress Suit, $28 to , . , , , , ... .i •««••• .$45 

/\n v«»vcrcoat| ^''^ to •■••«•«,.«• • « •,» . >«••. (•.•••. •.,•.». iw<« • •••.•w** .^^^ 

A Kaiiic0at,'^iU \o ........ » . *',,*^i ••••••«.••••: ;••••• • « • a-^^.w. •, w!» •$2a) 

Fancy Vtsts, prices up from ....,.• . « , .•...•...*.. ^ •...* • ... * • $3 

UmoreUas; $2.50 up to • *••. ..••«••••••.. • ••• ••••• k» .••« m«». .$20 

You'll find it eaiy to decide what to Imy nvfita joa ffl hmf, 



The Chinese Government Has 
Strong Objection to Terms 
of the Recently Concluded 

. Treaty. 

PEKING, Dec. 19 The terms of the 

RuBso-MongoUan Treaty of November 3 
are published here. 

The Chinese regard them aa far more 
comprehensive than the Manchiirlan 
ayreementa, which finally led to tho 
Russo-Japanese war. 

The features to whkh tlie Chinese 
particularly object as encrouihinK on 
China's sovereignty are the rlKht.s they 
give Russia to send consuls and con- 
sular Kuards to all Mongolian ports and 
to establish postofflccs. 

The Treaty also accords to Russia 
freedom of trade and manufactories, the 
risrht. to buy lands, to arrange conces- 
sions for mining, flshint' and forestry, 
and for the navifjatlon of the rlver.s 
', flowkjg into Rus.slaii territory. 
Obs1;ractlng- Zioan 
LONDO.V, Dec. liO, — l:u<<.«i.i is ob- 
structing the negnthitioiis hi connection 
with the loan to Cliina of |:;.5,000,000 by 
the six power grrouj) of bankers, accord- 
ing to the Peking correspondent of The 
Dally Mall. Russia takes the ground 
that this group cannot lend money to 
■"Cnina to aid Cliinese 
tions In Mongolia. 

BERLIN, Dec. 19.--Trti'1^M'«9' fhit 
the German group of the six power Chi- 
nese loan syndicate hail pledged itsolf 
1 to raise 135,000,000 between now and thi^ 
: end of the year. It Is adiiiitled that the 
'• raising of the money In the German 
■ market, which only ret;ently was called 
upon to take up $10,000,000 of Hun- 
igary's $25,000,000 issu*. Is .being accom- 
panied by some difficulty. The spectre 
' of a European war having the Austro- 
j Russian-Servian situation continued to 
.cause anxiety In the rtnancial world. 



Coaflnned from I'agn 1. 

would consider It less humiliating to 
cede territory on pressure from the 
powers than at the command of the 
Balkan States, which were despicable to 
' Mussulmans. 

The Greek proposals will be more 
complicated than those of the other 
I Allies because they Include the question 
of capitulations, which Greece alone, 
, among the Balkan States, enjoys in Tur- 
I key along with the groat power.s. The 
. capitulations originally Imposed on Tur- 
^ key by the Republic of Genoa in 155.3 

include exemption from taxation 


1 foreign subjects, special courts and 
I privileges. Greece l.s ready to accept a 
! clause in the treaty with Turkey prom- 
ising to renounce the right to capitu- 
lations when 'he other r,".^wers do the 
_ same. Another Greek (UrXjate arrived 
today. He brought important papers to 
t Premier Venizllos. He Is Rlzo Ran- 
' gabe, whose fatner, writer, poet and 
■ archaologlst, w«s called "The Victor 
j Hugo of Greece." 

^ Slu«tlBn«d Wita Italr'a AotlOB. 

The Balkan delegates, especially the 
Servians and Montenegrins, express dis- 
satisfaction with the statement made on 
Wednesday by the Marqu.s Dl Giuliano. 
the Italian Foreign Minister, concerning 
the aims of the '1 riple Alliance, and re- 
mark that Italy had no reason for op- 
position to the Balkan States, having 
herself risen from nothing to a natlon- 
cllty through the union of Kingdoms. 

They exepected her support in a sim- 
ilar movement oy the Balkans, whose 
lesurrectlon is now occurring, as pre- 
dicted by the great Italian thinker and 
agitator, Giuseppe Mazzlnl, wno In the 
middle of the nineteenth century fore- 
saw the Balkan peoples united to ex- 
pel Turkey from ICurope. In voicing 
their objections these delegates point 
out that the Italian Government has fol- 
lowed a policy strongly fMvorsble to 
, vvuHiria by renewing the Triple Alliance 
tiovun months before the date of its «x- 
plratlon, and has made its statement 
thereon Just at the moment when the 
fate of the Balkans was being decided, 
, while at the same time the Italian peo- 
l ilo arc favorable to the Balkan cause 
and the Italian reigning House is inti- 
mately bound to those of Montenegro 
and Servia. 

Aaatrla and Sttrvla. 
VIENNA. Dec. 19. — Diplomatic Infor- 
mation here asserts that if Greece and 
Bulgaria cannot agree, the powers will 

■ propose making Salonika and a portion 
of the country back of it international 
territory. The new Servian Minister M. 
Jovonovltch. met Minister Berchtold 
yesterday and will be received by the 
KmperoE. Shortly after that audience 
the riogottatlons between Austria and 
Horvia win begin. It is uncertain 
whetfter they will be direct or through 
some intermediary power. 

TakM PMslinlBtlo Tl«w. 

ROME, Dec. 19.^— Minister San Giull- 
ano's deolaralion jwsterday about the 
Triple Alliance has not succeeded In 
. sattafying that section of the Cham- 
ber of Deuptles which aims at Italy's 
complete detachment from any enmge- 
ment which might entangle her In nerl- 
ou» complications without any eorre- 
>:pondlng advantage. Feellnf here la leas 
optimistic than last week because of 
the outcome of ^he London Conference 
and Auatrla'a ulterior motives. Gugtlio 
Forrer said bluntly: "I believe war be- 
tween Austria, and Russia is itievltAble." 



■ Osrtlwea inm Thm* t. 
pMitlon whUOi the nitwy (nminicaion 
and Ita Ataff occupies In th« OoranL* 

, racnt aarvioa end wota^ NKomnMndattora 
in rtf»rd to tbo «kl«HM la oouMetlea 

to the inside nor the outside public ser^ 
vice, hut occuple« a position separate 
from either. Yet those employed on Its 
utaff, and the number la a fairly large 
one. are paid by the Government and 
are members of the government service. 
"This peculiar position of the Rail- 
way Commisaion, of course, renders It 
particularly liable to the evils of party 
patronage, although the Railway Board 
itself Is supposed to be a strictly non- 
political and non-partl-san body. Then, 
with regard to the salarle*. there la no 
doubt Its employe's have a real griev- 
ance when they are compared with those 
In other branches of tlie Civil tft-rvlce. 
The highest salary paid to the office 
staff outride of the Secretary is under- 
stood to be under $1500 a year, whereas 
a chief clerk In any other department 
^•tarts at a minimum of about $2000. 
The Railway Commls.slon envployeev"! 
correspondlug to first-class clerks In 
other branches of tlie .scrvlc'<.' will in- 
raised to this class, it Is said. Tlu- 
same scale apivlles all the way down." 

St. Lawrence Soute 

On the eve of the adjournnunt i^r tii. 
House, Mr. E. N. LewiM, Conservative 
member for Wist Huron, gave notice 
that he would movo for the appolnt- 
tneiit of a Committee of the House to 
inquire Into the matter of the safety 
of the St. Lawrence route. The resolu- 
tion Is as follows: 

"Whereas the navigation of the Gulf 
and River St. Lawrence, ha.s ))een safe, 
barring nogMgence, in the opinion of 
this House, a Committee of the House 
-should he apjviinted forthwith to investi- 
gate the system of aids to nav 
now in use on the St. Lawrenofel 
and Gulf of St. Lawrence, and ft 
parison made of same with tbwie now 
in use on tMfcJtliliii^'y' JLmJt&ill'.i^m^^jf^. 

•n kt the next 



Distributors, Vaacoaver laiaMi, fer tbe 

Famous Cole 



High Grade 
Cm at 

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Cole Models, 4-40. 4-60 and «-«0, all fully equipped; electric ielf-stsrter, 
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rear axle and Lieiirlnjf* and Nurthway Motor. ThU cur Is popular In the ISOst. 
and will be j.opular In Vlctorte. th Ih year, a»" we ar« aclUnK them very fast 
at these prlcea- •!i400, fSdOO and «3A0O. 

Bkudebaker Models, 4-20, 4-L>B, 4-30, A-3h and 6-40. The 35 and 40 have 
electric soir-starter, lights and horn; full floating rear axle. In every respect 
up to the minute. Do not full to see these t-nrs before you place your order 
for your new car. or you will regret It. Trices ranging from $1100 to 91860. 
Ask for Catalogues. 

921 Wharf St. 

Corner of Brongliton 



UafrocJtlnsr of Mont by the Holy Synod 

Cansss "Withdrawal of Many 


ST. PETERSBURG, Dec. ifl.— A -split 
in the Russian Orthodox Church i.s 
threatened through the unfrocking of 
the Monk Helelodur by the Holy Synod. 
Helelodur caused a strain a few days 
ago by announcing his withdrawal from 
the church. Now his followers, to the 
number of eight thousand, have notified 
the Holy Synod Of their intention to 
quit the Orthodox Church and to sue 
for $20,000 in the event of the synod 
turning the Church of Helelodur at 
Tsarinsyn in the Province of Saratov, 
which was built by the people, into a 
convent or a hospital. 

Our • Windows 
or Phone 202— 

Christmas Stockings and the 
Crackers That Crack 

:''tSK-' --^i 

iFinncrfy Brotliers 

Oak Bay Junction 

BSsdal for Amundsen. 

ROME, Dec. I'J. — The gold medal nf 
the Italian Geographical Sociot.v was 
presented to Captain Amundsen, the 
popular explorer, today. Amimdsen lec- 
tured at the t">ollegc of Rome before the 
King, the Duke of the ATiruzzI and other 
distinguished personages. 

" WKaL we sty it i^ - iLiy " 

For Your Convenience 

We keep the store open In rne K»enlnK» and we have arranged to 
diillviT purchases on Christmas raornlng. VouMl be siillyficd It yon 
do your 'Christmas shopping hei p. 

The Latppt In Mens Fobs, art leatlur wltli sold tllli-'l inuiinllM«s. 

J5 10 $2.51) 

Half Dozen Teaspoons, In the delightful Community Silver. with 

Initials r-ngravid, ... tS.oD 

Silver Photo K1-ames, $2 to 75c 

Fine English China, silver mount ^jd. Many charming -pieces ai 

moderate prices. 



624J!^7xs Sr, 

f!rcro/^L4. -"i^c 

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OPPOSITE Post Office. 

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your home this Christmas? 

You can search the whole world over and not find another gift 
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Any *' His Master's Voice *' dealer in any town 
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Victor-Victrolas and Supplies 

Largest Steele of Reeords 
- — ^^Inthcaty 

Montellus Piano Houses Ltd. 


Victor-Vlctrdta VI. $3X50 








ritorK«MONAI. UrUECTOKV — (Cont'd.) 

.-NO n.o > 

A UT u 

X^. ox; 1 

■ us' 
L Iti 

A UI.-H:rECT"H. S, CillCtUh*, 100« Ow- 
^jL or, 1 moot at.; phone USt). 

A ICCaiTKCT— S. B. BlrUi. A. H. 1. B. A.. 
J\' 3ft'.' I'untral blda., Victoria. B. C. : 


> Enarlpoer— Qeorga A. Smith, British 
ta mnd aurvsyor. Utdcft at Al- 

/tJl.lL. JiJiKineer— H. M. T. HodKBOn, A»». 
\^ Meim, lii&i.. .>r Civil Eiinliieuin and l"ro- 
vl: ' ' BurvtyuTH. ■ Orrice. Fort Al- 

ii' ^ !.:.. •. 


KEM. WAVTKD-rtHAl.M^lOmt^^i I M TCATIOM> ^y^WTK P-WMJ^^-C^J*. 

il'.ii. I'.iigitietiis— Grecu Broii., Burden & 

■ Cn., civil ruslnui'i*. Dornlnlun and li. 

11,1 Mu \fyi.rjs. Ill roruliorloii block, 

..s lu Ntlsou, Furt Oeorge and 

•unavnn atirt MltchfU. 

i'embrrlon block. Tel. 

liu.v 3'J. KxiiiiiltuUluim and re 

,iil.,ii and lUuiiiuBw. hydio-elifi.- 

.,.'"";", ivaiuiworks. ncwttraeo 



,.,...■*, n -Uoro & McUrcBor — Brl- 
luinbU LiU'l eurv>jyor8. land 
;') ,■ t-i'uUtTs; 1'. A. I.JMdry. J 
I K. TcmviUaoii, T. A. Kelly 
i-ii(. Chancery Chamber*, 
• ''rln, U. C; 1-". ^> B.ix 
. (icearof bJdg., 
B, C. 

nco Hoard, member 

, : 11 bar Am. Tly. ISnifV, 

i.iiui, ii;;KClrlc, Logsing, Ilall- 

iii>5 and Construutiori. Offlcu 

..Ml bldg.; phune 9S1; re».. liin- 

!; phune 16 80. ■ Il__-. 

^^~; ^Mtflneer— W. O. Wlnter- 
A., receives pupils for 
.riiatoB. Suitlonaiy and 
luarc; phone 1631. 

. . : . .lai^r. D. M. 1>. Ofrice 
St., Uareachti block; o-tilce 
n, to i p. m. 

GIKU5! alrU! — SpUudld ■Ittiatlona wftlt- 
ine at Bad CroM ramaU Bmploymafct 
Aaency, 1011 Oo»«rnment tl.. »•« PO»\ 
office. Pbon. *S67. Mra FrancU, lata of 


IAuy caahlor tor branch atUcm. |l» • 
^ week. Apply to Mra. Clark, ••cretary, 
i.iul le»' Agency, *ti Hi^yward Building. 

\lltm" uil»treis« for girla' achool, ••|*''>; 
.4.>1 »-i) month. Apply to The Uadle» 

As.' nc^, 4'.'5 Kay ward Hia». ______ 

Hl-UAVORS for ..^oiric aawins maoUlnaa, 
>^ i-hour day. Apply Turnar Baatou C».. 
Ble HorD" brand .hirt aod ovaraU lac- 
toiy, C9r»a» of Ba*tl«» *•« Wh«f« at. 
V Ictorla^ - 

REyl'IRED, competent Cook -General : 
family two. rt»liJetice surburban; ref- 
eit^ncc; wage. 1 36. Heuulre, for ^'^o""'^'; 
compoieni Cook; »*'^""'» „ •''"^■"'i' ,,*Vii 

Generiil; cook kept; fam ly •""i '^JT"; 
Wanud. Houire I'lirlormald.. ''""*"5'V*'l' 
cUv; rrforenceii. Apply Uevcreux Agency, 

u'h foil; phone **'}_J^^^^*jJ/. ! 

\\.NT"liu— A waitress; apv>ly at Hotel 


1\t\NT1I:D— Young ladles. Of fair oduca- 
VV tlon and ncai appearance, to l.'ani 
lelKpUono opHiallng. Apply Ux person to 
urilco of UlHUlct Truffle ttupcrlnifiid^nt. 
U. r. Tyieplioutf Co.. corner Ulauchatd 

and Johnson. J 

rX'TvNTKU-i-Sthool girls over 18 years for 
\\ Saturday. .Monday and Tuesday, 5- 
Ki-lS Cont Stori!, Ciovernmi-nt^jireet. 

'-^Xi — Exiierlenced salesladies for 
;mas rush. o-lU-U Cent Store, 
( wireet. 

TWO young Udl«4. with experlcnc* of 
cloakrooms, desirs a Isw angagemonts 
during tha festive saason. Box »t. Colonist. 
rmTANTBD — Employment after i, by capa- 
V\ ble. refined Bngllsh woman: good with 

children. Mrs. Smith, phone H t. 

ANTED — A position for an ejiperlencffd 
child's nurse; most satisfactory refer- 
ences. Apply Uovereau Agency. 1314 Fort 
St. ' 


IXrANTBD — By Englishwoman, cooking or 
W cleaning by the day. Box !56. Col- 

TT'A.NTED by a practical maternity nurse, 
V\ maternity esses, 

frin take cases In 

count ry, Pltone I..1IHC . 

VVTANTED— Hewing, all kinds, also dress 
VV making 



St.. Vturnslde. 



\'"OL'.N't". lad."- having several yesrs' experi- 
ence as Ktenogrsphcr and nffUe assist- 
ant wishes engagement. Phone 3«gO. 


V> the Xt 

jo, piano, 

urn, 43S 

taught by 
Dallas rd.; 

,vi,'iAphor— .Miss Bailey, 



I Morrison, 

1 1 •::..• !':a and 
urnce. buite 6. 


yrx'r ASTBVi — aenoral help for family of 
t » two. 

Phone I..,J838. 

T7tT"v.\TED — Girl, or woman, as general 
VV help In family of three; muat under- 
stand cooki ng. Apply 7^7 Unden A v.. City. 
^a:sTK1>— 0»rl for confeoilonery store. 
lia.6 iSovernment st. 


AT less than halt price— Just takf a look 
at this offer: 69 feel fiontage, 811 feci 
on back 116 feel drpp, with a l^i-rouincd 
liouse on Douglas Street, just across the 
icrttd fiom thi .Maywijo.l I'.U, Fur tjulclc 
sale, pilco JS'.SOO net. If ^ ku sre uiqualii!- 
ert with values In this neighborhood Ihei" 
Is im need foi us tn post you further, rhi- 
terms' are »3,5<)0 cmhIi. balam e can be hv- 
rangtd. There will be no reservation inudo 
on this pr<n>onHhui l*"'r»' come. Ural surved. 
Apply, .National UeuUy Co.. 12112 Gt'vp-.p 

inent Street. 

BlCPsnap oiT Moss St., $0x120; cash 

|7«6; price JJ.SUO; wc can deliver 

this for u few days. UUIcapie, Hart & 

Todd. Wd., Naw Office, 711 Fort St.; Tel. 


C100K St., opposite aiater, lot aomto; tint. 
^ oak trees; excellent view; price ♦1100. 
1-1 cash; balance t. ii and 18 months. A. 
D. Malet A Co., 403-* Cent ral bldg. 

C'tHHIfiT.MAS Av., ID Ti.;mle Park— This is 
J a fine lot for f!50. and only »100 will 
handle It. Canieion luvouinioul and tia- 
curllleu Co.. Ltd.. CIS Tfaunce Av.; phonu 

DAUI^S Rd,-^W acre, between St. tJiw- 
renco and Outer VVliarf. 110,000. 
richrelber & bubbock, 405 CcnU'al Bldg. 

DAN'DY. full-slsed lot for $800, near car; 
1130 cash; |10 munlhly; this week only. 
ISox 144. Colonist. 

DUHPlvI.N rd. — Lot 10; 65zlS7: close to 
Douglas St.; excelluni factory site; 
»2615, Denny & Cheestinan; phone 14-U. 

DOCGLAS St.— kllght In line with the big 
inovenient and on Improved street, 3J 
:eel frontuse, 160 feet deep, for JU,i00; on 
l.rnm; revenue proiluiin«, see us about 
this. Howell, Payne ic C.imiiany, i-lmlted, 
641!% fort St.; Phone 1780. 

■vfoUTH llampshue ltd. --Close 
1-^ 50x13:', »a.300; 1-3 cash, 8, Vi 

I.'^D.MO.NTtJN Rd. — 2 lots for J3,000; now 
■i Is the time to buy. .Vpply 421 Ssy- 
WHrd; Phone Z'JUi. 

l.'^OR a <tn»p In a lot, oh good terms. S'.e 
John Hay. 112 Union Bank llul'.dlng. 

WTANTED — Stenographer with some ex- 
VV perlence. Apply -Mr. Taylor, Gillespie 
Hart & Tpdd. Ltd.. 711 Fort st. 

to take care of 
crnoon."!. Apply 

Y\TANTEI> — Young girl I 

V> two children In aft-. 

mornlnss, 1302 Dallas Hd. iHoss Bay), or 

'raUiphnnt! 210i. 

VTi/ANTED — Girl : . iiii for Children, af- 
\V tornoon or evt-plug. Apply S4D Van- 
couver St. 

of Foresters. Court 

It, No. B9S6, meets at 

road at., 3nd ftnd 4ih 

\V. V. FuUerton. Sec 

irange Association, Premier Loyal 
- I.oilKc, No. ISIO, meets 2nd 
.'.lond.'iys, at the Foresters' Hall, 
J. O. Kcott. 942 Pandora »t., 
■; ■Vtasier; \V C. Warren, 39 Cam- 
, Sei.rct.'try. 


SuSti or Enitland, B. S. Alexandr.i Lodge 
..- !1«. mceta lat and 3rd Wednesdays, 
■ P. Uall. H. G, King-; Sholboirrne st . 
•-r.t; Jas. V, Temple, 1053 Uurdette st., 

. England. B. a Pride Of the 

"1'!d 'Lodgo, No. 131. meets 2nd and 

4th 'iufsdays In A. O P. Hall. Broad st. : 

. i. -iiiiiii F. West, corner Hampton ami 

rd.< serrotary. VV. 11. Trowca- 

WUiiama St., City. 


XA'f.^.N'TED— -General servant, for family of 
W'two. .\pply 1026 Faimeld M. 

\\rANTED at once, good working House- 
V> keeper and Assistant for small coun- 
try hotel, on K. A N. Railway, thirty miles 
from V'lctorla; waslilng done on premises. 
Write or telephone, Station Hot*l, Cobble 


VXTANTED— Experienced hand-lroners at 
VV once; good wages. New Method 
I.aundrv, 101B-'17 North Park St. 

WANTED — Capable, experienced cook 
housekeeper; good wages given to re- 
liable woman; family of three. Apply 
Martin, Ker & Co., TH'tti F ort 3t. 

Uo .\ I *i i o. 

huroJJghly taught by ac- 
iis very rcas-onuble. P. 

\"VANTED — Woman for light hoijsowork, 
»V one Or two mornings » week. Apply 
Tapplsco, Wllmot Place. Oak Bay; Phone 

ACREAGE — S acres Esquimau; 050 road 
. frontage, o miles out, good house and 
outbuildings; price *S,600.„ J. B. Watson 
Really Co.. corner Government and Bastion 

ijts. ; Piione 4 620^ 

BIG snap on Heron St.. near Uplands, 
only $1,500. Monk, Montelth & Co., 
Ltd., Government, corner Broughtoa; phon« 
i* 2- -» 

ACREAGE — One hundred acres, splendidly 
timbered, wltliln 11 miles of Victoria, 
can be had very cheaply on easy terms. 
For price aridvParHcult/a'aPPty Bux ISOT" 
Colonlst. _^ 

A CHEAP buy — 146 acres watcrfrontago 
Deep Bay, at entrance to Baynes 
Sound, no rock, *160 per acre, terms ar- 
ranged. For further particulars address 
owner, Box 409S, Colonist. 

A CREAGB — 80 acres on four-mile circle. 
.TV ready* for platting; big moneymaker 
st, per acre, $1,200. ,1. U. Wnlson Uealty 
Co., corner Government and BaatUin Sis.; 
Phone 4620. . 

A GOOD buy on Kelvin rd.. close to new 
-I i- railroad: excellent factory site; 55x167; 
$2225. Denny * Cheeaeman. 1305 Blau- 
chard St.) phono 3426. 

I ."AH I IT and Farming Land, 2 houta iroin 
X^ Victoria, by the sea; only tluo per acre; 
you cannot make a mtrtuko here. Howell. 
Payne & Company, J^td.-, 641 ^-2 -Kort Sy._; 

IJhonci 1780. . ' • _^ 

ITMjH Sale — 2 cheap lots; phone R2767. or 

Ir^OR Sale — Forbes St.. fourth lot off Haul- 
• tain, 50x1 10^ level and gransy; only 
$1275, from owner; it's a bargain. .■Vpply 
Box 4592. Colonist. 

ITTOR sale — 50 acres, 1% miles from Coi- 
- wood P. O. and 1 mile from Esquimau 
lagoon; part of the land has been slashed 
and burned, the rest is fir and cedar; a 
stream of spring water runs through pro- 
perty; deer and birds are plentiful; price 
$15,000, terms. Qwner^ 1404 Hillside av. 

IT^OR sale — ParKdale sr.tip, phack, good 

. lot, near cars; $;bo • i. $15.00 

monthly; price $1000. Bon ''°l!.'r_ 

FOR Sale, two corner lots In Hollywood 

I'ark, $2,000 each, third cash, balance 
easy. Box 4381, Colonist. 

XTOKTH HampshliH; rd., near Cranmore. 

i>i loi 60x105. Sigh, good view; no rocK, 

> nice oak irevs, i>ric« »17U0; 1-J '-■••'»• "*': 

I ance 6. U' and is mouths. A. D. Malci tt 

1 Co.. 403-4 Central bldg. 

to car, 

., and 18 

inonilis. J. a. Watson Ucaliy Co., corner , 
iJoverumont and Bastion Sia; liiona <oi:u. 

\jUlVrul;a".tnich-3 1-2 atre* tor aalo; <tx- 
-^ ccplloniilly aiu-actlvo iji-o;/. rty; one of 
the prcltie.i viiW pohiU on the peninsulu; 
land clnvr..! u id IbvaI, SfH c.-tce.,en.. 
■I'nere IS a b.aulUoi vlow ovci sheltereu 
bay, which 1> distant about 100 yards from 
property; about 1-2 mile from B. C. Klec- 
iijc ciirlHie, :.o* under construction. Price 
for quick sale $2400; $800 cash, bal, ur- 
rangod Would consider selling part. 1 .o. 
B o X 381. 

OLiVtlR Slreot, Oak Bay, lot 50x133, 
$1, «,■.((, »7r)U ca-ih. J U. Bowes & C,)-. 
Ltd., 643 Fort Siret. Pbon« 2724. (I'ol. 
3228.1 ^^_ ^^^ ^ ^ 

OAIC Bay — On Florence st., "li-block from 
car line, near Arena; 00x120; $1360 net; 
much below value now! What will it be 
worth In the Spring'? If you are looking 
for a snap, secure this now. now! Ownai, 
2118 Sayvvard st. ; phone 3 130. 

AK Kiay — A nicely-treed lot on the 
select part of Mitchell St.; 54x120; 
beautiful bonus udlolning: full street lin- 
inovemcnls; only 4 mlnutea from avenue 
car. Dawson & McOalllard, 704 Fort St.: 
phone 30 0. 

AK Bay Vlctiilty. ,.c>,n carllne— Beautiful 
lot, all improvements, alxlSS; for few 
dnvs onlv $1550 nel : ■ «4:t0 cash, balance 
over two and a halt yeaiH. Smaller lots, 
close hv, $1850 aeveial months' ago. V.bat 
will this be worth in the spring. If you 
aro looking for a snap. Invosilgate this now. 
Owner, 2118 Bayward. street. 

HOi:8EB FOB UAI.r,— 'C»atlnuiri|) 

'■: '.■^HJl.vN. educated in France, pre- 

i to take puplU In grammatical 

...nal French; terms moderate. 

■" P. O. Box 682 

■,. ..;nt French and German. ac- 
aired Paris and Berlin, desires give 
>i. Address Box 6, Colonist^ 




1 lady from London anc 

position. French. German, 

■ and drawing. Pupils have 

:.. of Preceptors examinations; 

;iie appreciated. Box 666, Vlc- 


1, exceptional proposition, 
d »ollcltor: call befoie 10 
"in. Hotel Weatholme, 

. 1 . '^rn, tngr, ' _ 

«TtTANTF.D — Expericmed housekeeper, must 
'V have good references. Apply Man- 
ager jHrncR Hay Hnte!. City. 

\'\''ANTED for Kamloops, experienced 
VV English children's maid, second maid 
kept'. Apply Dev creux Agency. 1314 Fori. 

TTTANTED — Young ladl.js and gentlemen 
VV to investigate our office positions, 
where good salaries ars paid. 22 Brown 
Mk., 111 2 Broad St. . 



'256, Colonist. 

u'.i.,lu. t>tate age to Bos 

■icr ii l.'.aii. 

\i)(fj.. .Sir 

Ml! ted from man who thor- 
i-;.stAnd.H cutting out timber 
. rmu up same. Apply See- 
on Transit R^„ Siioal Bay, 
. beiweeu tlie hours of tt 
,- :;:orci2S. . ■ .■..■,, 

;.S cake bakers wantftd. I»urc 

— ' I'Kid U.ilvery. P andora ave. 

"^ J KN'S furnishings and clothlna salesman 
i<^i- w:mted for few days only. Box 119, 

I'olonlsl. ' 

\1S''vrNT to meet active man with practi- 

^\ • ,\ knowledge of building tTade. 

■ ' B O-K ll,p. City. 

■■ Mug man, about 21 or 22 

, 'i J., for office; must be able 

1.1 and use Romington type- 

i[ own handwrU'in«, to Vic- 

Hureau^; !=>. O. Box 31.. _ 

man for susli and floor 

_ t underntani 

Jam«a Leigh & Sons. 

\ RESPECTABLE man seeks a position 
l\ as painter; knows Victoria well, »nd a brush hand. Apply to Box 4483. 
C olonist. 

A GENTLEMAN, 28 years of age, seeks 
a position of trust and confidence; 
experienced In accountancy, advertising and 
genor<»i management. R. B., Box 191. 



,\ GOOD lot on Dupplln rd., close to now 
-tV- railroad; lot 10; 55x167; excellent fac- 
tory Bite; $2615. Denny & Cheeseman, 1805 
Ulanchttid St.; phono 3426. ________ 

"\ CREAGB — 160 arcea Soanlch; 120 acres 
-i-'V. cleared; all chohe agricultural land, 
all fenced; seven-rnotned luius'e. good out- 
buildings; i minutes from Saanlch car 
line station; price per acre $550; $20,000 
cash, balance arranged. J. B. Watson 
Realty Co., corner Uovernment and Bas- 
tion Sts. ; Phone 4820. 

,4 CHOICE homealte on Beach Drive, fac- 
-<-"V. ing the water. 75x200, price $2,750 on 
easy terms. This has a imognlflcent sll;ia- 
tloii and Is c.inplderably below murket 
price. Beckett. Ma.ior & Co., 612 
Fort St., telephones 2967 and S'lIT.. 

A SNAP — Suma* Street where the moV" 
is taking p.:ac«; a level lot. $1,800. 
Moore, & Johnston. Yate. and Broad; Phone 

Ir*RUIT and latmlng land, S hours from 
' Victoria, by the nly $100 per 

acre; you cannot ni ■ Mstake hei'c, 

Howell. Payne & Conni-t.^j , Ltd.. 641 1-S 

I'-ort St. ; phono 1780. .. ■ ■ ■. ..; ' ' ■ ' ^ 

ARMS and acreage giriore; com* - ittd 

look over tho list John Hay. 113 

L'nion Baiik Biill dlny. 

TTd.NE corner on l-ort «t., near Rithmond 
Jf av., would make splendid site for store: 
price and termf, see J. P.. Bowes & Co.. l^td.. 
643 Fort St., Phone 2724. (Foi. 35571 

IriAlRFlEf-D Terrace— The highest part 
- of Fairfield; two lots, 110x132; $5,500: 
i< <:a8h; fine trees, commanding view, 
south ii-ipect. Schieiber &. Lubbock, 405 
Central Bldg, . 

I"1^AIRK1ELD Road — Fine large lot 50x169. 
. Splendid »lte for store; right on car 
line. Big snap for $2100, on easy terras. 
Wise & Co., 109 Pemberton B-'.ock. 

OPPORTUNITY for profitable Investment 
exists in 53 acres on Saanlch Inlet at 
the small price of $200 per acre; 660 feet 
of waterfront. Schrelber & Lubbock. 405 
Central Bldg. — • 

OAK Bay snap— 67x112, close to Willows 
car; price for a few days only, $1,375; 
rasy terms. Leonard. Reld & Co., 420-21--2 

Pembert on Bldg. Phones 221, 346 . 

AKLAND Rd. — 40x120. level, no rock; 
1 fives minutes from Hillside carllne; 
$750; only $200 to handle It. Jas, Crlpps, 
1838 Oak Bay Av. Phone 3200^ .■ 

OFF Oak Bay Av., Cllve Drive— Fine, high 
lof, half block north of car: only $1750 
If sold this week. Howell, Payno ^,^^om- 
pany, Ltd.. 641 1-2 Fort St.; phone li80. 

U'FeR WliTnr^ot. 60x120, next to 

Dallas Rd.. centre of now harbor 

works, with new, B-roomed bungalow, at 

tho low price of $10,500; on very easy 

term's. Imp erial Realty, 54 5 Bastion St. 

Ji-xlRfrfDALK — One lot, Sim's ave.; $750, on 
fiLsy terms. 818 Fort. ^ 

FORBES St. — V'ery nice lot close to EkJ- 
monton Road; big snap at $1250, on terms. Wise & Co.. 109 I'emberton 



"big J-nau in Fairfield— 55x137. to lane. 

Chapman, near fjnden; only $2000; 1-.1, 

12 IS months. "Q.." P.O. Box 599, city. 


N all-round machinist ■wants Job. 
dress Box 4849. Colonist^ 

,\\'.'i.'';T;-:D— Tally 

V* factory; must understand finish 

A STEADY' and reliable man seeks em- 
ployment as Assistant to Electric En- 
gineer; was 10 years in last position. Apply 
to Box 4711, Colonist. 

CERTIFICATED Tea. her, male. English 
rniverslty undergraduate, deFlres post. 
Apply G. M. C . Golden Prair ie. Ta ber, Aita. 

RAUGHTSMAN (EngUahL ar preswnt 
with civil engineers, shortly dlscn- 
eaixed requires position; good experience: 
hoiiors B. Sc. (I^ndoiu engineering. Virile 
Draughtsman, V. M. C. A.. Cainblc. \an- 

ENG1jISHM.'>iN wishing to settle in Vic- 
toria wants work in office: knowledge 
of printing, stationery, bookkeeping. Box 
4S57, Colonls!. 

HAVE been connected with Victoria real 
estate for several years; what kind 
of position can you offer me; must he good 
a:id remunerative. Box 128. (-'olonist. 

I>RACTrCAL English gardener requires 
situation in private family; references. 
Box 175, Colonist. 



1 1 u& 1 V ^ 

•[•i.:t>— Live hustlers for real estate 
■lust liave knowledge of city; 
ir for right men. Apply B. C. 
Ltd.. 6 36 View st. ^ 

■ -Carrier for Tiie Dally Colonist. 

. RIdse district. Apply at the 

, uapiirtment oi The Daily t-pl- 

, rienood young man tor 

.ition. Apply •'. Valo .»i 
inment St. 

iiunp: man lo sake a half 

■ , iii.niufacturtng plant, foi- 

....-ler one lo take working In- 

268, CblOnllH'. 

O.M.'V.RT young man wishes position; any 
>5 kind- und<'rstandi-- work in restaurant: 
phone H3223: A. H . 822 Pandora av. 

^I'OT.'^M A.V, 30, married, abstainer, seek? 
?5 secretaryship, managership or confi- 
dential post. Gold medal correspondent; di- 
plomas hanking, typewriting, shorthand, til- 
ing, reports, statistics, editing, etc.: good 
organizer and Interviewer. Box 4929, Col- 

-\'"10LIN1ST open for engagements; any 

V lapaclty; used to picture shows, dances, 

etc Box 2t>6, t^olonist. 

x-iTA.NTED by good tarpenler. odd Jobs re- 
>V pairing furniture, elc. Address Box 
4833, Colonl»it. 


taNTED — Position as grocery clerk; 
good experience. Box 138, Colonist. 


Men <tr,n ■aromen to learn the 

trade: wnges paid while learn- 

.,. 5S5 per week when qualified. 

i-j! tho only recognized diplomas In 

;d: learn a trade and be indepcnd- 

t;ii- mnsi complelir college in the wesL 

or write for free calalogue. Moler 

'.. r (•i.;iegc. 846 Main St., Vancouver, 

■> '(jiril for dry goods stora; state ex- 
X oerience and salary required. Write 

■ ■" "Ci, Cokmis.t. 

imtA' WAN'rKI> — FK.MALB 


L-r>riLH I Al.< IN' 
I iniH' Co. fr 

ft' Pv,.n...l Iltl 


(inra St., 

1 lass *'- 

.Li::S2. Thf.' 1 
TlJt l^rlncx?" .' 
.irinliMr work. 

H. itay- 
tary; F. 

r'rs — ivia & 

. h, 707 Pn.ji. 

'1 soecljilty : 

.li wi- firs!'- 

...-- I'.ii :i.,.-. ) :i'i.rtnn 
•'tt dfy RO.ide im' 
".«, tncn's furfilcli- 
vunnd shirts, ovor- 
' t.>, 

".- -T« .se:C«r* 
i;'.Uufl(». phone. 
'•lesvnlng Co.. 

cloa«in!<- and 

PIU»JfWS8»tON.'^fc niBeCTOHY 

A I'j'LV tho Dovoreux Agency, 1814 Fort 
1\. si, phone H7: hours 4 to 6. Wanted, 
three experienced >iou«c parlor maids, also 
'■nil riiMipeiont cook general maids. Two 
i-iiok ho-j»ekeepers seek poats In 
• s' esiabll.shtnt nt, early risers and ca- 
, . .: \. jnien. .Several strong willing women 
want Ikmisb cleaning, long experience. A 
7 or 8-room house required iti James Bay 
aistvlet, aultablo for letting rooms; good 
tenants. Reply phone 447, giving partlc- 

\ LI., klniis of help wanted and supplied at 
x\. tho Dominion Employment Agency, 

1510 corner Ulanchard and Pandora sta 

. . 

1;;>Y a coiiipi-Ui.l Yv.<ji.(»n. Old mult stoles, 
> alieri^d up lo data within a week. 
VMionc n o 14. 

BY wiru. telephone and mall, our list of 
tiogUlonn, lequlrltig every sort of help 
changes, una Is increased every dayi w» 
need anililtlou.t workers in Victoria. »t R«4 
{'rods Female ICm|rtoym«nt Office. 1011 Oo»- 
•rnment si.; phone 4267, near po st oftte^ 

("<A.SH1ER wanted at once; roust M •W« 
J to handle ledger. Apply, stating ««- 
j.ericnee and salary required, to P. O. Box 

4 \>'i. .■ 

'boiv general for elderly Ifcdy mnti ta»r 
Ueman. $30. tH: oth«r h«lp kept 
Cook ho use hooper, young, for aged oaii»l«; 
SSn. cook get»eratii, «a«. «», IIS. Knrw 
houjicmnld; $?ll. House parrortnaMj f'JS. 
Mother's h«^Ip; fSft. »25. |3». tA«y l>«Jp; 
• IK. ann ixit ^«n1v tn the L.aillaB* AMmanr. 

\\X)RK with contractor or architect where 
VV can obtain experience In concrete 
work, by voung man; can take ground levels, 
etc. Box' 4878. Colonlgt. 

\X'''C>OD and stone carver, English, wain« 
>\ position; II) years' bert architectural 
and ecclesiastical work: carving lessons 
given. .address Box 147. Colonist. 

dUNO man would Ilka steady work of 
any kind. Apply Box iO, Colonist. 

-VtT^ITNG Englishman seeks employrnent in 
X office or store: three years burtrtess ex- 

perlence. B ox 259, Colon ist- ^ 

Ot;NO man, rough carpenter, wants Job; 

understands the trade; town or country. 

Box 69. Colonist. ^ 


A BPOLUTELY the best ..i. Finlayson St. 
A. —Double corner, level, high and grassy, 
$2700. exceptional terms. Apply Box 4649, 
Colonist. ■ ^ .•' ■. 

A James Bay snap — This Is certainly 
awa\ below market value. '-Ox 

117 on South Turner St.. for $32i)0, on 
teiiVi« Can vou heat It? Cameron Invest- 
ment and .Securities Co., Lrd., 618 Trounce 

ave.; phone 3760. ^_ 

~ir~RNOLrr lit.r facmg Clifford — 50x120, 
A. level grass lot, for only $1769. Tertns, 
Cameron Investment and .^e.-urltles Co., 
Ltd., 618 Trounce ave.; phone 3760^ 

"7 ChTpmanTst. snap— Fine lot. 80x14 0, for 
A. on;y $2000. Terms. I^ameron Invest- 
ment and Securities Co., Ltd,, 818 Trounce 

ave,: phone 3 7 60. 

"a "oaragie site — We have two lots on Col- 
JX Ilnson et. One Is 60x120, price $5000. 
terms: the other is 50x120. price $4600 
terms The best location In the city foi a 
private garage for any firm using « num- 
ber of motors. Cameron Investment and 
Securities i.'o., Ltd., 61S Trounce ave.; phone 
3760. , 

A~ CREAGE— 750 acres choice agricultural 
land In Meti^hosln, wUli three mlle.s 
of sea frontage. Price, terms and particu- 
lars on eppllcation to J. B. Watson Realty 
Co.. Corner nnvernment and Bastion Sis.; 

Phone 4620. ^ ^ 

A TTENTION— Seven ur fifteen acres, all 
A. cultivated, on main road. 15 miles from 
Victoria, In settled district', with motor stage 
service, and one mile from *'■ N. «>'■• m 
settled district; wire fenced: only $360 pe 
acre. Howeli. Payne & Company. Ltd., 

1-2 Fort St.; ph one 1780. 

CREAGE cTose In, suitable for subdlvi- 
' slop. H. Booth, 7 Brldgnvin Bldg., 1007 

Governi nrnt St. _, 

BIO Snap— Moss St..' 60x120; cash 

$768: price $2,300; near the sea. 

Gillespie. Hart * Todd, Ltd.. New Otflec. 

711 Fort S t. __- 

GREAT Snap— Fort ft., corner Trent: 
. price $1,000: 1-3. 6, 12, 18. Gillesplfe, 
Hart * Todd.. New Of^TJce^ 711 Fort St. 

BOND St.— Look~thls up; price $2,400. 
Gillespie, Hart & Todd, Ltd.. New 

Office. 711JFort^ 

ANK^.~snap. In Richmond Park— A few 
beautiful lots at $1400 each, oti excep- 
tionally easy terms of ' "« .'•"•^Vv.Vf. i. i- -.' 
18 24 montlis. Don't overlook this. It IP a 
genuine snap. Lipscoiribe ft Taylor. B14 
Bayw ard bldg.: phone 2II99. ^ 

BETWEEN two stations on the E. ^ N.. 
IH miles to either, 7 acres, for $600; 
714 acres for $900; 19 H acres for $2,900; 
easy terms; all have good road frontages 
and water; would make splendid cnicken 
ranches. Schrelber & Lubbock, 406 Cen- 
tral Bldg. _ 

BtTRNSIDH snap — Corner Emma and Mad- 
dock. «6xl20x«6; will carry three cot- 
tages: a genuine snap at $2000; usual 
terms. B14 Say ward bldg. 

FAIRFIELD rd. — Fine large lot. 60x169, 
splendid site for store, right on the 
car lin»; big snap at $2,100; on easy terms. 
Wise &. Co., Pemberton b lock. 

IT'IPTH St. — Close to Hillside, $2,500; 1-3 
cash, 6, 12 and 18 months. J. H. 
Walson Realty Co.. corner Government and 
Bastion Srx. ; Phone 4620. 

/ -^Os 7. .\ L Eft— Half acre, beautifully situal- 
\j o). magnificent view; very cheap ul 
$4000 on easy terms. Wise & Co., 109 Pem- 
berton Block. 

C^'^ORGE Waterfront — Splendid lot. nicely 
T treed, r.,«.xI)<S; beautiful home site: only 
$1850, on ^ay terms. Wise & Co., 109 Pem- 
berton Block. , 

I > EM ARK ABLE offer: One lot on Mount 
i Stephen St., inside the mile clrch- for 
$1,470. on terms. Beckett. Major & Co., 
Ltd., 643 Fort St.: phones 3515 and 2ii6i. 

lOCK Bay — Factory or garage site: snap, 
P. O. Box .181. 


STILL selling Port -Vngeles. Get In and 
.see Metlier-Reehling Co., 22 Green bik., 

for bargal ng. 

S "baton and Mlllgrove— I»t running right 
through, double frontage; sUe 50x260; 
pclce $2100, terms, 602 Broughton St.; 
phone 1400. 

SBCTIO.V good Bgilcultural land for 
sale, close to Naines Lake. Hardy Bay; 
$15 per acre, eesy terms. Box 177, 


A Christmas proicnl — .New O-rocBjed 
House; lot »0xl2o, facing south; 5 inln- 
uterf from Hlll»ld.i Av. car; $2i,iu, only »fc'io 
'•ash. balance $25 per month; you muil not 
delay. Howoll, Paync' * Company, Ltu,. 

6 41 \-\ F ort St.; PUQUM 1780, 

Tina,, large KKSlrtcncc, on Feinwood ltd.. 

on*' block from Yatet,. at less than cost; 

1W.J slrtK-l. froirtuges; $85011; vei;y easy terms 

Uowtll, J\ivne U Company, Ltd., 641 1-- 

Kori' 'M-: rtone 1T80 

ICM-nFlXL. 8-rooroed. new, rnodurn 
home. ov» i-looklng til*- sea and Deacon 
Hill J'ark; a ve'y flue home, wltii a very 
fine view; pri'-.e $13,000; lerms arranged to 
suit porclisser. A. D. Malet & Co., 4(»»-4 
Central bldwr^ 

B EEC WWOOI> ave, — A very choice l-room 
house for »lOOe, with a auartar cash, 
Beckett, it*Jor Jfe Co.. Ltd., «!» Fort St.; 
phones 3516 and_29«T. 

B"i'R.\'S~avr! off 'uougUs St., new, 4 rooms; 
large lot; $3»50; $600 cash. -Thomp- 
son Realty Co., Ur^ji blk^ 

/ IRaTgFLOW'BR Rd. — Lot, 100x240, tttc- 
v_^ ing on two Ktrtcls; six-roomed, rnod- 
erii house, 67 fj-ut: trees. 400 strawberry 
plants, barn. chlicki.i:i nouse and runs; this 
is extra value .18 lot can be auhdivldcd 
for building. J. B. Watson Realty i;o., 
ciij-n«r Uoverumeut and Bastion Sif-l Fftone 

C1LOVEBD..\LE — MO':jern four roomed bun- 
J galow, fireplace. oulU^in kltchBn'-;tr<. 
bath and toilet, oasiif.iant ; this bungalow, is 
buill on a very larifc lot. luid Is an aos-jiiOa 
gift at $a975; $350 cash will liandlo l', 
verv easy terms. Wisto Ik. I'o.. 109 Pember- 
ton' BU'-k. 

C1HE.\P htuni's — Cieoo-ge St., Fairfield. » 
> rtxtmi;; $4700; cash 76U. Victor st. — 4 
rooma; $3100: cash f-!O0. Haulialn st — 5 
rooms: $3100: cash JilOO. Scott St.— 4 
rooms; $2950; cash $r.60. Walnut st — 5 
rooms; $3600; j53i|i. Shakespaare s^ — 
5 rooms; $3800; cash $1000. On all of the 
above the balance of tOie terms" like rent. 
Apply Lip8comI>e & Taylor, 614 SaywRrd 
building; phone 2899. 

IHOICB homes. FalrtleM district — 8 rooms, 
) $8000; 8 rooms. $12,000; i) rooms, $1»,- 
000; 8 rooms, la-.'ge lot. JIB. 000. Oak ^if.),' 
district — 6 roojna, $7600; 7 rooms, $6750, 
The above are absoluDely thi- pick tn these 
two select jlocaiitles. U you are looking 
for a really /Irsl-class home, let us snow 
you the above. Apply LUiscombe & Taylor, 
514 Say ward ht ulidlng: plujne 2S99. ^ 

OTTGLAS "Sn-^^tWxl**, i» i < h • nle» nou»» i— 

seinl-businew; paved street, 100 feet 

wide double car track; at $200 per toot, the 

loweil. price offered. "owell. Payne ic 

Comp any, Ltd, , 6'.' d 1-2 Fort .St.; ph one 1i80. 

AIRFIELD — Sl;ti-roomed, modern house, 
full basement, concrete floor, cement 
walks: hall paneUed, beamed ^cellliig; 
piped for furnace; price $5,300; cash $2,500, 
balance arranged. J. B. Watson Realty 
Co., corner Governnnent and Bastion .'3ts, ; 
Phone 4620^ 

FAIRFIELD— Artist*:. 6-roomed, new 
house near sea; $4*50; exchange first 
pavmenl In lot or gwxl piano. P. O. Box 

FAIRFIE1..D — Beautiful 7-roomed nouse; 
street mode and boulevarded; on car 
line and thsee minutes' -ivalk from the park 
and beach, *t tho exwuptional price of 
$5,250 R. rf. Duce, phone 304^ 

/10NZALES Hill — 1-2 an acre, overlook- 
vT ing the Straits. This ha.s to be seen 
1,. be appreciated. Let us show it to you, 
Caineron Investment and Securities ( o.. 
Lid.. 618 Trounce ove. ; phone 3760. 

HARDY Bay--60 acres waterfrontage, 
right at terminus of new C. P. R. 
line- Crown granted; $600 per ocrc, '.* cash, 
balance very easy. Urlmmond, 623 Say- 
ward Bldg.; Phone 2362. 

tJTEVENSON St.— Finu level Jot within 
So and a half mile circle. Very cheap 
at $000, on easy terms. Wise & Co.. 109 
Pemberton Block. 

SHO.\L Bay — Splendidly situated lot over- 
looking the w-ater; magnificent view; 
snap at $2700 on easy terms over two 
years. Wise & Co., 109 P emberton block. 

CJT Patrick St. — 50x133, a few lota from 
^ Shoal Bay; $1800; $750 cash, balance 
arrange. Arthur Coles. 1205 Broad st, 

SjjAP — Central av., between Boundary and 
Laurel; few nice traea; only $1400; 1-3 
cash; balance 6, 12 und 18 months. P. O. 
Box 1528, Victoria. 

I^OR sale by owner— Must leave the city 
- before 2Sth Inst., and before doing so 
I must dispose of my bungalow in Fair- 
field as I need the moiney; according to 
prevailing values, the above is good bus- 
ing at $6,500; in order to effect a' »«Ie 
without delay, prloe only $5,000; cash pay- 
ment $1,000: this Is mnst urgent and 
genuine. Make an appointment to see mo 

by appl ying Box 216, Colonist. 

OR sale— Very pretty. 4 -roomed, modern 
bungalow, with bathrootn and toilet, 
basement, fireplace; also piped for furnace; 
fine high location; would be pleased i" 
show vou this; price $2850. Owner, P, E. 
George, 931 Hillside. 

FOR sale — New, modern 6-room house, 
full-sized basement, piped for furnace. 
10 minutes from two car lines. For terms 
and particulars apply a Chlslett, corner 
Tolmle and Linwood ave. 

I~"7^0R sale by owner, new e-roomed house 
. in Fairfield; splendhUy finlatied wllU 
every modern convenience; overlooking seu. 
one block from car; $5,300, on terms. Phona 
L1931. , 

HIGHWtTOD, Rockland -■V.v. — Two ami 
one-half magnificent building lots, 
price $15,000; terms. fllllesple. Hart & 
Todd, 1-ld.. -New Office. 711 Fort St. 

HILI..SIDE— Kl'lose to Quadra, 60x123; 1-3 
taah, balance 6. 12 ftnd 18 months; 
price $6,000, .L B. Watson Reulty Co.. 
lornei Government and Bastion Sts.; Phone 
4 620. 

IDE.VL subdivision — 33 seres on the 3. 
mile circle, all cleared, magnificent 
view: one of the prettiest places In Victoria; 
with beautiful oak and maplo trees. W. 
Le Liovre, Royal Oak P. O. 

I~NVESTOi^!S investigate — Lot in Jamef Ray. 
very clone tu Outer wharf; will double In 
value m year, cheap for a few days only; 
.•aiiv terms. Call owner, phone 997. 

SHELBOUHNE St.— 40x172 H. s snap at 
$1000. R. H. Duce. 1113 Douglas St.; 

ptione 304. ___^^_____ 

rnWO snaps for the worklngmi-Ji: Fifth st 
1- riOxllii; »;i4r,. Carlton St., 50x166. $945. 
Bach $375 cash, baianc $3» per nuinth in- 
cluding Interest. Mcrciianls Trust ^ Trad- 
ing Co.. Lid., 307 Pe mberton Bldg. 

mwV) thousand dollars reduction for im- 
1 mediate sale of valuable corner on 
Covermneut St., James Bay, Owner, I'ost 

tJfrlce Box 1378. 


R sale — A beautiful, new. 14-roomed 

I own and offer for sa^e the N.E. 1-4 and 
S 1-2 of N.W. 1t4. section 24, t w p. 30, 
R 6 W Port Angeles. This is well located 
for subdivision. Address J. A. Hall, care 
Flrrt .Vationnl Bank. Seattle. ,' 

J\.MES Bav where the big money will be 
made Kingston sf., 60x120. for $4,800 on 
terms. We consider this $1,000 beJow_^ m.\r- 
ket Beckett, .Ma.tor & Co., Ltd , 643 Fort 
st : ' phones 3515 and 2967. 

JUST take note — Some of these lots are 
hundreds of dollars below market value. 
Evans, 21 IS Sayward at,: phone 3130. 

X-T-^ATKRFRONTAGE — ueep Bay, entrance 
VV to Baynes Sound, 146 acres first-class 
land, $150 per acre, terms arranged. -Ad- 
dress owner. Box 4100. Col onist. 

\iV'ASCANA St. — Splendid lot 67x120. near 
VV Burnside car line; big snap af $900; 
o.n easy terms. Wise & Co., 109 Pemberton 

T-i-fii^L sacrifice large Hollywood Cres- 
>> cent waterfront lot, 51x194. foot of 
Beechwood Av.. for $3,100 net. Owner, 
p. O. Box 1378. 

"V^OU will never havn another chance Uko 
1 this to secure 13 acres of suburban 
residential property, '; mile from Parson's 
Bridge, at only »1S0 per acre; excellent 
vlow of Esquimau Harbor; terras over two 
years; write me to day. P. O. Box 157. 

0~IOTS on Fifth St., off Quadra; Nos. 11 
— and 12: 1110x125; $4300: H caph ; 6. 12, 
and 18 months. Bhan Singh. 943 North 
Park St. 

— modern house, situated at Oak Bay 
Junction, on two car lines; the house con- 
tains five bedrooms, two bathrooms, draw- 
ing rooms, living hall and den, fireplaces, 
furnace, etc.; also a fine garden and new 
garage, and every known modern conve- 
nience. Box 102. Colo nial. 

FOR sale — Exceedingly -well-bulU, 6- 
roomed house; modern conveniences; 
hall and dining room panele<l; buffet, kit- 
chen cabinet, etc. Apply Mrs. English, 
Bank St., right hand side Oak Bay car 

line. ' 

AIRFIELD — First-class, modern five 
roomed hous« on Moss St,, with ail mod- 
ern improvements, electric fittings, gar- 
age. Big snap at $4600, on easy terms. 
Wise & Co., 109 Pemberton Block. 

KELVIN rd.— Lot 4; 66x167; close to 
Douglas St.: $2225. Denny & Cheese- 
man, phone 34 26. 

KINC'S Rd.. close to Richmond: level 
lot, 60x332; $1,890; on very easy terms. 
Imperial Realty Co., 546 Bastion St. 

T''1NG Oeorge Terrace — One acre, beautl- 
jS, ful location, with waterfront; $16,000. 
J B Watson Really Co.. corner Govern- 
ment and Bastion Sts.; Phone 4620, 

LINDEN av., near Oscar, lot 50x110; quick 
sale price, $2750; easy terms. A. D. 
Malet * Co,. 403-4 Central bldr 

"jrv-ACRE farm, close Cobble Hill station; 
TcU good 4-room house, kitchen, chicken- 
houses, etc., etc.: 1 acre clear, rest very 
light- cash $1000; price $3500. Edwin 
Fram'plon, McGregor block, opp. Spencer's 

phone 928. __^ 

~ B0178E8 FOB 8ALB 

DRESSMAKINQ — Cut and fit guaranteed 
on latest lines, walking, reception, even- 
ing and rest gownn, fancy tailored eulte, 
etc. Watts. 707 V4 !'*'••; ' 

DAILY help — Experienced, housework, 
washing. Ironing <uid general work, |7 
ft Week; can be rf commended. Apply lo The 
Ladlee" Agency, 425 Sayward bldg., phone 

ENOUSH girl wisnee to travel for few 
weeks from 2 let; would be useful In 
return for expeneea: California preferred. 
Box 4»8«, Colonlet. 

NoLlUH girl eeeke position ae mothefe 

help In eroall family: experienced. Box 

«»01. Colonlet. 

ENGLISH lady (SO), arriving Victoria 
April, desires poat for alt lighter houee- 
work;-good plain ■coOk; or aa govarnees; 
thoroughly expeflenced ; aentor Cambrtdge 
certificate; highest referencee. Reply, atat- 
Ing salary, etc.. Mice Winifred Auatin, 164 
Herbert rd., Woolwich. London, Ungland. 

LADY requlree poeltlon aa honaakaapar 
manag^raaa. or •ug poaitton W »r?."*' 
wauld taka charge of tlrat>ciaaa boarding 
bouaa or te* roomai good raferatieaa. B«« 
4tH. CoJonlgt . 

SbOTOM clt-l #iahes poaitloB as ganantl: 
c*od plMii oooki Jamaa Oar »!%<•««<• 
Itfar 1«. Co.^»t. • 

BLACKWOOD St. — Nice grassy lot, good 
building site: big snap at $900. on eaay 
terme. Wise * Co.. 109 Pemberton Block. 

BEACH Drive, Bhoal Bay. 76x200; splen- 
did view; $2800; 1-3 cash, balance In 
easy (>aymente. Arthtlr Coles. 1205 Broad 

■t' i 

BURNSIDB rd. — 6lxS«, oppoelte France* 
et.; tl»fl4>, on very easy terme. Box 
144 , Colonlet. . 

BBACMWAT av. and Bowker av.. two ex- 
callent realdental wltea. TOxUO, fot 
f2.tlO. on tertn*. B*ck«t. Major » Co.. 
Ltd.. Ml Fort et.: phonee »M» and 2»«7. 

C' OOKM AN at., near Tranelt av. — l*t 
graaay and level: »1*00. Moore * John- 
eton. Talee and Broad; phone «2T. 

C~^i00K~8t~lniiMa cltyTtmlte, 50XHO. ItOft. 
J Good urnta. Box 4t*«. Colonlat. 

LOT 1 corner Vancouver and Bay sts.; 
64x116; $7500; .$1000 i^^"''; ,«• '^ *nd 
18 months. Bhan Singh, 443 North Park 
St. ' 

LOT 22, bIk. SO, Blackwood St.; 50x125; 
$2800; $300 cash; 6, 12 and 18 months, 
Bhan Sin gh, 94 i North Park st. 

IINDBN av,, near Faithful, $8000, third 
^ cash, one and two years. Foul Bay 
rd near Fort St., good value at $1,650. Oak- 
land rd.. next lot to Central, usual terms, for 
$1 575 Parkdale. Battleford av., and 
lot for only $2,600. Avcbury st right near 
Haulialn, 8 lots for, each, $1.2o0. hese are 
new and revised listing* and are picked out 
because they are sound Invesl'ments, Phoiie 
me about them and I will be pleased to 
give you full information and show you the 
property, H. M. UnderhlU. 311 Union Bk. 

Bldg. Phone 2315. 

^INDENTav., close to Faithful; 50x146; 
12660;' 1-4 cash; balance 1 and 2 years. 

Phone 1428. 

BTCH081N and~'MadlBon— Double front- 
age. 60x126, level and grassy; a enap 

at II BOO; tern u. Thone 1 7 CO. 

ICHIOAN ft.— Near Menxie* et. and Par- 
liament Bulidlne*. lot 67x122; prl«i 
16800; 12000 caeh. balance eaey. A. o. 
Malet ft Co., 403-4 Central bldg. 

APARTMENT house snap; situated with- 
in 250 feet of main carllne, not far 
from city centre, on lot 50x136, containing 
4 flats and producing revenue of 12 per 
cent net: I will sell to legitimate pur- 
chaser for $7000; half cash.>balance easy; 
Box 4887. Col onist. 

A snap, closw in, corner King's and Work, 
with old 9-roomed house; rent $85 per 
month; $7000. Also good 7-roomed house. 
Pine St., near car: $3000; good terms. Own- 
er, 1120 Hillside avenue. 

Big snap — 5 rooms. Beechwood: »1,006 

cash; price $4,600. Gllleiple. Hart & 

Todd. Ltd., New O ffice. 711 Fort St. 

A" "splendid home, Linden Av.. price 
$7,500. Gillespie. Hart & Todd, Ltd.. 

New Office, 711 Fort St. 

A GREAT Snap — Fairfield. 6 rooms, near 
A. sea, near to cars: i>anell«d beamed 
ceilings, open fireplace, built-in buffet, 
concrete walk, large rooms; ft snap; lot 
50x120; cash $1,200; price 15,800 Gil- 
lespie, Hart * Todd, Ltd.. New Office, ill 
Fort 'at. 

A CHARMING bungalow on Saratoga av., 
close to Victoria: furnace, baeement. 
etc.; furntwre if desired. P. O. Box 816; 
p hone Y34«t. 

A WORKING man should keep close In — 
Four-roomed cottage bungalow, with 
fireplace; Just outside the mile circle; thi* 
hi »■' enap at $3400: on your own terms; 
make haste and see us at once. Brltieh 
Columbia Inveetments,, 816 View Bt. 

C^RAH.\.M St.. near Hillside, lot 51x135, 
T 7-roomed house, been built one year; 
concrete foundation; piped 'for furnace; 
price only $4750; $1000 cash; balance ar- 
ranged: mortgage. $lfW0. A, D. Malet & 
Co., 403- 4 Central bldg. 

GORG-E waterfront — "^-roomed, fully mo- 
dern House; cement foundation ijnd 
basement, garage, chicken houses, eea wall, 
cement -walks, fruit and shade tiwes on lot 
50x240; $9600; 1-4 cash, balance ariranged. 
J. B. Watso n Bealty Co.: phone 4620. 

HAULTAIN St. — 5-roomed modern Bunga- 
low; lot 46x100; caeh $600. ba.lance ar- 
ranged; price $4300. J. B. Wa,tson Realty 
Co.; plione 4620. 

HOLLYWOOD District — Very well buHt 
nine roomed house, with all modera 
conveniences; remarkably cheap at »«»eo, 
on eaey terms. Wise & Co., 109 Pemberton 

HAMPSHIRE Rd.—^lx- roomed, fully med- 
ern house, beautifully fumlahed; large 
lot best of surroundings; price IS.aOd caah, 
terms arranged. J. B. Watson Realty Co., 
corner Government and BaatHm BtB.r' 
Phone 4620^ _^ 

IF you want a good house at the right 
price, see John Hay. 112 Union Bank 
Building. ' 

CORNBB Orotvaner and Hillside: llSx 
111: IT9M; U eaah. «. it an4 II 
monthiL' BVan AlngS. »4t itorfh Park at. 

l^tKAKDtltlt «v«.— 1-» aore. mm Tm\ Bay 
yj r*.. for wly t«H>- V^o»M) lt«». 
/-1«BAP aor»a«« aa« watartront i» BooTie 

|^6rW**«A Ti. a«r^ lll«l..r«««. W^ a 
V 1W4 iNirMo on It for only |1«M. 


M' ICHIQAN et.— Thia fl»" apar.m«.ui 
houee aite. else 13l.«x27», la a bar- 
gain at 116.000. and le worth buying ae an 
investment. Cameron Inveetment and 8e- 
ourltlea CO.. Lt«.. Ill Trounce ave.i phone 

1711. _— 

^ncftlOAN at— I<ot MklSO. near at. Law- 

M'rence at.; pH«* <«••.»» ''"V*i*«?t 
to ault purohaaer. A. D. Mal«t ft Co.. 401-4 

CentMki Wdg, 

-A $nira profit in thla for 
i«eKir purehaaer, 48»1M for 
iliw. "Cft«aro» Invaatmentl and flecwrltlea 
&0.. t.t«., M« Trounca ave.; phgna ItlB. 

■\tKiVt9CKkU at 
ax. the l«ekr 

ARTIE*T1C, «-roomed. modem house, 
high part Fairfield, George St., only 
14700; eaay terme; would trade for lot. 

5 9 MOM st \ ^___ 

REAL horn* — VInIng et. B.. H lot 8. 
else 60x134; 6-roomed bungalow, con- 
crete baeement, foundation, bath and toi- 
let": piped for furnace; tieamfd celllnga; 
bullt^m buffet; built-in bookcase ; tinted 
walls; Dutch kitchen; open flireptace; price 
$8000; '11300 caeh; s.rrang* eaay terme. A. 
D. Malet d. Co., 4 08-4 Cent r al bldg. 

TWO'ItOOMBD houee and barn, on a 
lot with two street frontagea. cement 
aldewalk, five mlnutea from car line; aoma 
fruit treea on lot: for ll.tSO; • anap; eaay 
terme. Howell. Payne ft CoMpttny, Uml- 
ted. 441 Vk fort St.: Phoiw iW. ■ ' 

JACKSON Av. — Neat 8 -roomed Bhack: lot 
78x112; price $900. J. B. Wataon 
Realty Co. : phone 4620. 

JAMES Bay — One block from park and 
sea. on car line; slx-roon»od. houae; 
price 14.500. Including furniture. Imperial 

Realty Co.. B4S Baatlo n St. 

ING'S and Prior— Well-built, fully mo- 
dern, 8 -roomed Houee, panneUad. fuH- 
slsed cement baeement and cement block 
foundation; beet buy In the city; ca^ ISOOO, 
balance arranged; price |«B00. J. B. wes- 
son Realty Co.; phone 4480. 

INDBN av.— tfaay walking dlstanee to 
town, &-roomed, modern hottse; full ce- 
ment baeement and foundation IV furnace; J 
more roome could be fltilehed upalalra; price 
88760; 11680 caah: balance arrange. A. D. 
M alet ft Co.. 408-4 Central bldg. , 

MOST ur.uBuai toffer In tha Falrflaild 
district, Beechwood av.. 8-room*, hall, 
concrete baeement, and foundation; batli 
and toilet; I)li>ed for furnace; beamed ceil- 
ings; bullt-m buffet; price 84760; ITIO^caoh, 
mortcag« 81K00, balance 186 per month. A. 
D. Malet ft Co.. 408-4e Central bldg. 

R. Homeseeker— We have a l*r«e Hat of 

houaea at reasonable prieea and on 

good t*rm», that we would ba Pl9MJ«to 

Show you Call and *«e u». Thompaon 

Realty Co.. Qreen bIk. 

MONTBRBT Ave. — Splendidly fcttUt and 
well finished houao, nIfJe rooma, eon- 
latnlng aiVl modem Improvementa. If you 
■re In search of a very nice Jiouae at a 
reaeonabla prlea, come and aae u* •*«« 
tbia one. WMee ft Co.. 100 Pembarton Alock. 

TV Hlllalde— 8 cottagek. rwMA ♦•» 

monthly; «nap; 18150; caah |«tO. JWW 

107. Colonlet. .. , .:...'■. 

OUTBR Wharf—Baat tmy, WUllJ»« to 
oacrlflce hoiueo and lot. one block froim 
water, cloae to trama. ^^^^ araHMd, 
>iereh|iHta' Tt'Wit ft Tft**) " ! C* 
i\» Caray »d.. l-rotUed Wm*alo«, «!• 

\J modem c««»a«il«»««a; ,lot ^*-W* l* 

_• ... «^«. jHiw> *eiMi gsuas tannk A. 

, . ;. W MivtMsaei/UtMMsA:; 


'm^^WS:''?^ .;;'v;55%8!pP- 


W W A *"' " ' 'vw wi^^ i nr '^^'MPw ^ ^ I 

m iw iT i M->',' i Jl l t li m! ' H,HiM I JH >lip 



HO tSEa FOB 8ALK— ((.-anitnued) 

/ \AK Bay — A preiiy, we!;-Uulli. now 
^-' bUDKiiluw; 5 \urgf rooms, (jitli, uillfi, 
iiUffel, flroijiacc. furnace, ceiiiuiit 1mi»«- 
ni«ai; laundry irayii; i minute cur; u 
.'triit-ot honiK on laiKf loi ; »i.»(in. »iiuili 
ca»h pa yment. Apply 1607 Ft-U Si. 



i T 434 

-^'^ nishi- 

aiincoa »t., near Menxlei, fur- 
•■(1. (eu viiiW, btttli, plaau. Phone 



'ftunie. clono tu car«; 

f^nh, b:iluiii:'e tu »u)t 
1»1. City. 

Av., South — New bunKt/jw. 

rooiuii, butlirouni, i>aniry; lut 

yak tree^K, aitractlvu 

price $4,7DO; $750 

Uv\ ntrr. 

1', «.). 


/\AK Uay home — Hampshire rd.; lot 4II*- 
^-^ 120, t-roomv(l. new, modorn bungalow; 
concreie founUatlons; jilpiMl fur furnace; 
• tucco flnlnh; jirlce only IIOOO; »too cash; 
hulance iirrauB.-; amiunie niorlRaKo. »I5U0. 
at 8 |>«r cent. A. U. Malet & Co., 403.1 
Oentral bldij. 

/"\SCAU Si.. Fairfield Estate— Pine" «- 
^ roomed rosUlence, fuh) modern, large 
Jot, price »D,5U0; caiiy ti.-rnia .Vpijly I'eden 
«i t.oopvr, .su) ward Block, lauD JJougiu* 

/^VV.NKR leavlnic city wants offer on iarec 
^-' !>-room modern house and furniture; 
also 4 -room house, larse lot; 3 block to 
hpring KIdge car; no agents. 2115 Fernwood 

Park— Hoi 

near Cook St. and City 
u*^'. 12 rouniF. foiiy niodMrn. 

renlints lor »76 monthly: price J12,000; 1-4 
■ ash. balance 1 and 2 y^ara; u good lu- 
Ncslment. Peden & Cooper, 1205 


"DL'RDKTTK itouv« — Purnlahed houaekeep- 
■•-* liiK apart mrntR !)31 Hurdttte. 

"DKIvLEVUE Court, Oak Uay — S-roomed 
■*-' uniuiNldhoil jparlment. new and all 
modern, meuni heat, electric stove, etc.; 
located on Bellevue Av., olf Newport Av.. 
t)ak IJay. halt block from Oak bay car and 
sea; »46 per month. Apply Mr. I'rlnsle, 
Suite 6. Hellevuw Court; or Sll Union Bank; 
I'horie 2315. 

/ tlJKKKFLI, auitij housekeeping rooms; 
^-' heated; use of bath, phone; close In; 
gas; block from Cook at. car; adulli?, 44ii 
Chester ave.. off Cook and Kalrfleld. 


C COMFORTABLE, furnished 
^ room 802 Bay St., close In 
uud Hose; ijhona R»172. 

; i-'orner U;i> 

ANNOUNCEMKNT— Mr. Q«o, W. Fuggle 
wishes to announce that he has ru- 
turned to Victoria after a brief absence, 
and Is again prepared to do practlcl piano 
tuning and repairing; also wishes to thank 
hli' many patrons lur their past patron- 
age and a continuance of same, and trust- 
ing h« will have the pleasure of jneeting 
many of the uewcuineri Victoria (eels so 
proud of. Communications by mall or 
phone, or the same iriay be left at Fletcher 
llruB. Jduslo Htore, Oovernment St., will 
recwve prom.j)t attention. Phone 1.821 or 
P. O. Box 300. 


for Hire, day or night. Phone 

I^on rout- Huusekieplng rooms. lllo 
Fort St 



4 hi 


^ V. 

IT clog« In — 8-roomed modern hotiso; 

hodroomg, 2 flrephicea, full hnsemcnt, 
li'-iiutiful lot. with shade lrui.« In rear; on 
l.liulcn Hve., near Fort St.; price JIO.SOO; 
easy terras. Call Mr. Colo today <or to- 
norrow; teleph one 471. 

"\P— S-roomed house, on large lot. Foul 
Hay; furnace Installed; $300 ((Wh. 
. .i:ance $,S0 monthly; cheapest yet 137 
Hobertson St.. Foul 7JHy. 

15 per cunt Invelsment on th*: 
& 8. railway. Just Inside %-mlIe -clr- 
<I<-'. 6-roonied house; Imth, separate 

i"llet, pantry, cfo; completely furnished ano 
Icnsed for one year at $5u per month. Prko 
»4.n00; third cash. Merchuntf Trust & 
Tr ading Co., Ltd ., 307 Pemberton Bids. 

ryso Santa Claus — •! have a beauty 5-roomed 
J- new bungalow In the choicest Fairfield 
district; large living and dining rooms. -With 
beamed ceilings; veneer paneled walls; built- 
in buffet and bookcase; plate rail; two large 
bedrooms; bathroom; kitchen with all mod- 
ern conveniences; Inglehook or : brt^kf&it 

oTn.-virti- puiit-in tabiA"ftha a««»! 

_ _ cemeni 
ba.sement; furnace and laundiT! tr:i 
voomy tinted; electric fixtures; ready 

Into, and for less than $5000 on easy i ... 

M. A. Little. 301 t^pnfral bidg.. phone 3751. 

L"COU Kent — 2 unfurnished 
-*- \'ancouver St.; phone L; 

Tj^UItNISlIElD housekeoiiing rooms, mod- 
■^ e rn. low ren t. 1036 Hillside Av. 

Ij'M'HNiyHJCl) housekeeping room. IIJS 
North I'ark «t. 

"C^URKLSHED housekeeping rooms; 
-*■ only. ,11 s l^8Wego. James Bay. 


1.^TL'RN1SHED housekeeping rooms at 1733 
Cook St. 

"I^URNISHED housekeeping room, $S.BO 
J- per week. 2165 Oak Bay Av. 

T^Tt'R.NISH'ED housekeeping rooms, hot 
-*- and cold water. two and one-halt 
blocks from Post Office. 725-729 Court- 
ney St. 

BAOOAOli: prompiijf ooaOetf «t ourroat 
raiss uy ib« VIotorU Transfar Co., 
pboD* ll». Offlca np«n night »at day. 

C'<.\NOB.^. boats, launchs iftorcd; boathouse 
■^ for rent. Apply Houseboat Distributor, 
West Uay. 

DON'T Forget— A grand Scotch social and 
dance will be held In .St. John's Hull, 
Herald .St.. on i.'hrl8tma.i Eve, commencing 
at S) p. in,; gents' tickets (|1) may be 
had froin the treasurer, W. McUlliivray, 
843 Johnson. Ladies free. 

DltEKSM.VICING at home by an American 
dresaniuker; evenini 

136 Court nev St. 

ig gowns a siicclalty. 


TF you Insist on a supper, "Charlie," I 
-•- must have the famoup Esqtilmalt oysters. 
They are the best 1 have ever oaten. Come 
and try them. 

T ADV giving up housekeeping wlrhos i. 
-l-' of beautiful dessert service, cost 
£10 In lCngI:>jicl; never been unpaiked. Opera 
cloak, 1)1 autlful gsrmcnt. almost new, from 
England; lady will sell fiir .?4(i; cost more 
than double. .Nurse's uiiirorni. cloak, bonnet, 
white tie, etc., be«t tjuallty, JIO; nurse will 
sell. .Vpply to The Ladlcw' Agency. 4 25 
H.iyward bldg , phono 24S(i. 

; very little worn; 
Oak Bay. 

aracul coat, mole 
in size, good con- 


RACOO.N coat—Man'a 
2^017 Transit Road, 

cloth rlrexs. mi-rllu 
dltlon. Bo.< 188, trolonlst. 

Yates Ht. 

V V sale. R 

for suits Tor «ale. Tailor, 6U8 

At once, »ome agreements of 
oom 9, Green blk. 

VA'HAT offer: — $1)00 agreement of sale, $15 
' ' monthly on improved property. Box 

*i>T,T, Colonist. ■ .. 

Y,\''l'^ »tlll have on hand a few damaged 
' ' Hafis; thcBe are tn perfect order, and 

Kunranieed at 
Flrbtinkg, Ltd.. 

Imrgutn prices. Canadian 
510 Johnson; phone 2020. 

DRKSSMAKINQ — Cut and fit On latest 
Unea guaranteed. W.ilklng, reception. 

Tjj'MJRNISHED or iinrurnUhed housekeeping 
X rooms to let, 2 minutes from Douglas 
780 Topa> ar. 

et. car. 

HOCSEKBEPtNO room for two. 

H V 

i.\'a room«, clo«« 

aucouvcr St. 


HorsEKEEI-lNG rooma to ■■r«lt">'m 
l'"ort. . 

TTOt'SEKEBPING rooms at 719 fort 

evening and rest 
suits, etc. Watts, 

gowns, fancy 
707 '/ii Yates. 


f^"Vji( .vnle— Hand-made Irlah Crochet, Mul- 
J- ti-Hc and Cluny Lace Collarettes, al- 
w.iys a Welcome t:hrislmas gift. Seabrook 
Young, 1523 Johnson St. 

"piOR sale — Wholesale and retail produce 
-L business as a going concern; beat con- 
nections In town. Kor particulars aunly to 
A. F. Griffith. 531 Bastion. 

CiENTLBMAN to coach tor examination; 
* win Box 3161, ColonUt. write Box UOO, 


GENTLBMEN',S old clothes bought, etc. 
Morris, 609 Yates; will call. 

LIFE out In the open is healthy; where? 
I^ok under "8." Gls bert N. Witt. 

ADIES' Black P-lush and Poncy Cloth 

^a '*.■»"%. Coats, satin lined throughout, also 

■'!;i£<I: nil*"**" *^">^*; *"d ehower proof C^otbi Coatg 

jWiom*.- ; 8f5'^JBwr» •*!.;' ^" " "■ 

WITHIN the mile clr.' 
' » car line: lot iv 

,,„ 1.1,. .,v from 

Ixuisalow and stable; m nonthly; 

lirice J2,700; cash and teraia arranged. 
A. H. Hurman. 1207 Langley St., opposite 

^XTITHIN half-mile circle, modern 6- 
' ' roomed house; bath, rurnac.e. range, 
<tf.; pr!<'.' f.l.'IOO: tlOOO or less caeh ; bal- 
ance arranged. 2573 Graham St. 

K-ROOMED, new, thoroughly up-to-date 
*J bungalow, on corner lot, 5 minutes 
from Hillside car; $500 will handle this; 
balance easy. Box 4U0,T, Colonist. 

y-ROO.MED modern house, near Fort St.. 
' $5,500. on terms. If taken before 
December 22. Owner, P. O, Box 618. 

S-l X A BUYS a good 2-roomed shack on lot 
XO\J 62x150; price $800. Box 4922. 

<I&rlirjA cash, balance $20 par month, buys 
'iP-"" ''^ ijiinis'-ilow ; 5 rooms, near Fort St. 
tar. .^pply S13 Fort St. 

6-roomed house at 
St.: lot 60x120; bal- 
Box 2 42. Colonist. 

ffi?:An CASH buys a 
<Pt>l/U $4,750, Davie 
ance as rent. 



T ^-'i :-s '.. lot- two sooTmStS^ir^i 

■ ring room«, $j(;lt|: lOift Wl(^ 

,-,■■.■ jm and alttinjf roojtt." tS4: 

bath, kitchen, furnace heat. , etc. ; close In; 
suit buBlneRO Indies or married couple. Two 
soo.i ' : ■ nis for business ladlcp; 

vf ' ' good private family; 

cari' . .>ne tor particulars to 

the LiulUs- Aj;,ji.y. 435 .Say ward bldg.; 
phono 2486; no charge. 

LARGE, front room. completely fur- 
nished housekeeping; 2 blocks to post 
office. 736 Court ney St. 

"VTICELY" furnished housekeeping rooms, 
- L^ near Founta in. 600 Gorge rd. 

ONE, 4-roomed unfurnished apartment to 
let, $25 . a month. -\pply Park View 
Apartments Caretaker. 

TJLEASA.NTLY altuated! clean furnished 
-»- hou.sekeeplng rooms, near car; moder- 
ate terms. 4 Menilea. 

a^HREl-: large houscKeeplng rooms unfur 
nlBlied. Apply at IHI North Park st. 

TO rent — 3 rooms in cottage on Blanch- 
aid St., close in; rent $16 per month: 
also 2 rooms for $10 per month. Bagshawe 
& Co., Rooms 244-245 Pemberton Bldg. , 

rr\0 Let — Housekeplng suite; adults only. 
J-Apply 840 Courtney »L 

rpo Let — Furniahcd nousekceptng rooms. 
-L 4 4 Menzles St. 

fefi;«at variety. Heal 
"" :_»23 Johnson St 

3RETRIK\T:R puppies for sale, from Im- 
ported parent.'i; also, loganberry phinl.H. 
H. H. G.. Modrona I'ouMry Farm, Gordon 

pr PER cent . loan; two f\inadlan Home 
•V Investment Companies contracts, num- 
bers 1 and 2, for aalp; loan due im- 
mediately. Apply, stating offer. Box "J," 
Y. M. C. A. 

T^OR Rent — Halt of hous«, comfortably 
-I- furnished, every oonvanlence; half 
block from car; t«rms moderate. 1341 

Uladstont! Av.; Phone R4278. 

ipOR l>!a»» — 8-roomed, furnished house, 
on car line. In good locality. A. S. 
llldg. ; Phone 2801. 

Apply 736 

Barton, 216 Central 

T.^CIINISHED house for rhnt. 
X" Mar''-* o* ^ 

larket St. 

LOrr aNU lOtXV 

To Let — Furnished, five-roomed house, 
rent $25 month. Apply Mrs. Ann Hill, 
Burns Av., end of Douglas Ht. oar. 

pTAC EACH — For the folks abroad; hand- 
«^'-' Homely Illustrated annual edition of 
Vancouver Saturday Hunset. treating ex- 
clusively with British Columbia; the verv 
fhlnff to send to friends tn the east or 
nbr- ■ 12c extra. Call at or write 

^■<'" <lng Agency. . Stjite 103, 

Tlni. ■ - '; . 

©Cn •'^Insrtr sewing machine, will sell for 
tlpUi; no, Phone L48S6. 


. jjEBbi^iii^^M*'f 

Aii\\i! -iiretta cures Dahdniff tintj 
I Hair. Baldness a specialty: 

516 liibi..fn Block. 4th floor. 

■^OTICB to real estate agenU— As our 
-i-' Mr. Jones has ■ i from I 

and will again tak • of all ; 

ties In which he U mu-ieMtod; all lisunps 
of the same are hereby withdrawn, B«;t- 
t«rton & Jones. 

■^OW Is the time to eat oysters. "When 
-«-> ordering be sure you get the real thing. 
Ksqulmalt tjysters, fresh from the beds 
daily. For sale by all dealers. They are 

ARE you a lover of real nice oysters? If 
so, buy the celebrated Esciulmalt; 'oys- 
ters; thtsy are simply delicious. Just try 
tasm itQA .you win eat no other. For sale 
•Jjlass restaurants and dealers. 

not less; about 1(H) wanted tn sound 
condition: thickness H-9t lm>h. Write H. 
Harris, Cobble Hill. 

OLD clothes, Junk, etc. 
We call on you. 

Ring up L3S66. 

PRIVATE homo for infants 
$5 per week. 
Caledonia av. 

good cnre;. 
Apply mornings, S3*; 

-*-»■' not 

Estate .\gentB — "rarkda.Ie," please 
ote my lots 3-S. 12-14, block 4, 15-16, 
in-27. block 5. are withdrawn from tho 
market. L. H. Loelholm. 

ROOFING paper arid 
outside, alsii 
inner work. S. 
and quotations w.i • 

Compositions for 

■'■'■■ .1, ' :. for 


>i. !ij;u,-. Cuublu 

SCRAP brass, coppar. zinc, lead, cast Iron, 
sacks and at; kinds of bottles and rub- 
b«r; highest cash prices paid. Victoria Junk 
A gency. 1020 Store St.: phon e 138 

W^'^"'^E'3— A second-hand, light delivery 
»» wagon, for grocery business; must be 
cheap. Box 165. Colonist. 

rpo let.^4-roomed furnished house, with 
-»- bath and panlry. near earllne, pusses- 
Blon at end of week; $45 per month. Howell 
Payne «c <;"oinpany, Ltd., 841 1-2 V.'ort St.; 
phone 17 80. 

rpo Rent — Flve-roomed furnished bouse, 
J~ on car line, $35 per month. Apply 
.'120 Central Bl'dg. ; Phone 3924. 


A BIG, new house; newly furnished; 
■^^ *;'eam heated, oil^nty hot water; all 
modern con v< nleiues; large sunny rooms; 
c.v..ellent table board; use of parlor and 
phone: houiej pJaoe; special reduced riitea. 
2ii3a Quadra. 

A -MEKIC'A.V family wants roomers and 
■»-X boarders. R3267. 

Courtney St., single and 
ims, with board; very 
liberal table; English cooking; steam heat- 
ed, electric light, baths. 'telephone 42B2. 

d room. with fireplace, In 
comfortable home. 208 Quebeu 
near C. P. R. wharf. 

AT St. Helena 
double bedrooms. 

BO.iKD uriil 
qulot, con 

BOARD and room; terms moderate. 1011 
MoClure St.. off Vancouver. 

edin St. 

d room for two' men. 841 Dun- 

BO.\RD and room for respectable >uung 
men. 649 Avaion Rd.. Jam es Bay. 

BOARD and rooms, beautifully situated 
on Gorge, close to car line. 1237 
Stinnyslde Av. ; Phone R3126. 

CAHALAN— 826 Douglas St., Bsacon Hill 
park; tejfe 8183. 

"10M?::^»flTABLB room and board at 936 

Inson; phone and all conveniences: 

LOST — -From^'Maplewood av.. one light bay 
tnare. Jb'inder return to '1'. VV I), mii 
wler. Reward. 

LOST — A diiiall leather c^aso coiilaiiilos ;! 
lO-doilar liljfs; (Inder pleiine have ai 
StraiigerH' Rest. A|)ply Colonist Box 271. 

Wednesday, lady's purse. »l»h 
.on and small amount of money en- 
closed. Please return to Ilox 174, ColoniHt. 



Real Estate, Timber. Mines ond Coal Cahdl 

Phone 2983. P.O. Box 860 

124. 125 and 136 Pemberton Blda.. Victoria 

Vancouver iifficu. Winch Bldg. 

-Members Victoria. Real Estate Exchange 

LOST, on 
tu-i) ml 

Monday, December 18. brass 

earrlugi a.xle, bi-tween Uutei 

Wharf and ("ook St. S. W. Eastman. 142 

St, J^awrencu. 

LOST— Black silk watch fob and locket, 
with Inltluls C. O. C. and InacrliiiUui. 
Return to V. I. Motor Co., 937 View St.; 

IOST. on 17 
-^ Finder pie 


th. small bunch of keys, 
ease return to James Buy 

CtlCCILIA nl. — liungalow and three lota 
^ $5500. 

/ IECIIjIA rd.- Full alEed lot, $USO, 

i I.PilA m.— -.Bungalow and three lots, 
-»-■*- $1/000. ' 

OAK.MOL'NT av.— Close to Cook St., 60x120, 

T>1.NK St. — 45x17;, J1350. 

"yi-VE at. — 6-roonie.a bungalow, $3100. 

T OflT, Monday, Airedale dog ,wlth 
-»-^ lar. Reward oil return to 1624 Qua 

I'hone L3696 


T OST — Monday, small, old-fashioned. I 
-l-^ carat gold locket and i:h:iln; three kno 

In chain. 

Pleas l- 


'iuluutes from P. 

i ,ni iii» i < 

,TA i 1 

75 Linden av. 

TTJOUBLE room, with board, furnace heat: 
-»-' two minutes from car line. Cook and 
I'andora. 1216 RudJln St. 

"[.j^CRNISHED. heated, double room. 
-A fire grate, excellent table board. 
I'andora; Phono L3503. 


VT^'ANTED to purchase — Srrtali general 
» » .Store In growing country district, Van- 
^ ')uvcr Island. B ox 478$, Colonist. 

• ' Brown 

to purchase a regulation i5am 
ne sword belt. Phone L333S. 

ACREAGE wanted — A syndicate would 
Ilk..' to buy from 50 to 500 acres of 
land in the Saanlch Peninsula; state lo- 
cation, price and terms. Box 4 3, Colonist. 

IA.M open to buy any good lots slightly 
under muikct price; If you need the 
money address lull rmn l'u),ir« i.. Box vb. 
Colonist. ■ ' 

*T WILL buy any a^iea 
-*- Peninsula that can 

L- 11: til... .TiUinicil 

be obtained for 
S300 per acre; U' cleared, 1 will pay more 
1 er acre. Address Box 41, Colonist. 

I HAVE $15,000 cash 10 Invest on Fort 
St., or Yates: what can you offer me? 
h sho-jfd jl.-d'ji- 8>-Ti.)t il.ig t:ia.t I could 
turn over before next payment. Box 41, 

IW..VNT to purchas 
Oak Bay. district 

laso 6 good lots in the 
lay. district for huestment; state 
location, and If they suit me 1 will see 
you; 1 would like to buy near the water 
If possible; also something that I can turn 
over at a profit within a year. Box 43, 

0W.N'I-:RS of good lots, when you have a 
snap to offer, not over $2000 each, 
telephone L1II7; canh waiting. 

ir view lot wanted. 
Give full particulars 
and lowest prlec for all cash. P. O. Box 

YV/IANTED — ParkdalH lots; lowest price 
'» and terms. Box 19G. t:olonlat. 

/ANTED — A good lot In Foul or Oak 

rno Let — Housekeeping i-oom, n»ar car 
J- 3 219 North Park St. 

n"^WO furnished- housekeeping rooms; good 
-L for two or three people. 117 South 

Turner st. 

TWO or three lovely rooms, close 
. In, vcrj- reasonable, private family, new 
.house, furnace, phone, every convenlerice. 
Phone L4 337. 

UN F C R .VI .S HED rooms for rent. 1233 

Yates St. 

U^NFURNISHED rooms. 2 or 3^ largo, 
electric light, bath, phone; on car 
line. 806 Hillside. 


AT 434 Slincoo St., near ilenzles. fur- 
nished, sea view, bath, piano. Phone 

CJEE Bagshawe & Co., Rooms 224-5 Pem- 
KJ berton Building, lor good and cheap 
buys In Rock Hay, Hillside Ave.. Gorge and 
P.iirnslde Hoiid.i. We have them below mar- 
ket value. Bagshawe & Co., Rooms 224-2:s 
Ppmb>jrton Bui.dlng. 

SING Lee L.aundry Office, 716 YMes St., 
now rem oved to 740 Princess Av. 

THE Art Emporium, 681 Nlaga 
IMcture framing our speciality; 
'JIaplay - • - 

jf calenders. 

gara St. — 
see our 

' » Ing for thi? election 

will hold their annual meet- 
off leers iji the 
I'onscrvatlve Rooms. Government St., ut 
8 p. m. shari>, January S, Guy Walker, 
OhaJrmsn; Jas. Roberts, Secretary. 

\;\'"ANT your shoes repaired? Then call 
' ' at the Progressive Shoe Repairing 
Dejiot. 1118 Hlanchard at. (late 726 Yates 
St. 1. and have them done while you wall. 
Whore you gvi the best EnRlish leather and 
flrst-clnss workmanship guaranteed; wo 
possess the finest repair outfit in town 
Oppo.iite Y.M.C.A. 

small brick 
P. O. Box 

XA "ANTED — >Vcond-hand dump wagon In 

' » good repair; for sale or rent. P. O. 

Box 1282. 

TTTANTEI) to purchase, o 
»» double action. styH) 20 

or would rent, a 
. . 10 or 21, hai-p. in 
good condition. Box 264, Colonist. 


AS-VAP — Grocery buslneits at price of 
stock and fixtures. Ai»viy 1418 Doug- 


Tp.VG INKER, with capital, wants to join 
-•-' in a good industrial buslnesa; refer- 
ences given and expected. Apply P O, 
Box 308, Vernon, B. C. 

T^"^Oit sale — Tailor sijop, doing good busl- 
-*• ness. Apply 675 Vatus St., or S6I 
Johnson St. 

XX^ANTED— Chimneys and 
^ » .lobs, by compot.ent man 


S.\I.\LL waterfront be cheap. 


lulce and terms, which must 
Box 131, Colonist. ♦ 


a snai?. 

V\7ANTBD— -6 a. 
Vt tlvated; witl 

acres, good garden soil, cul- 

be cheap and near railroad or H. C. Ebc- 
Irlc. A. Bruce I'owley, 415 I'emberton blk.; 
phone 2091. 

■tV'-ANTED at once 
' ' private jiarty. 

ce, from owners only, by 
one lot In Fairfield 
Kstate. south of May, or close to Cook St. 
( .ir lino; price not to exceed $lK,"iO; can 
give good terms. Box 172. Colonist. 

off Michigan; com- 
mod«rate price. 

AT 4 21 Parry St. 
fortable, warm room 

ARLINGTON Rooms, 819 Fort St. Steam 
heated, hot and cold running water. 

clothes closets in every 
rates. Phone 2842. 

room; moderate 












er b 










St.. corner Moss. 

,/^OMFORTABLB room; 

^ conveniences, breakfast If desired 


Ontario Ht. 


T^OR Rent — Large, front room, furnished; 
■*- suitable for two gentlemen; close in. 

596 John St. 

FOR clean, comfortable roomti, try the 
Sylvester; $3 per week up. 716 Yates 

TMltONT room, well lighted, ground floor, 
-»- close In; ploanant for man and wife or 

two or three gentlemen. 
1624 Quadra at. 

Phone L3696. 

FURNISHED, heated rooms. 1187 John- 
son St.: Phon« r.4 3a9 

•1\^ANTED — Good lot. high and dry. or 
^» lot and cottage, with basement, near 
car and school ^ state lowest price for 
c:ish; owner only. A. W. Colton, Kelvin 
Rd., Maywoort I'. O. 

Y'l/'ANTED — Cralgd,\rroch listings from 
» » owners. A. Bruce I'owley, 415 Pem- 
berton blk.; phone 20'i<l. 

tY/ANTED— -Acreage, close In, suitable for 
»» subdivision. H. Booth, 7 Bridgpman 
Bldg.. 1007 Goveriitneiit St. 

\V'^.VT1.;D— ,\ large tract of rnw land, of 
»» first class quality and .idv.inlngeously 
located aK to prewnt or projected develop- 
ments: price and terms must! be right; will 
deal with owners onlv. P. O. Box 257. 
Ah'torln, B. C. 

Yt,''HAT can T buy for $2,000 to SS.OOfl on 
»» a payment on a good piece of 
real estate that will make me good money. 
liox 42, Colonist. 

"PURNISHED front room, suitable for 
J- two. Moint Edwards, Suite 10. Phone 

24 76. 

W70OFF & Pascoe. landscape and jobbing 
>V gardeners.. Ajipiy 717 Cormorant St.; 
Phone R3I96. 

V'.MAS special shipment of children's 
-^v pretty dresses, made In best French 
delaine, trimmed lace, with petticoat com- 
bined, from $3,50 to $8.00; also In Alice 
Blue, Brown, Green Velveteens. At Sea- 
broQk Yo ung's new store. C23 Johnson st. 


A Kingsbury upright grand piano for sale. 
-^^- Apply 930 Cowlc han St., city. 

A SNAP — Exceptionally sweet-toned 
piano, by Brinsmead, England; will 
accept $150 prompt cash. Phono 4141. 

A Helntzman piano In good condItI< 
ii- Apply 2311, B«lmont av. 


ANEW typewriter, cheap; easy terms; 
latest model. Box 3882, Colonist. 

■OERRIED holly for sale. Apply T, 17! 
■»-» Hayward, care Haywood & Dodds, Fort 

"C>OR sale— IH -ton motor truck. In first 
-L class condition. Apply Box 4387, Col- 

T^OR Sale — Apartment house, lease and 
-*- furniture; new building; pays handsome 
pro fit. Box 92, Colonist. 

I^OR sale — Wholesale and retail produce 
-L business as a going concern; best con- 
nictlon in town. r'or iiarliculars apiil}' to 
Albert F. Griffiths. Law Chambers 

Ij^URNISHED rooms, board and suites. 
- Apply 1251 Pandora av e. 

LARGE room, with board, in refined Eng- 
lish home, suitable for single gentle- 
man or two friends; every comfort: terms 
moderate. 1175 Fort St.. corner Linden ave. 

ORMl DALE— -English cooking. Room and 
Board. $7.50 per wock. 1308 Stanley 
Av.. corner Fort. 

I OST— A pair ot Ko.ti iiol iili... enamelled 
■*-' cuff links. In small box, on Gover;.- 
ment. Yates or Broad, or In Spencer's 
grou nd floor. Phono 1365. Reward. 

LOST — Squuro gold locket.v with Initials 
8. E. and pnotoa Inside; ri!yfitj),rd. 2008 

I G.ST— From homo near Jubilee Hospitai!, 

■^ fawn colored Iii ih 1 frrler puj.; 4 

months qld; name "I' •■ward. Coley 

2041 Huitor» St. N. 1. , phono 1871. 

r o.'-JT — English setter dog, black spot" or 
-•-^ forehead; finder please notify Alex. 
Watson, 668 Montreal St.- 

LOST — On Saturd.TV, a sum of money at 
01' between Spencer's and Clay's. Tel. 

1 and 
ward. Box 4 856, Colonis t. 

STR.'iYED from the reslden 
M. Eberts, Gorge, on Suii' 
white English bull terrier puf, nunwt 
to name of "Thomas." Finder kindly 

niiin ip gn t j — w i in. ' " '! ""- ..-""" ' "" 

LJTRAY'ED — Dark bay mare, hog-manf, 
►3 dock 'tail and brand on shoulder; re- 

(^Or..S'ER Be;mont and Edmonton rd. — 
Bungalow, $3100, 

/;;:v ;.i, -^ aero lot, $1150. 


i< .- 1 situated lo; 

\'.\.TES St. — V»ry 
gaiow, $15,000. 

ry large lot, modern bun- 

■p^ORT St. — Next to cornar of St. Chuiles, 
■»- largo lot with modern housfe rented ut 
$45 per month, $12,000. 

TT.ARBaNGBR av^-T-FJne residence, $6500. 

CJAv\NICH: — 30 acres adjoining r;illway at 
f^ $625 per acre. 

CJT. John and Q 
►^J $13,000. ' 

uebec sts — Rental $55. 

1.-^106x100; corner cloBa to 
er, %2i.iir.z. 



1;>00R and board, smgic 

-LV room, with double bed. for 2 friends. 

;'.i.25 per week; cent ral. Box'lOS, Colon i t> t . 

ROOM and breakfast In comfortable home 
' with furnace; close to car. park and 
olty; gentlemen prefen-Pd; terms reason- 
able. Apply 134 Howe St. 


N Office to let. Board of Trade I51dg. 
Secretary on tho premises. 

J,^'10R Rent — ^A prominent ground-floor 
- site In tho business centre. P. O. 
Box 810. 

FOR Rent — House, outbuildings, 
acres; Immediate possession; 

month. Newcoinb, Swan Lake. y 

.tIh — ^_— ^— ... 

ire, 24x24, with living ac- 
at bark, on Yates St., off 

Cook. P. R, Fleming. C3i view St. Phone 


VN Offlc 



T^Oli Rent — Stor 
-L comodatlon al 

ALP Store lo let. No. 920 Pandora Av. 

/^OOD going restaurant for sale; good lo- 
VJ cation; will sell for what the contents 
are really worth'; you don't need to pay 
for goodwill. Mettler-Reehling Co., 22 
Green blk., 1216 Broad st. 

/^OOD paying 7-rooraed rooming house 
V* close In. cheap rent with lease; will 
sell cheap for cash. Mettler-Rehllng, 22 
fireen blk.. I2I1J Broad ot. 

r:;.OVERNMENT St.— Restaurant for sale, 
'-« good location, doing good business, 
seating capacity 65. Apply Room 6 

Haynes Block, 731 H Fort St.; Pboaa 

/ ■<OOK Stove~1048 I'andora. 




TTOTEL Dunsmulr. 730 \4 For^t 
-tJ- now under first class management; our 
patrons find everything comfortable and 
homelike at reasonable ralos; running w.»tcr. 
telephone and clothes closets In all rooma; 
plenty hot water and heat; plenty good 
bath: location excellent; near opera house 
and P. O.. and all places ot business. Geo. 
B. Parry, Proprietor. 

/IHRL'iT.MAS Suggestions — We are speclal- 
^-J Izing In gold nugget Jewelry of everv 
description. H. Greenxfelder, 547 Johnson 

If^DISON phonograph (Standard) 
-J cabinet and 60 records. 906 H 

Rd., City limits. 


JAMES Bay — i^omrortablo room, hot and 
cold running water. Joimond House, 

607 SIracoe st. 

LARGE, front bedroom. 2 single beds. 
104 5 BuideitO A v.; 



commissioned to purchase 


rooms; owners only. II. H. Jones. 
Promls Block. 1 006'" Government St. 

IDKKIRE to purchase a house In Oak 
Bay district, not ovf^r $8000, .hIx lo 
eight looms. Box 12. Colonist. 

tJMALL house or shack $150 to $250 cash 
^^ will handle. Box 132. Colonist. 

W'-VNTEiD at once- Fur-.ilslied house 8 t( 
» ♦ 10 

house, 8 
10 rooms; modern Imp, o\ ementp; 
near car line: Oak Hay preferred. -Vpply 
by Icttor. general delivery. C. R. Dunsford. 

1^7ANTEn, before 261h. 6-roompd house; 
»T -15 nilnute>" walk from pembroko and 
Oovernment 5t«. ; Bos 22S, Colonist. 

^ 717 1 

front room, 
Pembroke 3t. 

Phone Lf8«2. 

two friends. 

NEWLY'-fumlshcd, steem-Ueatod rooms 
from $2.50 up; also suite of house- 
keeping rooma. unfurnished. '4 block to 
Beacon Hill car. 333 Slmcoe st. 

KOtJ.M.S — <5ppn fireplace, 
710 Broughtnn St., co 



TO Let — Furnished Roo 
nnce and grate; gooi 
n.lO I ley wood A v. 

ims, modem; fur- 
nd loCTllty. Apply 

l^ll.VE bugKy, ffiur wheels, 'well uptioi- 
-•■ stered. lamps; $50. Single harnpst, 
$16: double harnesf". $20; good Chatham In- 
ruhator, 200 eggs. Box 207, Colonist. 

T.j^OR Sale— Folding baby buggy, good 
-»- condition; cost $16 new; price $6,60. 
Apply, upstairs, 1203 Whittaker St. 

1^0 R .S, 
A. Edwards, 

ale — Show cases, counters, tables, 
register, store fixtures. Apply to 

625 Yates St. 

Tj^Olt sale. — Five-seated Ford touring c^r, 
■*- In first-class' cotidltlon; top. wlnd- 
.shleld. electric head lights, side and tail 
lamiiB, new tires, loolp, etc.; a big bargain 
nt $400 cneh. Apply nt Jamea Bay Garag--. 
515 St. Jo:in sircni. 

Ij^OE sale — Second-hand Victor safe, 7 
months old, medium slxe, price $50 cash 
610 Johnston st.; Phone 2020. 

rpHE i.'olumbia 
-»- turnl!»h'd roo 

— First-class furnished 
loms; steam heat and run- 
ning water: termp $4 per week and up. 
Corner of Broad and I'andora. 

TO Rent— Ftir gentlemen. 2 furnished bed- 
rooms, single and double; furnace heat- 
ed, all modern convenlenc(«; 2 blocks from 
Foul Bay Car. Breakfast If desirs'a. 1635 
Chandler Av., off St. Charles St., City 

tXTANTED — To buy. or rent, with option 
' » of purchase, a modern, ntnn-roomed 
house; living and dining room must be 
Inrge; foil particulars required. Box 111, 

\VTANTRli— 4 or 
»» dern and on 
$500 cash. Box 68 

5 roomed bungalow, mo- 
Improved street; have 
, Colonist. 


VJ BATED housekeeping room wanted. 
4J- with gas; statu particulars. Box 22», 

"VTEWLY married couple wish to r*-t)t two 
Xl furnished rooms and "bath, snltable for 
light houseksapinit. close in, by Jaauary 
i. BoK nt , Colonist. ■ 

fTIHn.EB business jadles wish houmtkooplng 
-a- room, with gas stove; close in. P. O. 
Box 408. 

WANTBD—Btorago for • tohs potatoM, ic 
dry, cool callar. Bo« ta^ Colonist. 

WANTTBt*— Two unrnrniUhed hous«lt«epln« 
pooma, irithtn IS mltMtar watir «t post 

To I.*t — Large, 
for two, or 
Close In. Phone 1908 

front room, furnished, 
for light housekeeping; 

rnWO nicely furnli»hed front rooms to let, 
X suitable for gontlemen. Apply 1316 Qua- 
dra St., between Y'ates and Johnson. 

» ' modern and w 


im» — 1409 Douglas St, 
veil furnished: all outside 
; bath ad.lolning every room; slenin 
Phone 3290. 

VX^ELL furnished parlor bedroom; bath, 
»' teli»phone and piano; home prlvlleres! 
613 .\valon rd., next to Onvernmant st. 

pTA Cents per night 12.00 a Week and up 
•-fU 1211 Langley st. 


FINE 2S-root, upholstared cabin launch; 
exchange city lot. IP. O. Box 174. 

WAKTBD to Kxchanvt;— A food, 30 h-.p. 
flre-pftB9en»fr Bwlo ipr real esiata; 
can b« tried any time t»jr appointment, p. 
O. BOK tm, Cit y. 

f^JTX: hax'a two fina housfs, now rented for 
▼ * IM per month eeeh^ whiah aen- ^ 
egehtt«ir»<l for Bsqulmalt «ere«(«: trhat 
hAve t9V tj offer f ,Ktnd|v <|uot« 4«aonp< 
tl*«i, JMrtBe and teragui. Ww. thmfsri ^^ 

FOR Sale — Piano In good condition, $175 
for c ash. Apply Box 91, Colonist. 

I^OR Sale — and steel ranges, $1 
down. $1 per week. 2O01 Govornmont 

TJTAVE you got $5007 Let me show you 
■*-L how you can make big money by co- 
operating with other Investors. Box 4 839 

TTOTEL for sale, with an acre of ground; 
-•-•-price Including license, liquor stock, 
grocery store and stock, and all furnlsblngs; 
$2, ,000. For terms, apply W'lse & Co., 109 
I'emberton blk. 

hat Is 

profits. 1 have formed n Jolntstock com- 
pany and have already paid out $17,000; the 
aliHies are $100 apiece, with no furth.r 
pay ments. Box 4 .S41. Colonist. 

1>ART.\ER wanted in bakery 
I'hone 4146. 

FOR Rent, an office, apply Dr. Greaves. 
707 Vi Fort 


IAROE stable and shed to rent on Jan. 1. 
- ^ apply. Pho ne R4651. 

rpo let — Four new stores on Cook st. car 
-L line; modern In every wav; Immediate 
occupation. Dwelling. Fullerlon av., also 
for Immediate occupation., For- 
man & Co., 1212 Broad St.; phone 55. 

TO Rent— -L,arge, ground-floor Office, with 
vault, oentrally located. For further 
Ballantlne. Jenklnson & 
Phone 8416. 

T>0 let — Cnfurnlshod front rooms, on car 
-L line. 2065 Cha ucer St.. Oak Bay. 


AIRDALE Puppies — Parents pedigree, im- 
ported by myself direct from the ken- 
nels of Major Richardson. Harrow, England, 
the well known war. police and watch dog 
breeder. Write; L. H. Shapter, Por,« Wash- 
ington, B.C. 

'ale — Fancy pigeons, black muffed 
iblers; also white muffed tumblers. 
856 Topar, city. 

STRAYED— On Monday, a. grey Jersey 
cow, medium slie, horns fairly largo 
and wen rounded, dark face, body lighter. 
Purchased from MfLean, Esq., of Saanlch. 
.■^he may have ^orift. In the direction ot 
Colwood. Informatliihv leading to her re- 
covery will oblige tho owner, who will pay 
any expense Incurred. XX. Colonist office, 


A VERY desirable Bungalow, modern in 
-^^- every way; six rooms and bath, nicely 
Improved grounds and large yard; ten min- 
utes' walk, east, from Government and 
Yates; good furniture for aalo or rent. Aj)- 
ply 1237 Government St. 

IT^OR Rent — Modern bungalow, close In. 
• Apply 1341 Gladstone, or phone R1278. 

T^OR rent— Fine, big house in James Bay: 
-«- close to sea and car. R. H. Duce, j 
1113 Do uglas St.; phone 304. 

.—- , "'■ , 

I;j''OH Rent — Large, 6-roomed, modern 
house. furnished or furniture for 
sale; large grounds, garage and chicken 
yard. 2416 Fornwood Rd. 

I^^OUR-ROOMED flat for i-ent, al! modern 
• conveniences, to party buying .-Mrnl- 
ture; $226. Box 1S9, Colonist. 

MODERN. 5-roomed House on Haultaln 
St., near Shakespeare; $30 iier month. 
British Columbia Investments, Ltd. 636 

P.ARTLY' furnished House, Langford Lake, 
with 5 acres. Apply Box 4529. Phone 

TO let — One 5-roomed and one 4-roomed 
house, close in. Apply 2590 Cedar Hill 

lr\.VLLAS i-d.^ — In centre of breakwater 
J-' property, 3 "lots, double frontage, 
$47,600. . 

gUPERIOR St.— 60X120. 16000 

Sl'^'^^^IISfflffsN*' ■*'^'"*°« K"°<1 land, no rocii 
»-' ^»H«a.i«iSl.'i(.ft(j^,ay and q (^, Electric at 

H.Vi ; i Valley— 66 acres, Ideal homeslt.-. 
$25, 000. 

CJCX)KE-^640 acres at $35 per acre. 

BURNSIDE rd.— >.,4 aero, close to Wash- 
ington av., $1,100. 


Rooms 123 and 130 Pemberton Block 
Phone 1803 

\^ 1 ]•: \v 

.•il. — 00x120, near Quadra; revenue 
pi-oducing; $350 per ft. 

/^RILLIA St., just Off Burnslde cariino— 
^^ Flno, high lot; $1050; $125 cash, $20 

per month. 

/■\N 1 1-2 mile circle — Ono acre, w 
^-'splendid view of city; $3350. on g 


a'^O Rent, 
Broad St. 

Harbinger Av., new, nine- 
house. P. It. Brown, 1112 

particulars applv 
Co., 709 Fort St. 

1^"^OR sa 

-•- t.'a 

Bale — First-class polo pony, 
adboro Bay Rd., Willows. 


T HAVE a proposition In Nanalmo tha 

•*- absolutely safe and will show very 


T">ARTENR wanted — An excellent oppor- 
-»■ tun]ty for business man who can Invest 
$1,000 and service in u good paying busi- 
ness. Box 234, (Colonist. 

rpHK small Investor hnji UFUally to be con- 
-L tent with small profits; If you want 
large profits you must loin forces with 
other capital; I have formed a syndicate 
to purchase business property In a British 
Columbia .-Ity; $100 up will get you an In- 
t'-rcBt. Box 4 84 0. Colonist. 

\\T,\NTrSD partner to take half Interest 
> » to buy a machine for $1500; It's worth 
See Metllor, 22 Green blk., 1216 


VX/AN'rED— A cook or lunchman to buy 
»' halt Interest In lunch counter; a ijnod 
proposition for the money. Tn<iulrc S 

Cre, iih.-.lgh. Old Corner Cigar Stand, Gov- 
ernmen! and Y'ntes. 

VX^ANTKU- -Partner In established busl- 
'» ness. clearing $800 month; will guar- 
antee $2.'i0; must be able lo handle offloc; 
U.OOO will handle; this will stand strictest 
investigation. Box 4943, Colonist. 

.'^t reel. 

T^OR sale at a bargain, 40 h.-p. touring 
-•- c.Tr, In good condition; will take some 

,caBh, balance to suit. 
Co., 836 Yates St. 

Pacific Motor Car 


T^OR sale, good condition. -Singer shoe- 
maker's sewln,g machine: English baby 
carriage, child's cot, orik cintrp table, uphol- 
stered bed couch, Isdy's writing cabinet, gas 
plate, etc. 644 Toronto st. 

■pTOR Sale -Ocrnn going Tug "Samson," 
-1- and ocean going Tug "Daniel W. Kern." 
Also Ftprn wheel River St^smer "Maria." 
For psrtlculars. address A. J. McCabe, 628 
Chamber of Commerce, Portland, Oregon. 

FOR Windows and Sssh. at wholesale 
prices, write Drawe r B., Nanalmo, B. -C, 

IjVDK Sale — Khsrples tubular Separator, $30; 
farm wagon. Hi tllre. $80; two Paer- 
le»« Incubators. 12n-ecg, $80. KIngscote, 
Cowlchan Hay P. O. 

C:jHAMAPHONE, hornless, and 80 food 
J double records; 880. Box 888, Colonist 

GEN'TLEMEN'H suits, ooa~ts~viaitiir~raln 
overcoats, sllifhtly tised, che*p, fer 
sale . 808 Yates, upntairs. 

IP you want a first-ciase rooming and 
boardlnv house, sho'winff ■ net profit of 
tSM a month, aee a« at once. Mettler 
Raehlinit. Room 19, Qreen Mock, oppovtw 

I HAVE puroitaead »" l»l|'~Cliumm~ ««r! 
and want to sell my l»it Oh*tM«ni. 
whJcft^ Is in first o>«m e«B4lit«n; whet 
fffereT Appif Uox t»*, <!al«ain. 

X!." ' .ll. ' i ' !S r — . " "" ■' . ' ■ "" J ■ ! Ci ii .m ' ill I i i . f i ' i.^.. 

WTANTED-.-Party wllh $500 tn ta'ko half 
> » lnter<-."t In a well-e,.tnbllshed real 
estate huslnnss; bu»lne..!a ability required aa 
well as refrroncpH Apply, In" handwriting, 
to Box 89, Colonist. 

T'XJANTED— Medical Prnctltlonci 
» » nquol Sound. Wriilr Coast 

icr for Clay- 

. -- Vancouver 

Island. .Minimum Income of $1200. Apply 
for full parllcuhirs to c. Wllberl A. Drodcr 
Secretary of Medical Committee, Tofino,* 
n. (■;. 

'Vt/'ANT to meet active ma-n with practl- 
' » cal knowledge 

of building 
O. Box 119. City. 


■L"^OI{ sale -Pony, harross and buggy; also 
-■- bro«dlng Belgian hares F. Luscombe, 
Beaumont P. O., Esquimau. 

T">OR sale — Team of horiws. 3 1-2 years 
-1 old. Weight about 1100. Apply G. Daw- 
eon, Keating, S. Saanlch. 

1^"^OR Sale — Airedale terrier dog. Imported 
from Montreal; pedigree; fine specimen; 
bargain If sold at once. Apply 862 Pem- 
berton Rd. ; Phone i029. 

J\^n Sale — S. C. Rhode Island Reds, cock 
and cockerels , 2 390 (^adboro Bay Rd- 

TL10R Sale — Flvo hundred birds; oarred 
■i- and buff Plymouth Rock black Or- 
1 ii'.r;ion and black Minorca, cockerel, pul- 
let and yearling hens; all to be sold at tho 
enii of month. Blackstock Bros., Mount 
Tolmle. or 866 Broughton St.. Victoria. 

I,j^OR Sale — Clydesdale colts and flUles. 
and two driver*. Apply Birch-Jones, 
(Bengarry Farm, Metchosln, B. C. 

irown Leghorn and black 
yearling hens; the former «* 
good layer."! as my white T.rf'ghorns, which 
beat ail B. C. birds at the last laying con- 
test; the Orpingtons sro the same strain 
as 1 have entered this year; eggs hookeil 
now from black, white (Cook and Bell's 
blrdsl. and buff (Cass' and Bell's birds;' 
Orpingtons white I.,a Bresae and white 
Ix!ghorns; iirice 2t cents each; money to 
accompany order. Dr. Mpdd, Mount Tol- 
mle, Victoria. 

9 -ROOMED furnished house, with ono 
acre ground; all kinds small fruits; 
rent $8.'> month from January 5; near car 
line; garage. Box 41, Colonist. 


FURNISHED house, from 8 to B rooms, 
must be close- in and reasonable. Box 
24 6, Colonist. 

U ''ANTED to rent, first week In January, 
5 or ^i-roomed house, bungalow pre- 
ferred. Apply Box 4963. 

DYSART rd., overlooking Gorge water; 

on good terms. 

"VJORTH Hampshire, very near Oak Bay 
-1-^ ave. — 50x120; $1700, on' terms. 

/~\AK Bay — Beautiful new 7-roomed bun- 
v>' gatow, JUKt off car.llne; $6300, on easy 

OURNSIDE rd.. Just off Douglas— S- 
■^ roomed house on corner, nciuly new; 
$575 0, on good term..!. 

TX7E have money waiting in . the office 
' ' with which to discount good agree- 
ments of sale. Nothing over two years, 
and no monthly payments. 

CXORNER lot' on Linden av.. hetwcnn Falr- 
-' field rd. and May st. ; $2,800 on terms. 

\;\7ANTED— Furnlshef*. 
' ' locality and close In, 

house. In good 

by 27tli ot: 
December; from 6 to 9 rooms; tenant will 
give good care; n o, .jj.hlll.-aa. Box 233, 



-McGregor Blk. Cor. \lew and Broad 

House Phone XX2123. Phone 92». 


\TrANTED— Furnished 
» ' modern 
4 90S, Colonist. 


rooma. Box 

tXTANTED to Rent — Modern house, 9 or 10 
T T rooms, furnished or unfurnished. Box 
4495. Colonist. 

■\"\"'ANTED to rent — Small furnished house. 
'' for three months; Fairfield preferred. 
Box 141. Colonist. 

"V^Ot'NG couple (no children) require 4 or 
-L 5 roomed bungalow, close In. Box 205, 


IylOR Sale — Br 
Orpington y 

I^OR Sale — White Wyandottos. cockerels. 
Hegnl strain; fine, large and vigorous 
birds; prices low if taken Immediately. W. 
8. Stewart, 14 73 Fort St.; Phone R3599. 

FOR Sale Cheap — M« 
livery. Apply, Ra 

re, 5 years; light de- 
3272, 641 Harbinger 

ENGIjISHMAN wants bodroom and morn- 
ing coffee; notu" centre, Please apply, 
stating rent, to Box 247, Colonist. 

ROOM and board for two gentlemen; 
private family;; central, and home corn- 
furls. Box 4502 Colonist. 

I^TANTKD. by young man, 'permanent 
'» room and board; Oak Bay or Willows 
district prt-ferred; slate terms. Box 19S, 

XrOCNG lady requires room and board 
-L wllh nice family; close In: ihoderute; 

Reply Q. R. D.. 

\\^\S^INGTON ave.— Nearly 1 
' * close to Burnslde; half prlc 
one-third cash and easv terms, 


price, $3600; 


HAMPTON rd., adjoins Parkdalc 
Jot; $950, cash $250. easy terms, 

H.\UR'IET rd., Burnslde— 50x160; $1850; 
1-3 cash, 6, 1.'. and 18 for bal. 

$1 (Mii\ ^■^Cli. $1950 the two— A 
'W IKJUXJ Hi., ju.„i ,jfr Burnslde; low 


w ctish 

1 /■ ..\.CRE. block from Carey rd; $000; $125 
/i caKh and terms. 

Vf-DEIt St.. Cloverdalo — Lot, 173 ft. deep; 
only $1600; cash $450. and terms. 


iuul terms. 

»1PJ- i \J\f Kuul Bay car closo to; third cash 

»j£«')»7A('i — Corner In Fairfield, close car 
»IP-i— Vfl/ (Cambrldgo st.); third cash 

and rcrniv. 


fifX ACRES— Few minutes from Cobble HIM 

yf^' station; $:s per acre; 1-3 caah, balance 

0. 12 an.; IH. 

pTA ACRES. Shawnlgan district; 
^yj loam, light clearing, fronts 

b'jarding house might suit. 

■XrOfNa English lady, partly oducated tn 
X Paris, would give French in rpturn for 
hospitality throughout January. Box 44 31, 


I NEED ready cash; will pay 20 per cent 
on $2,000 for 6 months; best of se- 


Box 1S7. Colonist. 

MOHTfSAGK — Wanted, n loan of $5500 on 
busine.'Ti property worth $300 (ler front 

foot; I have 50 feel frontege. 
61. Colonist. 

Address Box 

Jonns. P. 

WILL purchase small, lucrative business 
or partnership which will stand full 
Invpstlgr.tiw; about $20on to $8000 Box 

121. Colonist. 


A D\'ERTISER has »28.0»0 to loan at 
■^^ -8 per cent on business pTopttriy; what 
l','*..^'!'J'7"'...*"."'^I'''' '^t'P'y ""t 18S, Colonist. 

HAVE |2,0«(l to loan on good security! 
or would conitlrter residential lot for 
eaah. Box lOS. Colcnlet 

MONEY to loan; first mortgage. Im- 
proved city real estat*. A, R. gher- 
wood, 1886 governmen t St., Vkt<4-la, t(. C. 

MONEY to loan and agreements for eale 
,.,. bought. ADPiy E A. parrl* * Co.. 
ion Doaglai^ ■ ' . 

WB have |80«« to Invent l», Boa4>j«rM' 
ments of sale, Beckett, MajMr * Co.. 
Ltd., <«8 Wpirt St.; phonea UU kn« t»CT 

^ " '■ '"- ' ' ■- ' ■ - , r I ■ ■■ . , 

.11 I ' I in __- : - -i.T- . - i n" . Ml. i l i> ' . 

HIGHEST pen ot Wyandottes In the lay- 
ing contest; second prize winners; full 
range cockerels, $3-50 each. Geo. D. Adams, 
Box 840, Victoria, 

HORSES tor aal« — Have on bs.nd 10 head 
of heavy horsea. alao one aaddla borsa 
Can be aean at our aala barn. corner 
Cook and Pembroke streets. Ktrpbanson A 
Derry, propsk P, a Bos 1188. Pbonas 
HZiU, and Y80». 

PERFECTLY sound, gentle driving msre; 
rubh' r-tlrcd cart and harness. At 

Bray's Stable. , 

RHODE Island Reds, Andaluslans, Silver 
Dnttes and Old EnsUsh Game Bantams, 
cockerels and pullela for bb1«. P. S. Lamp- 
man. Oak Bay; telephone YS6S4. , 

TO Trappere— Wanted, Live mink, Irrlng. 
416 Say ward Bids. 

St. Bernard pup for saiti. 
hone »t «. 

Apply Ph 

VX7ANT*Bt>— Pair young Oulnen fowla 
»» Mttude, Mayne, B. C. 


"D|TANTED — Oood price gtren for fit 
*s hens, chicken* antl dneks, Address 
laox IT8. 

i S ' .1 I Ni, ,11 , II II r' 

Amnm -WAjmnk 


?^»|5«<|Si eOfMglMe'jr nealTMta^ 

>L3t \z 

| ,.r ' . ' I III II II I , II . 1 ill .i ' i,««i I n- -y - II 

ANTlID:-TA|#nH. to ll*«<li« tiM MM! 
MMIiNI pyottMiiaan t« towii. pm «•*- 

(Jjr)p'rvrj wanted at 7 per cent: 
«p— .UUvf security; first morB,-age on Fair- 
field property. P. O. Box 1111. 


Real Estate, Financial & Insurance Agenta 

A. R. Longley. Manager. 

Room 218, Central Building. Phone 3064, 

P. O. Box 81 0. 

good red 
on road, 

close to station and post ofHco; $76 an acre; 
1-3 cash and terms. 

ClPROTAI — Lots In Parkdale. Intiulro 
^-5 about these. 


1242 Govcrnmoiit st. Telephone 32S>. 


I;^.SQT'IMALT harbor— Two blocks from 
-^ car Iln,.. ICO feet waterfront, 
a good business, $30,000. 

CORNER Pandora. Maple and Ash et.. 
four largo lots, 240 feet frontage, one 
Mock from car; prico only $8400; a good 
site for building stores. 


for furnace; $5,600. 

K.K Bay. close to car; seven-roomed, 
modern House; vioment basement, piped 

-yiCTORIA West, close to car; acven- 
V roomed House, on two lots, with ex- 
cellent view; $5,800. 

GORGE Rd.— Beautiful Lot. 
78x174; 86,000. 

T EE St. — Choice lots; $1700. 

wllh trees. 

/^ARLIN st, — Ix>t 48x120; 



818 Pemberton Bldg. Phone 1611 

TGK»RT St.— to reet nwir cook St, 

eAcass, between North QuAdra Bt. and 
0**i>teh Hd., a beautiful «ue: i>rtee 

Moat rvMttiHiMe, 

2 ACltlini. «^ Bijr JM., IM-Wft. 

BF.AI:TIFLL 10 acres, all cleared, new 6- 
roonied house, barn, all under cultiva- 
tion, fenced; close to church and school; 
?"500; third cosh. 


ALSO 35 acres at $125 per acre. This Is 
a soud t 

HOLBERG and .San Josef Rlvet^ — 180 
a.-res. house, stable, etc.; good garden 
and water, at $30 per acre. 

UATSINO Sound— -720 acres Bt |10 per 


acre; 1-4 cash. 

KOPRmo Harbor. qua,t1rino Hound — 180 
acres; $20 per ncK... _, ' 


OCPKRT District— 400 acres at $40 per 


Rl^PRRT District, Green River Tan«y~» 
6900 acres at $7:^0 per acri; tafHU 

RUPERT District — 15« acres; Hli*r C«IN$ 
through property, wMth la all fOit tfH^ 
torn land: $20 per a«re„ 


RMti Bstkte and rtaaa^lAl Ac«il 

UAh«n Bldg.. Oovernment «t.. VMtMl^ B.& 

Telephone ITOI. 

TWO hi) m6deriii, ■•« 

«» MM «• 




fWf'.<"W.K}Jii^j^!m«j> \ii'i VK'.'"" 

iiiW K «i?l' > i lii M 

i„ I . ») iii mnnm i w uHwtwNW 



li ' 



$14 Bayward Bulldlnr Phone Jl»9. 
fljj-j f)pr/\— Trent at.. oOxl40. 

ffl»-j fT'p'fV — Arnold av., 48x129. 

^■J QAA — Arnold av., 50x120. 

(AQAAA — Rockland Park. Fernwood rd., 
qp^UUU oak tree*. Usual terma on All 
ci( above. 


Euccaaaora to ttaa Brain Realty Ctt. 
:l<6 Oovaromant 8L Fhooa 111 

NEW, four-roomed houae; tath, toilet, 
full concrete basement and foundation. 
water, wired for eleclrly li»ht, on a large 
lot, Slxl2«; price Itl-TOT; only 1600 ca»h. 
Valance to arranse. 

WE have a lot on Princess av., 50x126; 
this la a »nap at I2.S00; one-quarter 
cash will handle; balance lo arrange. 


Duncan, li. C 


Raal Batata and Xnauranea 
Chaocary Cliasibara IZli tAnglay 81, 

LAUREL, at. — Two nice, level lota, 4« ft. » 
In. 110 ft. cornera, at »1600 each; 1-1 
vaan, t, 12 and it. 

VICTORIA av. and Hudaon — Ona cornar 
lot. 60x100, at fiaOOi 1-J caah, «, 11 

and 18. 

TRENT at. — One lot from Fort at. car 
line; 60x140, with lane at he-hj ^taaai 
l-» caah, 8, 1 2 and 18. 


Oak Bay Offlca. I>*t Oak 'Bay Avaana 
(Cornar Foul Bay Uoad.) 

Phona 4160. 

»> f\(\C\ ACRES, part Lot 3.1, Nelson dte- 
^,\7\J\f trlct, close to Union Bay Wharf. 
j:;7.60 per acre; terras easy. 


Real Estate and Financial Agent 
731 1-2 Fort tjlreot Victoria, B. C. 


6 -ROOMED, absolutely new and mndprn 
house; all convi-nk-nces. Including fur- 
nace; every room tastefully paptired; In- 
numerable cupboards, clothe? closets, flour 
bins, etc., built In. This won't laaU 


CADBORO Vale aubdlvlsK . _ 

till 31st December. 1912, over 1-2 acre 
lots offered less 2 1-2 per cent discount 
on present prices; 25 per cent of these lots 
sold already, over 60 per cent of the re- 
maining una are S0xl39 feet. Guaranteed 
one of the h«.Ht and most central subdivi- 
sions In Cadboi-o Bay. . A beautiful view 
from each lot, and a few mlnuiea from 
the beach only. Prices will assuredly rise 
In the Spring. Genuine and Rcnerous offer. 
Prices from JUOO up; V* cash, 1, 2 and 3 


1221 Broad St 

Lifa Insurance. Fire Insuranea. 

Money to Loan. 

I[>OR quick sale — Reduced from $6,500 to 
14,500; seven-roomed house on Grant 
St., with large lot 63x146; this house rents 
for $35 and Is a bargain. 


Members of Fteal Kstate Exchange. 
121 Pemberton Block. Phona 3TSS 


COWICHAN Station — 260 acres of fine 
land; 50 acres under cultivation; new 
house and barns; about 100 acres more 
land could be very easily put under cul- 
tivation; well watered by two never-fall- 
ing streams; one mile from station. This 
is the cheapest farm in Cowlchan district 
at $140 per ac*e. 

WE have one of tha finest double cor- 
ners in Oak Bay. The lots are beauti- 
fully treed with gooa oaka; the ground 
Is higher than surrounding double corners; 
has grand view and natural drainage; close 
to car, and In one of the best lovalltles; 
the size t» 106x110; price $4600; 1-S cash, 
balance 6, 12 and 18 montha 

ST. Patrick St. — Within two mlnutea' walk 
of the Oak Bay car. we have two lots 
running from St. Patrick it. to Oliver st; 
tjiese lots must be sold together; charming 
Bite for good home. Purchaser could build 
on either of these lots and make money on 
Ihc other. Nice oaks and firs On the pro- 
perty. U Is thp rhoapest buy In this 
neighborhood; 60x240; price $4500. which 
Is $2250 a lot; nolhlnf as low priced and 
us well featured us these lots to be bought 
111 the block; terms 1-3 cash. 6, 12 and 
IS months. 

Promulgation of By-Laws 

.\ll persons ore hereby required to take 
notice of the fol.lowlng provisions In by-laws 
recently passed by the Munlclpa.1 Council of 
the Township of Esquimau: 

Pound Hy-Law— — A pound has been esta'o- 
Ifphed at the corner of T.ampson Street and 
"EnqnlTnalt Ttfiftrt. "tjCPTTTD Urtrtlr hns been 
»ppolnted pound-keeper. Cattle found run- 
ning HI largo or trospasslng shall !><> Im- 
pounded, and owners held llabli! for penal- 
ties of by-law. Cattle may graxe on unev- 
closed land In the day lime, but not ^n 
roads or streLis, In charge of a herdsman 
or shepherd. All dogs In (he municipality 
have gw' to be licensed. Tags may bo ob- 
tained at tho Municipal Clerk's orrite. 

Building— No person shall injitt- 
mence erection, reipalr or alttiatlon o. any 
building within tho municipal llmlia of tha 
Townshp ot Esquimau until plans and 
•peclflcallons have been submitted to and 
permit obtained from Building Inspector at 
the .MunlclpaJ Clerk's Office. 

Firearms By-L,aw — No i)erson shall dis- 
charge firearms within municipal limits of 
the Township of Esquimau without first 
obtaining permit from the Reeve and 
Clerk of tho Corporation. 

Bicycle Rcgulaffons By-t*w — No person 
shall ride or drive any bicycle or velocipede 
of similar character upon or along any 
sidewalk within municipal limits of the 
Township of ■Esquimau. 

Dangerous Fires — It is unlawful to start 
Hies in any part of the Townslf- ot Esqui- 
mau' fxcept below high tldi* line. 

Plan Approval — All lots shown on plana 
of sub-divlslonN must have Ironlago of at 
U'^adi) Ri'tg feat. stifllcicnir provirlon must 
be made "for lanes whufcver piisslble. PlAns 
submitted to Council for approval must be 
prepared on Uncn, in tri'pllcate, one copy 
to be retained by the Council. 


Town Clerk. 

H1L.LBANK Station — One hundred <100) 
acres of first-class land. 75 acres ot 
which is alder-bottom, and Is perfectly 
level; well drained, 30 acres under cul- 
tivation, and 30 acres slashed and logged; 
1100 yards creek frontage. New 11 -roomed 
house with concrete basement, with water 
laid on; stabling for 20 cows. Price only 
130,000; terms arrange. 

COWICHAN Bay— 141 acres of the very 
best river bottom land; all under ft 
high state of cultivation. Ten-roomed 

hou»<-: stabling for 70 cows; one mile from 
station. Price $500 per acre. 


Real Estate and Ihsnirance. 
Cowlchan Station and Cobble Hill. 

Q£» ACRES, 8 cleared, 8 acres partly 
OO cleared; good 8-roojned house, stable, 
small orchard, water by gravity; two miles 
from station; price $9,000, on term*. 

^f\ ACRES — 3 acres cleared, « acres near- 

UU ly cleared; small house, water by 

gravity from running stream; 2 miles from 
station; price $6,600, on terms. 

cyf\ ACRES light bush,, vecy eaally cleared, 
^\f all good land, good spring; z mile* 
from station; price tl25 per acre, terms. 

-I Or/ ACRES — 17 acres cleared; small 

XO/^ house and stable, good water; I 

miles from station and 1 mile from sea; 
price $6,600, terma. 


Real Eiotate Afenta 

Qualifications of Voters 

The attention of persons entitled to vote 
In the Township ol Esquimau Is directed 
to Section 12 of the Municipal Elections 
Act, which reads: — 

12. After tho first municipal election, the 
following persons shall be entitled to vote 
for any person who is duly nominated as 
a candidate for any >.iectlve office at any 
election In any townsnip or district muni- 
cipality, and shall be entitled to have his 
or her name entered on tho voters' list: — 

(la) Who Is the owner ot land or real 
property In a municipality, or Interest 
therein, of the assessed value ot not l-ess 
than one hundred dollars. 

In case the registered holder of the f<'e 
and the registered vendee under an agree- 
ment tor sale are both owners (as defined 
In this Act) of 'lh« game land or real 
property, they shall both have the right 
to have their names entered on the voters' 
Hat, but the holder alone shall have tJio 
right to vote at any municipal election, 
unless he, on or before the day ot elec- 
tion, by writing under h1» hand waives 
or renounces his' right tt) vote, fn i«V>lch 
case the vendee shall be entitled to vote, 
provided he has all the requisite qualifi- 
cations of a voter. 

2. Who. being a resident ot this Province-, 
is the representative duly authorised by 
the directors ot an Incorporated company 
which Is the assessed owner of lands or 
Improvements within the said municipality 
of the assessed value of not less than on« 
hundrefl dollars, or who Is the assessed 
occupier of lands and Improvements within 
the said municipality of not less than two 
■hundred dollars In value. 

Town Cl«rk. 

His Honor the Ueutenant-Governor In 
Council has been pleased to appoint Messrs. 
H. Q. Parson, ot Golden; A. M. Harper, 
of the City of Vancouver; J. A. McKelvIe, 
of the City of Vernon; R. A. Btoney, ot 
the City ot New Westminster; and John 
Jardlne. of tho City of Vlctorl-i; to be 
Commtsaionera under the "Public Inaulriea 
Act" to enquire generally ln<o labor oon- 
dltlons In the Province, and particularly 
the contracts and relations belwen employ- 
ers and employees, the hours of labor, the 
conditions surrounding the employees dur- 
ing their employment, and the time and 
manner ot payment ot wages In mines, 
smelters, canneries, shops, factories, log- 
ging and railway construction camps, or 
In any other work, and on tramways; the 
working and enforcemient of the "Truck 
Act." the "Master «nd Servant Act," the 
••Deceived Workmen Act. " the "Woodman's 
LIkn for Wages Act," and any other legis- 
lation affecting labor, the proca'.ttlons 
takcrk for tlU' protection of lite, the pre- 
survatlon of the health and the prevention 
of unsanitary conditions. 

The Commissioners will hold their first 
meeting at tho Parliament Bulldliis* on 
Saturday, the 2Sth day of Decombur In- 
stant, at 10 o'clock In the forenoon. of 
which all persons interested are hereby to 
take notice and govern themselves ac- 

Provincial Secretary's Office, 12th Decem- 
ber, 1012. 


Navigable Water* rrotecjlon Act 

Notic* U huixtiy nUau luai ^.or^laa 
Uardle and ilAilun Whuwoith Uardls «C 
Victoria, Urliuh Cu.uuibla, ar» applying to 
His Excallenf.y the Cioveruur-GDneral of 
Canada In council, lor approval ot the 
area plans, site and description ot works 
proposed to bs constructod In West Bay, 
Victoria Harbor, Victoria, U. C, and bwlng 
the lands situate, lying and being in lbs 
city ot Victoria atorisald ar.d known, num- 
bered and d*ocrtbcd as part ot one acr« 
ttluek ui sa«;Uuu llUrL>'.LWi^ (£2J, £i>aui- 
malt district a» »hown upon a plau an- 
nexed lo Certlncaito of TUlo No. 26Hil<'. aUil 
have deposited ili« arua and site plans anJ 
the proposed works and descriptio;i ihure- 
ot with tho Minister of Public Works at 
Ottawa, and the duplicate iheroot wUh tli» 
Registrar General ot Titles in the L.and 
Registry office a1 the City ot Viotrols, 
British Columbia, and thai the matter ot 
the said appllcallun will bo proceeded with 
at the expiration ot one month's notice 
from the Hm« ot the tlrst publloatlou of 
tbis BOttco In the Canada Gaxetta. 

Dated this (th day ot July, ▲. D. 1»11 


Notice concerning the cooatruotlon of • 

Schooner for the Hydrographlo Survey 

Branch ot the Department of the 

Naval tlervtoe. 

Sealed tenders, addreaaed to the under- 
signed, and endorsed •Tenders for 
Schooner," will be received up till noon on 
Wednesday the 16th January, 1»13, for the 
supply to the Department of the Naval B«r- 
vloe aX a Schooner conformlnf to the fol- 
lowing dimensions: 

I»ngth over all, about (t ft. I In. 

Length ot water line 10 (t. 

Beam »0 ft. 

Mean draft 8 ". 

Schooner to be delivered alonislde 'Wharf 
at H.M.C. Dockyard, Bsqulmalt, B.C. 
Copies of the Design and Specification can 
bo obtained on application to the under- 
signed or to the Naval Blo#B Officer at 
H.M.C. Dockyard, Esquimau, B.C. 

Unauthorized publication of this notice 
will not be paid for. 

Deputy Minister of tho Naval Service 
Department ot the Naval Service, 

Ottawa, December 9. 1912. 



Public notice Is hereby given that the 
Victoria Hnrbor Railway Company have de- 
I'osited In the I.jind Registry Office at the 
City of \'lclorla, in the Province of British 
Columbia, the plan, profile and book of 
reference uf that portion of tho main line 
of their railway between Stations 100X00 
at Camel Point to Station 346X40 at Sel- 
kirk Water, including loops between Sta- 
tions 100 and 112,xB4.3 and Station 100 and 
112X46.4 and connection with Esquimau 
and Nanaimo Hallway from Station 00X00 
to Station 10X72.4 Rock Buy. .A.1I In the 
Cltv of Victoria. 

Daled Victoria, B. C-, 2nd December, 

H. J. Haftner. Chief Engineer. 



.Sealed tenders, superscribed •'l4(»der tor 
Motor Launches,'' will be received by ITje 
Hon. the Minister of Public Works up to IJ 
o'clock noon ot Monday, 2Jrd day of Decem- 
ber. l»13, for tho construction of two 16- 
foot motor launches. , 

Intending bidders will give full degorlp- 
tlon of the hull, engine, etc. 

Delivery: One launch at' Arrowhead; the 
other at Nelson. 

Bach proposal must be accompanied by 
an accepted bank chequs or certificate or 
deposit on a chartered bank of Canada, 
made payable to the Hon. the Minister of 
Public Works, for a sum equivalent lo fen 
per cent of the amount of the tender. Which 
shall bo forfeited It the party tendering 
decline to enter Into conttact when called 
upon to do so, or If he fall to complete 
the work contracted for. The cheques or 
certificates of deposit of unsuccessful ten- 
derers will be returned to them upon tho 
execution of the contract. 

Tendero will not be considered unless 
made nut on the forms supplied, signed by 
the amual slgnulure of the tenderer, and 
enclosed in the envelopes furnished. 

Forms of tender can be obtained from tho 
Government Agents at Vancouver, New 
Wostmlnster. Hevelstoke anil Nelson. and 
tho Department of Public Works., VIotorU. 

The lowest or any tender not nuoeaarlly 


Public Works Engineer. 
Public Works Department, 
Victoria, B. C, 23th November, 1912. 



OROFTON town lots— -These will make a 
splendid Investment; buy before tha 
trains commence to run; price $100 and up- 



SOOKB soafrontage — 40 acres with a 
quarter of a mile watertrontage; beau- 
tiful view and situation; $150 per acre. 

pr/^Tk ACRES logged off lands, quarter 
clOvr mile from seafront and close to 
sty>re, post office and school; $60 per acre; 
half cash, balance In 2 year*. 


KE harbor frontage, $460 per acre. 

SIX acres soafrontage, good level land 
and beautiful outlook, $2600, on terma. 

CABS leave Dlxl R':ss^ store at 8 am., 
4 p.m. and 6' p.m. 


W. Miller UiggM. 

5ACflB8. wtth t-roomed hooM, on Booka 
h*rbor; sbout liO feet waterfront; I 
•«ra alaabed and partly ole»r«d. aoU «a- 
Mlleat, tlmbar good; backs on to mw road: 
good timber runway for boatlns: aplandld 


Notice Is hereby gl'7an that the reserve 
oovefing t^e parcel df land formerly held 
under Timber Licence No. 40028, situated on 
tho Columbia river in the vicinity of Arrow 
Park, by reason of the notice published In 
The British Columbia Oa«ette, on the JTlh 
December, 1907, Is canaelled: and that the 
vacant lands formerly covered by the be- 
forementionod licence wlU be open to pre- 
emption only on and after the 28th day of 
December, 1811. 

Deputy Minister of t«nda 
lAnda Department, Victoria, B. C. 

24 th September, l»li. 


3<y\ ACRBS, aloaa to waterfront, with 
»mX. frontaya on naw road; uncleared; 
■plaadid timber and aotl; fiOO saab, or lit A 
in two paymaota. 


OMB fine l«-a<nr4i lota, a«lt»Ma 
poultry rane ha ai fM par Mr a. 



■••k* MA Onav l»«uu mm anaM 
•ooK«i B. a 

syv anflllMI karko* ihPMkt. Ilt.M«. 

Notice Is hereby irtven that tho ordei-ln- 
counell approved August 17. IBftt, resenrlBg 
and setting apart for the aole use of Her 
Majesty's Oovernment for military and 
naral purposes that portion of tho Band 
Spit at the Lagoon, Bsqulmalt, which Is the 
property of the Province, is rescinded and 
that tho lands described In the aforesaid 
order-ln-counoll are reaerved for (Jovaru- 
ment purposes. 

Deputy Minister of LAnda. 

Lands Deppartment, 
Victoria, B. C, 

>tth October. l»ll. 



la tbe www of WlUlwaa BraaawaU Abra> 

h«m, Peea— « < . 


la tha oMtMr af Um "OtneM A4mtetatr»> 

tors' A«t" 

Notice Is hereby given that under an 

Order granted by the Hon. Mr. Juatlee 

Gregory, dated ird December, lilt, I, tha 

underatgnad was appolntad Adnlnlatmtor 

of the Eatate ot the abova daoakaod. Alt 

parties having clalma agalnat aald . Batata 

are requeated to aend partlenlkri «f Muna 

to me on or before tha Srd day ot Jaattan^. 

ItlS. and alt partiaa indabtad to. (Aa aatd 

Batata arc raqvaatad M pftf mteh i8f«ktad< 

naaa to m« forthwith. .i 

Dntad at Vletorta, B. C. thto »«ti Oajr of 
XMtvmlme. »tl|. ^ 


•^i^tL.^ — * - ^- ' 

OfflMi? A4plHMfBt«r4 

Notice Is hereby given that an application 
will be made ii> the Legislative Assembly ot 
the Province of Brltisli Columbia, al Us 
next session, for an Act lo Incorporate a 
company with power to carry on the busi- 
ness ot Issuing or uiulcrtaking liability un- 
der policies ot insurance upon the hap- 
pening ot or against personal accidents 
(whether falal or not,) disease, oi- sitknees 
or Issuing policies Insuring employors liability to pay compensation or 
damages to workmen In their employment; 
or to make contracts ot Insurance, or re- 
insurance with any person i>r persons, or 
bodies corporate or polltlr., against any acci- 
dent or casualty ot whatsoever nature 
or from whatsoever causu arising 
to individuals, or to vhe prop, rty 
of individuals other than the insured 
and also to tha property of the Insured; 
to carry on the business uf guarantee In- 
surance in all W.* branches; to carry on tho 
business ot insurance against sprinkler leak- 
age In all its brandies; lo carry on the 
business ot steam limivr lnsurun<:e In all Us 
branches; to carry on the business of 
burglary insurance In nil Us branches; to 
effect and obtain all such re-lnaurances, 
counter insurance, and counter guarantcus 
and adopt all such measures for mitigating 
Ihe risks ot the Company as may setin ex- 
pedient to the Company; to act as Trustee 
for bond, dcbinturv or other financial is- 
sues and have rurh Judiciary powers us 
may be consistent iherewllh and to under- 
take and carry out any trusts; to purchase 
or otherwise acquire, sell, dispose of, and 
deal In real and personal property of all 
kinds; to Invest Us funds In securities ot 
any Rind; and generally lo carry op the 
business of an accident, guarantee, surely. 
Indemnity, burglary and employers' liability 
insurance company in all the rcspeciivo 
branches, and with all such other powers 
and privileges as art usual or Incidental to 
all or any Of tha aforesaid purposes. 

Dated this 12th day of November, 1912. 


Solicitors for the Applicant 

Victoria Land District — District of Benfrew. 

Take notice that Arthur Robert Hhorwood 
of Victoria, B. C. occupation real eslAlo 
agent. Intends lo apply for permission to 
purchase tho following described lands; 
Commencing at a post planted at or near 
tho northeast corner post of T. L. 1748 in 
the District of Itenfrew, Vancouver Island, 
thence 80 chains east, thence 60 chains 
south, thence 80 chains west, thence 60 
chains north to point ot commencement, 
containing 480 acres more or less. 


Louis C. J. Doerr, Agent. 

September 11, 1912. 

Vlctorln Land District— District of Ceaet 
Bange Ona 

Take notice that Mabel Larson, of Los 
Angelas, Cat., occupation married woman, 
intends to apply for parmtssloa to purchase 
the following described lands: 

Commoncihg at a post planted on tha 
southwest shore of Ralph Island, z. small 
Island lying at the northeast corner of 
Alder Island, near ' the west end of Tur- 
ner Island, applying to purchase tbe whole 
laiand. containing twenty more or less acrea 
Agent: 8. H. Ford. 

Dated this l«th day of August. 1 912. 

In tha Hupreme Cutnt of British Columbia 
In Probate 


In the matter of the estate ot Mary Alice 
Wateon, late of Victoria, BrItUb Colum- 
bl*. deeeaiMNt. 

Notice Is hereby given that all creditors 
of the estate ot Mary Alice Watson, de- 
ceased, are required on or bafore the 10th 
day of December, one thousand nine hun- 
dred and twelve, to send particulars ot 
their claim, duly verified, to the under- 
signed Solicitors for tho Execulrix ot tha 
■aid estate, and all pcrsotis Indebted to the 
said estate are required to pay such In- 
debtedness to the undersigned forthwith. 

Dated at Victoria, B. C, this Slh day ot 
November, It 12, 

11'.* Langley St., Victoria, B. C, 

Bollclturs tor tho Executrix. 

Coaat Bnnga in. — Belln Coola District 

Take notice that I, Peter J. Kenyon, ot 
Bella Coola, occupation prospector. Intend 
to apply tor permission to purchase ths 
toll6wlng described lands: 

Commencing at a poat pdanted at the 
southeast comer of Lot 126, following south 
along tho Indian Reserve line to northeast 
corner of ti. 17, proceeding westerly and 
forming a point adjacent to ths waterfront; 
containing about 10 acres more or lesa 

Datad thia Ith day of August. I9ix. 


iWca notio* tliat application will bo mads 
to tha Board ot Llcenaing Commissioner* 
of Mie City;', of Victoria at their next 
alttinga. to b* httd aftor the exikiratlon ot 
thirty days from tne data hereof, tor tha 
transfer to Bmil Mlchatis, ot Victoria, B. 
0.. Of the liiDanoe now held by mo to •»!! 
■plrltaoua U4Vori by rataii upon tho prem- 
toaa known m tha Baiptra Botai, situate 
M •<• *&» Sis Jehnaon atroat. in tha City 
•t Vlatarin, «. C. 

II»t(M »t Vbtortn, & a.'tfaa - Any •! 



Scaled tenders, suporscrlb'-d "Tender 
for Sooke School." will be received 
by the Hon. the Minister of Public Works 
lip to noon of Thursday, the Bth day of 
.January, 1913, for the erection and com- 
pletion of a large one-room school building 
at Booke for the Provincial Government of 
HritisH Columbia. 

Plans, spcririrallons, contract, and forriiB 
of tender may be seen on and after the 18th 
dav of December, 1912, at the office ot Mr. 
,T S .Mulr, Secretary of the Sooke School 
Board. Sonke. V.I., and the Department ot 
Public Works, Parliament Buildings, N ic- 
toria, B.C. , ^ . 

Each proposal must he accompanied by 
an acoppted bank cheque nr cortiricate of 
deposit on a chartered bank of Canada, 
made payable lo the Hon. the Minister of 
Public Works, for a sum equal to 10 per 
cent of the lender, which shall be forfeited 
If the parly tendering decline to enter 
Into contract when called upon to do so, 
i>r If he fall to complete the work con- 
irncled for. The cheques or certificates of 
deposit of unsuccessful tenderers will be 
reiiirncd to them upon the execution of the 

Tenders will not be considered unless 
made our on the forms supplied, signed 
with the actual slRnature of the tenderer, 
and enclosed In the envelopes furnished. 

The lowest or any tender not necessarily 
accepted. ^ ^ GRIFFITH, 

Public Works Engineer. 
Department Of Public Works, 

Victoria. B. C* ISth December, 1912. 


Coal mining rights of lb* Uomlnlun, la 
Manitoba, baskatcucwau and Alosrto, tbe 
Yukon Territory, tlie Northwest Ter^Uoriee 
and in a portion ol the l-^rovlna* ot Uriitsti 
Columbia, may be lease i<jr a term ut 
Iwenly-oue years al an annual rental of 11 
an acre. N^t mors than Xi60 acres will 
tie leased to use applioaoL 

Applications for a laaae must be mad* by 
th* applicant In person to >ba Agent or Bub 
▲gent of the dUlrlct In which tbe rights 
applied for ar* situated. 

In survayad territory the land rouat b* 
deacrlbad by sections, or legal subdivisions 
of sections, and in unsurveyed territory th* 
tract applied for aball b* stakAd out by tb* 
applicant himself. 

Each application must be accompanied 
by a fa* of $6 which will b* refunded it 
tb* rights applied fpr are not available, but 
not otherwise. A royalty shall be paid on 
the merchantable output ot th* mine at the 
rate ot five cents per ton. 

Tbe person operating tbe mine shall fur- 
nish the Agent wth sworn returns account- 
ing for the full quantity of merchantable 
coal mined and pay the royalty thereon. It 
the coal nvlnlng rights are not being oper- 
ated, such returns should be furnished at 
least once a year. 

The lease will include tha coal mining 
rights only, but the lessee may be permllted 
to purchase whatever avallabis surtaoe 
rights may be considered ueccssary for ths 
working of tho mine at the rate of $10.00 
an acre. 

For full Information application should bo 
made lo tho Secretary of the Department 
ot the Interior, Ottawa, or lo any Agent or 
Bub-Agent of Dominion Lands. 

W. W. CORY. 
Deputy Minister ot the Interior. 
N. B. — Unauthorized publication ot this 
sdvcrtlsemeni will not be paid for. 

VK»e««r*r X»mA IMatria*— IMatrlct of C«wt 

Bnage t. 

Take notice that Wm. It. Watson, of. 
Vancouver, U. C. occupation farmer, in- 
tends to apply for permission lo purchase 
the fuilowlng described landa; 

Commencing at a post planted at the 
north end of tho large lagoon In the 
largest of the Ooosc Irlanda; thence north 
100 chains; thence east to the shore; thence 
following the shore southerly to a point on 
tho shore east of the. point of commence- 
ment; tllence west to the point of com- 
mencement; containing $00 acre* more or 

James Miller, Agent. 

Dated November, 10, l»lt. 

Vaneonvar l.niKi^iotrlet— IMatdat a< Canat 
Bawia *• 

Take notice that James V. Wataon, of 
Vancouver, B. C, o«(cup»tlon farmer. In- 
tends to apply for ndrmlaslon to purchase 
the following described land*: 

Commencing at k p>?at planted at the 
north end ot the large lagoon in the 
largest of the Goose Islands; thence north 
to shore; thence following the shore' around 
westerly and southerly to a point on the 
shore west of tho point of commenoemeni; 
thence east to the point of commencement; 
containing 200 acres more or lea*. 

James Miller, Agent. 
Dated November 10, 191J. 



Sealed lenders, superscribed "Tender for 
Motor Launches,' will he recolved by tlie 
Hon. the Minl.iter of Public Works uP /^ 
and Including 2Hrd day ot December, 19il. 
for the Construction of t'wo Bo-foot ana 
four 36-foot motor launches. 

Plans, spi^cifiiallons, contract and forms 
ot tender may be scon nt the offices of tho 
Government .Vgenis at Vancouver and New 
\\'e8tnilnBter, and ih* Department of Pub- 
lic Works, Victoria. 

Bach proposal must be accompanied by 
an accepted bank cheque or certificate of 
dfposlt on a chartered bank of Canada, 
mado payable to the Hon. the Minl.iter of 
Public Works, for a sum equivalent to ten 
per cent of tlic.i»mounl of the tender, which 
shall be forfeited it tho party tendering 
decline to enitr Into contract fhen called 
ui)on to do po, or If he fail to complete 
the work conlr.icted for. The cheques or 
t.'rtinca.les of deposit of unsuccessful ten- 
d.?r(rs will be returned to tltem upon the 
execution ot the contract. 

Tenders will not be considered unless 
made out on the forms supplied, rlgned by 
the actual slgniturc of the tenderer, and 
enclosed In the envelopes fumlslio*. 

The lowest or any tender not niccssarlly 

Public Works Engineer. 
Public Works Department, 
Victoria. B. C. 29th 'Novomber, 1912. 


For a License to Take and Dae Water. 

Notice Is hcireby givsn that OeoRry 
Thomas Butler. of Keating* P^ O., will 
apply tor a license to take and us* ilv* 
hundred gallons of water per da4f out .of '^ 
spring which rises on tb* , land. iMrala. 
described. Ths water will be diverted at 
the spring and will be used for domestle 
purposes on the land described as the east 
half of the west twenty acres of Section 
14, Range 2 Esst, South Saanlch DIstrtoL 
Ttils notice wo* posted on the ground on 
the »th day of September, 1»U. Th* ap- 
plication will be nicd in the oIBce of tb* 
Water Recorder at Victoria. 

Objections may be filed with the aald 
Water Recorder or with th* Comptroll*r of 
Water Rights. Parliament Buildings, Vic- 
toria, B. C. 




Notice Is hereby gtvan that tha 
•xlstlng on uruwii lands Ip be Peaea RIvar 
Land Diatri^ot, notice of xhioh bearing data 
April Ird, 1(11. was published In tha Brtt- 
Ish Columbia Oaaetta Of the «tb uf April, 
Ifll. is cancelled In ao far as the same ra- 
lat** lo Townships 111. n* and Ilk. Peae* 
River Land Dlstrlot. 

I>apHtv MIntater. ot LAadg, 
lAuda I>*partm*at. Victoria. B. C >*n4 
jlaip. \*l*. , . 

UQUOR ACT, xn*. 

f Notice la hereby given that applloattea 
will be made to the Superintendent of Pro- 
vincial Police for the grant ot a licence for 
the vale ot liquor by wholesale in and upon 
the premise* known a* 1206 Wharf Straet, 
■ituat* at Viotoria, B. C. upon th* landa 
deacrlbad aa Moi. Il«« Wharf Street. Vto'^ 
toria, B, C» ■ ^ . 

Daud tkla ttb Any of Xovambar, Itll. 


IMIiWIi.' I ■ LI I II ' ' ' 


Notice Is hereby given that an application 
will be made to the Legislative Assembly of 
the Province of British Columbia, al Us 
next session, for an Act authorising tho 
Dominion Trust Company, a Company In- 
corporated by tho Parliament of Canada, 
under the provisions ot Chapter 89 ot the 
i^tatutes ot 1912. and hereinafter referred 
lo as the "Company," to take over the en- 
lira pr^poi'ty, bualnaos aiid uuduriokliMc, la- 
the Province ot British Columbia, ot the 
Dominion Trust Company, Llmiled, a body 
incorporated under the Companies' Act, 
1897. and Amending Acts, ot tho Province 
of British Columbia, and whose powers 
were subsequently extended by an Act ot 
the Legislative Assembly ot tho province of 
British Columbia, being Chapter 69 of the 
Acts ot 1908, and enacting that al! trust 
funds, property, estate, aecurUl»s and 
powers ot every nature and kind held or 
enjoyed by said Dominion Trust Company. 
Limited, shall be vcfled In the Company, 
subject to such conditions and trusts as 
tile same are now held upon by tho Do- 
nilMlon Trust Company, Limited, and de- 
claring that tho campany shall bo sub- 
stltuied In the place and stead of Domin- 
ion Trust Company. Limited, in any such 
office or trust as aforesaid, and that In 
every trust deed, mortgage, indonluro, con- 
veyance, register, certificate of title, will, 
codicil, letter ot administration, appoint- 
ment or other document ot authority, in 
which Dominion Trust Company, Limited, 
is named or appointed to any such office 
or trust, including any will or codlcal of 
which the testator is still living, shall be 
read and construed in all respects as It 
the Company were named therein In tha 
place and stead ot DomlQlon Trust Com- 
pany, Limited, and giving to the Company 
the rights, powers and privileges heretofore 
enjoyed by th* said Dominion Trust Com- 
pany, Limited, and authoriiing the Company 
to carry on Us business and exercise Its cor- 
porate powers within the Province ot 
British Columbia and enacting that It may 
bo appointed by the Supreme Court ot said 
Province or any Judge thereof, or any 
other Court, Judge. Officer or person author- 
ized under the Law ot said Province to 
make such appointment, to execute the of- 
fices ot executor, administrator, trustee, ac- 
counUht, arbitrator, adjuster, auditor, re- 
ceiver, assignee, liquidator, sequestrator, 
official guardian, guardian, curator, or com- 
mittee of a lunatic, and perform the duties 
ot such otflces or trusts as fully and com- 
pletely as a natural person so appointed 
could do; and to exorcise In relation there- 
to all its corporate powers, and enacting 
tliat the Company may be appointed to ex- 
ecute any ot tho said offices by any person 
or persons having authority by deed, will 
or other Instruments to appoint a person 
ur persons to execute any such offices, and 
that the Company may be appointed to be 
a sols trustee notwithstanding that but tor 
such enactment ii would be necessary to 
appoint more than one trustee, and that 
the Company may also be appointed trus- 
tee' Jointly with any person, or body cor- 
porate, and enacting that it shall not be 
necessary for the Company to give any *e- 
' urity tor the due performance ot its 
duties In any ot the said offices, unless 
otherwise ordered, and to rooelvo money on 
ilcjioRlt and to allow Interest on the same, 
and giving to It all such other powers 'knd 
privileges as are usual or incidental to all 
or any of the aforesaid purposes. 

Gated at Victoria., In the Province ot 
British Columbia, this ISth day ot Novem- 
ber, 1912. 


Solicitors for the Applicant 


Canst District. Raaga IL 

Sealed lenders marked "Tenders for l<ot 
461. Coast District. Range a." will b* re- 
ceived by the undersigned up to 12 o'clock 
noon ot Friday, th* 1st day ot December, 
1812, for the sale of that small tractloi^ of 
land lying between the Indian Roa*rv«i,'at 
Bella Coola and the Neclaetsoonnay Rirrar, 
which parcel of land has been surveyed and 
is now known as Lot 461, Coast DUtrlot, 
Range 3, and comprises 13.41 acrea 

The upset price to be at tha rata of 
$10.00 per acre, and the payment* may be 
mad* in tour instalments ot 16 per cent 
each. The first instalment of 16 per cent 
to accompany the tender and the balance 
in annual instalments, with tntereat at ( 
per cent per annum. 

Bach tender mual be accompanied by an 
accepted, bank chequa or certificate of da- 
poait on a chartered bank ot Canada, made 

'I'he highest Or any tender .hot neeeasarily 
kecaPtltK-'- *■ ■■■'■■ J-' 

Commiaaloner of Landa 
101 Pender Btreet 'West, Vancouver, B. tt 

Vletorln Land Olstrlct— Dtatrlct ef OtMa* 
Bange Oaa 

Take notice that Leone Ford, ef Pitt 
Meadows, B. C, occupation lady, intond* 
to apply for permission to purchase the 
toilowing described lands: 

Commencing at a post planted on the 
north shor* of Qoat Island, a small Island 
^^ tba.mquUi. qf a largo bay at the south- 
isaaf corner of Xtvmm Island. Applying to 
purchase the wImI* Island) containing tea 
aoree more or lesa 

Agent: 8. H. Tord. 
D ated this leth day of August. 1»H. 


Notice I* hereby given that, on th* firct 
day of Dacember next, application will b* 
>ad« to th* Superintendent of Provincial 
Police for renewal of the hotel licence to 
**ll liquor by retail In th*. hotel known aa 
tbe Sidney Hotel, eltuate at Sidney, in th* 
Provinc* of Briti*h Columbia. 

Dated thIa <6th day of October, t*lt. 
P. N. TB8TBR. 


LIQUOR ACT, ltl«. 

Notice la hereby given that, on tha.lVth 
of December next, application wilt be made 
to th* Superintendent of Provincial Pollea 
for the grant of a licence for the *4tta of 
ll«uor by wholtisnia in and upon the 
pramUaa known aa. lOll "Wharf atraet. allu> 
ate at Victoria, B. C, upon the landa da- 
Bcrlbed aa 1011 Wharf atreat, VIetoria, B, C 

DAtad thU llth day of November, llll. 
riTH9R A UBISBI^, Umlted, 



Sealed Tenders, superscribed •"Tender for 
Cowlchan School." will bo received by tho 
Honorable the Minister ot Public Works up 
to noon ot Friday, the 27th day of Decem- 
ber, 1012. for the erection and completion 
ot a two-roomed frame school building on 
concrete foundations at Cowlchan, in the 
Cowlchan Electoral District, B. C. 

Plans, speclflcationB. contract and forms 
ot tender rnay be seen on and after the 
12th day of December, 1912, at the office 
Of Maltland Dougall, Esq., Government 
Agent, Duncan, B. C. ; Mr. Edwin Guns, 
Secretary, School Trustees. Cowlchan; and 
the Department of Public Works, Parlia- 
ment Buildings, Victoria, B. C. 

Each proposal must bo accompanied by 
an accepted bank cheque or certificate ot 
deposit on a chartered bank of Canada, 
made payable to tho Honorable tho Minister 
of Public Works, tor a sum equal to 10 
per cent of the-tondor, which shall be for- 
feited If the party tendering decline to 
enter Into contract when called upon to do 
so, or If he fall lo complete the work con- 
tracted for. The cheques or certificates ot 
deposit ot unsuccessful tenderers will be re- 
turned to them upon the execution of the 

Tenders will not be considered unless 
made out on the forms supplied, signed 
with the actual signature of the tenderer, 
and enclosed In the envelopes furnished. 

Tho lowest or any tendor not necessarily 

Public Works Engineer. 
Department of Public Works, Victoria, B.C., 

December 10 1912. 


All purobaaera. from TnneX* H. 
Stirllnir. of lots, aubdivlalona of Lot 
Eleven (11 >. Albernl District, under 
Maps atnnber CIS, €18A and 618B., are 
hereby notitled that application has 
bean mode to tha Supreme court for 
an order to amend Map CIS by closing 
tha road ahown thereon running be- 
tween Lota tS, 26, 89 and SO; and that 
aald application has been adjourned 
until ten-thirty (10.80) a. m. on Tues- 
day, the 22nd October, 1912, to enable 
all partlea interested to appear aad 
state their objections. If any. 

Dated at Victoria, B. C this tth 
0<3tober. 1912. 

Solicitor for Francis H. Btlrllac. 


For Meilakalia Indian Day Scnool; saatnr, 
to start, $800 per year, with free quarters. 
Second or third class certltlcate. Address, 
Indian Agent, Metlakat la. B. C 

JUQUOR AO'l'. l»l«l 

Notice Is hereby given that, on tho llth 
day ot December next, application will be 
made to the Superintendent ot Provincial 
Police tor the grant of a licence tor tho 
sale of liquor by wholesale In and upon tho 
premises known as 1117 Wharf street, situ- 
ate at Victoria, B. C, upon the lands de- 
scribed as Block 16, "Goad's Map." 

Dated this 12th day ot November, 1912. 
R. P. RlTHET & CO.. LTD.. Applicant. 

XIQCOB ACT, 1910. 

Notice Is hereby given that, on the I«th 
day of December next, application will bo 
made tu the isuiterlntendent of Provincial.. 
Police for th»! grant of a licence for tha 
sale ot liquor by retail In and upon tho 
premises known as Malahat Hotel, situate 
at 18-mllo post, E & N. Railway, upon tho 
lands described as on South side of Malahat 

Dated this 26th day of Novemt>or, 191$. 
THOMAS GARVIN. Applicant. 




Notice is .hereby given that no petition 
for a Private Bill will be received by 
the House after Monday, January 27, 
1918. Private Bills must be presented 
to the House on or before Thursday, 
February 6, 1913. 

Bills must be reported to the House 
on or before Thursday, February 13, 

Dated this Fifteenth day of December, 

CHerk to the Legislative Assembly. 

Auction Sale 

Under and by virtue of a landlord's 
distress warrant, I have distrained the 
goods and chattels In and upon the 
premises No. 632 Montreal Street, con-' 
Blstlng of Cooking Range, Tables, CJialrs, 
Clock, Cupboard, Oilcloth, Beda, SprinjfS, 
Bedding, Sideboard, Dining Table, Sofa, 
Morris Chair, Sewing Machine, Wash- 
Stands, Bureaus, Carpet Sauares, Blinds, 
Pillows, etc., and will offer the dame for 
sale at Public Auction on the premises 
on Saturday next at 11 a. m. Terms of 
sale, cash. 


Bailiff for Landlord. 

Albsml I^aNd Diamc»~-Olattlct «f 

Take notice that Harvie Bmest Wlldman, 
ef Port Hardy, B. C, oofupation farmer. 
Intend* to apply for permiaalon to puroiwlMi 
the following described land: Commenelat 
at a poat plantud at the touthwaat oorimr 
of Fre-emptl(ut No. SStt, on .Httrat Xal«|jaii 
^wnce' north >• ehamsi the|ies waat to 
whon* ak«ut to ehaUis; thtnea south sM 
iHtot MOM ahoni tlw* M eommanossunti 
eoBtatnlRc 40 aersa wMfm or laaa. v, 

Datad thia >■« «•» 4« |U»t««»«w. lilt. 



Sealed .Tender*, superscribed "Tender 
for North Saanlch School," will be re- 
ceived by the Honorable the Minister of 
Public Works up to noon ot Friday, 
27th day of December, 1912, for tho erection 
and completion of a larje one-roomed 
frame school building on concrete founda- 
tions at North Saanlch, In tbe Islands 
Electoral District. 

Plans, apeciflcatlons, contract and forms 
of tender niay be aeen on and after the 
llth day of December, 1912. at tho office 
of F. W. Anderson, Secretary of tho School 
Board. Sidney. B. C, and the Department 
of Public Works, Parliament BulldlnK|, 
Vrctorla. B. C. . . ^ 

Bach proposal must be accompanied by 
an accepted bank cheque or certificate ot 
deposit on a chartered bank of Canada, 
mads payable to the Honorable the Minister 
of Public Worta, for a sum equal to 10 per 
cent of the tender, which shall be for- 
feited if the party tendering decline to 
enter Into contract when called upon to do 
so, or If he (all to oomploto the work con- 
tracted for. The cheques or certificates 
of deposit Of unsucceasful tenderers will 
be returned to them upon the execution of 
the contract. 

Tenders will not bo considered nnless 
made out on tho fornas supplied, signed 
with the actual signature of the tenderer, 
and enclosed in the envelopes furnished. 

The lowest or any tender not necessarily 

Public Works Bnglnesr. 
Department of Public Workn, Victoria, B.C., 

Decemb er 10 1912. 


Public notiea Is horaby givsn Uiat th* 
Canadian Northern PAelfie RallVAy 
iMTs deposltad In tha Land ftaglstry 
OfBes. o( the City of Victoria, ths plaa, 
profils and book ot refaranc* of that 
PC t ot thslr railway being construot- 
ad 00 Vancouver Island In Cowlohaa 
Laka Olstrlot. from statloa «> X •* 
to ataUon Ml X 00.1. 

Dats« VIetoria. B. C, Inly M. ItlX 
Tbs Canadian Northern Pactflfl Ry. 
By T. H. WHXTK, 

Chlaf BadnMr. 


Tenders are reanired for the Erection of 
a brick school building for the Saanlch 
Behool Board on Boletkin Boad, opposite 
et. Mark's Chtiroh. Tenders are to be 
haiided In at the efflce of the and«r- 
algaad not later than noon ot Satnrday, 
Dseeniber SI M»t, and ahait be eaelostd 
la a pisla anirsiop*. marksd on the rroat, 
••Tcnrihwe for Tnlmie SehosL" All tsadsts 
muM be a«eoiliMBla<l By a eartitlsa «naqvs 
drawn on a chartarad bank and stCMA 
STthe t,nflA4 ""Mj*, ok^tt* «»MW^ba t« 

«a«V IMMiai^ M faHMt^ t» th* •ehool 

Victoria, B. C, 
December 19, 


Maynard & Sons 


Instructed we will sell at salesroom. 
7J6 View Street, 


High-Class and 
Almost New Fur- 
niture and Effects 

Including: Cabinet Omnd Piano, very 
fine Mah. China CablD«t, Mah. Round 
pedestal Table, Davenport, Orand- 
fftther Clock In mission frame; Oak 
Bookcase and desk combined; oak Flat 
Top Office Deak, larg« Sllrror, two very 
fine Turkish Leather Arm Chairs; Oak 
China Cabinet; Oak Buffets; Oak 
Library Table, Morris Chaira. Rockers, 
Centre I'ablea. Oak Sx tension Tables, 
Oak Dining Chairs, MUalpn Dining 
Chaira, Cut Qlaas, fine Clooka, Cutlery, 
two very fine All Brass Bedsteads, Mah. 
Wardrobe, mirror In door; Mah. Dres- 
sers, very line Oak Dreasers; Mah. Chif- 
foniers, Iron Beds, Sprlnr" And Mattrea- 
•es. Carpets, Bed Lounvea. Walnut Bide- 
board. Kitchen Tables, Chaira, Oooking 
Utensils. Hoeie, Btert Ba»v«a. <a(»ok 
Stoves, Heaters, eta Now on view. 


Davies & Sons 


ova torn or 

Silverware, Cutlery, Etc 

To be sold Of 


No Reserve 



■"''K,'' ''f I >.y*i'**';7^(fJS!w^flwt^^ y jRip?!WffIf '1?*:^' 


191 2. 

St<Q)ck I^aurkelts sumdl 

Fiimainidal Mews 

strength Developes After a 
Somewhat Weak Opening- 
Union Pacific and Others 
Make Gain of Four Points. 

NKW YORK. Uoc. 19:— There was an 
unmUtakeable improvement in tlie tone 
of the stook market today. After a 
brief perioU of unseitlemont early in the 
day prices moved upward, and durins 
the remainder of the Kc.-i.-^lon tlie market 
showed increased stability and Hrmness. 
Stoclis were in small supply, and hold- 
ers appeared to be holding- on. The 
leaders were abU: lo make some head- 
way. The announcement after the close 
yesterday that the Union t'actflc nian- 
ugcmont had been unable to agree with 
the Attorney-GenoiTal upon a plan of 
dissolution rovtved some apprehensionB 
as to the effect upon the Harriman 
stuck. •' ii i i . iii. " 1 .i » ,i I.I 

liar.d belnjr the ba«l(i for It. The high- 
est price of the day. ZZi 1-4. was 
reached about half way through the 
afternoon uosMiun. rower showed a 
gain of 7 1-4 points over the close on 
the previous day. The over-rapid ad- 
\ance met the usual aequel of stock 
freely supplied, and the price fell back 
to aso In the last transaction, the low- 
est of the afternoon session ana three 
points helow the opening at :; o'clock. 
At that there was a not gain of three 
points for the day. Richelieu was the 
centre of Interest \n the niomlnK, rising 
steadily In the early part of the ses- 
sion to ns, and at that level showing 
an advanv-i: of G points on the move- 
ment started Wednesday. The price fell 
hack a point in the late trading and 
closed for the morning at 117 i-8. In 
too afternoon the Interest shifted to 
I'ower, RlchoUou held very steady be- 
tween 117 and 117 1-2, and closed at the 
latter price. Total 7,410 
shares, 1.1'KO mininK shares, and |10,500 
bonds and debentures. -•«l#l£MS<^.-' 


8t. U and C. NaT. .. 
Shreddad Wheat Com. 

do. pfd. . . 

Bpanish River Cora. . . 

do. rfd. . . 

Steel of Can. Com. . . 

do. pfd. . . 

Took* Bros. Com. , . 

do. pfd. . . 

Toronto Railway 

Winnipeg Railway . . 


Commerce ... 1' 



Imperial ., 





Nora Bcotls, 









87 ^ 
90 'A 














Cassava Melons, saeli 

Plmegranates, J for 

Italian Cheatnuta, par lb 

Kaatara tiwaat CheaCnula. per 

lb , , 

Clrmpt) Fruit 

New Smyrna Flga. per lb... 

Diitei, Cloldun, 1! pkga 

Date*. Fard, per lb 

Kentlah Cob Nuts, per lb.. 

• Dairy I'rodnre and 


■ !• .11 .10 




WINNBPEG, Dec. 19. 
wheat jnarkot trading w 
ttons and prices wore 
nental cables were firm and 

>n ttit loc«I 

In op- 



closed unchanged to 1-Sd higher, with 
I a steady undertone. Advices gdierally 

Both I'nion and Southern Paclflc were 
weak at the opening. Union Pacific sold 
at 154, a I0S.S of :: point!:-, and Southern 
I'aclfic at lot 1-4, the low point of the 
recent decline, and a loss of 1 1-4. Other 
stocks gave way at the same time, but 
the opcninK prices were generally the 
lowest and the upward swing soon 
set in. 

Hear covering assisted the rise, with 
a change of 4 points among a number of 
important issues, r/iloii pacific rose to 
nearly 4 points above its early low, 
and the copper shares, Steel und Amer- 
ican Tobacco developed much streiigtTi. 
The prospect for an adjustment of 
the European problem was presumed to 
have decided the directors of the Bank 
of Kngland to hold to the present rate 
in erpitti of the German demund ii'-r gold. 
There svas a sharp dcrllne !n the propor- 
tion of the barks reserve to liabilities. 
(Jermany was a hldiicr for money in ilii;; 
market today. 

Bonds wore irregular. Tntal sales, 
par value, JI,l.Ti>,000. United .States 
bonds were unchanged on call. 

close. Winnipeg openeil l-8c low^r, but 
stiffened on the higher cables and 
closed 1-lc lower pa, ail options. Min- 
neapolis closed ^''Xi^il^^^f- lower and 
Chicago closed l-^^^p8 lower. The 
cash demand was fair for all grades. 
Exporters were buying, con.slderable be- 
ing taken for May wnd .lune delivery. 
Cash prices were fractionally lower for 
No 1, 2. but changed for lower grades. 
Oats wore quiet and prices 1-8 to 1-4 
lower at the close. I'"Iax was In fair de- 
mand and prices stronger. December 
was sold at 2 l-8c higher and May 2o 
higher, closing 1 3-4c to 2 l-4c higher. 
Deliveries througn the clearing hou.>ie 
toda>- were wheat n.'',,000 bushels; oats, 
3t),500 bushels and flax .-IS, 000 bushels, 
inscpctions were 077 cars on Wednes- 
day and in sigtit today 700 cars. 




Alfalfa Hay. per ton 

Timothy H»y, per ton 

Barley, per 100 Ib» 

Cruahed Barley, per 100 Iba. 

Hran. per 100 ll>» 

Short*, per 100 Iba 

Chop Feed, per 100 lbs 

Corn, per 100 Iba. . . . 

Crncked C'urn. per 100 lbs.... 

Crushed Oat», per 100 lb»... 

fffH Cornnieal, per 100 lbs. 

Feed Wheat, per 100 Iba. ..1.66 2.00 

Oats, per 100 lbs 

Straw, per bale 


Beef, per lb 10 

Broilers, lb 


Milk-Fed Chickens, per lb. 

l>oral Fowls, per lb 

Mutton, ^r lb '. . . 

Mutton, .'V.ustrallan, per lb.. 

Veal, dressed, per lb '.] 

Cranberries, Cape Cod, per qt. 

Oranses. per dox. 

California Orapea — 

Tokay, per lb 

Red Emperors, per lb .... 
Spanish MuUga Grapes, per 











10 .40 .50 

Butter — 

Alberta, per lb 

H. I.'. Butter. ......['.....'.[ 

Hest Dairy, per lb ...'. 

Powlchan Cream«r>-, t,n' lb.! 
Comox Creamery, y,er lb. ... 
New 7.»«In»i<i W'Uter 
t-a!t .Sprln* la. Oriuniei y.' lb. 
.Nupihwestern Creamery, lu. 
iheeie, Canadian, per lb... 

Cowichan Creamery Eggs, per 

d 01. ' _ 

T-oi:al Fre.-h Ekks] per'doV.! 
tasieni EgBs, per dox .... 


l!ruB8H» Sprouts, 2 Iba 

Heels, p&i- lb 

Cabbage, nnw, per lb 

Carn.ts, per lb \ 

rauilflowers. eaoh 

Celery. 2 stalks for....'..".'.' 
Curly Kale, per lb 







I Furnished hy F. 
Slock a — 
-Mlls-'.'halmers . . . . 

Amal. Copper- 

Amer. Uoet Sugar . 

.Amor. C.^n 

Amer. Car and Fd.v 
Amer. Cotton Oil . . . 
Ainer. Locomotive .. 
Amer. Siiitltlns . . . . 


T-l, and Tel. 
Tobacco . . . . 
Woolen pfd. . 

. Stevenson & 
Hish. ]m\\. 

73 V, 71 'i 

r>o 1 1> % 

29', ■^■;'t 






do. pfd 

It. and O 

!:. T. R 

C, p. H 

Cenlriil Leather . . . 
chon. and Oh!n .... 

C. and a. W 

do. pfd.- . 

C. M. n.iid .St. V. . 

do. pfd .... 

CtIo. Fuel and Iron 

I'on. (ins 

I>. and R. G 

•lo. pfd. . 

I'i.itlllcrs Sec. . 


do. 1st 

do. . 2nd 

C'oMfleids Cons. 
C.roat. Nor. pfd. 
CroM N'or. Ore. 
Illinois Cent. 

Inter- Metro 

do. pfd. . . . 

Infer. HHrvrstcr . . . . 
Kas. City Houtlicrn . . 

1... and N 

I-phIgh Valley 

-Msckay ( o.a 


Cnllf. retrol 

Mex. Penrol 

M. 8. P. and P. .S. M 

M. K. end T 

do. pfd. . . . 

Mo. Pacific 

Nat. lliscult 

Nat. T,ead 

Ncv, ('ons 

N. t. Centra' 

.N'. Y. O. and W 

Norfolk^ and Wabi . 

Nor. Pac 

Pacific Mall 


People's Gas 

Preaaed Steel Car . . . 
nailnray Steel Hpn- . ■ 


Rep. Iron ami Sioel . 

do. pfd 

Rock Island 

"lo. pfd. . . , 

Seu. Pacific 

Bou. Railway 

do. pfd. . . 

Tenn. Copper 

Texas r'aclrio ... 

Twin City 

I'nion raclfic 

do. pfd. . . 

1". a Rubber 

P. a. meet 

"i"- pfd. . . . 

Utah Copper 

Vs. far ChemlacI . . 

Weat'^rn Union 


Wisconsin Central ... 


Total Sales— 4^6,100 
Money — 4 \i p.c.. 4 p 


7J fi7'., 

Il61i 116'i 

14U ISDiJi 





32 'i 







30 "Hi 




131 Xi2l, 

17'., 17', 
r.o', enn^i 1.19 
!7n'« 16S9i 

52 Vi 4rifi 
70 Vj 67 



IK IS »i 

lOO'i J07-'!i 

I i 2 ',i 112 '.i 

1 30 '4 1 1 !l 

131 '.7 121'i 

:!.i R2Vi 

l'".S',k li)n',4 

V J li 2 2 '^1 

43 '.i 421*4 

106 '4 101 ij 

-■7% 27 H 

15S ir.4 

00% no 14 

««>,» n.-, 

6«% &&% 

74 73 M, 

r,i u. 

«■■. 4 p.r. and 4 

Co. I 






71 H 


27 7 


104 S 

267 H 





33 >, 



2 2'., 

31 H 

.l.'i '-! 

■• 1 


I 7 ',4 
fO '-J 

1 10 ' 




70 '4 



41 lA 


31 Vi 
120 H 



3 4 

3 3 
107 '.i 


2 3 

4 3 





109 '\ 
73 '.J 
7 7',i 
B 2 '■« 

■i p. c. 


L'>NI)OX, Doc in. -.Absence of 
change in the Bank of Knglanrl rate 
caused uncAsinesR this afternoon. The 
action of the directors not to make any 
change is believed to he due to the post- 
ponement of some Impending gold wllh- 
drawals and a better continental out- 
look. Discount rates eased off, while 
a general improvement resulted In stock 
prices. Consols gamed 6- J 8. G. T. R. 
and .Metfopoiltan Railwa.v were in fair 
demand. American securities, after 
early firmness, with < . P. B. a feature, 
reactt^d on profit -taking and Xew York 
.selling. Prices, however, hardened 

again in the afternoon and closeil 
steady. The underwriters took 85 per 
cent of the New South Wales loan of 
fifteen million dollars. 


(F'urnlshed by 

Wheat — 

Dei- ; . 



Corn — 




Dec. . , 








Short nibs — 



F. W. 




3 2', 
33 ',« 

17. R5 
IS. 07 

» SB 
'.> .17 


Stevenson & Cn. > 

Hlffh. Low. Close 

s« sr.iji, sf.'Si 

91 U DOS 90 \ 

S8 »7H XT', 

*^\ 48'.i 4.1'.i 

*»'n 48% 47'i 

1»h ^^\ 49H 

33 "SI 

17. R7 



3!H 32 1» 

33>,k 33<4 

33 Vi 33', 


IS. 02 18. Oi 




9.70 S.70 
9.70 9.72 


.1 . . 


MONTRKAL. Dec. 19.— Montreal 

Power and Itlchellou were the leaders 
today In a market which displayed a 
•trongor feeling than has been in evi- 
dence for a considerable period. Busi- 
noas wan moderately large, about 7,ii00 
Bhares, nearly half of which were re- 
ported turn-over of the two leaders. 
Power closed at 2.10, with a ntt gain of 
31 points, Rlchollcu at 117 1-2 with a 
not cam of 2 l-a polats. The rest of 
*h« list was quiot, but the strenRth 01 
the I«a4(ra wan reflected in a general 
upward movement of prices. and 
ch&nvmi for the day were practically all 
In tha dlrrction of caina. c. P. R. waa 
ihniat i«to the bMkrround by Power 
and Blchelleu. but Influenced >y flrm- 
na«i ftbnMd and on tho New York mar- 
ket attired on tha 4l«y'a advancea with 
« C*tn of 1 1-4 polnta, cloainc at ita 
tMiit privet 3(7 t-t. 

Th# chief pric* movaMent .for tha day 
WW aa «xolt«d advance In Montrwil 
**«•«'•&■, «« wJlWl. as SB. lilciiiilimh-wti' 
r^!??L5l.i?^"*"'*'' «*^«»""Ur by •hoita 
.» eantrtbiitori' fiaaton tb« 


.^mer. -Can. Oil .... 

Can. North-West Oil 

Can. Par. OH of n 

Alberta c. and c. 

t'roiv'K Nest Coal 

International c. and 

Mcf.;illlvra.v Coal 

Royol CoIHcrleB . . 

n. C. rackeis Cnni 

Malfour Patents 

I'. N. P. risheriea 1 

I'nn. rgt. S(1. l^umber Co. 

Capital Fnrn Co 

.Sorth Bhorp Ironworks . . 
S. S. Island Crpamery . . 7 

VN-torla-rhoonU- Brewery. 1 10 

H. C. Term. I,onn ]20 

Dominion Trust <'onip,'»nv 115 

Ci. W. Perm ( a ) 134 

.Htewart Knnd 

Island InTeatmonl <'omp«ny 

n. c. Copper 4 

Oranby «2 

Coronation Ool(i 

l.ucky ,Tlm 

.ViiKR»t Cold 

Hambler Cariboo 

Standard Lead ] 

rJlacler Creek 

Por'land Canal 

Itod Cliff 


Slocan Star 

American Marconi K 

Canadian .Marconi 4 





. in 

. " ; 



. 20 






4 .00 

4 ;o 









. 2r. 



64 .00 









. 02 14 









^Furnished by r. 
B. C. Packers "A 

do. Com 

nell Telephone . . . 
Burt. V. N. Com. 

do. pfd. 

Can. Bread Com. 
Canada Om. Com. 
do. pfd. 

Can. Oen. Rleetrlc 
Can. I,oro. Com. . 
Canadlirn Salt .... 
city Dairy Com. . 
Consumers Gat ... 

Crow's Nef t 

Detroit T'niteil ... 
Dom. Cannera ..... 

do. pfd. 

D. I. and Steel pfd. 
Dom. Hteel Corp. 
Duluth flunerlor . . . 
Lake of Wooda . . . 
do. ofd. . 

Maple bear Com. 
do. nfA. 

Meaieao I.,, and. P. 

OalWIe Com 

Pac. Burt Com. . . 
* dOL pt4. .. 

Pe»ni*ft"» Cnip 

Porfn Ulee Itmiway , . 
*; mnii *»■. Hmr. , . . . 

Roir»r« Com. 

^ *». Bfd. .. 

n«Meii M, n Com, . . 

W. Btevenaon A 





1 141 



































Peara, per box 

Applea. per box 

Wenatchle .^pple«. box 
Bananai, per dozan... 



1 25 2 "S 

.35 . 7S 


Burnalde Boad, 3 miles out, 10i;4 
«cres 1{;2<>,000 

Blchmosa Aveano, i;ite TolmU; 
Ito.'ul. C'nrnor lul. 60x152, on 
•ill- line, Just outside city 
limits. Onc-third cash, balance 
6, 12 and 1.9 months. .. .|H800 

Beaohwcod Ava., Ftoul Bay, five 
room, now, modern, cement 
busoinent: easy terniis, !^-15(>0 


Qarlle. par lb 

Oreen Onions. S bunohea.... 
Hothouse L«ttuce. } bUDohea 
Lotal Holhouaa Tomateea, |b. 
Outdoor Tomato**, per lb.. , 
Local Tomato**, per baaktt . 
Potato**, Aahcrort, p*r aaek 
Potatoa*. rra**r Rlv*r, sack 
Potato**, L>oeal, p*r sack . . . 

fiwtrt Potato**, t Iba 

Or*(on Onions. 10 lbs 

Cucumbers, *ach 

Seal of Alberta, p*r baa- 

Lske of the Woods 

Kobln Hood, per baa 

Royal Household, bag. 
Royal Standard, baa . . . . 
Moffat's Il*ft. p*r baa... 

I'urlty, per baii 

I'ralrU Pride. p*r bax ... 

Snowflako, per bag 

Wild nose, per ssck... 
Urlfted Snow,' per sack. 

LA. Harris & Co 

1018 Douglas Street 
Phone 2631 


r-. IL ■ .Jl.. 

FP gg : 



The Royal Bank of Canada 



Depofllts bearing Intcreat uqq 663 3*4 39 

Depoaita not bearing intcreat i .!!.'!.!...!.!!!.. ! ibloSS,%l2.9A 

Intereat accrued on depoaita 749739 56 

DefHMits by other Banks in Canada 419*750 63 

Total Deposits $137,891,647.72 

Notes of the Bank in Circulation 12 534 617 69 

Balances due to Banks in Foreign Countries 1 524*415 60 

Bills Payable (Acceptances by London Branch) £439,113.3.10 2.'l37!oi7.54 

TO THE SHAREHOLDERS: 1154.137.718.55 

Capital Paid-up 5 ii.56«,oO0.00 

nfT*/{i"**.„; ; V,A 12.560,000.00 

Dividend No 101 (at 12% per annum) 341,613.32 

Former Dividends Unclaimed 1 206 85 

Balance of ProQu carried forward ■■■.y.. ...l\\.. ...... ..... ... 61oi219!36 



Cold nnd Silver Coin | 

Dominion Government Notes ..........'..'.'..'. 

Deposit with Dominion Govesrnmcnt for secxiiity of Note Circuiatlon 

Notes of and Chequea on other Banks 

Balances due from other Banks In Canada 

Balances due from Agenta in United Kingdom and Banka In ForeUii 


Government and M unidpal Sccuridea . ... 

Railway and other Bonila, Debentures and Stocks............ 

Call and Short Loans on Sto<Ju and Bonds in Canada 

Call and Short Loana 00 Stocka and Bonds In Foreign Coiintrica 









Loana to Provincial, Governments 

Current Ixians and Discounts, leaa rebato interest reaerrcd 

Overdue Debts (Loaa provided for) 

Bank Premiaea 

I 73,438,782.49 


. 99,828,879.54 





Acceptancea under Conunerdal Letters of Credit... £88,186.13.5 


For The Eleven Months Ending 30th November, 1912 

By Balance, 30th December, 1911 S 401 4Mi w 

Net Proflta for Eleven Montha ending 3«th NoTemb^. 1912, iftw d;! "»•«••»• 
ducting Charges of Management, Accrued Intcreat on Depoaita. 
Full Proviaion for all Sad and Doubtful Debta and Rebate of In- 

tereat on Unmatured Bills and General Boaus granted to the Staff 11.527 324 77 

t'remium on new Capital Stock , , " « SW*812 ©• 


Ta DWdenda N«L ^ 99. IM and 1«1, at 12% per annum $ 943 585 97 

Officers' Pension Fund * w'222"ll 

«Hfr-»' off Rank Premiaea Account ...:::::;; «2'!2!J 

Transferred to Reserve Fund « S'J??!2 

Balwice ctfrled forward {f|1»36 



By Balance at Grndlt, 3«th Dccambsr. 1911 tVM4.tnM 

prtmium .. naw Capital studt I..::::::::::;:;::::::: *?:SijSS 


iM£.v^?rf%!* *^ ***^ ***^ "^ "" *^ ^'"^ ''****"■• ^^^ 

W. ». T^RIUNGB, 




Oak Bay 

6oxi 10 each .$2,000 

Western Dominion Land 
& Investment Co., Ltd. 

Corner Fort and Broad Sts. Phones 2470-2471 



Members Chicago Board of Trade, Victoria Stock Exchange. 
103-106 Pemberton Building, cor. Fort and Broad Streets 

Stocks, Bonds, Grain, Cotton, Real Estate, Timber, Insurance 

rrivatc Wires to Chicago, New York, Boston and ^lontrcal 


The oldest Insurance Office in the world 

rOUNUBlf A.D. 17 10 BI-CENl-ENARY 1910 

HOME Office » London. England , 

Cwudlan Branch. 8«a Bnlldlatf. Toronto. H. IL BlackbuN. Manaiaiw 



Put your proposition before him in his home. Let him talk 
It over with his family. Give him comparative values. Edu- 
cate him Avith respect to Victoria and Vancouver Island values. 
Put the name of your firm before him, get it in his memory, 
convince him of your reliability ; then when he comes to Vic- 
toria you stand a chance of investing his money fur him. We 
can reach 10,000 prairie farmers for you. We know the field. 
Our proposition is of inestimiable value to vou. Call our 
solicitor on ^23^, and he will give you full particulars. 

The Hutcharm Co. 


418-419-420 Central BWg. 

Victoria, B.C 


Notice 1. hereby given that, on tha l«th 
a»y of December next, application will bo 
ni«de to the Superintendent ot Provincial 
Police for the grant of a licence for the 
Mie of liquor by wholei*la In and upon the known a. the Victorla-Phoc-nlx 
Brg. Co., .Ituato at Victoria. B. C , upon 
the land, do.crlbed as 1»:!1 Government ■^ 

Dated thl. mh day It November. 1912 

c j^n 



VB IX>Alf 

To Buy or Build Houmi 
•«■ P«jr Off Mortgage. 



! 10-21 1 On Ira I Bide. 

rbone XSM. 



Until further notice 
the water will be turned 
off from 12 midnight to 
5 a. m. 

C. H. RUST, 

Water Commissioner, 


6eal«d tender* win be received by the 
under.lirned up to 4 p.m. Monday. Denemt.>»r 
2S, 1912, for the InatallBtlon of cluster Ug-ht 
flttlnsa upon the present ;rolley poles 
erected on the Causeway. Plana and speci- 
fications may be seen at the office of the 
Purchaslnn Airenr, to whom all tenders must 
be addressed, and marked "Tenders for 
Cluster LIthtlnj;." The lowest or any ten- 
der not necessarily aocepted. 

_ CItjr Purcliaalnt Agent 
City Hall, Dec. II. 1*11 


r^f.""'r»'' ^*"^\ '" ^^ "^y""! city of Vl«s 
toria <«. r.) Consnildntod Stock 

3. To ratify, confirm and declare i-.iih 
and bindlns a By-law of the Munlcrpll 
Counc 1 Of the Corporation of the ("ty 5 
\lc(orla aiilhorlj;lne 'he borrowing of J12« - 
n?.^/'' *"'^'^^l>«'"'''-'' In constructing, fur- 
nishing and equipping upon a porflon of 

he lands i>wned by the Municipal Corpora- 
llo6 of th.. City of victoria at the corner 
Of DouKla« and Belleville .Streets, within 

he said City of Victoria, a build ng con- 
Uln n;y a Salt Water Swimming Po* a"d 
Bath, and all nece«iary appliances, o bo 
owned and operated by the .aid Municipal 
Corporation, and to authorise the said Muni- 
cipal Corporation to construct, operate and 
mahaaln .aid .Salt Water Swimming p"o"o' 
v"ctor1l " aforewild In th*. City of 


City Solicitor. 
City Hall, victoria, B. C 
December 10. 1912. .»•>... 


NoUce Is hereby glv«n that application 
will Imi mkde to Ih.) L/Cfclj'.atiVkf Assembly 
of the Provlttcq of Hrlilsh ColumUlu at Its 
nemt Msalon on tshalf of th« city of Vic- 
toria for an Act: 

• ..'• 3E? »ttt**rlae th« Municipal Council of 
tha CIgr of Victoria to pass By-laws In- 
cr«aMn« the r«t«.of Interest payable upon 
all uMWM atMli «f the Conxtratlon known 

loek" a«t|i«r|Aa4t ir virltts of Ch*»t«r 4i. 

int. MM Brtl»«^HM «( Mk« ••<« Cwvin- 

OoiMkaflr •* 1*i«ljOlirwif«U«l Wf '|l«- «|# gf 

Sealed Tenders will be received 
by the undersigned up to 4 p.m. 
on Monday. January 27, 1913, for 
the following supplies for the cur- 
rent year: 

Feed, Groceries, Meat, 
Fish and Vegetables, MUk, 
Bread, Drugs, Cordwood, 
Coal (domestic, large lump, 
nut and blacksmith), General 
Hardware, Brass Goods, Lead 
Pipe, Castings, Hydrants, 
Valves, Sewer Briok, Sewer 
Pipe, Sand and Gravd, Port- 
land Cement, Lumber, Clus- 
ter Light Globes, Tungsten 
Lamps, Carbons, Lubricating 
Oils, Coal Oil, Rubber Hose, 
Blasting Logs, Auto Tires. 

Plans and Specifications may 
be obtained at the City Purchas- 
ing Agent's Office, to whom all 
tenders must be addressed, ajlid 
marked outside "Tenders for 
SuppTics." The lowest of any 
teii4^^^t necessarily Utapifi ' 


I '■1 



"M uiyw^ay. i. '■-t>»T- , ' ) ' Wili^Wjg j iggM ' .W '' * '' '' '"? ' 

' ■'"'"jt 'Mffl'iUHaii 



-•'■ 1 ' !-■ I JgJ 


Eiaht Bi^ Christmas Sale E vents Commence on Saturday Morning 

^^^ ^^^ ■ _ ' ■' " ' _ ' " ' ' ' - ' ' ...--.-. w—^*y^* - - ■-.._- _^ ^ - - - iwmmmmm 

Choice Net Waists at $1.50; Richly Designed Waists at $2.75 and $3.75; Women's Dressing 
Gowns at $2.90; $1.00 Velveteens for 65c; $3.75 and $5,75 Handbags for $2.50; $4.50 to $6.75 

Reefer Coats $2.50; Battenberg Squares, Men's Combination Sets, and Delicio us Candies at Our Xmas Special Prices 



en's, Youths' and Boys' Overcoats 



\ 1",1<V Miic oi the garments that wc have marked down for rapid 

scHiug today is a sterling quality that will give the wearer 

absolute satisfaction with his investmear. 

Thev arc tailored in a manner that would do justice to many a 

inadc-to-ordcr coat, and it is only by seeing the garments that you can 

appreciate their value in full. 

Men's Overcoats are to be liad in cravcncttcs, parenettes and other 
waterproo! materials, in sizes from 34 to 46. The cravenettes come 
in shades oi grey, and are finished with two-way collars, while the 
\iaren<'ttes are in fawn- color and are finished with military collars 
Your choice from our regular $10.00 and $15.00 values today 
.,, »7.7 5 

Boys' artel Youths' Overcoats made of heavy tweeds and waterproof 
cloths arc here in sizes from 24 to 35. There are many different 
sliades and patterns to choose from, and as the coats are what we 
have been selling at $6.75. they slmuld find ready purcliasers at ?-*.75 

Some Tempting Values in Table 
Cutlery and Silver Spoons 

IN the Hardware Department and in our window displays we are sliowing 
a splendid as.M>rlment of plain and fancy cutlery and silverware. 
If you choose a dependable line, you will be sure that your friends 
will have the pleasure of using your gift for many years to come, and you 
will have the satisfaction of knowing that you have made a really good invest- 

1847 Rogers, McGlaston, Clark and the Benedict Manufacturing Company. 
Robinson and Oates, Sheffield, England, are some of the lines we carry. 

Tea Spoons, 1 dozen in box, 75c, $1.00. $2.50 up to f4.00 

Table Spoons, 1 dozen m box. $2.50, $4.50 and f7.50 

Dessert and Table Forks, per dozen. $1.50 up to *7.50 

Ivoride-Kandled Knives, table and dessert sizes, per dozen. $2.00 to $22. 50 
Combination Sets, comprising 6 Knives and 6 forks in box. Per •'^ct.^SplJO, 
$1.75 to 



Christmas Music 

Harry Lauder's and Feldman's Latest Song Folios at, each 40<* 

The World's Largest Song Folio contains about 150 songs and costs only 75^ 
The Star Dance Folio contains about 50 pieces of the most ppoular dance 

music, and is marked at only ''^^ 

Ml kinds of sheet music, including the newest dance and ragtime music, 
.-ind the best songs, are to be had at the Music Department at lowest possible 

Sweeping Reductions on Battenberg 




EVKRY one of these squares is a style and quality that will give 
you absolute satisfaction, and you can depend on them pleasing 
your friends if you decide to present them with one at Christmas. 
Tlu-sc are the best values that we have ever offered, and their beauty and 
quality will cause them to sell at a rapid pace, so shop early and avoid 




DOWN TO 50^ 

Slippers Suggest Comfort and Pleasure 
to Both Men and Women 

ACOMFORT.VBLE pair of .slippers will go a long way towards mak- 
ing your leisure hours real luxuries. The very word "slippers" sug- 
gests comfort. It brings to your mind images of a quiet and en- 
joyable evening by your own fireside, and offers a strong contrast to your 
outdoor experiences in cold and damp shoes. 

Why not treat vourscU or your friends to a pair this Christma.s? It will 
he a good investment and will' be the beginning of many an evening full of 

comfort. J J I- 

b'or women we have a very wide assortment of house and dress shppcrs 
made in the verv latest styles and in the most pleasing colors. There ate too 
many lines to describe, but a glance at the window di.splay, or a visit to the 
department will prove to you that the SpcncCr Store is offering the best 

values at the lowest prices. 

For men we have various styles in all-felt, felt with leather soles and a 
variety of styles in soft kid. To see them is to be convinced of their 'worth. 


Reefer Coats for Boys and Girls 




ri — HIS is a remarkable reduction, but wc are determined to move thi.« 
I line in as little time as possible, and have made the prite so low that 
-*■ there should not be a single garment ieft by 9:30 a.m. on Saturday. 
The coats arc as good as you coui«l wish them to be. even if you were 
-isked to pay the regular price; some arc finished with brass buttons and em- 
blems on the sleeves, and others are perfectly plain. The sizes are for boys 
or feirls from 3 to 16 years old, and a glance at the garments in the wmdows 
will be sufficient evidence to convince you that this is the greittst bargain 
you have ever had offered. , *-, en 

Your choice on Saturday mornmg at, each, ^ 


David Spencer, Ltd. 

Women's Dressing Gowns, on Sale 
Saturday Morning at $2.90 

MADE of beautifully soft and warm eiderdowns, and l^einp; plain 
but well made, dressing gowns should command much 
favorable attention from Christmas shoppers 
They may help you to complete your list of presents, or perhaps you 
niav require one for your own iisc. One thing is certain, and that is 
Ihat they are a practical ganiient. made for rendering long and pleasing 

Pleasing shades of red, blue- and grey> are the colors, and the gar- 
ments arc finiiihed with baads-oi ^alin.- ftoj^. fastgnjngs and turnback 
cuffs. A bargain in every sense of the word at, each, $2.90. 

Our Christmas Sale of Waists 

Every year, at about this time, an Eastern manufacturer from 
whom we buy a large quantity of waists, sends us on a large ship- 
ment of waists for our Special Christmas Event. This year he was 
a little late in forwarding the shipment, and they have just come 
to hand. 

You will find these offers equal to any waists wc have sold in 

our former sales. 

A Christmas Sale of Choice Net Waists 



-^ /- OU will see by tiie window display of these waists that they are well 
Y worth a great deal more than we shall be asking for thorn on Saturday 
morning. We prefer that you see tlic models and form your own opin- 
ion as to their real value. 

There are lots of different designs to choose from, and the colors arc cream 
and white. A full range of sizes are included, and we feel sure that this will be 
a welcome sale, and will solve the gift problem for many women. 

The lovely designs and the splendid quality of the garments are features that 
you cannot miss, and make them most appropriate for gifts. All have high 
necks and the long sleeves and cuffs are beautifully finished. 

The fronts arc beautifully embroidered or are trimmed with heavy lace me- 
dallions, lace insertions, tucks, etc.. and the backs are neatly tucked. All lined 
with good silk, and the price is only $1.50, 

Two Lovely Lines of Choice New 
Waists Go on Sale Saturday Morn- 
ing at $2.75 and $3.75 

SEE the window display of these dainty waists, and you will understand 
why wc cannot undertake to give much descriptive matter in this an- 
nouncement. Even if we made an attempt, there are so many different 
lines and they arc so exquisite that we could not do justice to the garments. 

That their value is Vtich higher tiian the prices quoted is quite evident to 
even the least experienced shopper. 

AT $2.76. Just how many different designs there arc in this lot is more 
than we can say at the time wc go to press. The fact is that they are entirely 
new in and only a few have been taken from their tissue wrappings. 

Fancy styles in good lawns have high necks and long sleeves; some have 
one-sided effects and others come in the evenly balanced styles. All arn beau- 
tifully embroidered, finished with lace insertions, pin tucking and crochet but- 

AT $2.76 we have some excellent tailored waists, made of a good vesting. 
They are finished with a soft link collar and turnback cuffs, and look really good. 

At $3.75 there are some beauties in fine mnslins, French voiles and fine 
lawn.s Some arc in the semi-tailored style, fastening down the front with cro- 
chet buttons. This model has a scalloped edge and is handsomely trimmed with 
embroidery and pin tucks. 

Another excellent model comes in a French voile, has a one-sided effect, and 
is finished with Cluny lace insertions and ruffles of lace down the front and 
round the cuffs, also clusters of fine tucking. 

Others are beautifully embroidered in delicate floral and spray designs, and 
are finished with fine tucking, lace insertions, tiny pearl buttons, and lace ruffles. 

See the window display and you will realize how important it will be to shop 

Saturday Morning's Specials in the 
Candy Department 

CHRISTMAS shoppers will welcome the following items. Candies, 
crackers, and stockings, are prominent features in the Christ- 
mas festivities, especially where' there are children in the home, 
and when you can get the best and most delicious lines at a saving in 
price, it should be a stimulant for early Christmas shopping. 

Peanut and Cocoantit Clutters, regu- 
larly sold at 40c a pound, will be 
sold at '"^ 

Toatted Pepparmlnt Wafers that sell 
in the usual way at 40c a po""a 
are marked at , . • • • ***P 

l^lfBta Buttarscotch is 

at '. ... — •■ 

AliAond Btttteracotch is a great value 

fc* ••*? 

Chrittiliat JM^ that are our recuUr 
*)c value are to be sold at....»»f 

Callard utd Bowser Newfata Kt, 

' 003t . > . • 


»wser Newflata Kt, i|>ctr 

A Very Special in Christmas Crack- 
ers are bein^ sold on Saturday 
morning at, per dozen t04 

Christmas Crackers are^to be had in 
a great assortment of most artistic 
styles, and the prices range from 
$1.50 a .box down to .•*# 

Chrifttoat Stockings. These are to 

be had in a great many different , 

sraei and styles, and .the prtces 

rpnge from ^12.50 each down to as 

'low as live stockings for •<> 

Bargains in Men's Fancy Vests for 


HERE are two lines from the Men's Clothing Department that 
will prove of special interest to many Christmas shoppers to- 
just ilie very thing that most men will make good use of and vill 
appreciate as a Christmas present: 

Knitted and Brocaded Vests arc here in a great assortment of pleas- 
ing colors and patterns. They are to be had in all sizes, and arc a 
quality that sell regularly at $4,50, Our special for today . . . . $3.50 

Heavy Wool Vests lined with flannel and finished with a braided etlge, 

also a qtiantity of fancy wor-stwl and knitted vests m.-brQkcn.,sizes 
will be clcai'e'l .nit at a sacrifice. There is a huge assortment of 
colors and patterns to clioose from, and arc values that wc sell regu- 
larly at $3.50 each. Today's special *1.75 

Christmas Suggestions Gathered From 
the Hardware and China Depts. 

A\'rSlT to this department should provide you with many useful sug- 
gestions as to what to give to express your good will towards your 
■ friends when the Christmas season rolls round. 
There are hundreds of articles to choose from, some useful and others 
plain. "Some expensive, others at a modest price, but all very good values for 
the price at which they are marked. 
Electro-plated Tea Sets. The prices of these lines are hnv, comparing the 

A Dainty Little 4-Piece Set, comprising Teapot. Sugar. Oeam ''""^ Z'^''^^' 

come only at. per set complete ;• • .$*-4.5« 

Plated Butter Dishes with glass insets at each $1,75. $2,00,. $2.25 and $2.7?. 

Honey Jars, complete with spoon, each $1.9C 

3 and -V-Piece Cruet Stands, the large variety makes your selection very 

simple, and the prices start at 75c up to $».5« 

Biscuit Jars. Two very useful and attractive lines. Trices $2,75 and $3.25 

Plated Toast Racks, two different lines, at . .$2.90 

Combination Sugar and Spoon Holder is something new. and is P^'^^^ 

at ' 

Electro-plated Cake Baskets in some pretty and new designs and sl^^pes. 

Prices $8.75 to $5.T» 

Shaving Sets for men folk. We have a large range of above and i'^^^ P^'^^^ 

start as low as 50c up to $».70 

Copper Jardinieres in 5 different sizes; a nice bright finish, at each. $LMX 

$1.25. $1.00, 75c and 



Leather Handbags at a Big Reduc- 
tion in Price 



ONLY 50 handbags in this lot. and nearly all :uc different in sluipc 
or style. The majority are in black grain leather, but there arc 
quite a number in the suede finish in various colors, and others 
in brown or tan leather with a smooth finish. ' • , ■ , 

Some have a strap suspender, others are made to be carried in the 
haiul and others have cord suspenders. Square, oblong and novelty 
shapes are to be had in plain and fancy metal frames, and not a single 
bag in the lot is worth less than $3.75. and the majority are wortli much 

more. . ,, _„ -.^ 

Our Special ChrUtmas Offer for Saturday Mormng--$— »« 

A Christmas Bargain in Men's Three 
Piece Combination Sets at 45c 


HERE is an opportunity to buy a suitable Christmas present that will 
really be useful to most men. and liic cost is within the reach of ail. 
See the shoyving of these sets in the View Street windows, and you 
will be astonished with the excellent value that they represent. They are 
packed in fancy boxes that hgve a distinci air of Christmas about them, and 
arc as useful as they are attractive. , , ^ , . . u 

The sets consist of one pair of braces, arm bands and gar ers to match 
They are made of good elastic, have strong and ornamental fittings, and 
come in colors white, grey. blue, pink and mauve. 

Only eight dozen to be sold at this price, so be early, or you may be dis- 
appointed. Price only 45c. 

Velveteens and Corduroy Velvets 


THESE materials are a beautiful quality and arc to be had in' various 
colors, including rich greens, blues, browns, greys, yellows and pinks. 
They are 23 inches wide, and to sec the materials is to be convinced 
that now is the time to buy a really pretty and serviceable material for a 
dress or costume. 

Notice the window display. 

Flannelette Night Dresses $1.50 

SU dainty in appearance, so light, comfortable arid warm, together witH 
their velvety touch, are charms that you are missing if you are still 
wearing cotton night dresses. .,,,,, , ..^ ♦!„♦ .„:ii 

Here are some extra good values made of a fleecy flannelette that wiU 
app«al to you as night dresses to be desired when the nights are cheerless 

*" They are made in the slipover style, have round yoke and beautifully em- 
broidered and finished with dainty pink or blue ribbons^ threaded through 
the beading, three-quartet sleeves and embroidered cuffs with .8cano|>«d 
edges. All sizes and the price is only |1.50. , ■ 

David Spencer, Ltd. 

.,^,. •) 


i.^iK.' •,*,., , 4' 


" .v-.A-r 


.vi'^^Mifh^ffii3i^^.-'^l^iSfiJif%M%)(H^^, i